Very Attractive: 1993 Chevrolet Snowcat Track Van

Here in California we do wonder about the difficulties folks who choose to live in snowy cold country must face. How do soccer moms get  the kids to hockey games and school during the worst of weather? This van looks like it would do the job in even the worst of weather. You’ll find it listed on eBay in Livingston, Montana for $10,500 but they are taking offers. This van was built for winter snowcoach tours of Yellowstone National Park.

There’s plenty of seats for the kids. Talk about the perfect machine to take up the mountain in a snow storm.

In back there’s room for lots of gear and even a lift to help you load it. You could also add more seats back there if necessary.

We’ve featured vans of all sorts here, often featuring shag carpet and in questionable taste. This one looks like it could really be useful and fun for lots of wintry adventures. It’s got everything you need, including front and rear heat, a lift and even a backup alarm. If your gear just won’t fit on your snow machine this tall Chevy will haul it all. What kind of fun would you have in this rig?


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  1. Stacye Rose

    Um you do realize that’s a wheelchair lift in the back right?

    • DAN

      NO he does not,lol

      • David Frank David F Member

        A wheelchair lift would normally be on the side. There is no way to tell if the lift on this van is ADA compliant, and if it is not, there are real problems in describing it as such. There are folks wandering around suing people for things like this.
        If I describes the lift as a wheelchair lift and it is not ADA compliant the website could be sued by some greedy lawyer.

  2. M/K

    Those wheelchair lifts will lift a heavy load, those electric wheelchairs are HEAVY. Add in people of questionable weight and you could be looking at least at small block poundage. I like this van but could never use it here in southwestern oregon

    • JagManBill

      We bought a van with a wheel chair lift. Makes loading/unloading our miniature horses a snap…

  3. Ed P

    I would like to have this for one winter just to see how my wife would get it stuck.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Mine would find a way. . .

  4. Van

    This thing looks really cool. If you baught this thing new in Atlanta you could have driven it three or four times. I’m jealous, hear on January 13th in a T shirt. We had winter last week but I think it’s passed. We have to pray for a day at the end February below freezing or the bugs will take over.

  5. Mike

    Great for ice fishing!!

  6. Al

    I can see it parked by my igloo here in Canada. How many Penguins does it hold?

    • jackthemailman

      Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere.

  7. sunbeamdon

    Oowt here in the Great White North, Soccer Mums give way to Hockey Mums and Hockey Hooligans! Forget that Molsons, time fer a Labatts Blue; where’s Don Cherry when we need him???

    • ACZ

      The only thing it needs are seat covers made from Don Cherry’s old sport coats.

  8. Phinias

    Could have definitely put it to good use in Portland this last week🤓

  9. Ted S

    Perhaps the lift is for loading a snowmobile??

    • Mike W H

      No, bales of bacon.

  10. Stang1968

    This is awesome.

  11. sunbeamdon

    Com-on guys; the lift on the back is for the beer keg so we can trundle across the tundra in beerie good comfort, eh!

    • Ed P

      Best answer

    • Van

      What a hoser eh.

      • Cubs win

        Take off hoser

  12. milotus

    Handles like it was on rails,or tracks.
    I noticed that they didn’t list the mileage.You’d
    think it would be a diesel,with all the idling it did.

  13. Jay E.

    Its been relisted at NO Reserve, with the bids at $5600.00 with 4 days left. Now that is a bargain! A much better value than a restored Ski-doo Elite. I wonder how it steers when you need to cross asphalt? Does it have wheels under the skis?

  14. sunbeamdon

    Van: Good on ya, eh1??

  15. S Ryan

    HOA. Doesn’t allow snowmobiles.
    I found a Loophole.

  16. Kevin

    Awesome, I live in Canada and use a power wheelchair so its perfect! As for the lift being at the back doors as opposed to the side doors is a smart idea. If you need the lift and someone parks beside you in a parking lot you are pretty screwed. I have had that happen with my wheelchair ramp van many times. With this van I doubt many people could park beside this where I would take it! Kev

  17. TJP

    Wonder if it has A/C ??? LOL,

    • tugdoc

      Yep, all windows down!

  18. Randy V from the Northern/Lower

    The lift is on the back. Because my lift like this one would Never Clear the tracks. And yes l have a chair that comes in at 650#’s and l’m 6’2″ tall and l’m small at 185#’s an my chair only tilts back and the legs comes up. And rolls much faster than my older one did. And there is a lot of them chairs out there does more than that, for us disable people out here. And what is Really, really bad my was very close to the
    $20,000.00 Yes (Twenty Thousand), only get a new one every five years for the insurance to pay on some of it unless your a Vet it pays more (Thank You men & women Vets) but wait my chair has six wheels. Sorry guys. We have a guy’s coming in office that does not want to pay one cent on our chairs, so this will be my barn fine with me sitting in it, brush me off thanks. Have a Great Sunday & Rest of the week to come. Also Thanks For All The Great Pictures of Older Cars l Lived Thru & Drove a Lot of Them in My Time,, Now Just a Dream of Looking At All of Them Again….. Thanks Again !!!

    Like 1
  19. Al

    I don’t know where my fellow Canucks live. Probably some place where the snow only exists near Arenas. That’s where scrapings from some Zimboni has been dumped.
    That lift in the back is useful to lift Penguins into the back, as agreed by all my neighbours (Canagens spell neighbours with a U).

  20. 4-Doors-for-my-Tuba

    So… California has no need for this? Here is a photo I took last a week ago Monday on the way to Reno from Nevada City/Grass Valley.

    • streamliner

      Just wanted to back up 4-Doors-for-my-Tuba. Most Americans do not know that Northern California and Southern Ontario, Canada are at the same latitude. 42° north latitude to be specific. Most Americans think of warm sunny So Cal, but Northern California gets just as much or more snow as Southern Ontario. Detroit and many U.S. cities are North of many places in Canada, eh?

      • Randy V from the Northern/Lower

        For Sure l would never think that your so far up l’m Right on the 46th parallel. 41 miles north of Traverse City in Michigan. And this month of January been real very mild and unusually not much snow. But for this winter we only had 98″ of snow so far. We still have least 4 more months to go. Three years ago we were still getting snow on Mothers Day. Maybe because your finally get your Rain and Snow that our Winter here is much nicer ?? Better watch what l say with the Snow Lovers up here. Yes l’m old enough to become a Snowbird, go to South in the winter. Thanks for the pictures and lesson on winter over there !!

  21. 4-Doors-for-my-Tuba

    And here we are on the way home the next day [Tuesday]. We took the back way home because the freeway I-80 was closed all night and we didn’t want to tempt the crazy drivers from “flattsville” going fifty on a six percent downgrade to hit us.

  22. sunbeamdon

    Al: I’m a classic jester – but using a Zimboni to clear the Penguins back to MN is an advantage to the Canucks (they need all the help they can get). I’m still realing (as in reality) the Sea-Hawks blue *cuss-cusss)-out in their game

  23. Timachu1

    Do you want to build a snow van?… sorry had to say it…

    • 4-Doors-for-my-Tuba

      THAT was worth a “Like”…

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