True Barn Find: 1956 Ford F100

You are looking at most car people’s fantasy. A classic truck found in a barn with years of dust all over it, just waiting for someone to pull it out, clean it up and enjoy it. This 1956 F100 is a true barn find and luckily for us, it hasn’t fallen into the “I’m going to fix it up someday” category and is actually for sale! It can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $4,500. There isn’t any information in the ad about who the truck belonged to or how it was discovered, but it has likely been stored for decades. Located in Scott City, Missouri, it is in remarkably good shape and will probably be a great project for someone. Let’s take a closer look!

The engine is a 233 cubic inch straight-six and looks like it’s in decent condition. Amazingly the ad says the lights and horn work. Given this truck was stored for so long, it’s a surprise that critters haven’t gone after some of the wiring. The transmission is a three-on-the-tree manual and although the ad doesn’t really say if it runs or drives, there has been some work done to get it up and going again. The heater hoses, fuel line, points, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and coil were all addressed. The seller does say the truck needs a new fuel pump, which will hopefully get it running well.

The interior looks original and based on the photos it will probably clean up well with a little elbow grease. It’s amazing how much surface rust and imperfections can be buffed out with a little effort.

The seller is honest about some rust issues and they have several detailed photos in the ad documenting the major blemishes. The only truly major issues are some holes in the rear fender. Obviously the wood in the bed has seen better days, but it doesn’t appear to be rotted through or needs replacing right away. Overall, this looks like a great project for someone. What do you think?


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    1956 is my favorite of the first generation ‘53-‘56 because of the one year only vertical windshield posts. I had a chopped 1953. This would be a great restoration but I would have a hard time not customizing it.

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    • Lance

      Jack, Its also the first year for 12 volts. No mods to worry about.

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      • Russell Ashley

        Still positive ground though, I believe.

  2. Classic Steel

    So were really going with the it will buff out line in the write up 😉
    “It’s amazing how much surface rust and imperfections can be buffed out with a little effort.”

    It looks like a good project 👍
    It needs metal welded in above
    passenger side windshield immediately.

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  3. TimM

    This truck looks all there from the pictures!! Would make a great project!!!

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  4. Bear

    WHY do sellers list a classic vehicle & not include pictures that show of ALL sides of the vehicle?!?
    It really wouldn’t have been hard to include overall view pics of driver’s side, pass side, & perhaps even some full corner shots & a few underside shots.
    IDEALLY also included would be photos of the typical trouble areas (cab corners, cab body mounts, door bottoms, drip rails, etc. etc.).
    Failing to include the full inventory of photos is just LAZY & usually results in some potential bidders deciding to “just pass”. …& that usually translates to a lower than possible sale price. :-(

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    • Mike

      Pic selection is horrible. Using as-found shots buried in a lean-to, but we just get a rear shot and a few close ups when they did pull it out? Maybe we should all contact the seller and ask for more pictures.

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  5. Howard A Member

    I agree, great find. These are really hot for resto-mods today. A lot of these trucks had bad front cab mounts. Replacements are made, but a big job. Fact is, with repro parts, just about anything is available today. Like the author states, you want a barn find, this is what you get. A bit of a shame, someone stuck some money in the motor and all to be ripped out. Nobody going to want the old 6 popper these days. I suppose they got the truck for nothing and will get their $4 or $5g’s , so I guess it’s justified.

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  6. JOHN Member

    Not a Ford guy, but this body style is so cool. Always liked these and would have no problem building one!

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  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Another seller who just doesn’t put the effort into better pictures and more info in the text. I guess he’s not shooting for top dollar. Overall, this old Ford looks promising but no mention of the condition of the floors or the frame. I’d like to resto-mod this one; keep it looking stock but go with a small block Ford V8 under the hood and a four speed. You could just fix the bed, take care of the rust, paint it and keep the original six. Any way you choose to go, you’ll have a great classic Ford..

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  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    As most here would know, I would normally shout: “Full Restoration!” But I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to stick a V8 into this. That 223 is a great performer for its size but it really looks naked in that cavernous engine bay. However, if I got this truck, it would get the full restoration treatment, including the six.

    There was an old farmer in my neighborhood who drove the identical twin to this truck. He lived in town but every morning he got up and drove out to the farm, about eight miles away. His eyesight wasn’t too good so he had to lean forward and squint. Top speed for him was 15 mph. When you saw him you would first think there was no one driving it, but then you would see the old Fedora hat and a pipe, just peeking out over the wheel. Some said that they should pull the old man off the road because he was a road hazard. Local law enforcement chose to look the other way because the worst accident that old man could have was when he sneezed…

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I really like these 55/56 Ford p/u trucks. As a whippersnapper in 1959 one of my brothers had a 55 with drop axel, reversed rims painted gold, white with red interior. It had the 272 v8 with three speed manual. What I liked best was the 36 Chevy tail lights in the rear roll pan below the tailgate. Also the seat was very comfortable with material loosely laid across the seat frame with six to eight inches of foam rubber over that then two inches of cotton and finally covered in red leather done in tuck n roll.
    Love this truck
    God bless America

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  10. Joe Haska

    I love these, so much so that I am presently doing my fifth one, hopefully it will be the best one and I can m over on to something else. This truck looks to be a good start for a project, restored or modified , but these trucks can really fool you. You get them apart and stripped and can t understand were all the rust and holes came from. I wouldn’t consider this truck unless I saw it in person, that’s allot of surface rust to note have serious damage!

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  11. mike J dannunzio

    can you possibly show more photos like under hood and inside cab? I am sure it don’t run. What do you want for it?

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