30,000 Original Miles: 1969 Porsche 911T

While we traditionally stay away from restored cars, this 30,000 mile 1969 Porsche 911T is such a pleasingly correct example that we had to share it. The car is described as already being an impressive survivor before it had… more»

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Never Ridden on Trails! 1974 Raider Eagle 400

This 1974 Raider Eagle 400 snowmobile is described as a lightly-used example, with the seller explaining that it was never used on trails but just across open fields on their family farm. The Raiders featured a unique design comprised… more»

Rusty Real-Deal Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454

Initial thoughts: this SS ran so fast it tore the metal off the front of the hood! Sadly that rust is merely an appetizer before the main course of metalwork this car needs. However, it is offered as a… more»

50 Years In The Barn: 1950 Ford Convertible

A week ago, we took a look at a ’49 Ford Tudor, the ’49 being the car that moved Ford forward from its prewar designs and launched it into contemporary automotive times. Continuing in that vein, today we have… more»

Owned For 25 Years: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

The owner of this 1967 Corvette Convertible has been fortunate enough to hold onto the car for more than 25-years. All good things must come to an end, and he has decided to down-size his collection by parting with… more»

Rare C-Type Head: 1957 Jaguar XK140 SE

This pretty 1957 Jaguar XK140 SE is listed as being useful for a restoration project or for parts, but I sure hope it’s a case of the former. The body may look rough and the engine removed, but it… more»

11k Original Miles: 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

It is almost an inevitability that when a solid and clean Chevelle Malibu appears on the market, that it will generate plenty of interest amongst potential buyers. Well, that has certainly been the case with this 1971 Malibu. Since… more»

Rare in Blue: 1979 Jeep Wagoneer

We don’t often get to see the Jeep Wagoneer in anything other than a shade of brown or perhaps white, and more often than not, as a later model with woodgrain trim. This early Wagoneer skirts both of those… more»

High Mileage Driver: 1988 BMW M3

This 1988 BMW M3 may have mileage that is approaching 300,000, but that’s not stopping bidders from pushing the bid total up to almost $30,000. While the rapid rise in value for the E30 chassis M3s has been well… more»

Indy 500 Pace Car: 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am

When I think of the Pontiac Trans Am, my mind usually goes to the late ’70s, somewhat underpowered versions with screaming chickens on their hoods. There is a certain movie from 1977 that has helped to reinforce that image… more»

Rare Brit: 1974 Mini Marcos

The Mini Marcos has had an “on-again, off-again” production life which dates right back to 1965. It is a car that experienced a reasonable level of motorsport success across the globe and is a vehicle that will attract plenty… more»

Like New! 16k 1975 Pontiac Grand LeMans Safari

Shiny and fresh, this stylish wagon traversed an unexpected journey to notoriety. Be sure to check out the whole story in the listing here on eBay, but a series of interesting events led to this 1975 Pontiac Grand LeMans… more»

Southwestern Survivor: 1965 Ford Falcon Futura

When I was in college, the student center had a vending area with microwave ovens. They were still a pretty new concept and there was a sign posted above them that read,” Persons with pacemakers, stay clear of this… more»

American Iron for Sale! 28-Car Super-Find

Gamblers can’t resist the lure of a big take, and the element of risk. This stash of 28 cars in St. Louis, Missouri comes to market here on craigslist.org for the winner-takes-all price of $70,000. The listing features only… more»

Low Mile Survivor: 1978 Datsun 280Z

Up for sale is a wonderful 1978 Datsun 280Z that is located in Woodbury, New Jersey. These cars are becoming increasingly popular and that is very evident by the 69 bids that have been placed for this car. What… more»

18k Original Miles: 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Spotless survivors are the sorts of cars that will grab their fair share of attention wherever they go. They don’t necessarily need to be incredibly desirable, but almost any older car that is in excellent condition will invariably attract… more»