The Three Rusty Amigos: Rural Georgia Finds

Apparently someone stashed several cars in the rural Georgia woods in 1965. Fifty two years later, they are being pulled into the daylight and put up for sale.  The cars are located in the town of Blackshear, which is in southern Georgia between Savannah and Valdosta. There is only one picture per car, so it’s hard to exactly tell what condition they are in and none have titles. You can bet these cars will have some of the following in common:  rust, dirt, critters, and rot. They also all have a $3,800 asking price, which is probably just laziness on the part of the seller. Certainly these cars are not all worthy of the same asking price. Check out a few of the cars below.

This car is a 1960 Pontiac Star Chief 4-door. For sale here on craigslist, with the above mentioned list price of $3,800. If the ad is correct, this car was parked when it was only five years old. Not sure what would cause it to be parked at that point in its life? It doesn’t look like it suffered catastrophic damage from an accident, but with only one picture, maybe the whole back end is smashed? Or maybe the owner was a car collector and it simply suffered from neglect after being purchased?

This car is a 1956 Chevrolet 4-door Hardtop. For sale here on craigslist, with an asking price again of $3,800. The odd thing about this one is the aftermarket wheels and tires. Did the current owner just put them on to be able to wheel the car out of the woods, or have they been installed for a longer period of time? Along with sitting for fifty plus years, there appears to be missing parts, especially from the front end.

This car is a 1957 Ford 2-door Hardtop. Again, for sale here on craigslist, it also has a $3,800 asking price. While definitely not as popular as 1957 Chevrolets, these Fords are still collectable. This one appears to may be a parts car at this point. Sitting for fifty years seems to have taken its toll on these cars, but this Ford seems to be a bit worse than the others. If you live near southern Georgia, this collection may be worth a closer look. For the rest of the country, it may be a better choice to pass on these cars and find something closer to home.


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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    These vehicles may soon be floating, due to Hurricane Irma or at least battered by winds and excessive rains. If anything can lift a vehicle out of the earth….it would be mother nature. If any of these vehicles survive Irma’s wrath, I’m willing to put up a cashier’s check for 15 to 20K for everything on the property. Well worth the investment in parts alone, not to mention what might be salvageable as a whole.

  2. Anthony R in RI

    The Pontiac is a 1959

  3. Karguy James

    I wouldn’t pay $3,800 for all three.

  4. mike D

    the 56 Chev looks to be the best of the bunch , but will bet all three have about had it

  5. Rustytech Member

    Everyone knows the old car market has gone nuts! So everyone is scavenging there property for whatever junk they can find a fool to overpay for. These cars don’t look too bad from the pictures provided, but they have been outdoors in a field for 42 years! I would bet the floors, trunk, and possibly frames are gone. $3800 each? I don’t think so.

  6. George B,

    The wheels on the 56 are off of a 1992 S-10 blazer, I still have a set off a low rider we built back in 92

  7. Jim Marston

    NOT a 1960 Pontiac is a 59 the first Wide Track 👀

  8. Bob C.

    My first thought on the pontiac too. It’s a 59, the 60 did not have the split grille.

  9. JohnWeissensel

    I might be in the minority, but I like the Allante in the background

  10. JagManBill

    shine runners?

    • Denny B

      Very good assessment 👍 Just might be why they were hidden so deep in the woods!!

  11. Dolphin Member

    “Three rusty amigos”

    You guys are coming up with some great titles. Keep it up!

  12. Reid Hall

    I’m not a professional car guy,but I do kno fairly good cars ,can come from South Georgia .Here’s the problem the two more desirable car’s have four doors, although the best is a four door hardtop,with what looks to be good rolling project tires and wheels. Okay no titles maybe these were lost, and or stolen at one point .l could be wrong but I think in the state of Georgia after car’s are so old they don’t track titles.So what this means is maybe Florida and some other states will let apply for a title in that state, but please check your state’s local tag agency. So this could possibly be a good deal at say 3-10k maybe.


    Anything sitting on dirt or gravel for that long will have serious rust issues.

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  14. Gene

    Georgia did not have titles before 1963, and currently does not require paying for a title on vehicle over 12 years old, but title is optional for vehicle up to 25 years old, if you insist.
    Only bill of sale is needed to register vehicle.

  15. dyno dan

    these aren’t barn finds, they’re forest finds. Yard art at best.

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  16. chad Member

    ‘s right. His heavy metal museum.

    (ey? no more image attachments @ this site?)

  17. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    The 57 Ford is the only one I’d have any interest in, and not much at that.
    God bless America

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