Urban Legend: Barn Find Lambos And More

For months, pictures have been circulating around the ol’ internet showing a fabricated building that housed millions of dollars in exotics and desirable muscle cars. The story itself is equal parts urban legend and rehashed facts, none of which help to provide any closure to enthusiasts who can’t stand seeing a rare car ignored. The “collection,” as it were, may already be split up and sold, making us gnash our teeth for nothing. No matter what, the pictures are jaw-dropping to look at. Check it out here on Zero2Turbo.com

When the pictures first began circulating, there was plenty of astonishment and horror to go around. A few folks claimed to know the individual who owned the vehicles and that this was much ado about nothing: he owned the cars, he knew what he had, and there was no need to stage an Indiana Jones-level of holy grail rescue to remove these classics from their dusty tomb. Is this a genuine Shelby Mustang? It certainly looks that way, but the empty engine bay is a disappointment.

Curiously, the vehicles’ owner likely has the largest collection of barn-find Lamborghini Countachs in existence, as I count at least three in the photos. There’s a blue one in the top photo, and on the other side of the desirable Porsche Speedster (said to have only 41 miles) is another Countach, as seen below. I don’t see any telltale signs of them being Fiero-based kit cars, so it’s safe to assume they are the genuine article. Also worth nothing in the top photo is a Cadillac Eldorado (a Biarritz, perhaps?) and a Buick GSX.

Here’s the third Lamborghini, parked to the left of the Speedster and facing a Ferrari 400. To the left of the Countach is an ordinary Jeep, but with this collection, I’m guessing it’s at least a rare Golden Eagle or some other limited production model. As mentioned, the frequency with which these photos have been circulated could mean the collection has already been sold at Barrett-Jackson, but perhaps the cars are still there, as dusty as ever. If you know any more details about this impressive mix of exotics and muscle, leave a tip in the comments below.


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  1. Gordon

    Sorry to tell you but, that’s no 442 in the one picture. That’s a Buick GSX.

    • Jeff Staff

      Noted and fixed. Thanks Gordon.

      • Gordon

        And if my eyes are correct, the vehicle to the right of the GSXs has to be an Lamborghini Espada. Judging by the other Lambos present, it has to be.

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    • Dale

      It’s two of them. Side by side

      • Gordon

        Your right!! Good eyes!!

      • Jeff Staff

        Dale and Gordon win the “Eagle Eyed Reader” award for the day. Congrats, gentlemen!

  2. Ralph

    It’s like he bought everything in a 1990 DuPont Registry and then stored it in a barn…..

  3. Bob Riley

    I am really glad to see BARN FIND CARS which I know now that their must be
    lots more classic cars still tucked away.

  4. Doug

    I confess.
    That’s my collection.
    But I don’t remember where my barn is.

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    • Loco Mikado

      Years ago I had a reoccurring dream that I had all these old classic cars stored away but I forgot where they were. It seemed all so real. Hadn’t thought about it in years until I read your comment. Nowadays nothing.

  5. KevinW

    My question is, if you can afford all of these cool vehicles, why do you disservice them by storing them in conditions like this?

  6. nessy

    I can not believe I never heard anything about this collection until now. Wow. I would like to hear how this collection came to be. Otherwise, I am speechless….

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  7. moosie Craig

    Something looks fishy with that supposed Shelby Mustang & its front fender flairs? Otherwise its an awesome find,,,,,,,,, the entire collection. Maybe Jerry Seinfeld needs to see that Porsche.

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  8. JW

    If I won the lottery I only need a few Musclecars and old Trucks but in better condition and drivable.

  9. Michael

    We had an old guy in town that everybody knew had a collection like this. He had two or three barns around town and an old storefront downtown full of cars, motorcycles, bicycles. Every now and then he’d leave the store front door open and locals would wander in, look around, talk with him. American Pickers came to town one day to see him, but he wouldn’t sell to them.
    Heck of a nice guy! I wonder if this is one of his barns?

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    • glen

      I saw an episode of American Pickers that the guy owned most of the buildings in the town, is that the one you’re talking about? I don’t think they bought much from him.

    • Metoo

      I love when the show has old geezers that will sell nothing. When they die their family who will be stuck with getting rid of grandpa’s stuff will sell what they can for pennies on the dollar and shove the rest into a landfill. Or they can call American Pickers and sell it all for a lump sum. Hey grampa, you really can’t take it with you.

    • Nemosfate

      Lynchburg Ohio?

  10. Miguel

    The only cars of note for me are the ’59 Cadillac and the GSX. I have absolutely no interest in Lambos. In the ’80s all the guys had those as dream cars. I could never understand that. Even as a teenager I had no interest in them.

  11. JC

    Wow, just wow. That is quite a barn find.

  12. angliagt

    Looks like a Ferrari 400i in the last photo,
    in front of the Black Lamborghini.
    Someone’s got to know the real story on this
    collection.I wish they’d speak up.

