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Are you thinking about selling your barn find? Well, you have come to the right place! Barn Finds has hundreds of thousands of followers and many of them are on the hunt. It’s easy to get your car listed, but please read the following first:

What are the benefits?

With over 30k email subscribers, 225k social media followers, and 2.5 million monthly pageviews there’s a very good chance that we can find a buyer for your vehicle quickly. Unlike traditional classifieds and auction websites, we hand pick a dozen finds each day and push them out to our readers. That means that buyers don’t even have to be looking for something specific to see your vehicle. We have sold countless cars for our readers over the years and the majority have been pleased with the results. You can read some of their success stories here.

Does my vehicle qualify?

Just about anything old, original, and interesting could qualify, but here are the types of things we like to focus on:

  • Anything sitting in a barn
  • Unrestored collector cars
  • Low-mileage survivors
  • Large collections
  • Affordable projects
  • Oddballs and rarities

Listing Options

We offer two different listing options:

  • Exclusive – As the name suggests, this option is for vehicles that have not been featured anywhere else online. We require a full week of exclusivity, but there’s no risk involved because there’s no listing fee. If we are able to find you a buyer though, we do ask for 3% of the final selling price. The fee is paid on the honor system and is due once the sale has been successfully completed.
  • Seller Submission – We can drive large amounts of traffic to your eBay auction, craigslist ad, or other online listing. This type of feature does not get as much attention as an Exclusive, but it’s still a good option if your vehicle is already listed elsewhere. We charge an upfront listing fee of $50, but your money will be promptly refunded if we decide to not feature your vehicle.

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