V8-Equipped: 1960 Chevrolet Impala 4-Door Post

While many enthusiasts will focus on cars of the two-door variety, four-door variants serve a vital role in the classic scene. Many owners can attest to how difficult it can be to maneuver small children into the back seat of a two-door car. That makes vehicles like this 1960 Chevrolet Impala 4-Door Post an attractive proposition for anybody with a growing family. It looks tired now, but the supplied photos reveal a surprisingly solid classic that is prime for restoration. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you will find this Impala listed for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. The owner has set a sale price of $3,900 OBO, making it an affordable starting point for a project build.

It appears that this Impala rolled off the production line wearing Horizon Blue paint. It now looks pretty baked, and there is a consistent coating of surface corrosion across most of the horizontal exterior surfaces. However, there is also a distinct lack of visible penetrating rust. The owner admits that there is rust and that it is average for a vehicle of this type and age. Probably the most encouraging thing for me is that we get a clear look at the floors with the interior partially dismantled. Once again, there is surface corrosion, but there’s no evidence of great gaping holes. Anything that may be present could potentially be tackled with patches rather than wholesale floor pan replacement. If this is the case, it will offer the buyer the perfect opportunity to fine-tune their welding skills. There is a decent-sized dent in the driver’s side back door, but I suspect that whipping off the door trim and giving it a push will fix the worst of it. The rest of the panels have accumulated small bumps and bruises, but nothing horrible. Some trim pieces are missing, and some are damaged, but this is another case where replacement parts are readily available. What we can see of the tinted glass shows promise, and the overall impression is that this could be a relatively easy project build.

If you’ve never performed an interior restoration before, I can tell you from personal experience that there are few things more satisfying. To take an interior that is battered and trashed and return it to something spotless and spectacular leaves most people with a sense of pride and achievement. That is the opportunity that awaits the new owner of this old Chevy. Although the front seat is missing, it appears that most of the major components remain intact. As with most of the exterior fittings and fixtures, interior pieces for an Impala of this vintage remain readily available. The buyer will need to source a replacement front seat, although this could also provide them with an opportunity to follow a custom path. A set of nice bucket seats and matching upholstery could provide a striking interior that will attract attention wherever the buyer goes. Similarly, reinstating the factory air conditioning system should make life on the road pretty pleasant on those hot days. Interior trim kits are available, so the buyer will have some choices to make. It is worth shopping around in this case because a bit of careful homework can secure a trim kit at an affordable price. Regardless of which path the buyer pursues, there is the potential that this could make a bold statement as part of the project build.

When you review the history of the mighty V8, there are few engines more robust than Chevrolet’s iconic small-block. That is what we find occupying the engine bay of this Impala. It is a 283ci unit that should be producing 170hp. Bolted to the V8 is a two-speed Powerglide transmission. This combination should allow the Impala to cover the ¼ mile in 20.2 seconds with the car in good health. It isn’t clear when this motor last fired a shot in anger, but it does turn freely. The water pump is missing, but it appears to be otherwise complete. Given the history of these V8s, coaxing it back to life may not be difficult. I admit that this drivetrain combination doesn’t place the Impala in muscle car territory, but it makes it a competent classic that would move a family of six with ease and comfort. If spotless originality is not crucial to this project, the buyer could tweak the 283 to extract a few more ponies and dump the Powerglide in favor of a manual transmission. These actions would bring this classic to life without spending a fortune.

It is not unusual to find classic car enthusiasts with a growing family consigning a project build to the too-hard basket due to the lack of an available and appropriate candidate. That is where this 1960 Chevrolet Impala may fill the void. It is an essentially solid and complete classic with loads of potential. It would suit a person keen on a bit of hands-on DIY restoration work, which would undoubtedly reduce the cost of returning this classic to a roadworthy state. If you have a young family, this may be the perfect project car for you.


  1. Greg

    Once again, it got parked & forgotten about. Years later someone say, let’s sell it for a fistful of cash. Whoever gets it, I wish you luck, it going to take time & money to bring it back to it’s original classic beauty.

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  2. Steve Clinton

    I’d take the Caddy!

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    • Ed Sel

      Steve – Are you referring to the Red(ish) car parked next to the Chevy with the REAR wind-wing window? Because I had to post here on that one because I have never heard of – let alone seen – such a thing!

  3. jeff

    Would prefer a 4 door hardtop but still a cool car. The factory AC should be restored with the remainder of the car. I am afraid this one is too far gone to not be upside down but maybe somebody wants it enough to fix and drive it.

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  4. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Wouldn’t be transporting children in a 60+ year old car, regardless of how many doors it has. And it would cost just as much to restore this one as it would any other body style, but the finished product would be worth much less.

    So trying to figure out why someone would buy this is like, workin’ on mysteries without any clues.

  5. That Guy

    It looks like it’s already been used as a parts car. There’s a lot missing. I just don’t see this coming back to life unless a rusty or wrecked example can donate a lot of pieces.

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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    This one’s been out there awhile ! The factory A/C dash parts brought a lot of money – the rest is basic stuff you can find. No under hood factory A/C stuff is in much a demand as most go with the new compressors and such.

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