Tri-Power In The Trunk: 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible

This GTO has been parked in the barn for the past 41 years and by the looks of it, the barn wasn’t good to it. The previous owner purchased it with plans to restore it but as we have seen so many times before, they just never got around to it. They did acquire a number of the parts needed to restore it, including new floors. Hopefully, the next owner can actually get around to restoring it! As an added bonus, the seller discovered a complete Tri-Power setup in the trunk, which is included. You can find this drop top Goat here on eBay in Scottsville, New York with a BIN of $15,995 and the option to make an offer.


WANTED 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Solid, complete rust free car, $45K budget. Contact


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  1. Tony S

    AWESOME find!

  2. Tony S

    Wait, what? I don’t see how the numbers match.

  3. Pete

    Wow what a great car to find first year GTO a convertible also

  4. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    There is something vaguely familiar about that barn and barn find. I have seen that same “barn” in another “barn find” listed on eBay. I thing it was a ’70 Mustang Mach I.

    • kman

      My guess would be that, this seller was fortunate enough, to have more than one car represented on Barn Fiinds.
      It seems more and more people are trying to find “the smoking gun” under every rock they see.

      • Luki

        Nobody said anything about a smoking gun or a conspiracy.
        An astute observation in my opinion.

      • kman

        Luki: LOL

    • Turbotimez
      • Jack

        Nice Catch! WhenI was younger I always dreamed of a goat farm!

      • Jack

        Nice Catch! When I was younger, I always dreamed of having a goat farm!

  5. LAB3

    Obviously a project for someone with deep pockets but man, it would be a jewel if done well.

  6. Tom

    Cool find. I own a 64 gto post coupe. The auto trans takes down the value a bit but covert top balances it out. Top price in #1 condition for this config is about $40k. To have all the work done by a shop will be at least $30k $35k. Add on tri power is cool, but since not original will not improve the price. You can get driver quality, verts in great condition for mid $30ks. The nice thing about this car is since it is auto, it was probably not beat on too badly. Put away in the gas crunch and forgotten. Neat.

  7. JW

    Nice find and if your handy with a welder and young enough to see it finished you would have a true classic musclecar.

  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    This seems like an honest car with a decent buy-in. Agree that it will be a long expensive road to restore…but wow, what you will have at the end of the road will make it all worth it. What an iconic bit of American muscle

  9. GP Member

    There’s an old 40 acer car yard about 20 miles from me. It’s been closed for 30 years. Lots of old stuff still there. A guy let me go in to look for a part about 10 years ago and there is still a GTO like this with the tri-power on it. All you can see is the ground when you look inside. This 40 acers is still full, from the 30’s on up, and nothing is for sale. I guess it’s a family war over it.

  10. Graham Lloyd

    While this car has potential and is worth putting in the effort, as Tom mentioned, nice driver quality cars are available for in the low to mid 30’s. Not show stuff, but nice cars that will give you many years and miles of enjoyment. Unfortunately, this car will probably require more money to get to driver quality than to just buy a car already on the road.

    Case in point, I’ve decided to downsize my collection. I’m going to stick with just my 62Tempest convertible, so my 64 GTO is going up for sale soon. California car, rebuilt engine, completely new brakes, suspension, etc. Dead nuts reliable with the automatic and a 63 tri power setup. I have a correct 64 4 bbl setup for it. PHS documented and numbers matching. Passed our Ontario inspection with no issues, probably one of the toughest inspection in North America.

    I’ll be asking in the low 30’s for it.

    • Luki

      Your and Tom’s point regarding driver quality car availability is spot on.

      Do you really want to write checks for many years to come and wait who knows how long to drive your car when you can buy a nice driver for less than half the cost and enjoy it now?

  11. Graham Lloyd

    Another shot. And the dog doesn’t go with the car. But if the buyer says they saw it in Barnfinds, a bird dog fee will be sent to the guys to help keep the site in the black.

  12. Marshall

    I knew the original owner of a light blue 1964 GTO two-door hardtop in the Seattle area. It quit running at 87,000 miles. So he kept it on his property for many years until he finally gave it away to a friend of his (during the 1990s if I remember right), knowing that his friend intended to restore it. I remembered I told him (back during the 1980s and 1990s) that it’s a classic and that he should not junk it. But he was savvy as he was already well aware of that.

  13. tony

    I actually bought this car. It was a little rougher than I was expecting but the phs all checked out. If you are curious, all the body work and I mean all in on the body work was 20K. That is with quarters and wheel wells I had to buy. It came with a truck pan doors and fenders. and that 20k included hanging and aligning them. replacing the trunk pan. It included separating the frame from the body and powder coating the frame and convertible frame. A concourse paint job. I have the chrome left to get redone which is like 1.5K. engine rebuild quote was 2,600 and transmission rebuild was 1,300. Interior kit complete is 3,600. Odds and ends I think I will be all in at 45 including the cost of the car. But it will be a brand new car.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Terrific, Tony! Be sure to post some pictures!!

  14. tony

    You can check the progress of the car build at the GTO forum site. It is under 1964 convertible restoration. Under same name. I dropped the engine off last week and the guy already has it apart. It looked terrible on the outside but when he opened the engine up it was actually in good order.

    Currently the car has been split apart and braced. Car is being cut up for trunk pan and floors and quarters. I think it will turn out nice. It is going to be as stock as can be

    • Tony

      An update- cylinder had a hole in the wall. I had to have it resleeved. Costs are slowly going up.

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