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Where’s Harry Potter? 1960 Ford Anglia

1960 Ford Anglia 105E

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S for this great find! It’s for sale in Hernando, Florida and is listed here on eBay with bidding currently at $127.50 but reserve has not been met. This British Ford, made famous recently from the Harry Potter movies, is an unusual car to see on this side of the Atlantic. With its reverse slope rear window and distinct frontal styling, you won’t mistake this generation of Anglia for anything else! Only a bill of sale will be provided, so titling the car may be a challenge. Some seats, the carburetor and several other components are missing—the current owner intended to fit a rotary engine but hasn’t gotten around to it yet. I remember watching these race at Snetterton when I was younger, perhaps vintage racing could be in this one’s future? Would you try to restore it?


  1. Peter Brookes-Tee

    Had one in 1976-1979. Dumped the engine and installed a Blue Printed 2ltr Cortina engine, Lotus Gearbox and Anglia van prop shaft. It went like a rocket. I was once advised by a police patrol crew to be careful driving an old car so fast, it was a good job that they didn’t look under the bonnet. Oh happy days!

  2. Tom

    Been done before so the know-how is there – Ford Zetec engine swap. So many in the UK go after the hot hatches, but the Anglia with a Zetec is a total sleeper and crazy hoot. In the US, the swap would be easy too and outside of California, registering would be cake.

  3. Tirefriar

    This car is not difficult to register in California at all. As long as there s proof of ownership such as registration card from another state, the car can be titled using “paperless title transfer” form. All be would need To do is verify the VIN – can be done at any AAA location offering DMV services. This is all that would be required of a pre-76 year model car.

    Trying to register an imported unit with no prior US registration (of any state) may pose issues.

  4. Chris

    What is the situation re driving RHD cars in the USA? Does it vary from state to state ?
    I see plenty of LHD cars here in RHD Australia ( and count me in those numbers) yet in my many miles as a tourist in the USA, I’ve never seen a RHD car.

    • Mark E

      There are no legal problems owning a RHD vehicle. I owned an ex-postal delivery vehicle which was RHD for a short time and very rarely you see one. Otherwise your best bet would be to go to a UK marque car show. Other countries feel differently though. I’m going to be retiring in the Philippines and was looking closely into importing a used car from Japan until I discovered that RHD vehicles are flat-out ILLEGAL in the Phills… >_<

      • Tirefriar

        Peeps because a lot of LHD are mostly American muscle cars – fast, with tons of torque, relatively affordable, even after import and there is plenty to choose from. How many older British or European cars can you apply the same description to? Maybe if you are lucky it will take fingers on both hands to count…. Don’t forget the older Detroit luxo barges too…

  5. Mark E

    It all boils down to if I can find a “My child is a Hogwart’s prefect” bumper sticker…

  6. jackthemailman

    Looks like the runt of the litter from a Mercury Turnpike Cruiser and a Packard Hawk.

  7. Grr

    An excellent basis for an enchanted flying car – it won’t need an engine at all. I’ll send Arthur an email suggesting this as a replacement for the one that went feral in the Forbidden Forest.

  8. James g

    I know where there is about 6-8 anglias in the woods

    • Liam

      In which country James?

  9. Lion

    In the early ’60s my buddy’s dad bought a new Anglia and gave his son his old ’50 Hillman.
    The Hillman would seat 6 but the Anglia only 4. Great little car. That tiny gas tank took us 300 miles one night. I wondered if his dad ever checked the malage and thought what the heck?!


    My mother had one of these. The problem with that rakish, wrong-way rear window was that it fogged up much more than a conventional rear window.

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