Tii Warehouse Find: 1972 and 1974 BMW 2002s

What is it about cars stored in dark, cramped warehouses that gets our attention? Well, it’s likely the potential of discovering a long-hidden rarity or parts stash, or perhaps it’s just the allure of florescent lighting bouncing off of chrome bumpers. This listing for a 1974 and 1972 BMW 2002 Tii here on craigslist has all of these qualities in spades, along with plenty of eye candy in the background. The seller is asking $40,000 for the pair. 

$40K is a tall ask, especially with the poor photos shown here. The market for rust-free, virgin 2002 Tii’s is definitely heating up, but $20K per car is what the best survivor/drivers are commanding at the moment – not two project cars that appear to have been sitting for quite some time. The seller says the cars have been sitting on a dry, concrete floor since the 1980s, so a complete mechanical restoration is likely necessary. Based on the cars in the background, the seller has another 2002 and a later E21.

Again, it’s hard to tell anything from these photos, but the interiors look decent for cars that have been hibernating. Based on the above photo, the tan interior is in the later big-bumper car. It’s nice to see the door cards haven’t been hacked up. The other interior also presents well and is a more attractive dark gray / black color. The intact nature of the interiors gives me some confidence that these 2002s have been well-preserved, but it’s hard to come away with any sense of what the whole package looks like based on the photos provided.

This looks nice and pretty, right? Well, it’s also been spray-bombed with paint as the top of the rear shock mounts should not be body-color. So tread carefully, as the mounts are areas prone to rust on 02’s, and I believe I can already see a line of potential corrosion or paint blistering in the photo. This *might* be a Granatrot car, which would be a nice find indeed – not a color you see often, and boy is it pretty in person. Obviously, the early car is the one you want to take home but a Tii in any flavor is a fun driver. Would you buy the pair or one at a time?


  1. Scott Tait

    20k a car …seller must have a crack habit

    • Mountainwoodie

      So funny! Exactly what I said to myself as I read his Craigslist ad. Though Id like to look at the 1600 (?) convertible in the back.

  2. Rodney

    Tii = Teutonic Injection Insanity?

  3. Frank

    Nice cars but price is insane. I did a light restoration on a 1975(no a Tii) a few years ago. It sat in a Church Pastor’s garage for 12 years. He was the original owner. It was nice, zero rust, excellent interior and had a rebuilt tranny, total shape 8 out of 10. It took a bunch of work to get it road worthy after sitting . These have been sitting for over 30 years. They will need everything. I would not be surprised if the rings are stuck. Why are these worth $20K each?

  4. Bob

    I have owned my share of 2002s, and they are a wonderful car to drive. My only complaint at the time was, that I didn’t have a 5 speed tranny.
    I would rather have the Ti than the Tii, but that is because I love the performance of the dual Weber carbs, and wouldn’t want to have to tune an old, worn, mechanical injection. There wasn’t much difference in performance between the dual carb engine and the injected engine.

    • Horse Radish

      Original to the Ti s was the double sidedraft Solex 40PHH,
      as far as I know in Europe (Non-US) only
      I don’t know where people get this double webbers,…
      ….maybe because the name sounds better ?

  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Hey Jeff, I’m pretty sure the shock towers on the 2002 should be body-colored. Actually, I’m sure the shock towers should be body-colored. The photos aren’t great, but the trunk photo as presented looks good to my eye.

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    Ah, I stand corrected. Yes, the shock tops shouldn’t be painted at all. Still, the shock towers look OK in that photo. My bad.

  7. Brad

    $20,000 may not be too bad a price if there is $10,000 in that blue bag on the seat !

  8. Rich

    I own a standard 76. The Tii market is heating up quickly. He isn’t far off in price at all if these are solid and complete


    If I was near I’ll stop by just to see all the warehouse full of bimmers and chat with the owner about the stories of those cars but after seeing the asking price I think that’s not good idea.

  10. Del

    Maybe get this price back in Germany.

    But not here.

  11. austin alfa

    Reality and ‘rithmatic have parted ways for the seller….or perhaps this is a straw sale to mollify the wife. “Honey, I tried to sell them but there were no takers.”

    20K should get you a solid driving car that enables you to accurately gauge the level of effort needed. Here, its a total crapshoot and uncertainly always lowers the price ultimately realized

  12. Achman

    Been for sale forever, I am local, never responded to emails and calls

  13. Classix Steel

    How about one million dollars for the pair :-0

  14. David Miraglia

    Too expensive.

  15. Scott

    I restore cars and I scan for 2002, tii and several other cars all the time. The problem with Craig’s list (and sometimes eBay) is there are so many sellers who have no idea what they are doing or are really just baiting to see what kind of offers they will get. eBay sellers often gauge their asking price on the cars that are listed on eBay without realizing that those cars have been listed by dealers looking for huge numbers or other people who believe in the “bigger fool” theory. (eBay example: $95,000 Alfa Romeo Duetto “beta”) Clearly, the seller already has the space for these cars and doesn’t need for them to sell any time soon. He is or was a BMW dealer/mechanic based on the other cars in this storage space, so he is floating he’s just testing the market and hoping some fool might actually buy them. A non-running, un-restored, unknown rust ’72 tii should sell in the mid teens and the ’74 should sell for low-mid teens. Could somebody buy these, get them running and sell them for a small profit? probably not. To restore these cars correctly, with the asking prices, the buyer would probably have $40-60k invested in each car. $30k for both cars is probably more reasonable, but as the seller and the rest of us all know, there are plenty of fools out there.

  16. John G.

    Not sure the person is that far off. The one is a rare color, not sure about the red one. Tii’s are commanding low 30’s now – not sure why, but they are. I own 2 2002’s bases and follow closely. The trunk on the red one looks pretty good and if the only rust are those spots on top, these could be nice cars. Need more details to really know. Will be interesting to watch.

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