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Uncooled Bird: 1967 Ford Thunderbird Landau

Ford introduced the fifth generation Thunderbird in 1967. It gave up its last sporty pretensions to become bigger and more luxurious. TheLincoln Continental Mark III is based on the 4 door version. For the first time, there was no convertible option but there was an extra pair of doors available. The 1967 model was a completely new car from the ground up, changing from sporty unibody car to body on frame construction. This example is listed on eBay by a dealer in Boise, Idaho. It’s advertised as being mostly original and having only 22,000 miles.

Some serious detailing has made the interior look really nice. The driver’s seat bottom looks a little loose and is showing some miles. It does look pretty nice for 122,000 miles.

Could this top really be original? It appears to be in amazing condition and looks fantastic.

Here’s an honest view of the car and it looks great. There are no thick black undercoating hiding rust repairs, just light surface rust. The exhaust appears to have been a recent installation.

Here’s the 390 CID 315 HP V8. It looks factory fresh and almost original under the hood. There’s been some fresh black paint applied. Even the alternator has been painted black. It would be nice to see an AC compressor.

This old Bird does look really nice, especially if you like your cars in gold, or “Beige Mist Metallic “. The ding in the taillight trim is the only obvious flaw. If this really has only 22,000 miles it is really a beautiful survivor. The previous owner only had the car for 10 years, so the mileage claim is based only on condition. If the reserve price is reasonable, this Thunderbird will be a nice driver for the new owner. They will likely want to add AC and a working radio. It will be interesting to see if there is a buyer willing to pay what this car dealer thinks this car is worth.


  1. elrod

    Love the front end of this model. beautiful car – its criminal it was not equipped with AC. Nice low price original that gets you into the cruise nights in style!

  2. slickb

    my personal opinion but these are ugly. but I can except that it is a very clean and nice car.

    • John

      These cars are beautiful. I own one same color as this!

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  3. Crazyhawk

    I had a HotWheels car that was one of these when I was a kid. It was jacked up with fat tires on the rear. Always wanted to do that to one of these. I’m not sure anybody ever has. It would look rad!

    • LAB3

      You can bet someone has. When I was in high school these where hand me downs or otherwise sub $500 cars and if it didn’t have shackles on the springs, a set of Cragars and the air cleaner turned over it just wasn’t fast!

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  4. Bill

    By the condition of the driver’s seat, plus the “missing” A/C, I’d believe 122,000 before 22,000. It does look like a really well-kept car, though.

  5. Dan

    What a car! I will take a black 4 door with red interior please!

    • Gilbert

      I have a black 4 door. might sell it

  6. Ken

    I could be tempted for a nice low price.

    First add A/C, then, “Un-Landau” that roof.

    This car would be to-die-for-gorgeous if it was black on black.

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      Ken, I really hope that you don’t buy this beautiful T Bird as the Landau roof is the best part of the car. Also, what is the pre occupation of Americans re air-conditioning of their cars? I lived in Durban,South Africa, for over 50 years, where it gets a lot hotter than most parts of USA. Aircon was considered to be an absolute luxury but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our ride if our current vehicle didn’t have it. Roll down the windows, enjoy the day, and dive into the pool on arriving home.

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  7. Pat A

    My friend’s mom had ’69 4-door with the rear suicide doors. One of the few cars IMHO that looked better as a 4 door.

  8. ARuss

    I absolutely love this generation Tbird. The one pictured is really nice! Most everyone else marvels over the classic ones of previous years but I like how this generation is different. I even like the four door models.

    The first Tbird I was ever aware of was when I was 3 or 4 years old. The neighbor lady who used to babysit me had a four door Tbird. I marveled at the forward opening rear doors, swing away steering wheel and concealed headlamps.

    I love the front and rear end designs on the 1967-69 model years. When Bunkie Knudsen defected from Pontiac to Ford he ruined this car for the 1970-71 restyle with exposed headlamps and that ugly beak nose.

    The formal squared off roofline disappeared for 1970 in favor of a fastback roofline that proved to be unpopular so the squared off roofline returned for 1971.

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    • Bill Owens BillO Staff

      I agree with you ARuss, about ruining this generation TBird in 1970. That nose was way too sharp, maybe they should have softened it a little like the LTD’s of 1971 and 1972, and left the headlights hidden. And as you say, it got a little too sporty with that fastback roofline.

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  9. TriPowerVette

    Ford ceased Thunderbird production at the end of the 1957 model year.

    No convertible option and no A/C makes whatever this is, a northern coastal states special.

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    • John

      What are you even talking about? You make no sense. Gibberish.


    I had an emerald green hotwheel that i just loved like this one. Because of that car i would be tempted to paint this one and put some redlines and cragars on it. I think this car had ac at one time but no pics of the dash but the vents are there. i want it

  11. Madmatt

    I have a soft spot for these birds,though not my favorites
    I too LOVE the front end styling,but I love
    almost anything with hideaway headlights.
    The 4drs with suicide rear doors are really cool too.
    These are very hard to find in decent shape,
    as most T Birds are,they are magnificent cruisers,
    that ride like a cloud over water!
    Nice to see one of this vintage in such fantastic shape,
    The interiors of T Birds are my favorite part usually,
    and this one looks very inviting to me……LUV IT..!!

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  12. 64 Bonneville

    read the sellers ad on e-bay. no matter what car he advertises, he stresses the ORIGINAL VIN PLATE and ORIGINAL DATA TAG. Seems to me that since he is a licensed dealer, the cars he sells will have the original VIN tag at a minimum. Otherwise he is doing federal time. The car is well kept, but I suspect those are not original miles, unless original driver was over 500 pounds, to wear the seat cushion like that.

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  13. Kenny

    Unfortunately, odometers haven’t had 5 digits since the early 1990’s so anyone younger than say 45 years old doesn’t even remember odometers only going to 99,999 then rolling over to zero again so an older car showing 22K to a lot of younger people makes them actually think it’s original miles when it could very well be 122K. Tip: Checking the right side of the brake pedal and the gas pedal for excessive wear is a dead giveaway along with worn upholstery on the driver’s seat and wear on the steering wheel along with chrome wear on the shifter handle. An original 22K mile car won’t have any excessive wear on those items like a higher mileage car would… Remember that when checking out a supposedly low mileage car or truck…

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    • duaney Member

      Great shot of the pedal, it kills me every time when these crooks make the low mileage claim.

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  14. Robert Clark

    Very nice car. Well cared for and beautiful.

  15. tonylomb tonylomb Member

    Talk about suckers for this year Bird. I hope mine sees the light of day sooner than later. The only untouched parts are the hydraulic wipers and the steering box. 428 punched out .020 over, EFI, grafting Lincoln MKZ power mirrors with blind spot technology, and a custom dash from Classic Instruments in Boyne City, MI. Body almost ready for paint, and so starts the putting back together

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  16. Maestro1

    I think the car has air but there is no compressor. Ford was not notorious for long wearing air conditioning as well as other toys so don’t be concerned about that.
    Buy a Senden Compressor which is lighter and more efficient. These are beautiful cars in the coupe design, although there are many that prefer the 4 door. The car actually makes more sense as a 4 door. I don’t do business on Ebay, I had a bad experience there, so I don’t know what the dealer is asking for.
    Whatever it is, try 10 or 20% off the asking and see what happens. And no bottom driver’s seat looks like that at 22,000 miles unless the person was overweight.

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    • Karo

      I think it had A/C as well. I see a vent just to the left of the control panel and also what looks like an extra belt groove on the crank pulley.

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