Reader Find: Euro Mercedes 230SL Pair


From Bob G – Hi all, here are the photos of a pair of 1964 “garage find” Mercedes 230SLs that I purchased earlier this year. They were in a garage that belonged to a recluse-hoarder. He parked the first one in the garage in 1979 and the second one in 1980. According to the neighbors the garage door had not been opened for 25+ years! Read more »

Seeking Info: 1957 Drag Corvette “Lil Twister”


From Bob B – Hello, I ran across your site googling for pics of Corvette gauges and was very interested to see the yellow 1957 BM/SP Corvette drag car. This is because I bought a ’57 BM/SP drag Corvette back in May and I, also, am looking for information on the car. Read more »

Pontiac GTO Graveyard in California

Pontiac GTO Graveyard

We get a lot of leads about supposedly incredible finds from around the globe. Most turn out to just be old rumors that have been passed around the internet for years, but every once in while we get one that looks credible. Well today we got a lead on what may be one of the largest collections of rusty Pontiac GTOs I’ve ever seen. The incredible part is that what you see in the photo above is only a small portion of the collection. Reader Donald W was tipped off to this muscle car graveyard by a friend, so he went hunting for it and was able to track it down for us. He was only able to grab a couple photos of the Pontiac section, as he didn’t want to trespass, so he wasn’t able to get any photos of the rest of the graveyard. A special thanks goes to Donald for sharing his discovery with us! Read more »

What’s in Graham L’s Barn?

Graham L's Barn

While I love hunting for classics for myself, It’s also fun about getting to see what you guys have parked in your barns, sheds, and garages. It is actually a bit of an honor to be invited in for a peek, so we always enjoy getting the chance to see what you guys own and are into. It’s actually been a little while since the last time we featured a reader’s barn, but Graham L decided to slide back the doors to his barn and let us have a look around! Now I could list off everything he currently has in his collection, but where would the fun be in that? Be sure to take a look at all the photos below and good luck identifying all of his cars! Thanks for sharing it with us Graham! Read more »

Patience Prevails: 1979 BMW 320i


From Russell D. – Hello Barn Finds. I just love looking at the many finds from around the globe. I just had to tell you about my recent find. We moved to the Pacific Northwest about a year ago and have been on the lookout for a project car. Via craigslist, I just purchased a heck of a find. I located a 1979 BMW 320i in Spokane, Washington. One owner with 95,200 miles on the clock. Completely stock except for a aftermarket BMW steering wheel. The original wheel is in the trunk. Totally rust free. The car even has A/C. The car had been sitting in the garage covered up for 9 years I was told. But, when my wife went to title it today, she was told that the car has not have a valid tag since 1991. Read more »

Shipping Day Is Hard To Do!


We said goodbye to two members of the Barn Finds fleet this week. First, the Duster on Tuesday and then the Miata yesterday. It’s always hard to send off cars we have hunted for, acquired, and enjoyed, but each farewell was markedly different this time around. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard to let go of the Duster as it was the Miata. That may sound strange since the Plymouth was probably the nicest classic car to ever enter our garage while the Mazda was just a beat up car that could be found in just about any town across America. Read more »

Meet My Daily Driver: 1972 Volvo 145E


Some of you already know, but for those who don’t, I just bought another Volvo! After dragging our Amazon project home the other day, I decided that I needed the wagon that we found while out hunting. The Miata had been fun, but I needed something with a little more hauling capacity. Newer cars were considered, but in the end I decided that a classic would be a better choice. I write about old cars everyday so why shouldn’t I also drive one to the office everyday too? My choice may not appeal to everyone, but I know that more than a few of you will approve. So, here it is – my new 1972 Volvo 145E! Read more »

Find of the Year: The Baillon Collection


Looks like the car world is going to end the year with a bang! We have seen some amazing discoveries this past year, but I think it is safe to say that this one takes the cake. Outside of a small village in France there are a couple of unassuming structures that are full of classic cars. These are not just any old cars though. Some of the world’s finest vehicles are housed within these dilapidated garages and collapsing tin sheds. Cars that you may have never even heard of, but many of which are worth unfathomable amounts of money. Cars from the likes of Bugatti, Ferrari, Delahaye, Hispano Suiza, and Talbot Lago are all represented here and although covered in rust and moss they are an astonishing sight to behold. Read more »

Mystery Car: Information Needed!

Mystery Fiberglass Car

Typically the submissions we receive lead us to a car that someone is looking to sell, but this recent submission from Richard B is the first ad I’ve seen that the seller is seeking something other than money. In the early days of fiberglass, many individuals discovered they could build their own car body out of the composite material. Most of these cars were incredibly crude and never finished, but there were a few that made it to the street. When these finds eventually resurface they tend to be a complete mysteries to the world. Well this car appears to be one of those mystery cars and the owner has reached out to the collective knowledge of the web for help identifying it. Seeing as we have some of the most knowledgeable car guys from across the globe, I thought we should take a crack at it. Find the owner’s listing here on craigslist, so if anyone knows what it is be sure to contact the owner. Special thanks to Richard for the tip! Read more »