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Winter Warlock? 1978 Dodge Power Wagon

Are you looking for a reasonably rare 4×4 pickup for winter duty? Or, a pickup just to have because it’s unusual and in decent condition and none of your friends will have the same thing? If so, this 1978 Dodge Power Wagon may be for you. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of under $4,000 and it’s located in Fort Harrison, Montana. You have three days to get your bids in on this winter warlock.

The Warlock package was part of Dodge’s “Adult Toys” line of trucks and vans in the late-1970s and it consisted of either a two-wheel drive (D100) or a four-wheel drive (W100) Power Wagon pickup in black, green, or red, and later with six colors. They came with gold wheels, fat tires, oak side boards – which appear to be missing on this example – and a few other custom factory touches. The seller says that this truck is original other than the hood has been replaced and it looks like a real, and real good, honest 4×4.

But, the seller says that this truck has “Warlock options” and I see a few things that would go against it being an actual Warlock edition. There is no custom pinstriping on the rear fenders, and the aforementioned missing oak side boards, and also this truck has a tan interior. According to my sources, all actual Warlock editions had a black interior. And, of course, the tailgate says Dodge, not Warlock by Dodge. In any case, it’s in nice condition and the seller says that while it isn’t rust-free, it is basically rust-through-free with only surface rust and being in a dry climate (I know, snow in a dry climate?!) helped to preserve it.

The interior appears to be in just as solid and very decent condition as the exterior of this truck is in. I can imagine that without a padded headliner there’s a lot of noise and rattling inside. My 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport (I know, it’s not a real Dodge) headliner is perfect but it’s rolled up behind the seats! I have to reinstall that so keep down the binging metal sound while driving it. I personally love this black Power Wagon with Warlock touches, whether it’s a real Warlock or not. And, yes, it has a four-on-the-floor! You’ll grow several inches of chest hair owning and driving a truck like this so be prepared, especially if you’re not a male.

The 318 V8 looks as honest and clean as the rest of the truck does and although it’s “a bit tired” it runs well, according to the seller. Most of us, I think, would make sure that the mechanicals were working perfectly and drive this truck as it looks now. It would be a labor of love to spend $30,000 (or, more?) restoring this truck when there is no way a person would get that back again. But, if you had one in the late-70s or have always wanted one, that’s all that matters. If you have wanted a Power Wagon with “Warlock options” for hardly any money at all, relatively, this Power Wagon with Warlock touches could be the one for you.


  1. Pat A

    Antarctica is one of the driest places on earth. Gets snow, but very little actual moisture.

  2. Rube Goldberg Member

    I don’t think this is an actual “Warlock”. I believe it’s just a 4×4 stepside with gold wheels. Warlocks had all black interior and “Warlock” by Dodge, on the tailgate. Still, a great find, most, if not all of these, saw plow duty, and withered away to dust. It’s still from when a truck was all business, not like today, a car with a pickup box. Might want to remember that when buying one of these. Cool truck.
    And your D50 is indeed a Dodge, when these types of Dodges became obsolete.

  3. JW

    Father inlaw gave me his 79 Power Wagon after it wouldn’t pass inspection to use as a plow truck for my 1/4 mile driveway at the farmhouse, rattled your teeth driving it and the rear springs were close to coming through the bed but with the Meyers plow / 318 / 4×4 / big lug tires it never got stuck or refused to push snow and it started every time in below zero weather. It only left the farm when the rear frame started to give so off came the Meyers plow and off to the scrapper. I wouldn’t mind this Dodge at all except those gold wheels would have to go.


    Love the gold wheels, the same as my Golden Eagle Cherokee of the same vintage. Tough trucks built for work and no BS like the outrageous $80,000 price tags on these wimp mobiles they sell today.

  5. mike

    My neighbor that I lived next door until 5 years ago, bought one new and keeps it on the side of his house until this day. He had the 440 option.

  6. Karl

    The same seller has a 1958 GMC NAPCO for sale too. I think both trucks look like fun projects.

  7. Leon Wiesner

    In 78 they used the amber turn indicator lights in the front. Much more aesthetic than the clear on the 77’s.

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