Unbelievably Stock: 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S

There are unicorns and there are unicorns: this is 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S, more affectionately known as the AE86, and more frequently seen in modified form. This particular example is the top-of-the-heap GT-S model with a 5-speed manual, rear wheel drive and the high-revving 4A-GE DOHC four-cylinder powerplant. Claimed to be a two-owner car with no paintwork and all-original body panels, it’s remarkable how nice it looks for having over 200K miles. Find it here on eBay with a $19,999 Buy-It-Now and the option to submit a best offer.

Now, I realize some of you have already blinked a few times when reading that price tag, but I’m not shocked to see the seller reach for the stars with his valuation. There are very few of these cars left in completely original condition, right down to the GT-S-specific aluminum wheels still mounted and in excellent condition. Think of any car that responds well to modifications and most of them have at least been upgraded to bigger wheels and tires and possibly had the suspension tweaked. To make this one even sweeter, it’s the rarer notchback bodystyle, which is a better look for this car than the droopy hatchback, in my opinion.

The interior is a revelation for this kind of mileage. Leather-wrapped steering wheel and grippy bucket seats to keep you planted while winding out the 16V powerplant. These cars had all kinds of success in a variety of racing series, from Group A to Group N and particularly on the rally circuit. Speaking of which, I’d love to know if this particular car is equipped with a limited-slip, one of the few options available and absolutely worth the cash for making this rear-driver even more sure-footed. It does appear the original radio has been removed, one of the only deviations from stock I can see.

Amazingly, the painted graphics on the valve cover are still intact. Plastic reservoirs are shockingly clean for a car this age, and it appears to have a fresh cap and plug wires. No aftermarket cold-air intakes here, or huge strut bar bolted to the shock towers. The seller’s price is optimistic, as the few survivor examples that have popped up for sale didn’t clear $10K, from what I can see. While the survivor condition is amazing, it still has over 200K miles and will be hard to recoup that investment in the short-term, if at all. Price it at $13K or best offer and that starts to look like a fair deal all around. Find another one!


  1. Miguel

    20K for a used Toyota.

    Truly unbelievable.

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    • jdjonesdr

      And worth it. If it didn’t cost so much to import it to where I live, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

      These are screaming little machines.

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      • Miguel

        How do you qualify this as worth it.

        The car has been used hard for 200,000 miles.

        It is not an original survivor or anything special that you can’t get everywhere else.

        Drifters use the hatchbacks, not so much the notchbacks.

        Yes I have had a few of these but I would never pay real money for it. There just is nothing special here.

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    • Mike

      With the mileage there’s no way I’d pay $20k and I doubt they’ll get it but I’d pay $10k all day. These are really fun cars and almost all of them have been run into the ground or untastefully modified.

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      • Miguel

        How far do you think it can go before it would need a rebuild?

        Even for a Toyota 200K is a lot.

        You would pay 10K then an engine rebuild.

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  2. Art M.

    Just an old car with 200K miles as far as I’m concerned, but to each his or her own. It’s worth as much as someone is willing to pay. Still it has 200K miles.

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  3. Andrew not amember

    No No

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  4. Miguel

    Does this make sense to anybody?

    This is from the full description

    “The main character of the anime and manga Initial D, Takumi Fujiwara, uses his father’s AE86 Trueno Apex Hatchback for racing and making his tofu deliveries. The popularity of the manga is cited as the main cause of the car’s high resale price.”

    Why would this car be worth more because a similar car was used in a cartoon?

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  5. Not_on_my_death_bed

    So many AARP members commenting when these come up. Surely its the youth who are out of touch, right? Not pensioners who will pay $50K+ for a 200hp big blawk chebby.

    • dgrass

      If you are partial to spending 6X what a car is worth, feel free to ignore the wisdom this site could otherwise provide you. You can find perfect examples of the desirable hatchback with 1/10th the mileage from time to time for less money than this ones ask. Mmk kiddo?

  6. Sparkster

    I had a 1989 Supercharged Toyota MR2. What a blast to drive. Had 143,000 miles and bought it for $1500. I would spent the money on another BEFORE spending $20,000 on this I don’t think those are the correct GT-S wheels on this car.

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    • john

      Those are the correct wheels. I have one of these since new.

      • Mike

        1984,1985 Had those wheels 1986,1987 had Several other options. More often were the Snow flake type and a steel grey and black wheel.

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    • Miguel

      The window sticker lists an additional fee for wheels.

      If these came with the car, I wonder what that charge was for.

      • CorollaGTS4me

        Those are not the Gts wheels for 1987. Those are 1985 only

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  7. lawyer George

    I’ve seen Toyota’s with 300K plus, but they can be had for $1500 to $3500 but I would not want one in my garage. Personally a car with 200K is worth $500.00 max.

  8. CanuckCarGuy

    Nice original car, too steep of an asking price… but maybe the price will deter someone from modifying it into a racer, and inevitably the scrap yard?

  9. Cool Hand Luke

    Everyone has spoken… they are correct! Waaaaaay too steep of a price tag. Moving on…

  10. Germanfordguy

    Price is too high for me, but I see no indication that this has has 200K of HARD miles. The look of the car suggests the opposite, 200K miles of adult ownership and care. Inspection of course would be key, and still the ask is too high for my blood.

  11. CorollaGTS4me

    Also interesting that it has the so-called SR-5 interior. Not the GTS spec seats.

  12. Gay Seattle Car Nut

    Sweet looking AE86 Toyota Corolla GTS. IMHO this was the best Corolla sold.

  13. David Miraglia

    overpriced, over-baked.

  14. BMW4RunninTundra

    Absolutely would LOVE to have one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely would NOT pay $20K for any one!!!!!!! This from an absolute die hard Toyota fan!!!! (I’m currently having a new engine put in my 95 4Runner – 3.0 headgasket issue – knew it when I bought it but didn’t pay enough for it, to care when it let go)

    • Mike R.

      Toyota did have a recall on 3.0 pickup head gaskets. It’s worth asking about.

  15. JR

    basically 20k for an 1987, might as well import a real JDM AE86 because these were actually “AE88” in the Toyota USDM world.

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    • TruBlaze

      Chassis code is still AE86…

  16. Randall

    I bought the 87 GTS in the summer of 87. Chose the notchback over the hatch.
    Just prefer that look.
    It came in on a truck from Tennessee.
    I watched it roll off & drove it off the lot.
    I put 103k on her in 3 years & not one problem.
    Those are NOT the ’87 wheels/rim’s on the car above.
    Would I pay $20k? No. But, if I could find one with the proper wheels & clean interior & hasn’t been ruined by some damn drift nuts….I’d consider $15k.
    I paid that much for it, new. I’d do it again.

  17. Davis Colon Jr

    I have an OG 87 4AGE notchback Red color. Garage kept, It has under 170k.Looking for anyone interested in buying it. It was a barn find in Leesburg, Virginia. I have 3young children and I could use the money for down payment on a bigger house. Send me an email and Ill get back to you. davis_colon@yahoo.com. Thank you for reaching out.

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