Warped Wagon: 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

1948 Chevrolet Woodie

We have featured some pretty rough Woodies over the years, but this one has to take the cake! This 1948 Fleetmaster has seen better days, but it was once a beautiful station wagon. Even though over 10k of these found homes in 1948, this was the last of Chevrolet’s wood clad wagons. Perhaps consumers didn’t like the idea of maintaining the wood? Or maybe they were just too expensive to produce? For whatever reason though the era of the Woodie wagon was coming to an end. That had to be a sad time for some because never again would we see this kind of craftsmanship on an American automobile. That also means that restoring one of these things can be a challenge. You either need to be a craftsman yourself or know a good one. The seller claims that all the Woodie specific parts are there, but it appears that there isn’t much else. Find it here on eBay where bidding starts at $6,500.


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  1. Brad

    This has been on Craigslist for – literally – a few years. I hope it finds a home, but also a very educated one. Lots of work here – with a great payoff if completed. Not to mention the incredible set of before and after photos this would make.

  2. JW

    Says he’s not very Woody educated well join the club. From what I have seen on those TV reality car builder shows you must be well educated in the Woody restoration business especially the replacement or repair of the wood to make the car right and that’s not me. I too hope someone who is knowledgeable brings this car back to it’s former glory.

  3. Joe Howell

    If all those termites ever stop holding hands it will totally collapse.

    • JW

      lmao !!!

  4. roger

    All my hot rods are woodies.
    Sold 2 last October and already restoring another one.
    I would like to fix this one,but price should be around 1500.00 not 6500.00
    That`s a little silly

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    You know, I’ve always wanted to attempt a woodie restoration. I’m sure if I succeeded I’d be tempted to stop right there but you never know, I might just get cocky enough to try another. My dad could never see what I saw in a woodie. He said that they were drafty, dusty, squeaky, cold rattletraps that should never have been built. I guess I’ll have to find that out for myself.

  6. Woodie Man

    @roger that. 1500 is too much too. I love this line from the ad:
    “”looks like everything is there” NO spare tire hardware or back seat”….Say what?

    Oh yeah and the engine is missing.

    The conversation before posting the ad went something like this: “Yo Clem, ya know that old woodie back in the woods you’ve been using for target practice, ya know the one with the windows shot out and the roof caved in?”.. ” Hell yeah I do!” ”

    Get the front end loader and dump it over here. I’m gonna put it on Ebay and see if some of dem elderly people on the coast wants a woodie” “What ya figger its werth?”

  7. Ed P

    This would be a handyman’s special. Except I don’t know anyone that handy.

  8. Barry

    You better have really deep pockets to restore this one.

  9. don

    to far gone, and the asking price, never going to get it, you could probably buy one finished for less than what it cost to fix up this one.

  10. cliffyc

    It’s just like a bigger version of a Morris 1000 Traveller!, they have ash frames and restorers remake them all the time better than new!. Great project,but not for a novice!

  11. PatrickM

    Didn’t even read article or comments. Found price…Haha haha Haha haha. No way. $750.00 tops, if I had the place to work on it.

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