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Twin 998cc Ninja-Power! Crazy 1990 Toyota MR2

And now, for something completely different, an MR2 with two motorcycles on its buttocks. That is correct; wearing a Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R on each hip, the 1990 Toyota MR2 in Roundup, Montana may not be the only such vehicle in the world, but it’s almost certainly the only one in your neighborhood. The unfinished project seeks an enterprising new owner on Facebook Marketplace, where $5000 makes it yours. Thanks to reader Sean for submitting this tip with the tag line “I Am Speechless,” which pretty much covers it.

Many inventors and artists leverage the seeds of insanity to achieve magnificent leaps of logic. The winter nights are long in Montana, and the beer is cold. However the idea was hatched, a significant amount of engineering and fabrication has taken place to date, yet fewer than 40 words describe the item for sale. An optimist may describe potential benefits of the design. The wider stance could make for enhanced stability in corners, and extra space between the two bikes might offer bonus storage if it’s not fully consumed with mechanical bits.

Though clearly a work in progress, the MR2’s blue, white, and red color scheme scores high marks for patriotism, for Americans anyway. That bucket seat looks comfortable, and the MR2 should respond well with more than 300 horsepower on tap, 160+ from each bike. Hopefully the not-identical bikes (one 2004 and one 2007) utilize the same gear ratios and wheel and tires sizes.

A carefully-laid fiberglass hatch seems to have given way to a jagged and gaping hole, perhaps from frustration or unfortunate accident. The listing states “needs gear reduction,” but really, how hard can it be to make two motorcycles instantly and reliably select the same gears or neutral at any given speed and accelerate simultaneously using a Rube Goldberg-approved nest of rods and levers? Surely, for the skilled and savvy dreamer, success is mere hours away! Are you chomping at the bit to get this innovative project over the finish line?


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    Good Lord

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    • Eugenio

      Forget the alcohol there were some pretty substantial drugs involved in this “build”

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    • Stu

      It’s only $5,000….
      A total bargain…

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  2. alphasud Member

    Oh my! This looks like the product of a Friday night discussion at the shop with your work buddies and a couple cases of liquid courage. Personally I would have kept the seats on the bikes and given the controls with the riders, some 2 way radios, and a lot of coordination.

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  3. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Calling this mess “a work in progress” is not exactly accurate.
    More like a “work in distress”.

    Or “what to do when you want to ruin three vehicles simultaneously.”

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    • Vegaman Dan

      Well, the front headlight bulbs might be salvageable, maybe even the front bumper cover. Beyond that? A burning car can keep you warm for a little while. That’s about all the purpose I can think of for this project.

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  4. Scott Marquis

    Geese could get sucked into those intakes.

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  5. Big Len

    Other vehicles in the background look like they’ve been equally given the “Sid” treatment from the movie “Toy Story”.

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  6. angliagt angliagt Member

    “Give a Montanan an MR2,& he’ll probably
    do something foolish with it”.

    ” I got one of them there Tyotas, a couple-
    of motorcicle engines,& a 30 pack of cheap beer.
    Now hold my beer and watch this”.

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  7. That AMC Guy

    Way too much beer involved in this one, maybe even some vodka! Looks like a waste of what was probably a perfectly good MR2.

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  8. Ralph

    Looking at this pos is making my head hurt. This is more than a result of too much beer. There is some glue or meth involved here it seems. Brain damage also plays into the equation somewhere.

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  9. Domenic DAlessandro


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    • Stu

      I woke up this morning thinking the bad that’s out there in the work….after looking at this crappy master piece, I realized life is worth living…just my opinion and yes…this actually happened!!!

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      • Stu

        OMG…..I almost forgot to mention….

  10. Cycle Salvage Kevin

    Wow, that’s just plain awful! I wouldn’t even accept it for free into my cycle salvage. Hopefully, the destroyer has learned something from his fiasco and applied it to a better project.

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  11. CCFisher

    I’m not sure if this is a product of booze, cocaine, meth, or all three. Regardless, the result is a hacked-up MR2 and two ruined Kawasaki Ninjas.

