Gasser Potential: 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air


Rough but iconic, this 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air needs some attention. Completely untouched and original, we are certain someone wants this for a ground up project. Bidding has reached $1,126 with 4 days remaining. Find it here on eBay out of Bethel, Minnesota.


It looks to have been many years since this 235 inline 6 last saw duty. Missing the valve cover, distributer cap, carburetor, and some other various items that are otherwise important to a running engine. But we are sure there are those of you out there speculating what engine and transmission you would place into the nose of this Bel Air. It is uncertain, but the ebay ad specifies there is no transmission. It is difficult to determine, but this Chevy appears to have been a manual transmission automobile.


Looking over the exterior shows plenty or surface rust, but not much rot overall. The rockers look a rough leading into the rear quarters, but the quarters look pretty good from the wheel arch back. Looking at the driver quarter shows a dent that has pushed in the bottom portion of the quarter below the taillight. The Passenger side is in about the same condition, minus the dent, and the rusty area ahead of the rear wheel arch has been patched at some point. Examining the front end of this Bel Air reveals very little rot other than over top of the headlights. The front fenders look to be quite solid, even at the bottoms, wearing mostly surface rust and chipping paint. The lower front apron under the grill is rough, but the hood is solid, and the grill isn’t too shabby either. Our biggest concern with this Bel Air is the rot that is in the roof around the windshield gasket area. Despite this rot, and the rot there is in the rockers, this Bel Air isn’t too bad off considering its appearance.


Certainly in need of some work, this great American icon could undergo several different make-overs according to your tastes. A rough a rowdy gasser would be fun, as would a fully restored, well-mannered, concourse winner and anywhere in between. What would you do with this 55 Chevy Bel Air?


  1. Rabbit

    Pillared top? Methinks this is a cheaper model, not a Bel Air.

  2. Rick

    Looks like a gasser in the rough to me.

  3. JW

    Better be a young man with some mechanical & bodywork skills to tackle this beast.

  4. al8apex

    No side trim = 150 series

    Minimal side trim = 210

    Too much trim = Bel Air

  5. Stang1968

    Whats the deal with calling every 55 a Bel Air? This is clearly a 150.
    Chevrolet made more than high line vehicles in 1955. They also produced more affordable cars such as the 150 and 210 models.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Yep every time LOL.

  6. Rustytech Member

    Ten years ago My vote would have been a restomod in a monotone color, burgundy maybe, too many two tones running around. Add a small block crate eng and rock crusher 4 speed and enjoy. I would add the 210 trim to help break up the slab side appearance, add some nice 17″ wheels. I’d stay with the bench seat interior in a good quality vinyl or leather. Too much needed to attempt at my age, and couldn’t afford to pay to have it done. There are tons of these around so if I were inclind to have another one I’d try to get one already done.

  7. Harvey

    looks like its time to go racing. After all, Old Chevys never die, they just go faster!

  8. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    Ebay category is Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210, seller never called it a Bel Air. Ever see 2 Lane Blacktop movie? A classic featuring James Taylor driving a black 55 150 sedan on a cross country race, kind of a cult classic. There is a new club called the American Tri Five, they have a big show every summer in Bowling Green KY, also check out for a great forum. You can find almost every part you need to restore one of these, a 55 Chevy is my favorite car, I’ve had several, and from having none a year ago I have 3 now. This one looks restorable to me, but I do all my own work pretty much.

    • Lion

      That movie was the worst car flick I ever wasted time watching.

  9. Ck

    Looks solid on top but whats it look like underneath? Tons of work and $$$ to get this old girl roadworthy again.Good luck to whoever takes on this project .

  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Gas past this one………

  11. Petey

    Now ,some old hillborne injection punched 60 over super t10 512 gears bucron.slicks t_shirt.lucky strikes rolled up in your sleeve.headin.for big boys.with Molly next to you.bangin.gears all the way.Heart thumping.😎

  12. Tyler

    I watched Two Lane Blacktop at the local drive in when I was a kid, & fell in love with the 55 Chevy 2 door post. That love still continues today, but at this point in my life, I think I would be better ahead in buying an already built clone than trying to resurrect a car like this one. The price of 55-57 Chevy’s is down in this area, & I can pick up a completed car cheaper than what it would take to build this car into anything other than a rat rod. Where some people see potential, I see a money pit. Just my opinion…

  13. Lion

    I agree Tyler. In the ’80s a guy I knew had a 55 post that was bright yellow with white interior, buckets, floor shift and new drive train. I loved that car but the best one was the black one in American Graffiti. He rolled it in a race with John Milner’s ’32 Ford coupe.

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