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The VoltsPorsche: 1971 Porsche 914 For Only $3k!

A Porsche 914 has been on my bucket list for a while now, but I’ve yet to find something affordable that isn’t a total wreck. Well, this could be my lucky day! Three grand is a bargain for a 914 that is complete and not rotted out. There is one little problem here though. Take a look here on eBay where it’s listed with a $2,500 starting bid and the option to buy it now for $3k!

Under the hood where you would normal find the luggage compartment, there’s some boxes, lots of wire and a high voltage sticker…

And in the back where an engine should be residing, there’s a big electric motor!

That’s because someone has converted this Porsche to electric power! They used a kit from Electro Automotive that costs over $5,000 new!

It’s missing the batteries and restoration work that has been done was not the highest quality, but this could be a very affordable Tesla alternative. People say electric cars have instant torque and just think of the look on everyone’s faces when I silently pull up to the next Porsche club event!


  1. RoKo

    At $3000, it might be worth it to yank out all that electric crap and replace it with a proper engine.

  2. Neal

    So has anyone researched how much it would cost to replace the batteries? Are they available?

  3. Stephen M Federico

    Hi folks, I have one of these that I bought for a $1000 as a basket case, as well as a rebuilt transaxle with the same motor as this one for another $1000. After a lot of research and forum questions I figured out that you can buy used Chevy Volt lithium ion batteries from junkyards for under 3k, that can be reconfigured to several parallel “strings” creating pretty good range, (I ended up buying two) and some very impressive acceleration. But yea, there’s no dating a DIY electric car, you have to marry it.

    • rjc

      But how does it handle with the weight of the batteries?


    Worth it if you can upgrade the batteries…and retro-modernize an infotainment system into the dash.

  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Now that’s different.

  6. stp

    There’s no way the range will get you far enough from the shame of having bought it.

  7. 8banger dave Member

    Why worry? The 914, as we all know, is only great if you can find one of the early sixes – otherwise it’s just another Volkswagen. I say have some fun.

    • DonC

      Yeah sure Dave…..then that gorgeous Chevy Camaro RS is really just a Buick.

      Porsche & VW are mutually owned. And both are doing quite well despite the horrific emissions situation at VeeDub. But that’s it my friend. Is a Ferrari just another Fiat?

  8. Ken

    I’m surprised no one has jumped on this yet. If this car is as rust free and clean as these photos look, then $3K is a steal for a clean 914 roller. The buyer could sell the working electrical components for a few bucks and return it to a stockish engine for not too much scratch.

    If this car has rust/body issues, then forget about it.

  9. David Miraglia

    I agree, always wanted a 914 after the 911. At 3000 its a bargain and I would tear out the electrics and install a original engine.

  10. chad

    I’m wid rjc…U can C it sits hi now…
    “…Chevy Volt lithium ion batteries from junkyards for under 3k…”
    how much do the batteries weigh?

    • Stephen M Federico

      This configuration is set up for 120 volts, but you can take it up to 144v and get enough torque to make 1st gear an afterthought. One 144v string of batteries weights in at 100lbs, but I use 4 which gives me a range of just under 100miles on a charge. The electric motor weights in at about 156lbs, keep in mind you have no gas tank, or any of the other stuff associated with the internal combustion set-up, so weight is very good with two strings up front and two over the motor in the hellhole. On board charger brings it up to full charge in about 8hrs plugged into basic 110 outlet, but I’m working on an off-grid solar charge setup that would mean unlimited free fill-ups. I won’t deny the fact that a 911-6 would also be sweet. But again, not for everyone, a hell of a lot of fun, and definitely not your uncle’s old VW, that’s for sure.

  11. David Ulrey

    Why not call it a Voltswagen

  12. David Ulrey

    Why not call it a Voltswagen ? It had to be said. :)

  13. Dt1

    Run as fast as I u can don’t look back

  14. Mike

    Why does it sit so high?

    • Stephen M Federico

      It was set up for 16 or so lead-acid golf-cart batteries and has special shocks that came with the kit, weighing it down with all that lead it sits right, first thing you should replace if you go lithium-ion or it rides high and like a rock enough to lose all your fillings. I went back to the stock 140s in the back and it feels and sits right. If you want an electric go-kart that’s street legal, this is your machine, or ripping everything out and you could throw almost anything in, original harness should still be in there, but gas tank area is modified to be battery storage, so you won’t be able to stick a stock back in there.

  15. Truck Officer

    Wonder how or if the heater works

    • alex Van Brunel

      It probably uses a pair of hair dryers under the dash, that is a fairly common feature for conversion cars. My EV Porsche uses these, and they are fantastic.

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