Barn Find Stories

What’s That In The Bushes?

Reader Mark W spotted this classic hiding behind some¬†overgrowth!… more»

Rambler 440 Convertible Sighting

Reader Kent C spotted a Rambler Convertible recently while… more»

Nathan’s 1948 Willys M38 Find

From Nathan R –¬†Hey Guys, I am an avid… more»

Rusted Sword: 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass – Parts Car

I’ve noticed as of late, Coparts cars and other… more»

Name This Mystery Find

Reader Guy H recently messaged us with a find… more»

To Flip, Or Not To Flip? That Is The Question

“Everyone hates a flipper”. We have read that comment… more»

Herb’s 1938 Cadillac LaSalle Coupe

A while back, reader Herb H. told me about… more»

Mini Truck Restoration Project

Vintage trucks for restoration come in all sizes. Shown… more»

1967 MGC Roadster Sighting

From Kevin G – Here is a ’67 MGC… more»

Success Story: 1969 Triumph Spitfire Rescued

From Michael Z – Hey, just wanted to give… more»

How to get a Jaguar D-Type For $325

From Julie C – It is 2am and I… more»

Amazing 1957 Chevy Gasser Find

Even if you are not a drag racing fan,… more»

Hot Hup: 1928 Hupmobile

Hupmobiles were manufactured in Detroit by the Hupp Motor… more»

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