What’s This 1960 Buick Electra 225 Worth?

1960 Buick Electra 225

After receiving an email from Peter K asking about what his car might be worth, we realized it has been a long while since we have done a “What’s My Car Worth?” post. Seeing as we haven’t seen many of these big Buicks, we thought it seemed like a great opportunity to present it to you guys for your opinions on what it might be worth. He’s already been in contact with a certain TV show that follows the exploits of two notorious car flippers, so any advice we can give him will be greatly appreciated! We don’t mean to step on any toes, we just want to make sure this car goes to a good home and that Peter is happy with the final deal. Now to make any kind of educated evaluation, we are going to need more information, so we will let Peter describe the car and its history in his own words right after the break. Read more »

What’s in Max’s Barn?

Max's Beetle in the barn

Reader Max S recently sent in his most recent barn find and while it is in very rough shape, we think he got a great deal on it! Given how rusty his find is we don’t know if this VW Beetle would be our first choice of projects, but if we could have gotten it for what he did, we would probably have taken it too. We will let Max tell you more about his find and what it cost him in his own words. Read his story right after the break. Read more »

What’s in Dan’s Barn?

Dan Ms Barn

Dan M is dedicated to a particular Swedish brand and has collected just about every significant model they ever built. Obviously guessing where Dan’s brand loyalties lie won’t be too difficult, but guessing each car’s year and model could be a bit more challenging, seeing as this company went for long periods of time without making major changes to their product lineup. Our thanks goes to Dan for lining up his cars to snap these pictures for us! Read more »

How to Fix a Leaky Differential on a Fiat Spider

Fiat 124 differential inspection

So now that I’ve announced my dirty little secret to the world, it’s about time to get my 1974 Fiat 124 Spider back on the road. Obviously my car is in need of a lot of work, but I decided to just start tackling each issue one at a time. Well one major problem that needed addressing was that leaking differential. Now I’m not talking about a small leak, it was literally pouring oil out. So I did some research and decided to see if I could fix the leak the easiest way possible. Since I’m tired of the garage smelling like gear oil and it seemed like a simple enough job, I went ahead and filmed the entire process and got it done in about an hour and a half. I thought you guys would be interested in seeing how I fixed the problem and hopefully my story will motivate others to get out into the garage. Read the entire process after the break or skip straight to the bottom of the post to watch the video! Read more »

Identify This Tree Find


Reader Ken N came across this photo of an old car with a tree growing through it and has been trying to figure out the make and model of the car. He has searched high and low, but just hasn’t been able to find an answer. He is still doing his own research, but he thought he would turn to our community for everyone’s expert opinions. If we get many more of these tree finds we are going to know just as much about tress as we do about cars! So what do you think this car is? Bonus points to anyone that can name the tree species as well! Like always, be sure to leave your guesses in the comments section below. Read more »

How To Become A Better Barn Finder

WTM's sightings

We recently heard from BF reader WoodToyMaker and wanted to share his advice. In his email, he gave a few tips about finding the right classic, whether it be an AMC, a Studebaker, or really anything else. While we all have our own style when it comes to car hunting, it’s always great to hear from a fellow hunter about their strategy and it might even give you a few ideas of ways to improve your own tactics! Read more »

Look What I Brought Home!


Last Saturday, we asked you guys if we should buy a certain 1990 Mazda Miata. It didn’t fit the mold of what we normally feature here on the site, but the feedback was so positive that we decided to take the plunge. Sure, it’s not a “barn find”, but we think any 24 year old survivor that can provide this much fun for so little money is worth some press. We all have different tastes in cars, but after one drive in a Miata, we can bet that most of you would be converted. Read more »

What’s This 1964 Galaxie 427 Convertible Worth?


One of my good friends named Sid invited me to go take a look at a car with him last week. He was attempting to advise his old buddy on what he should do with his late brother’s Ford Galaxie 500. This isn’t just any old Galaxie though, this is an all original 427/4-speed equipped convertible! Talk about cool. We stood around for a good half-hour just listening to it rumble! Sid has had a hard time finding much information on the car though and was wondering if we could help fill in the blanks. Read more »

Parting Ways With An Old Friend

My 1996 Audi A4 Quattro

So there have been several posts lately about a beloved car making its way back home after being parted with a loving owner. Well today I part with a long time friend or dare I say family member, my old daily driver and she hasn’t even left my ownership and I’m already regretting the decision to sell. This is my 1996 Audi A4 Quattro and she has been with me for the last 9 years. She got me through more years of school than I care to acknowledge. She has been more than a car, she has a personality and a drive to keep going that I haven’t experienced in any other car I’ve ever owned. We don’t normally talk about our daily drivers around here, but she has been such an amazing car and a huge part of my life that I felt I needed to write a tribute to her and all she has been through. Read more »