Weaverville Garage Estate Liquidation!


The small town of Weaverville doesn’t seem like the kind of place you would find a horde of classic cars. It’s on the edge of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Northern California, which is both scenic and remote. But you just never know where you might come across a stash of cars. We don’t know much about how this horde came to be, but it clearly is tied to the Weaverville Garage and it’s owner. This shop has been here for the past 50 years or so and by the looks of, they’ve been collecting cars for much of that time as well. The place is finally being cleared out and everything is being auctioned off. There are complete cars, parts and even tools. If you see something you’d like to have, you can bid on it here on North State Auctions, with bidding starting at $5 for everything. And yes, that Datsun is sitting on top of a garbage truck!


I’m amazed by the mixture of cars here, there are lots of American iron, a few Germans and even a Brit or two! I’m going to guess most of these cars ended up here because they broke down on the way up the mountain. Whether that’s the case or not, many of these cars are simply parts donors. It would appear that some have already donated a part or two to keep other cars on the road.


Now that isn’t too say there aren’t a few complete cars here worth saving! This MG TD was rarely driven by the owner, but has current registration. It’s dusty and dirty, but looks solid and original. With a good cleaning and a tuneup, it should make for a nice driver!


The cars parked outside haven’t fared quite as well as the MG, but there are cars parked outside that I wouldn’t mind having. At the top of my list are the Toronado, Pontiac LeMans and the Pontiac Ventura Sprint! The Ventura isn’t the most sought after car here, but it has just about every badge and graphic found in the 1972 Pontiac parts bin thrown on it. It will be interesting to see what these ones end up going for.


There are lots of other interesting cars here and I’m curious to hear which ones are your favorites! So what stuff will you be taking home? If you happen to be in the area or will be traveling though, be sure to stop by and take some photos (I’d love to see some close ups of the Datsun)!


WANTED 1960 to 2005 Honda any Looking to buy low mileage original Japanese vehicles for my collection Duncanimports.com. gary dunc Contact

WANTED 1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Looking for a nice 1981 Monte Carlo in fair to good condition in the southeastern United States Contact

WANTED 1973-77 Pontiac Gran Prix wheel well trim pieces for rear Contact

WANTED 70 to 73 Dodge cuda or challenger looking for a driver , small fixer upper if required Contact

WANTED 1959-1961 (and) GM Cars Cad,Chevy,Corvair,Pontiac,Olds,Buick Wanted parts/donor car. I need a “Cantilever”,”Flying Wing”;”flattop” roof assembly. Contact

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  1. Jeff Lavery Staff

    I want – no, I NEED – that Mitsubishi Montero. Would love to crawl around that place.

    • Wendy

      Preview is Dec 3rd in Weaverville, come take a look. Northstateauctions.com

  2. Howard A Member

    Probably going to clear it out in favor of a far more profitable “weed” farm. At least this, compared to the other yard in Iowa, has some organization. Auctions, at least the ones I’ve been to, seem to move the goods better, sometimes, with unexpected results (Lambrecht auction, for one) I’ve seen people (in NY) piss away a lot of money at auctions. Again, generally, very few people restore something that came out of a yard, unless it’s unusual, of course. It’s just too costly. The only way people get classics now are complete running, driving cars, and may only need that hood ornament( or whatever) to complete it. Most of this will be shredded, I’m sure.

  3. Rick

    Could be some smoking deals there if bidding wars don’t start. An alignment rack, exhaust tube bender and a container with at least 3 motorcycles.. most of the money will be made in the tools. The cars.. some salvageable, most are headed to the crusher.

  4. rmward194 Member

    I think this place was featured by Barn Finds earlier this year when it was listed on Craigslist. Glad they found someone to help them liquidate the cars rather than crushing them!

  5. JW

    Since I like to be different from the mainstream car guys I would opt for the Pontiac Ventura and if the body is solid along with frame I would drop a stroked 400 and 5 speed manual in it and have some fun without being noticed.

  6. Curtis

    The only time in my life I wish I lived in California or nearby. A station wagon tailgate and a few other items there would make some great wall art for garage or man cave area. Would be tempting to bid if shipping was available.

  7. Eric Dashman

    Why couldn’t this be in North Carolina? 3000 miles away is just a terrible tease.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m in love already. That looks like a fairly complete and rust free Eyebrow Chevy pickup. If I was a little closer….

  9. angliagt

    This is only two hours East of me.I might have to
    go have a look on the 3rd. Hmmmm….I have a pickup & a trailer.
    If anyone’s interested (& IF I go) I’d be willing to help
    them.I probably won’t buy anything,as I need to work on what
    I already have.

  10. Michael DRANSFIELD

    No Datsun for sale?
    Has the good stuff already gone?

  11. brakeservo

    Given the location, Bigfoot has probably already gotten the best finds.

  12. John C.

    I’ll take that Pontiac Ventura, that’s the brother in law of a old Chevy nova! easy to work on

  13. Anthony

    Too bad you need to physically be there – and they cannot ship items like tools…

    • Wendy

      You do not have to be in Weaverville to bid, it’s all Online. However you do have to pick up in Weaverville or have someone else pick up for you.

  14. Dan

    Weaverville is the main stop on Highway 299 between Willow Creek (don’t blink) and Redding. It’s also downhill from Trinity Lake. It’s beautiful country; not surprising that so many broken down cars ended up here.

    • Hdhd shdh

      I think that red mustang was my cousins and that purple/red ranchero looks like aunts. She is my last family member still in Weaverville.

  15. mike d

    of course lots depends the condition of the bodies ( for me anyways) I spotted a couple of 68 dodge coronets four doors , I wouldn’t mind the ” extra doors” they would make the ultimate sleeper .. any two door Coronet from the time ppl will automatically say ” Super Bee” but, a FOUR door, drop a 383 in it beef up the suspension.. and watch it hot foot!!! I also like the 74 Ventura and that Pinto wagon in the back ground but, alas, wrong coast .. most of those pictured are beyond rescuing, parts cars,

  16. Rolf Poncho 455

    love the pontiac’s i want them all now!!!

  17. Dave

    I would like to have the Studebaker in my yard

  18. angliagt

    A couple of us are planning on
    heading over on Saturday.

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