The Way Compacts Were: 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova

The seller of this ’66 Chevy II Nova coupe says that it “is one of the nicest original cars to be found,” and they might just be right! Handsomely finished in Cameo Beige with a nice assortment of options that show what expectations of compact cars were at the time, and sporting just over 55,000 miles, this hardtop is the rare ’60s non-muscle compact that appears to have been genuinely treasured for each and every one of the last 51 years. The next owner will have to treasure it, too, for the price it’s likely to fetch; at this writing, it’s been bid to over $10,000 and the reserve has not yet been met. Find it here on eBay out of Lakeland, Florida.

Of course, a compact didn’t have to be a muscle car in the ’60s to pack V8 power, and this non-SS Nova is just such a car. It’s rocking a 283-cubic inch V8—no word on whether it’s the 195 or 220-horsepower version–mated to a Powerglide automatic. The VIN confirms that this is the original spec for this Norwood, Ohio-built car, by the way, in case you’re inclined to doubt the seller’s claims of originality.

The seller claims that “the ride is phenomenal,” which is good, since the bench seat isn’t going to do much to hold you in place if the going gets rough. We’re so used to seeing these hardtop coupes in bucket seat-equipped SS form that the bench looks out of place, but when this car was new, being able to fill it up with (at least) six people was generally expected of any American car, no matter the size or bodystyle. No word on if the dealer-installed A/C works, but it looks cool even if it doesn’t blow cold. There’s also power steering for fingertip-light control of this nearly 3,000 pound car.

Adding to this Nova’s all-original charm—beyond the razor-straight body, generally flawless-looking paint, and deeply shiny chrome, that is—is the original dealer badge mounted to the trunklid, advertising that this car was sold new at Friendly Chevrolet in Dallas, Texas. That family-owned dealership is still in business, and may enjoy seeing some of the original sales documentation that goes with the car, should the new owner ever take the car on a trip back to its state of origin. I think a road trip in this beauty sounds like a pretty good time, and the mileage is high enough (without being at all high) that the occasional longer jaunt wouldn’t hurt. Where could you see yourself going in it?


  1. Hoos Member

    My kind of car. Love it. If I had more garage space, not to mention a little more spare cash, I’d be a serious contender for this car.

  2. Steve R

    Nice car. I think that’s factory AC, don’t be fooled by the under dash outlets.

    The dealer is asking $37,000. I think I’d want a 4 speed at that price, but I’m not sure you could buy one in this condition form that amount.

    Steve R

  3. Reid Hall

    Someone restored this car right , it is a 66 Chevy 2/Nova, although it is small V8 bench seat car ,and Camel on almond. Good original documents, showing low miles. I guess they are saying mileage is original to, not sure l don’t believe that. At some point in time someone probably unplugged the speedo., cable and or it has rolled over it least once, or quit counting at some point. Either way this is a good car.Sad thing is I just don’t see 30k-40k ,for a non.,SS car,of this vintage.

  4. Nrg8

    Grammy had this car with a 283 4speed gold in color. Floor pan under her feet was gone. Rest of car was solid no wear on other 3 seats, small town, low mileage, mechanically sound. In 79 the winter drafts coming up through oven rack replacement steered her to ordering a 4 door malibu and trading the nova in. Wanted a 4 door for the grand kids. Dealer gave her a whopping 100 bucks. Dark times….

  5. Metoo

    Sweet ride. I wonder what the final selling price will end up being?

  6. Stan

    On the ’67 factory a/c Nova I had , the blower fan speed switch was on the left of the control panel. The switch worked up and down ,as opposed to a dealer add-on that used the non-a/c fan switch that was on one of the slide levers and went left & right.
    Hard to see the switch in the photos , but it looks to me to be a factory a/c setup

  7. 68 custom

    very nice 66 equipped with the 283 and PG it would make a nice cruiser, A.C even! I want it…

  8. DrinkinGasoline

    “The Way Compacts Were :” By today’s standards this is a full sized vehicle…LOL.
    I long for the days when this was a compact :)

  9. Hoos Member

    The seller throws around the following phrases.
    “Simply Stunning! Survivor Car! This beautiful 66′ Nova is one of the nicest original cars to be found.” This would seem to mean that he is claiming ORIGINAL paint, chrome, drive train and interior.
    Do you think he is being intentionally misleading, or just bending what those things mean?

    • JLH

      I’d say a little misleading . Beware of recent cars from FL. and TX do to the floods…

  10. RoselandPete

    IMO, I find that these old “plain-Jane” cars have a certain charm that is missing from most of today’s cookie-cutter cars.

  11. CMARV

    Factory air .

    • al8apex

      yup, like the earlier Novas, the 65-6 Mustangs and 60-65 Falcons, the “factory” air WAS a hang down unit

  12. hank

    Probably doesn’t know what Factory stock original and Factory Stock Restored means. Nice, but not realistic on the price. Original Novas are like needles in haystacks, but not for 40 K.

  13. Collin Vincent

    Wish I could buy it and bring it home. I live just south of Dallas and know Friendly Chevrolet well….That little badge on the back is a smiling man caricature that is “driving” the bow tie….

  14. stillrunners lawrence Member

    What Collin said…..still not at that price car….did some one say – restored ?

  15. ACZ

    Beautiful body style that only lasted two years. A shame more weren’t made.

  16. Ben Burks

    Very nice and well kept up car

  17. Tort Member

    Great car in every way. Like the color and bench seat. Owned two, the first was I think was rare 66 SS with a 283 but with a three speed on the column. The other was a 295 horse 327 with a 4speed SS. Still kicking myself! This one is very nice and would leave it as is but it does seem a little pricey but you never know how bad someone wants it.

  18. Tyler

    Love it, just the way it is! Had one of these back in high school in the early 80’s. Gave $800 for it off a used car lot a couple miles down the road from home. Mine was a 67 though. 283 4 speed car, buckets & console, but not a SS. If I am remembering correctly, the console had a clock in it? Had it painted back the original blue, replaced the cracked windshield & finally sold it in 1988 or 89 for $2500. Thought I made out like a bandit. Sigh…

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