Putting the S in Sport: 1967 Porsche 911S

1967 Porsche 911S Discovered

In the Porsche world, the 1967 911S is the Holy Grail for aficionados. It might not be as rare as a Carrera RS, but without the 911S we might not have all the other high performance variations of the 911 that followed. It was the first factory upgraded 911 and set the bar for Porsche. Anyone who has driven one can tell you the extra 20 horses made it a wicked machine to drive and that it isn’t for the faint of heart. Reader Ralph S recently sent us photos of this ’67 911S that was discovered in this barn. It had been hiding there since 1987 and has only seen 39k miles in its entire life. Last month it was pulled from the barn and has since been cleaned up. Now we are just waiting to find out what is going to happen to it next. Read more »

What’s in Glen’s Barn?

Glens Corvette

Some of the best barn finds we see are are the ones sitting in our reader’s barns and garages. Some are finds that you guys made years ago and have already restored, while others are cars that you have owned for years and are waiting to be restored. Well Reader Glen M has owned this car since it was brand new in 1965, of course it wasn’t a barn find at that point. Glen actually has a nice collection of cars, but he thought we might be interested in seeing his 1966 Corvette 427 Coupe the most. It is amazing to think that he has kept this car for all these years. Read Read more »

Who Needs a Truck When You Have a SAAB?


The honeymoon is officially over. If you follow the site, then you know I had a lapse in judgment the other day and bought a 1987 SAAB 900 for $1,600. People warned me, but I didn’t listen. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate many of the car’s virtues. Being enclosed in a layer of armored-truck-thick steel does make you feel safe and you really can carry a wagon sized load in the back. With 6 feet of flat depth, this wagonback design has proven its utility on multiple occasions. Now if only I could keep her running… Read more »

Family Project: 1966 Corvette 427 Coupe

1966 Corvette 427 Coupe

We have always loved the Corvette, but they seem so common place here in the states that we often overlook them when they are parked next to say a British Roadster. It’s not that they aren’t great cars, but they don’t fascinate us the way a foreign car might. We hadn’t really stopped to think about how we might feel about them if we lived anywhere else in the world though. That was until Nicki T sent us photos of her father’s Corvette. There weren’t many Vettes sent overseas, so finding one anywhere outside this continent can be tough. Nicki’s father had always dreamt of owning one, but living in the UK meant finding one he could afford would be rather difficult… Read more »

Huge Barn Find Discovered in Idaho


Update 4/11/14 – We have opened commenting again, so be sure to subscribe to them below so you will get notified of any new developments! Also, feel free to email Bruce for a complete inventory list.

Update 4/4/14 – Commenting has been closed on this post. We will run another update if anything changes though!

From 4/2/14 – Over the past few weeks, I have been reminded that there are still a lot of really good people out there. Our move to Idaho has been quite an undertaking, but we were warmly welcomed. Many of you have offered to treat us to lunch and a few have even invited us over to view their car collections. It has been very exciting and has made the transition much easier. I want thank you all for that. One such reader, Bruce R, was eager to share his father’s impressive collection of British cars with us as soon as we arrived! Read more »

Time Traveling Garage Find

DeLorean Garage Find

Finding an untouched classic with incredibly low mileage might be the closest any of us will ever get to time travel. That is unless you have a DeLorean, a friend named Doc, and a flux capacitor putting out 1.21 jigawatts. Well Jim O can proudly say he now has the first component in the time traveling equation. We will let him share the story of how he came across this super low mileage DeLorean DMC-12 below. Read more »

Citroen Sighting in Wisconsin

Citroen 2CV in Wisconsin

It can be a challenge trying to decide what cars should grace the pages of this site. We want to make sure we don’t ever show a bias to one make, model, or origin. We strive to make sure we feature things that are interesting, unusual, or just plan cool. So when we hear from a reader who is excited about spotting a car that they had never heard of until they started following the site, it brings a big smile to our faces. Part of what we love so much about our jobs is learning and sharing with other car guys! It doesn’t matter what cars are your into, what matters is that we all learn something new and maybe even gain a new respect for something you would have otherwise overlooked. Reader Brandon P is a muscle car kind of guy, but when he spotted this Citroen 2CV, he knew he had to share it with us! Read more »

Cars and Coffee Sighting


One of my new friends here in Idaho invited me stop by a local “Cars and Coffee” type event this morning. It is put on by the Porsche club and takes place at the dealership. On the first Saturday of every month they also go on a little drive. A lot of Porsches were there and ironically, I was attracted to what was probably the oldest and slowest of the bunch. Even with all the new high-dollar machinery around, this 1965 SWB 912 was looking good. I heard rumors that the owner acquired it through the old “if you ever want to sell” note on the windshield trick. We will let him confirm that himself though. Be sure to send in your own sightings so we can share them with everyone!

What’s This Ford Fairlane Worth?

1963 Ford Fairlane field find

Update 4/3/14 – Now we get to see what Doug’s Fairlane really is worth! He has listed it here on eBay and even took out a reader classifieds ad over there on the side of the page. The car looks good and we are excited to see what it goes for. Thanks Doug!

From 3/15/14 – A few days ago, reader Doug M contacted us about an idea for a new feature and we have to say, we love the idea! The title for his proposed feature, “What’s this Car Worth?”, describes the theme perfectly. Doug currently has this 1963 Ford Fairlane Sport Coupe parked in his shop and can’t decide whether he should invest more money into it or cut it lose to make room for other projects. Not being a Ford guys, he isn’t sure if it makes sense to fix all of the issues, just the major problems, or if he should just sell it before he’s in too deep. We aren’t experts on Ford Fairlanes, but with the collective wisdom of the BF community we should be able to give him a better idea of what it’s worth, if it makes sense to invest more money into it, and how to better present his old beater when it comes time to sell. We think this new feature type will be a great way for all of us to learn about what to do with our finds and projects. There are some ground rules though that we want to lay out beforehand so that everyone can have fun and learn together. The rules and more information about Doug’s car are right after the break. Read more »