Reader Ad: 1987 Buick Regal T-Type Turbo

This has to be one of the most original and lowest mileage Buick Regal T-Types we’ve ever seen! It’s covered just 7k miles since new and is… more»

Surf’s Up: 1947 Buick Super Woody Wagon

Somewhere someone is going to read the next sentence, hyperventilate, and then pass out! When I saw this car the first image that popped into my head… more»

Long Story: 1960 VW Custom Camper Bus

The versatility of the Volkswagen Type 2 is like none other. The model carries many variants from Panel Van, Kombi, Samba and many more. Custom conversions are… more»

Smiles Per Mile: 1963 Austin-Healey Sprite

Sure, this isn’t the hairy chested Austin-Healey 3000, but few cars deliver more smiles per mile than its little brother: the  Sprite.  In this case a 1963 Mark… more»

Shining Survivor: 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Sometimes a particular make or model of car is special for an obvious reason. It may be styling. It may be performance. It may be because of… more»

Olds Diesel Power: 1980 GMC Sierra Classic 15

Certain topics should not be brought up at the dinner table unless you are armed for verbal battle. I have a friend that will not discuss “religion,… more»

Cheap K5: 1986 GMC Jimmy 4×4

The classic lines of the Chevrolet Blazer/GMC Jimmy K5 will never go out of style. If you find yourself in the market for one you have your… more»

California Convertible: 1950 Ford V-8

This unrestored original 1950 Ford convertible, located near Phoenix, AZ, is listed here on Craigslist for the reasonable price of $13,000. For a variety of reasons, Ford… more»

Fire Rescue Survivor: 1971 Chevrolet C-10 K20

Old fire department vehicles continue to appear on eBay with some regularity, indicating there are still vintage workhorses with low miles hiding out in small towns and… more»

Hidden Since ’90: 1978 Lamborghini Espada

This Lamborghini Espada has been stored for 20 years in what looks like a shipping container, shortly after receiving a complete engine rebuild to the tune of… more»

So Beautiful Yet So Different: 1936 Ford C10 Phaeton

There were many reasons why we broke away from England during the American Revolution.  One of these was the land itself.  America was so vast and geographically… more»

Rock Solid Rock Hopper: 1974 Toyota FJ40

I don’t know if it’s going to come together just yet, but I’m working on acquiring a new project of the vintage Japanese 4×4 variety. It’s not… more»

Sub-17K Mile 1984 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

Built on the Ford Fox platform, the 9th generation Thunderbird was introduced in 1983 and this redesigned, beautifully aerodynamic ‘Bird sat in stark contrast to its 8th… more»