  13. Jay

    Those Countachs, if real, would be worth a TON of money. They are all early production models. The first one (blue) would possibly be the most valuable of all, since it looks like it doesn’t have fender flares, which would make it an LP400, the first of the Countach line, produced from 1974-78. Only about 150 or so were made. However, it has a rear wing, which was not ever offered on the Countach LP400 from the factory. Perhaps someone added it later on.
    The second one (red) is a later LP400S, from the first update to the Countach which added the wider tires, fender flares, rear wing, and a few other bits. The badge says “Countach S”, which is the badge all LP400S’s carried. However, the LP400S is further divided into three distinct “series” by enthusiasts. This is a Series II or III since it doesn’t have the “periscopo” roof the Series I cars had, which was a holdover from the original LP400.
    The last car (black) is indeed a Series I LP400S. It has the periscopo roof and the fender flares and wing. This might make it even more valuable than the blue LP400, as there were only 50 of these Series I LP400S’s made.

    • Jeff Staff

      Jay, thanks for this. I always knew the early LP400 was among the more desirable ones made (and so much prettier than the grotesque 25th Anniversary editions, in my opinion), but I had no idea about the LP400S. That is a very neat car and possibly the best of all worlds styling-wise.

      • Jay

        The LP400S, especially the Series I with the “Bravo” style wheels and low suspension setting, is truly a beaut. It’s among the slowest of the Countach variants though, since it has the same engine as the LP400 but with the added weight of the wider wheels, flares, and reworked suspension. Those with the wing were even slower as it added drag.

  14. Blindmarc

    Looks to be 2 Buick GNX’s. A yellow & a apollo white one next to it.

    • Chris

      Yep that is a Saturn Yellow GSX.

  15. Lane

    you can almost make the tag out on the front of the red porche.

  16. Mike_B_SVT

    Y’know, Jim Morrison had a Nightmist Blue ’67 Shelby…

  17. Bill McCoskey

    In the top photo with the ’59 Cadillac convertible, to the left at the edge of the photo one can see another ’59 Cadillac 2-door.

    Many years ago [around 1989] I had a “vomit green” ’59 Eldo Biarritz convertible. We were restoring it to be a red car. I discovered after selling it the car was serial number 1, sold new to the DuPont family. My partner and I ended up selling it at the height of the ’59 Eldo craze, as a partially completed car, because we couldn’t afford the $12,000 in chroming costs! The new owner put the car in a barn, and as of 2 years ago had still not touched the car, and will not sell it.

  18. Car Guy

    I call “dibs” on the GSX’s! His and Hers doncha know. I could actually afford to keep those running………well maybe not the gas part. ;-)

  19. Skid

    If you look at the rear wheel of the red Lambo, it looks water damaged. I wonder if some of these were bought after say a hurricane hit the east coast or an area like New Orleans flooded and the owner picked them up cheap and stuck them in this barn? Just a thought…..

    • Al Member

      Thats a possibility Skid, Years back friends went to NE Pa. by Scranton area picked up a bunch of sports cars. Only problem was they were totaled out by insurance companies. Guess they could get salvage or reconstruction titles or whatever the states allow.

      Like 1
  20. Jonathan Freemam

    Behind the GSX in the first picture, could that be a 1969 Charger Daytona nose cone. That’s the bottom view – the 2 rectangular openings??

    Actually, pretty sure it is as the picture of the 1967 Shelby the nose is clearly visible. Cool – another Daytona is alive somewhere!!

  21. Mark Clinard

    looks like a Porsche 356 hardtop behind the Espada, which will bring less money than the rest.. save maybe the 400

    • Tenspeed

      Isn’t the white car in your photo a Pegaso (from Spain, < 100 made)?

      • dabs

        yup, you are right sir

      • dabs

        and I’d rather have that Pegaso than ANYTHING in that barn!

  22. Oil Slick

    You people are all way critical but I love to read all these blasts from the past stories. I want to hear the real tale of how these all ended up in this barn. Some slewthing is required.

  23. RoselandPete

    The owner could have at least kept them in a nicer barn.

  24. Rich

    Quoted from the original Instagram poster;
    “The owner’s father began collecting cars in the early 80’s and eventually most stopped being driven and were parked here.”

  25. Oil Slick

    Yeah but why did he collect these certain cars and where did he find them? How did he aquire them and at what point and purpose?

    It’s weirdo collecting and it looks like he stole em or something.

  26. Pete

    My best guess on these cars is that they were trade ins at a used car lot and this guy had enough sense to just hang onto them. They all seem to require something to make them right. He probably didn’t want to do an overhaul on them when he took them in and stored them. If that is the case it was probably a wise move. Anyone of us who buys one or more of these cars is going to have to sink a lot of jack into it to make it right. Perhaps even more than what they would be worth when we are done. So you would be upside down as they say in the car biz.

    • CarNut from Winnipeg Member

      Ok. It must have gone something like this.
      I want to trade my Countach for some Plymouth Reliants. How many can I get?

  27. JohnD

    Bad enough to just let them sit, but to not even throw some car covers on them? Obsessive/compulsive hoarding at its worst.

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