Barn Find Stories

1967 Austin-Healey In Mom’s Basement

Larry’s find isn’t so much a barn find, as it is a tale of saving what he already had. This big Healey has been his car for a long tim, but when it started having issues,… more»

Father And Son Find: 1968 Barracuda Convertible

We always love hearing about the finds you guys come across, so it was an absolute thrill to read about reader Josh S and his son’s most recent find over in Colorado! It’s amazing find and… more»

Shed Find: 1966 Costin-Nathan Works Prototype

Costin isn’t a brand that many people know about these days, but if you’ve every heard of Marcos or Cosworth, then in some ways you already know a little about the company. You see the Costin… more»

D-Day Veteran: C-53D Skytrain, DC-3

In the military, the DC-3 was known as the C-53D Skytrain or Dakota. After the war many Dakotas like this one were converted to DC-3s for civilian use. Many old aircraft like this DC-3 sit abandoned… more»

A Look Back At Barn Finds Best Moments!

I can’t believe it’s already been five years since we started this crazy fun journey! Five years ago today we launched this site. We didn’t have a big budget, corporate sponsors or even any readers, but… more»

A Happy End: 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix

The 1968 Grand Prix was the last full sized Grand Prix. In 1969 they went to a mid sized car. The owner bought this car new in Riverside, California and drove it until his death in… more»

Where’s The Magic Gone? 1966 Ford Galaxie

Yes, modern cars are full of incredible technology, they are amazingly dependable and capable of serious performance all while managing to be as efficient as ever, but they just lack something. As I was looking over… more»

This 1948 MG TC Has Been In A Barn Since 1962!

This story comes from an ongoing series of emails we have received from one of our readers. Here it is in Peter K’s own words: July 9, 2015 First off, I love your website and get… more»

Tom’s First Barn Find!

From Tom L – So I think I may have found my first true barn find. Working on a building survey, I walked into an area that apparently hasn’t been visited for a while and came… more»

A Rare Find: 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350

This is definitely one of those very special and rare finds. It isn’t exactly a barn find, it’s more of a garage find, but that’s alright given what it is! It’s the amazing story of a… more»

MGA Update: Body Work Underway

This past week, we’ve been very busy with the MGA. This is easily the biggest project we’ve taken on yet! So far, things are going quite smoothly. With the body and chassis separated, we have devised a… more»

The $700 Cunningham Corvette

Now this is a tale for the ages! If you are a serious Corvette nut, you might know a little bit about the Cunningham Corvettes. For the rest of us, here is a bit of quick history…. more»

We Just Scored Another MG!

With the Dodge gone, there was a big empty spot in our shop. I mean really big! Well, it didn’t take long for us to fill it back up. Projects seem to come in pairs around… more»

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