What’s Done Is Done: 1969 Camaro 4×4

To quote Nicolas Cage in Gone In Sixty Seconds, “I saw three of these parked outside the local Starbucks this morning.” Suffice it to say this will not be an issue with this Camaro! You won’t even see three of these at your local mud-hole. Many and likely most muscle car enthusiasts have a burning hatred for 4×4 chassis mounted cars, but I am not one of them. What’s done is done, and it looks like it is done decently well for what it is. Though enthusiasts have been known to buy cars like this and revert them to their original configuration, it just might be more fun to have a 1969 Camaro mud-truck (car?). Find this homegrown custom here on eBay in Ohio as a packaged deal with the trailer it sits on for $13,500 or best offer. 

I grew up in the city, but have spent the last several years living in rural Kansas. If you don’t think mudding is fun, I have a suspicion you have never tried it! Mounted on a ’70s K5 Blazer chassis, this Camaro is clearly capable of tearing it up with the best of them. It sits on 35″ Super Swamper mud tires and naturally is equipped with a Chevrolet 350 V8. Under the hood you will find not only the aforementioned engine, but also an Edelbrock 4-barrel intake and 4-barrel carburetor. The front fenders are fiberglass, and hopefully this means they are one-piece inner and outer so as to keep mud from getting into the engine bay.

This Camaro has thus far led a life unlike most. I’ve seen ‘Cudas, Chevelles, Mercedes, and even Dodge Rampages sitting high on 4×4 chassis, so this isn’t a brand new idea but it is definitely a fun idea! Not only will this car turn heads on the street or at any event, it will turn heads in a sea of lifted trucks at your favorite mudding sanctuary. Looking at this picture of this Camaro sunk in the mud nearly up to its fenders makes me wonder where this car started life, and how it ended up here.

The first picture is how the car currently looks, this picture is how it looked previously. It looks like the seller may have stripped the paint down to repair damages to the body, but perhaps lost interest or ran out of funds. According to the ad, it is a running, driving project ready to be finished as the buyer sees fit. Love it or hate it, this Camaro is already attached to a Blazer chassis and ready to be enjoyed. While it would be a neat story to tell if this car was reverted to original, it might not be as neat as having a four wheel drive Camaro sitting in your driveway.


  1. TCOPPS Tyler Member

    Finally, a Camaro I wouldn’t mind owning!


      I agree, it actually looks good and some fun to be had.

  2. Mark S

    I see this as being no worse than building it into a gasser so custom hotrod. This will definitely shorten the life span of the body shell, but when you can buy a reproduction body for under 10k it doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m sure there are many repop bodies out there or they wouldn’t be making them.
    This muddling thing is not for me but to each their own.

    • SlickB


  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Strange, I just posted a comment on a similar vehicle in the Grannys XK120 story. And I come back to BF and there is this.

    Like 1
  4. Alex

    I would trade my Bronco for this I would take it right now.

  5. JW

    Being a 4×4 fanatic and a musclecar guy this is awesome, been mudding numerous times along with some hill climbing. Getting the trailer too is a deal in my book.

  6. SlickB

    I understand I might be frowned upon but I love this! Maybe that’s just because I have a 67 Camaro RS/SS and don’t need a 69. But this thing is awesome I would love to have it.
    My opinion not a waist of car at all, and in some cases this is an improvement.

  7. jdjonesdr

    Here where I live a guy did this to a 2015 Camaro. Gotta admit it looks pretty cool.

  8. Dave M

    Why?? Because they could!

  9. Wrong Way

    I would love to know where you live in Kansas! I lived in Hays, for 20 plus years! Now I live in North Dakota! There was a guy in Hays who did this exact same thing to a Camaro, it looked really funky! I always saw him driving up and down the main drag, and I would look at it in disscust! I was and am not a Chevy fan at all, I look at all GM cars and trucks with disscust! LOL, I am for ford always have been always will be! Anyway I could not understand why someone would do that to a classic?

  10. Chris In Australia

    I’d love to bring that to the next All American Day!

  11. S Ryan

    Really a rare 4X4 code car.

  12. Troy S

    Proves there ain’t nothing a Camaro can’t do!

  13. Peter k

    FORD @Wrong way = Found on Reservation Dead! I have owned several over the years and wil never buy another. Give me a Chevy anytime. It won’t leave you on the side of the road scratching your head wondering what happened.

    • Wrong Way

      Young man, I respect your opinion, but I have been driving Ford longer than you have been alive! Just a observation! I don’t know you and don’t know how old you are, but if you are over 80 years old you have me beat! Heck, my first car was my grandpa’s Model A,that’s how old I am! Anyways, to be honest, I would possibly buy a Chevy or GM car, but never a truck! I in fact, at my age drive a nice Mustang GT! Even Chevy guys are inveious! I had twin turbo’s installed after I purchased it new! I haven’t come up against a single Chevy that can pounce on my little Mustang they all talk with confidence but papa has to pull out the handkerchief at the finish line! Just remember what I tell my son when he scolds me for acting like a kid! I tell him pop’s is old, but I ain’t dead! LOL, have a great evening!

  14. Just passing through

    I am fluid. I love all vehicles. I own a Ford Expedition, a Ram 3500, a 1969 Camaro SS/RS big block 4 speed car, a Harley Davidson and a Toyota. I can find good and bad in all manufacturers. I do like the 69 Camaro 4×4. Would buy it today if I had room for it.
    Have fun, be safe.

  15. DaveT

    I recently saw an article about a Dodge Challenger (maybe a ‘Cuda?) done like this being sold for twice as much. Polarizing vehicles for sure. I’d go with the Camaro and spend the extra cash making it more EXTREME. But mudding is definitely a thing and I’ve seen and done it coast to coast. Why not? Looks like a fun way to enjoy your hobby and the trailer is a nice addition to the deal.

  16. Fred

    I owned this toy for 5 yrs. the lady we got it from had it 18yrs before us. She sand drag races car and we mud raced it. Wife won 1st a number of times. Miss playing with it.

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