Scenicruiser Lunch Stop Update!

Road into Henefer UT

Update: Wayne and Dave made it safely home last night! Thanks for everyone who supported them on this crazy journey. It will be interesting to see what eventually become of that old Scenicruiser.

Since sharing the story of the Bus Trip of a Lifetime, we have heard periodically from Wayne and Dave about the status of their trip. We have also heard from a few of our readers who have connected with the Scenicruiser and the crazy guys behind this endeavor. Kenneth N had the chance to meet up with the guys and sent us an update. Here is what he had to say about the experience! Got to meet up with Wayne and Dave and here are some photos from their Henefer, Utah lunch stop before switching to I80 for Cheyenne, first shot is of the lonely road leading to the stop. ¬† Read more »

Not Even a Tarp: 1964 MG Midget

1964 MG Midget

There are finds out there that aren’t necessarily interesting or all that rare, but when we find them, they just call to us. When reader Patrick M came across this 1964 MG Midget, something about it spoke to him and in that moment he knew he had to save it. He was able to strike a deal with the owner and before long it was headed to his house. I will let Patrick tell you all about his MG in his own words.
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Saying So Long To Our Mustang

Mustang on the Trailer

This morning was filled with emotions as we said goodbye to our 1965 Mustang. If you have been following our progress on the Mustang, then you know that it recently sold to one of our readers. Lawrence P of San Francisco was the lucky winner of the auction and he wasted no time in transferring the funds and lining up a transporter. We are happy that it is going to him because he is very enthusiastic about the car and plans to continue right where we left off. He hasn’t owned a classic in a while either so it should provide a good opportunity to jump back in the saddle. His family is supportive of the idea and he lives in a good area to participate in the hobby so there is lots of hope for this old girl. Read more »

The Bus Trip Of A Lifetime

1954 SceniCruiser

Right before lunch today, I received a call from my good friend Sid. He excitedly shouted into the phone, “You had better get down here! You’re not going to believe what I just found! Bring your camera and hurry!” So, Josh and I jumped in the Miata and headed to the Lowes just down the street. We didn’t know what to expect, but as we pulled in, we were greeted by a very unlikely scene. It looked like someone was performing an engine swap on a 1954 Scenicruiser right there in the parking lot! Read more »

Before and After: 1957 Morgan 4/4


We all love to see before and after photos of project cars, so when Barn Finds reader Dan K sent in some shots of this¬† 1957 Morgan 4/4, I knew we had to share them. Here is what he had to say, This Morgan does not belong to me. It is a customers car. The Morgan was dug out of a storage building and the new owner sent the car in for a complete restoration. In the middle of the restoration the owner died and his wife hesitantly¬†decided to finish restoration. I don’t have any other information that I can share other than that. I just thought you might be willing to show it on your site. Read more »

Pantera Barn Finds Still Exist!

1 pantera the begining

From Dave C. - In May of 2014 I found a true barn find up in Northern New York. A guy had a stored 1973 Pantera sitting under an inch of dust for over 19 years. The car was beautiful so I purchased her and shipped her home 9 hours away. Barn finds do still happen and I can attest to that. Here is a picture of her found with the previous owner and now sitting in my driveway! Thank god for barn finds! Read more »

Lambos, Ferraris, and Astons, Oh My!

Dino and Urraco

For countless reasons, exotic cars have become the holy grails of barn finds. Nearly every car hunter out there dreams of discovering a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, or a Lamborghini hiding in an old barn or shop. People say that the days of finding a long lost exotic are gone, but Barn Finds reader Alexander A has proof that there are still ones out there waiting to be discovered. While exploring the streets of his hometown in Canada he came across an amazing find that includes not just one Ferrari, but two of them, plus an Aston Martin and a Lamborghini. Our thanks to Alex for sharing his find with us! Read more »

What’s in Mike H’s Barn?

Mike H's Barn

Mike has been a fan of Barn Finds for a while now, but has just now gotten around to sending in some photos of what is in his own barn. Like many of us here, Mike has a deep appreciation for unusual and oddball cars. His collection has several cars that will leave most scratching their heads, so he thought that identifying his cars should make for a fun challenge. All I have to say to Mike is, challenge accepted! Be sure to look at the rest of his photos to see all of his collection. Good luck guys and be sure to post your answers below! A special thanks goes to Mike for sharing his barn with us! Read more »

What’s in David W’s Barn?

1941 Chevrolet Cabriolet Barn copy

When we first received an email from David W a car parked in a barn, we thought it might be a recent discovery, but as we read his email we realized that this was parked in his own barn. Last summer he and his brother decided to pull it out from what he calls “The Old Shop”, an old cinder block building, and get it running again. He had this 1941 Chevrolet Convertible running and driving back in 2003, but when he had to go overseas for work it went into the Old Shop again. Read more »