Vineyard Approved: 1976 International Scout Rallye

I made my annual pilgrimage to the island of Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend, one of my favorite trips of the year. Not only is the whole journey filled with anticipation of a more laid-back existence punctuated by excellent food and beaches, but the car-spotting goes into overdrive. This is augmented by both the sheer amount of wealth on the island, along with the tendency for vehicles to live out their days there once they’ve arrived and the ferry rides become too expensive to justify taking it to the mainland for repairs. This 1976 International Scout Rallye here on eBay is a perfect Vineyard vehicle, and right in the sweet spot of a rapidly appreciating classic SUV market.

The idea of a truck that was once seen as purely utilitarian becoming a collector’s item may shock some of our older readers, but that’s the cold, hard truth. Your vintage 4×4 is now on a rapid climb value-wise, and becoming the third or fourth vehicle parked in someone’s wood-shingled weekend retreat. Check out the prices on a mid-90s Toyota Land Cruiser if you don’t believe me: good ones rarely sell below $10K, and low mileage examples are reaching the upper $20s. Not bad for a truck that by now has all of the columns of its odometer filled up.

Why is something like this Scout suddenly so cool (and already approaching $10K on eBay)? It’s because we can’t possibly replicate this kind of vehicle. Toyota’s modern FJ is the closest thing I’ve seen to a vehicle conceived as only being useful as an off-roader, especially as the modern Wrangler becomes increasingly loaded with creature comforts. It’s not to say the Jeep isn’t still capable off-road – quite the opposite. But in order to survive, it can’t get by without Bluetooth, navigation, and tiny LED strips in the headlights. It’s succumbed to what consumers demand, even if they never take the Jeep off-road. This Scout flies in the face of such advancements and demands to be kept a crude instrument.

Of course, enthusiasts of both the vehicle kind and those who simply want to own whatever’s hip at the moment will ignore the Scout’s roughshod exterior and awful ride; they’ll never admit it guzzles fuel and handles like a broken ox cart. Similar to enthusiasts who plop down six-figures for a VW Bus, they won’t let on about how slow it is, or how it’s unsuited for modern highway travel. No, this Scout will appreciate nicely as an investment, all the while its driving experience becomes even more ancient. Do I want one? Absolutely, along with the house on Martha’s Vineyard.

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  1. half cab

    half brain really likes this one.

  2. Dave Suton

    Please don’t day toyota in the same sentence as this wonderful truck or Jeep. They outclass those fugly ass Japanese name plates by a mile

  3. Neal in Boston

    Scout find! Nice writeup.
    I am drooling. I love them original like this and someday I hope to have one. I’ve been following these for years on craigslist and eBay, and I try to connect with Scout owners for rides and to appreciate their rigs whenever I can. I grew up with a 79 Tahitian Red Ralleye in Philly as my family’s daily driver. Mom loved her truck! Rust was not it’s friend but we kept it for a long time as a family car, and replaced floors rockers once. Kept things legal at inspection time by pop-riveting sheets of aluminum to cover rust holes in doors, quarters, front fenders, you name it. Mom decided she was done when “Foxy Lady” needed floors again. I miss that rig and hope to have another to drive while I restore. Everyone talks about how utilitarian and unfit for modern driving these are. Thirsty, yes, but ours was plenty capable in traffic and on the highway at speed with the 345 and 727 auto. Pulling a trailer. With the AC on.

    This one for sale is nice; I’ve always loved that terra-cotta color and that 1976 Rallye stripe. Wonder why it has a 77 grill? Must have been built on the cusp of the model year, or maybe the stripe isn’t original. The hood stripe effect seems unusual. Patina galore. Clearcoat it or that sucker’s gone in a season if outside here in the Northeast. Throw on some seat covers and call it a day. Christmas is coming, and I’m a good guy.
    Any other Scout lovers out there?

  4. Adam Wright

    The Scout II is a great way to have fun on the cheap, ask a guy who knows, ask me.

    • Danny

      On the cheep??
      I’ve never seen a Scout II that’s in roadworthy condition selling for cheep.

      • Adam Wright

        The one pictured was $500, in the late 90’s.

  5. Neal in Boston

    I love them original!

  6. Bob

    I owned a 72, 77 and a 79. The 77 was the best. Not much smog stuff, and it just ran the best. Unfortunately, I rolled that one, but with a bar, it sustained not too much damage. instead of fixing it, I went for a new one. The 79 just never measured up. not sure what they did, but it did not have the punch that the 77 did. Mine raised 3″ with spring perches lowered and panhard rods front and rear. a solid 4×4 for sure.

  7. ToyotaGuy Member

    What’s with the Toyota hate? Geez.

  8. MrBill

    Because they are just that, a “TOY”, not a MANLY off roader, like the Scout is!!!!! I LOVE, those vehicles, I’ve had a ’74 and an ’80. Always wanted a ’78, because of all the emissions bull here on the front range of Denver!!! The ’78, had no SMOG BS, because of the “newer” GVW /vs SMOG, ruling, so IH got by on that one! So, now all it takes is $$MONEY$$, MONEY, and MORE $$MONEY$$, to get what you want, AND, availability!! Sure wish they could make them again, to the OLD standards, except a 392 with EFI, and a T-19A would be awsome!!

    • BMW4RunninTundra Member

      Mr.Bill, you have some anger management issues that need to be worked through. I am in total LOVE with this Scout! I like the entire roof being removable. reminds me of my old CJ7 Renegade. Could not wait for the hint of warm weather to ditch the full top and put on the bikini top!!!!!!!! BUT, I also LOVE my TOYOTA’S. (X3)
      See, you cannot buy a Scout with its indestructibility, anymore. But you CAN still BUY a Toyota with its indestructibility!
      I hope you get the Help you need! You will be a better person for having done so!
      (the “anger management” is all meant in jest – sad that one has to add that disclaimer or be harangued to death)

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