Weathered Widowmaker: 1979 Porsche 930

It seems we’re having a run on dilapidated Porsche 930s lately, a vehicle that is more often seen in fully preserved or restored condition with a six-figure price tag. Affectionately known as the “Widowmaker” when it was new for its knack for embarrassing inexperienced drivers in profound ways, this example here on eBay has been stripped of its original black paint and shows other signs of cosmetic damage inside and out. It’s listed by Gullwing Motorcars for $56,500.

The seller says it has been repainted white, but it looks more like it has front and rear bumpers from a white car and is otherwise in primer. The back passenger glass on the driver’s side is smashed out and the rear wiper has gone missing. While the body does appear straight, it’s difficult to discern whether there’s any filler present. There’s also the issue of the obvious misalignment of the lower rear quarter with the edge of the back fender on the driver’s side. The staggered Fuchs are original but will need paint.

These motors are notorious for being leaky, so don’t let oil spots on the ground deter you. However, oil leaks from the cylinder heads or oil lines are a different story and cause for concern. A rebuild is considered fairly routine maintenance after a certain mileage/years on the road, and asking if such a rebuild is recorded in its service history is essential before determining if this car is worth $60K of your money. A noisy engine fan or turbocharger are also warning signs of expensive repairs lying in wait.

Here’s where you may begin to wonder just how little upkeep this 930 has received in the last decade: the interior is nothing short of trashed, showing plenty of signs of prolonged water and /or atmosphere exposure, with destroyed seats and trashed door panels. The gauges are cloudy and I’ll bet there’s a mold field hiding somewhere, too. The asking price here doesn’t necessarily reflect the volume of work that will need to be tackled in addition to the requisite mechanical servicing, so hopefully, there’s some room for negotiation on this unloved 930.


  1. Richard

    Jeff, when you mentioned the mold field in the interior, I almost puked from the smell.

  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    Jeff, seeing all these tired, unloved 901-series variants reminds me of just how old I am. Around a half century ago, it was 356s that I saw in this kind of condition.

    Mold in the interior is not a good sign… Hopefully, the car can be resurrected, although I wonder if someone would be prepared to stump up the scratch that Gullwing’s asking for a ‘project’? (Now there’s an interesting crowd, if there is one.)

  3. Adam T45 Staff

    These were a car that definitely redefined the term over-steer. Over-steer is much better than under-steer because you never see the tree that eventually kills you.

    I’m still staggered by the price that some rather neglected Porsches seem to be able to command. I agree that in good condition this is a car that demands a good price due to the sheer performance available. However, I would be more than a bit hesitant to slap down nearly sixty large for an example that appears to have been so badly neglected.

    • Pa Tina

      Speed + alcohol + vehicle dynamics = The Widowmaker.

      • Dallas

        Looks like Pelle Lindberg’s 930…? RIP

  4. Mr. Bond

    If Gullwing won’t take it on ……

    • spacelifer Member

      I had a sketchy experience with Gullwing. They had a Nash Healey/Jaguar conversion I was interested in. I knew the story they were telling was completely false since I had talked to a previous owner. Either the flipper they got it from lied to them, or they were lying. Either way, when I brought them up to speed and offered proof, they listened, and then did absolutely nothing. They continue to advertise it with the false information. I was looking forward to visiting their place in New York but I was very disappointed in the experience and came away not trusting them.
      Again, just one man’s experience, but…..

  5. Doyler

    I can’t wait for this Porsche bubble to end

    • Smokey Member

      And brilliant ole; me sold my # 2 condition 1955 Porsche Super Speedster. with a roller crank, back in the early 1970’s for $1550. Please note that is NOT $15,000.

      • olddavidp

        This was a $3000 car in 1980 and only because of the Turbo engine, otherwise $1500. Of course in 1980 you could buy a 365 GTB for $18500. Now had I been smart enough to buy Atari and Wang and take the profits and buy Microsoft and Apple this would be a moot conversation.

  6. Frank

    Gullwing huh? I guess they bought it after BHCC rejected it.

  7. Superdessucke

    It’s a 930 AND a clapped out barn find. I’m surprised Sotheby’s didn’t acquire it already. I dare say old chaps, will it reach $1 milliion?

  8. Steve R

    A guy I knew in high school bought one in the mid-80’s with a bad engine, he promptly installed a small block Chevy. I ran into him about a dozen years ago, he still has it and thought the engine swap was the best decision he’d ever made pertaining to that car.

    Steve R

  9. Joe

    Who in their right mind will spent $60,000 on this just to spend $100,000 more restoring it? There are good condition examples for that kind of money.
    Geez, no respect for money today.

    • Superdessucke

      I’ve noticed this too! If you think this is bad, just try buying a piece of real estate. The ask is now the starting point, at least in Chicago.

  10. Jim

    Gullwing is the east coast equivalent of Beverly Hills Car Club. Never buy a car from either, they are charlatans.

  11. Jbones

    As if gullwing motorcar didn’t already have enough advertising on this website.

  12. Brian

    $56,500? Someones been hitting the crack pipe.

  13. Jerry

    I don’t get it. 56k for that? I don’t get it

  14. ArtSpeed

    Yeah, I too want some of whatever it is Gullwing is smokin’ if they think they’re going to get $56K for this pile of fecal material. It’s obviously been underwater; I’ll put $5 up that says it’s a flood recovery from one of the recent hurricanes…

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