True Barn Find: 1949 Chevrolet 3600 Pickup

Discovered in a barn in Missouri, this Chevrolet pickup is fairly solid. Used in its previous life to haul cattle, this pickup hasn’t run in a number of years, but the engine turns over freely. You can lasso this Chevy for the buy it now price of $6,500. Check it out here on eBay out of Dallas Texas.

Although parked for quite a while, the nearly bulletproof 216 inline 6 still turns over, but is not currently a runner. I am sure with adequate tlc that the 216 could be made into a runner once again. The engine appears to be complete, and there are no signs of rot in the engine compartment. There is a possibility that this truck could be revived, but the fuel, brake and cooling system would definitely need attention before returning to the open roads.

Basic and to the point, the interior shows signs of surface rust and wear, but those characteristics are a bit charming. The floors appear to be in solid condition, and the upholstery on the seat looks reasonable, although who know how broken down the padding may be. One of the major concerns for the interior is the driver side door latch mechanism which is missing some parts.

The exterior wears a minor surface rust finish that could likely be cleaned up and polished up for the most part. Certainly a good cleaning would go a long way as well. Rot appears to be a minimal concern as the seller claims that the only rot is in the driver side cab corner. Overall the body appears straight minus the passenger side rear fender, and the grill that appears to be mildly twisted/bent.  The running boards have worn paint, but appear solid. In theory, this truck could be mechanically revived, and visually maintained in it’s current state. What would you do with this Barn Find?


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  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Neat old truck! Initial thought was “kinda pricey for what work it needs but not far out of line with the Sweet Grass trucks.
    Fix up the drivetrain, throw a blanket on seat, replace the door mechanism then drive it until the fall, then garage it to restore, complete with the rack and Motor Carrier identifier on the bed.
    Oh, and find something that won’t try to kill you when changing the tires-keep the split rims for posterity but find a set of period correct rims to put on in their place!

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    It appears, as the 1/2 ton population dwindles, the 3/4 ton trucks are increasing in popularity. That’s not bad at all because they do the job just fine; even better in the hauling mode. This truck will still go 50+ and take you anywhere you need to go. Too bad the yuppie crowd following you in their inverted porcupines won’t appreciate you and your prize. If this truck came my way it would get a driver restoration then put to work.

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    • Dan

      “Inverted porcupines.” I like that one!

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  3. TJohnson

    Cool old 5 window!, however I have sold 6 of these 48-55 Chevy pickups in the last three years, and the only way this would bring $6,500 is if it were running and we’re half ton. Nice old truck, but $3750 is probably max.

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  4. KKW

    It was used to haul cattle? It hauled one cow at a time you mean, lol, it’s a pickup, not a 2ton with stock racks. Anyway, there ain’t no $6500 there, not even close, the truck needs everything. Only a diehard bowtie guy would cough up that kind of money.

  5. Mountainwoodie

    Okay. I’ve had it.

    I am declaring a new policy so as to avert the eyeball/cortex inflammation I suffer when looking at a rusty vehicle on BF.

    From hereon in there will be no description of a vehicle that is covered in typical rust from cabin to frame as “charming”. Just as it is hard to describe the physical condition of an elderly human being with multiple physical infirmities as such, it is a dumbing down of fact and visual reality to describe a wonderful old truck like this as “charming”

    The first impulse a rational personal who wants to own this truck is: As soon as I get the mechanical sorted out, I am going to fine steel wool the hell out of the interior and everything else.

    Then, despite the dealer spin, which could have been more appropriately described the ole truck as “original period” ditch the split rims

    Then see what I really have.

    So say I.

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  6. Del

    Nice old parts truck.

    Seller on steroids.

    500 dollar truck

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    • george

      @Del, please tell me where you can buy some of these trucks just like this for $500 and i will pay you a finders fee on each one. remember, it has to be just like this truck ,and in the same condition. LOL

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    • Bellingham Fred

      The price is on steroids, the seller is on something else.

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  7. JP

    I sold a ’50 just like this one! A little steep on the $ not running!

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  8. TimM

    I would be a player on this one for about half that price I got a 350 4 bolt sitting in my shop waiting for a truck like this!! I would love to paint it back to its original color and put that small block in it with a 4 speed

  9. David Ulrey

    Different route for me. Yes ditch the split rims. Rebuild the suspension. Here’s where haters might step in…a newer 250 straight six. MAYBE a standalone fuel injection. Necessary body work and paint it. Not a fancy or show quality paint job either. Just a decent one. Reupholster the seat in proper or close to proper material and daily drive it.

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  10. steve

    I”ve never understood why, some or most of the time, the HEADLIGHTS are always missing?????

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Weren’t most sealed beams of that era (‘40-‘82, I think?) about a very limited variance by USDOT? So the sealed beam headlight in the ‘41 Ford pickup sitting out in the hay barn for 15 years had a right front headlight that might fit that 1976 F-100 left front that burned out while Roy and Billy Bob were out giggin’ frogs Thursday night..
      That’s my speculation anyway but it could be as had been said before in many different subject matters by a few ex-girlfriends and wives “that’s just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!”

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      • 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

        A headlight from this truck would fit in a newer car/truck, but wouldn’t last too long with 12 volts. Would probably be really bright for a few seconds. Seriously, for some reason it seems the vehicles listed here are missing headlights more than in the real world. No answer, one of the mysteries of life. As for this truck, I like the 3/4 tons (3600s) and the one tons (3800s) even better. I have a couple of ’50 3800s with the 9 foot boxes. Miserable ride and drive, but I just like the way they look.

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      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        Could this be of the Bermuda Triangle, dropped bolt directly centered under the truck and lost sock in the dryer dimension!!??!
        Hmm..could be a conspiracy…..😱🤣
        You’re absolutely right of course about the change in voltage-I’d totally forgotten that but if you would I’d much appreciate it if you would feign ignorance should one of my ex-‘s ask you about my being totally off track here! 😆

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    • george

      @steve, if you look at the sellers website, you will see the headlights are installed in the truck.

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  11. brian curran

    i agree dan ! i like that “inverted porcupines” was both funny and original!

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