Zombie Apocalypse! Willys Wagon

Is running from (or over?) zombies in your future? Want to combine that with your love of classic vehicles? Are you on a budget? If you answered all of these questions “Yes,” the vehicle for you is for sale here on eBay, where bidding is up to a budget-friendly $378.57 with no reserve as I write. And where else would this vehicle be located but Texas? Mission, Texas, to be exact. Yahoo! Let’s go destroy some zombie brains!

You can tell from this grille guard/tow bar combination that this Willys really means business! The seller tells us that it was last used as a hunting vehicle, and based on the grease-pen CoPart-ish date on the windshield of 11-07, it was a while ago. See the winch behind the grille guard? The front drive shaft from the transfer case that used to go to the front axle now drives that winch! Holy cow! Have a large tree you need to pull over? Of course, if you really need four wheel drive, you’ll want to redirect that driveshaft to the front axle.

Apparently if the zombies manage to get past the grille guard, the fenders will take them out next as they’ve been reinforced with diamond plate. Or perhaps that’s the forward zombie hunter’s seat? You can also see the brand new tires, which probably cost more than the bidding so far.

Looks like someone backed into something in this corner, although given the heft of that custom rear bumper I’m amazed the body is dented at all. The opponent must have jumped up high as a last ditch effort to evade the Willys! To be street legal, you’ll need a new tail light and a bit of beating and pounding to get it back into place, but I suspect no one will really care whether you have one or not when the zombies attack.

Surprisingly, the interior is in pretty decent shape, although it’s really dirty. Those vinyl seats must make it easy to wipe off the zombie guts! It looks like a small explosion went off in the right hand glove box; perhaps someone was storing some grenades incorrectly? Who knows!

What’s this? Not a Willys engine, that’s for sure! Of course, you need mo’ power to run over zombies! That’s a Ford 302 V8 that someone has installed instead of the Willys engine. But there’s one catch with this vehicle–there’s no title. Of course, some of you in certain states don’t have much of an issue with that–more power to you. And I suspect the zombies won’t care if you have a title or not! Anyone else intrigued by this “anti-monster” truck?


  1. Howard A Member

    Well, it’s neat, I’ll give you that. I had a Jeep just like this, only with a 307 Chevy motor. It appears, like mine, they used an adapter plate and retained the stock Willys drivetrain. More than heavy duty enough.Just a correction, the driveshaft that runs the winch, is not the one that drives the front axle. On the Willys transfer case, there’s a PTO for the winch.( you can see the engagement lever behind the shifters) No driveshaft to the front axle could mean several things, but could mean a bad front axle ( which would be rare), or, like mine, they put a different axle in the back to make it driveable on the street ( original gears were 4:88 or 5:13, the V8 didn’t like that) and couldn’t find a front axle that matched ( I had the same deal), so it, in fact, is a 2 wheel drive. IDK, I didn’t care for the wagon one bit, and found a Willys pickup and put the V8 in the pickup. Much better truck. It’s not in bad shape otherwise. Spare tire on the side window? A little odd. Roof, tailgate or hood, are the usual places. These seem popular, until the new owner experiences these aren’t like any newer Jeeps they may be used to.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Glad someone understands PTOs!

  2. Another Bob

    I saw this vehicle on another site and it mentioned it was a “top loader” as well. The box on the roof provides another entrance way into the vehicle. Why? Who knows.

  3. stp

    Look at all those shifters! Want. Would return to correct drivetrain. Maybe not as highway friendly, but I sure do like that hurricane 6.

  4. Guggie 13

    wish it was closer , had a 51 with a Ford Flat head v8 in it ,loved it sorry I traded it for a car ,this one would be cool !! maybe front axle was removed due to oil pan interference , just a guess

  5. Richard Love

    Pretty sure the hatch on the roof enabled the ” hunter” to pop out of the vehicle and shoot the game ” drive by” style.

  6. Vince Habel

    It is easy to change the rear ratio. It is a Dana 44 rear also known as Ford nine inch.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Dana 44s and Ford 9 inches are two very different differentials.

  7. rad

    @another bob – since it was a hunting vehicle in Texas, odds are pretty good that the hole in the roof is so a hunter can stand and shoot without exiting the vehicle. I’ve seen entire seating platforms mounted on top of a rugged hunting vehicle like this before…like a pontoon boat mounted on a roof rack. – Which makes this even more suitable for repelling zombies.

  8. JW

    SBF instead of a SBC in a old Willys I’m sold !!!

  9. John H. from CT

    There is a company that makes an overdrive for these that mounts next to the rear differenyial. I believe you use a shortened drive shaft.

    • 4runner

      Who makes the overdrive? We have a 61 Willy’s with a 283 and a 3 speed. Looking to do an axle and tranny swap to make it drivable. An overdrive would be a lot easier.

      • Todd Zuercher

        Warn Overdrive if you can find used. Now made by Advance Adapters and called the Saturn Overdrive.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member
  10. Robert White

    The Zombie Apocalypse will indeed manifest, but don’t ever forget that when it does manifest there will be Zombie Litigators in the newfound Zombie Empire
    to litigate for the Zombies participating in the Apocalypse. And Zombie Empire will be well staffed too.


  11. mars2878

    I like, I want, but too far

  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Not sure if its hunting Zombies or whatever, but its sold. $2,650.00. 38 bids.

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