Rare Fintail Sedan! 1965 Mercedes 300 SE

I struggled with the description of this Mercedes as a “Fintail” (or Heckflosse in German) until I realized that it means exactly what it says, it means a Fin Tail, or a car with tail fins. And that’s exactly… more»

Beautifully Original! 1951 Kaiser Deluxe

We’ve already covered a 1951 Kaiser Deluxe this week but it was a long-term stored car and in pretty ratty shape with an enormous pair of holes in the passenger side quarter panel. And sometimes when you spy a… more»

Unrestored Roundie: 1972 BMW 2002 Tii

If you’ve been following BMW 2002s for any length of time, you know it doesn’t get much better than this: a round taillight survivor with the preferred Tii-spec, all seemingly in very original condition save for a set of… more»

C3 Big Block Garage Find: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

It’s not every day you get the chance to meet your heroes, but in the case of one Motor Trend editor, he was tipped off to a garage find Corvette that had just been discovered and was able to… more»

400/4-Speed: 1967 Pontiac GTO

With the legendary status that it has developed, it is never a surprise to find that virtually any Pontiac GTO will attract strong interest when it is listed for sale. That is the case with this 1967 model because… more»

Original 327: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

I can think of plenty of reasons why buying a project car like this 1967 Camaro Convertible could be a wise move. It is a complete classic that runs and drives. The engine bay features its original V8, and… more»

427 V8 4-Speed! 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS

The Impala Super Sport would continue its popularity in 1966, with more than 119,000 copies produced that year. The 427 cubic inch V8 was new mid-season, and this coupe appears to have one paired with a 4-speed manual. The… more»

Nicest One Left? 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal

1985 doesn’t seem like it was that long ago to those of us who were in our teens or older back then, but to anyone under 40 it probably seems like a prehistoric era. Almost prehistoric itself being the… more»

6,500 Original Miles: 1990 Buick Reatta

The Buick Reatta remains one of the more intriguing options for a modern-day collector car that won’t break the bank, even if its true appeal as a second- or third-car is a bit misunderstood at the moment. Most car… more»

Project Or Parts? 1958 Studebaker Silver Hawk

Affordable project cars will generally involve a trade-off for potential buyers. An owner might offer a classic at a rock-bottom price, but the lower the price, the more work the buyer will generally face to whip that car back… more»

Death’s Personal Ride: Custom 1953 Cadillac Hearse

Cadillac, once the standard of the world. They’ve been making expensive, luxurious, and flashy cars since they started as a company. Lately, with the advent of their V performance sub-brand, they’ve embraced the nature of the powerful V-8 engines… more»

Stored 16 Years: 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45

Looks can be deceiving, which is what I tell myself pretty much every time I look in the mirror. This 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 looks a little rough in the photos but I have a feeling that deep… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1970 Shelby GT350

This 1969 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 is said to be a very rare and one of two cars built with its unique color and option combination. The car was originally Pastel Gray. There are five days remaining in the… more»

Retired Patrol Car: 1988 Ford Mustang SSP

The Special Service Package or SSP is a lightweight police package based on the Fox-body Ford Mustang between 1982-93. It was produced to give law enforcement faster, more nimble cars to supplement their department fleets. This 1988 example was… more»

One-Year Option! 1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE

The one-year-only 1970 Challenger RT/SE may not be everyone’s idea of the ultimate E-body, but it certainly ranks high on the list. While other years offered many options that could be piled on the R/T, only 1970 offered both… more»

Period Correct Lead Sled! 1950 Mercury Coupe

“Where were you in ’62?” as the tagline for 1973’s film American Grafitti asked. Well, I was hardly a Pharoah or in a car club, and not nearly old enough to drive. But I do remember slammed Mercury’s from… more»