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Vintage Aviation Fuel Truck! 1959 Dodge D300

Barn Finds reader Larry D. sends us lots of great tips about interesting vehicles to feature on the site, and he recently spotted this 1959 Dodge D300 that spent its life in a most unusual way.  This was one of those vehicles that drove around airports and hangars and delivered aviation fuel to thirsty planes in need of a drink!  If you’ve been looking for an automotive novelty or happen to collect gasoline memorabilia, this might be a really good piece to add to your collection if you’ve got the space.  Located in El Paso, Texas, it can be seen here on eBay with a price tag of $7,950.  There’s also an option to make an offer, so if you think that’s a bit much you can plead your case and see what happens.

To be more than 60 years old and to have spent its life being used in such an unforgiving avgas environment, it’s pretty cool that it’s still in such decent overall original condition.  While it’s certainly nowhere near perfect, there’s really nothing outside or inside that made me immediately cringe, and I’m almost believing that the stated mileage of 14,611 could very well be accurate.

The steering wheel is definitely showing wear, but with a completely exposed cabin area and no glass of any kind, I’d think that’s to be expected.  Keep in mind, this truck was made to be a workhorse in the beginning, not a looker.  But fast forward to now and there really are some great possibilities if this ends up with a creative new owner.  Some ideas the seller has in mind are a Rat Rod or a really cool Bar-B-Que smoker, and he even throws out the notion of turning it into a replica of the Ice Cream Truck from the Cheech And Chong movie Nice Dreams, even though that truck was actually a Chevy.

Under the hood of this D300 is a flathead 6 cylinder engine, paired to a manual transmission.  The seller says that the truck runs and drives well, and the fuel tanks are also stated to be clean and in good condition.  The underside appears to have a solid platform and chassis, and there’s even a clean New Mexico title, so no unpleasant surprises are in store regarding paperwork when you get it home.  What are your thoughts on this 1959 Dodge D300?  Any creative ideas to pass along to the next owner?


  1. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Have we seen this one before ?

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    • Rasputin

      Dont know matter, who wants it? Good fer nuthin. maybe a moonshiner will buy it for deliverys.

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  2. CJinSD

    I’d fill it up with non-ethanol gasoline and wait for the inevitable.

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  3. Mark

    Buy it….sit on it until the next Mad Max movie is announced and flip accordingly.

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  4. Gary

    That a 230.2 flat head? What rear end must this have, a 5.11?

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Possibly a 251. It seems to me that the Chrysler six got as big as a 265, but only in the industrial applications. And Chrysler supplied a lot of industrial engines…

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  5. alphasud Member

    I would remove the tank and pumping equipment and install a ice cream box on the back. Would make a cool retro ice cream truck.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I was thinking the same thing: oversized ice cream truck. I really don’t know what a person could do with this except use it for parts for a restoration. I imagine some farmer or construction outfit could use it for a fuel truck but they would likely want a cab (not everyone can enjoy the climate of New Mexico) which would require some modifications to the tank-pump arrangement. Yeah, ice cream…

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      • Howard A Member

        I’d take the high road on this one. Since it’s practically worthless as is, I’d strip the fuel equipment, could still be used as a stationary tank on a farm, cabs for these were used in a variety of trucks. I’d find a cab and a box ( or the dreaded wood flatbed) and make a truck out of it one could actually use. I get a kick out of the “gas cap” on the rear fender,what, this has it’s own gas tank,,,duh, it’s a gas truck,,plumb it in, be the fastest fuel truck around, that flattie would sing,,( I remember years ago,, guys with cars with built motors, would run Avgas,

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    • Steve Clinton

      “Uh, can I have a gasoline flavored 50-50 bar, please?”

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  6. Karl

    Gary that is definitely a 230 L head six and for the use the truck performed you also likely accurate on the gear ratios.
    Neat truck but pretty narrow scope of buyers.

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  7. John

    There are definitely collectors who enjoy these one-off beasts, and lovinglyrestore them to new. I have a friend who owns a WW ll Dodge Power Wagon bomb setter, that still has the gantry crane. It, too, has the open cab.

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  8. Fwdlk Frank

    Instrument panel/dash is a 58 model. Possibly leftover 58 stock or misrepresented?

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  9. Steve Clinton

    What on earth would one do with this, unless you collected gasoline memorabilia and could put it on a shelf.

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  10. Michael Berkemeier

    Top speed of about 8 mph…you’d likely blow it up driving it to/onto the transport trailer. 5.XX gear ratio for sure. Good for a D300 resto if you need some sheetmetal, that’s about it.

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  11. peter havriluk

    14000 miles? Airport FBO gas truck? I wouldn’t be surprised at 100,000 starts and shutdowns.

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  12. John Member

    Yup, put a bikini top on it, restore what needs to be, change the rear end ratio
    bring it to Florida and use it to spray lawns and bushes, even a grower could use this.

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    • TinCanSailor

      It sort of reminds me of the mosquito spray trucks used in NJ in the 60s. All the neighborhood kids, myself included, would run behind it as it drove through the neighborhood.

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      • Howard A Member

        Ha, TCS, you hit a nerve on that one, a BF’s exclusive,,,apparently. When I was a kid in Milwaukee in the early 60’s, our streets were gravel and the “dust control” truck, that looked similar to this, would make regular runs down the street. The liquid used for that dust control? #2 fuel oil! Yep, in the 60’s, I read, diesel fuel, which I think is a by-product of making gasoline, there was so much of it, they used it on our roads. When it rained, it all went into L.Michigan, but luckily, it was the 60’s and nobody cared. I remember running after it, immersed in the “cloud”,no wonder I became a truck driver.

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  13. Larry D

    Thanks, Mike.

    • Mike Stephens Staff

      Of course- thank you, Larry!!

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  14. Wayne

    Yes, just like an old firetruck, this has limited options in current state. Out here in the west a water tanker can be a great money maker when the fires start.
    A friend told me about a parade that they have in one of the towns in Colorado (I think) where it is all soaking your fellow citizens. They have truck loads of people with super soakers drenching people on the curbs, while the people on the curbs try to drown the people on the trucks. This thing has the capacity, all you need is a pump and some nozzles!

  15. Wayne

    14,000 miles and 140 starters later!

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