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Reader Find: 1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe

From Mike R – I am writing about my 1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe that I found in a basement garage behind the house. I don’t know the full story on the car but the last registered owner passed away and his widow left it to a friend who also passed away. I found it on New Hampshire’s craigslist and the car had been sitting for 12 years. It had 47,800 miles on the odometer and I believed it after looking at the underside of the car and the brake and gas pedal wear!

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Reader Find: Low-Mileage Caprice Classic

After seeing the Impala SS survivor that we featured the other day, one of our readers had to send in a few photos of a Bowtie beauty of his own. Keith paid $11k for this puppy and although that may seem like a lot for a 21 year old car, this isn’t your typical Caprice. This very well-optioned 1994 Caprice Classic is in like new condition and is even still wearing its original tires and wire caps. That’s not all though…

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Inspect Cars For Fellow Barn Finders!

With the recent and unfortunate demise of Jewel or Jalopy, we’ve decided to put together an inspection service for our readers. Buying any car online can be scary, but being able to have a fellow barn finder check out a car first could help ease some of those fears. It might be a good way to earn a little cash too! We are still working out all the details, but you can express your willingness to be an inspector now.  Just fill out the form below to get started!

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1969 Camaro Z/28 Left In A Field

In our never ending pursuit to find interesting and incredible finds, I recently stumbled across a rather amazing find that was posted a few years back here on Dennis, aka new2camaro, discovered the kind of find we all dream of! A high performance and highly desirable 1969 Camaro Z/28. It wasn’t found in a barn, but parked in a field. Even though it was left out in the elements, it is surprisingly solid. The windows were broken out at some point, the paint is worn thin, but it is all original and quite complete. It turned out that Dennis purchased the car from the original owner not being sure if it really was a Z/28, but with the help of a lot of Camaro fans he was able to determine that it is the real deal!

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Reader Find: 1968 Ford Ranchero

From Chazz D. – Hey, I work as a farm hand on a potato farm in Manitoba Canada and there is a row of about 8 classics that have been sitting there for about 10 years now. I’ll be sending them all in over the week and any others I find in barns around here such as a 46 Buick special I’m checking out tomorrow. This Ranchero looks to be 100% complete and was running before parked so I’m thinking it would be the easiest to restore. The owner unfortunately is reluctant to sell but I’m going to try to work a deal out with him soon. Hope you think it’s BF worthy. More like potato field find. Thanks! 

Reader Find: 1958 Edsel Roundup

From Preston M. – Talk about rare! Ford decided to pit the new Edsel division against better established GM products with their 2 door Wagon called Roundup. The name invokes the then trendy cowboy theme and implies that the car can carry a large payload. Unfortunately the popularity of 2 door wagons pealed for the 1957 model year, leaving Edsel with a mere 930 some Roundups being produced. The brand ended up owning quite a few for roadside assistance use. Most of those cars have survived and easily recognized by their signature bluish green paint.

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Retired Street Racer In The Barn

From Jarrod L. – My dad knew the car from years ago. It was a street racer. In 1975 they stroked and bored a 454 for it. It didn’t hardly have any miles on it before it was parked. It has sat in this building on dirt for 28 years. We turned engine and threw a carb on it with a fuel jug and fired the car up. The brake lines weren’t even rusted. Inside of the drums were shiny like it just left the road. All the tires pumped back up. It has a Muncie 4 spd and 12 bolt rear.

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Chevrolet Blitz Sighting In Australia

From Chris W. – G’day, this Blitz is just down from my mechanic’s workshop in Dayboro, Australia. Its a Chevrolet Blitz, from the stovebolt six residing under the rusty floor. The correct title is “CMP’, for Canadian Military Pattern. This one has the number 13 cab, and the C 30 chassis, guessed by the wheelbase. My mechanic tells me its been beside the road for a decade or more.  Someone at least keeps the tyres inflated!

What’s In Bryan’s Barn?

From Bryan C. – Here is my submission for the “What’s in My Barn” feature. There is one hidden in the back and another coming tomorrow (9/19/15). Race cars, street cars and lots of laughs and fun amongst friends!

Ivy League Ford Sighting

From Matthew K. – I was driving through Cle Elum Washington a few months ago and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this Shoebox Ford growing out of the side of a building!

Reader Find: Uncle’s 1965 Austin-Healey Sprite

From Simon G. – I follow your page regularly so thought i would share this with you. My uncle bought this car 6 months from new (in 1966) from the main dealer in Newport. It was on the turntable and my dad has fond memories of going to collect it with his big brother at the age of 15!

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Team Barn Finds Racing Report: Marina Takes 2nd!

Last weekend was our 6th race with the Marina, and while the result was a good one (2nd in class, 36th overall out of 108 cars), it was a difficult route to get there. Some of you have asked for details on the Marina and how it became a race car. I purchased it from a Craigslist ad after it had been “totaled” in a collision with a Lexus. A friendly body shop straightened it out and some body filler was applied, along with a rattle can paint. Just as I finished it and was trying to decide what to do with it, my stepdaughter needed transportation to go back and forth to college. For the next year and a half, the Marina faithfully served that role.

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