British Barn Finds

Just a Badge, Man: 1978 Triumph Spitfire

By Jeff Lavery - Triumph Spitfires certainly have spent plenty of time on the track, whether it’s a professional road course or weekend cone-chasing with the local autocross club. The seller of this rough ’78 Spitfire thinks he has a… more»

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Birmingham Small Arms: 1937 BSA Scout Roadster

By David Frank - Most folks know at least a little about BSA motorcycles, but did you know they built small open touring cars from 1907 until 1939? The front wheel drive Scout was introduced in 1935 and was very successful…. more»

Michigan Man Forced To Liquidate His Collection

By Josh Mortensen - While some wouldn’t classify Ron D’s car hoard as a collection, chances are he wouldn’t quite agree with them. He’s been buying interesting cars since he was 21 years old. Most of his cars are currently… more»

Metal Dash Bargain: 1966 MGB

By Jesse Mortensen - MGBs can be great summer drivers. They are robust, cheap, and fun to drive! Think vintage Miata. Well, they may not be as reliable as a Miata, but I daily drove one for a while and… more»

The Right Kind Of IRS: 1967 Triumph TR4A

By Josh Mortensen - The acronym IRS doesn’t usually conjure positive thoughts and feelings, but in this case it’s actually a good thing. This Triumph TR4A is equipped with the independent rear suspension or IRS. It was discovered in a… more»

It Will Buff Out: 1979 Triumph TR7 Drophead

By David Frank - What’s orange on the outside and blue on the inside? Well, this TR7 listed on eBay is, unless, of course, it’s really red. It’s claimed to have only 17,531 miles and is located in Salem, Oregon. (Anyone… more»

Desert Stored: Fire Victim 1968 Aston Martin DBS

By Jeff Lavery - How badly do you want to own an Aston Martin DBS project? You’d have to either have a line on the necessary spares to restore this one or otherwise have a plan for a restomod build…. more»

Surrendered Cat: 1986 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas

By Jeff Lavery - The auction for this pretty 1986 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas ends in a few hours, and bidding is up to just under $300. That’s because this classic sedan is listed by one of my preferred donated… more»

Idaho Barn Find: 1967 Jaguar 420

By Todd Fitch - After snoozing in an Idaho barn for 20 years, this 1967 Jaguar 420 sedan seeks a new owner here on eBay. This right-hand drive classic presents a daunting restoration effort and may well constitute a collection… more»

1932 MG J2 Discovered By Archaeologists!

By Josh Mortensen - We’ve often talked about how discovering a barn find is like uncovering a little bit of history or in some ways it’s like being an automotive archaeologist of sorts. Well, in the case of this 1932… more»

English Prewar Convertible: 1939 Austin 8 Tourer

By Brian Birkner - No matter what type of cars you like and follow, there always seems to be interesting and unique machines that pop up out of the woodwork. 1939 was the first year for the Austin 8 but… more»

Lost to the Jungle: 1965 Triumph Herald

By Jeff Lavery - Perhaps best known for its stint as a sailboat in an old Top Gear episode, the Triumph Herald is rarely seen today in project form. A quick check of craigslist reveals some recently deleted ads and one… more»

Labor, Schmabor: 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Where’s Driver today? What, a holiday? Oh, bother. Labor Day? Ridiculous! All the labor I do, creating jobs and trickling down and what have you, and now I have to drive myself? Oh well, let’s do pop out… more»