Touring Convertible: 1961 Lancia Flaminia


The more I’ve looked at and studied the Lancia Flaminia and all the variants of it that were built, the more fascinating I find it. Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for several coachbuilders to use the same chassis as the platform for their latest creations. In the case of the Flaminia all three of the big Italian design houses built their own version of it. My personal favorite is the Carrozzeria Touring built coupes and convertibles, although there’s no denying that the Zagato coupe is quite beautiful too! This one is a Touring Convertible with a removable hardtop and has definitely seen better days. That being said, these things are rare and valuable, so hopefully someone will take pity on it and save it. If that someone is you, it can be found here on eBay in Norway, Maine.


Fully restored and pristine examples of the Touring convertible have fetched as much as $200k at auction, but I think this one is a tad overpriced given the condition. The seller has stated bidding at $47,540, which is half of what most price guides put a driver quality car and this one is a long ways from being drivable. The seller states that it’s 95 percent complete, but 100 percent of it needs to be restored. The body doesn’t look bad, but it has rust in the floors and it’s hard to say what’s hiding under the aluminum body panels.


While it’s going to be a huge project, the 2.5 liter V6 is a dream and almost makes it worth all the work by itself. Sadly the seller doesn’t offer us any information about the car’s history or condition of the engine. They do provide the body number and are including a set of new tires. I’d really like to know more about the condition, especially at this price. So which style of Flaminia is your favorite? Are you a fan of this Touring body or do you prefer the Zagato or Pininfarina body styles?


  1. Don E Member

    The v6 is a dream when right, but the rear mounted transaxle can be a nightmare, with inboard brakes and a complicated gear box assembly process requiring a 100 hrs. What a beauty they can be!

    • Don E Member

      Zagato all the way!

  2. Dan h

    Always nice to see a Lancia on BF!
    Would love to see some more photos, though.
    I can almost guarantee a full and proper restoration will be as much, if not more than it’s worth.
    When these cars rust out down below (and pretty much all do) the big bucks will be spent on the rocker panels. And I mean the inner, the other inner, the tube frame inside of that then the outer! It’s seriously slow painstaking work.
    Good news is, many body panels are available from Classic Lancia in the Netherlands, unlike the Pininfaria Coupé where almost nothing is available, lucky me.
    The rest of the budget will be spent on interior leather, lol!
    It’s will all be worth it in the end because NOTHING on this earth rides like a vintage Lancia!

  3. Bob

    Here is an interesting video of one being restored

    • Capt Doug

      @Bob – great video thanks!!

      I think this one would take a lot of work and money to even get to the Before condition of the one in the video though.

  4. Dolphin Member

    Superleggera = superlight, which was the idea with the aluminium body and short chassis of these handbuilt Lancias. Being complex and handbuilt, it won’t be easy or cheap to restore. But if it’s not a total corroded mess inside and underneath it will be worth close to the asking to someone who knows what he’s doing on these elegant convertibles. But the aluminium body might not survive since they do corrode and get thin, and also brittle with old age. This body might need replacing unless you get lucky and find that it’s sound.

    With the lack of any underside photos or even one inside photo of the engine bay, interior, or trunk there’s no way to tell much about the car unless you travel to Norway (Maine). But these are so rare and elegant that I’m guessing that it will probably sell to a restorer, eventually. If it was a Zagato Sport version I think it would have been bought for the asking by now, even in this condition.

  5. Rocko

    Looks like the one Boyd Coddington unearthed in Tulsa !

  6. Christopher

    Beautiful when new…you will have to have deep pockets to restore this one. If you have a beautiful dark haired girl or wife to set behind the wheel…well it couldn’t get much better.

  7. Don E Member

    @Dan h:
    I’m looking to buy a PF coupe. You have one for sale?

  8. waynard

    Anyone know how long this thing was under water?

  9. donald jones

    thank you. this car in much better condition sold for around 20.000 in jan on ebay this car is way over priced . be patient another will surface , Donald Jones jones auto recyclers

  10. Rajesh Malhotra

    I have a ’67 Touring Convertible 2.8 3C in India awaiting restoration, an awesome car.

    Like 1
  11. Jack

    I would be more happy holding $63000 in my hand. Maybe $6300. Cnd

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