    I usually apply this gem to big people wearing yoga pants or skinny jeans: “The fact that you *can* do something does not mean that you *should*.”

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  12. DavidH

    All things are possible but not all things are profitable!

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  13. SirRaoulDuke

    What in tarnation…

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  14. George

    Is that a smarley in the background? Or a Smart car married to a Honda cruiser bike? Better option than this.

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  15. Gary

    I am at a loss for words

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  16. Chris Webster

    I don’t know what they’re drinking/snorting/ injecting, but if this is one of the side effect, I’ll pass on whatever it was.

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  17. grant

    Meth is a hell of a drug.

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  18. SMS

    When we were starting to build shifter karts you would see a lot of creativity for clutch and shifter. Looking at the rod connected to the clutch lever on this shows a whole different level

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  19. Stan

    Is this configuration even possible to make a legitimate driving vehicle?

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  20. Cadmanls Member

    This had to be fueled by some mind altering drug. So the objective was??

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  21. MR2 lover

    Wow. The phrase “what were they thinking” doesn’t even begin to describe the mess pictured in the photos. I personally restored an 88 MR2 and love the look of the classic 80s wedge, but this is as Monty Python says “something completely different.” My impression is that if you tried to steer this steed at any appreciable speed it would explode or find the nearest telephone pole. Please put it out of its misery…..

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  22. Troy

    What a great TV commercial on what drugs can do.

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  23. Steve Clinton

    You’ll be the laughing-stock at the next “Coffee & Cars” get-together.

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  24. Gerard Frederick

    This is an expensive way to totally f-ck up a perfectly fine car as well as to destroy two excellent bikes. Put the guy in a strait jacket – he´s dangerous.

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  25. Steve Clinton

    “unfinished project” means the owner realized this car was hopeless and gave up.

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  26. Snafuracer

    Sometimes rare and one of a kind is a good thing. Kill it with fire.

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  27. chrlsful

    just boughta ’92 (so much better 4 me than a supra). Sorry this ever met the guy…

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  28. BigBlocksRock

    Nancy Reagan was right.

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  29. Ian Hickson

    …why would you do this?

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  30. Gtoforever

    Reminds me of that old commercial with the egg frying in the pan,
    “This is your brain on drugs”!!!

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  31. Roland Schoenke

    Wow the beer must have kept flowing during the whole process.

  32. 2014

    If you look in the background of one of the listing pics in Facebook Marketplace, you can clearly see this MR2 is not the only victim of this redneck sorcery of hybridization. There is what looks like a yellow Smart car with a Harley inserted into its rectum in the background.

    I am guessing this is all the direct result of someone letting the satellite subscription lapse on the farm.

  33. Max

    And this is why I am on BF, for the comments of course. Hilarious.

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  34. Howie Mueler

    But lost interest, really??

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    • Stu

      Sure…after he was the laughing clown of the town….yeah!
      Not even a can of gasoline and a match can stop this vision in my head….awful

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  35. Ort

    Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should.

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  36. OldCarGuy

    I’m pretty sure that the constructor(sic) is an unlicensed pharmacist.

  37. OldCarGuy

    I’m sorry: is the last comment considered a personal attack? If only.

  38. OldCarGuy

    Everyone gets a “thumbs up”.

  39. Joe Haska

    Great comments! I got nothing, you guys have said it all.

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  40. Ward William

    You would have to have cahones the size of melons to actually ask for money for this monstrosity.

  41. RoughDiamond Member

    No! Just no.

  42. Phipps


  43. John VanGorder Member

    It certainly is a monstrosity, and for you trivia folks…there technically is no such thing as a 1990 MR2. The 85-89 gen 1 MR2 (wedge) went out of production in mid to late 89, toyota immediately started retooling and started producing the Gen 2 in early 90 but the gen 2 was an “early release”1991. I sold Toyotas at the time this all happened. The 91 turbos we very fun and fast for the time.

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