Treed Goat - Pontiac Judge

A Treed Goat: 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

We absolutely love hearing about the finds you guys come across, it motivates us to get out there and hunt more ourselves. It’s also great to follow the process of bringing a find back to life and I have to say, I’m quite excited about following Alan F’s most recent find! While debating what his next project should be, he recalled an acquaintance from high school that had a Pontiac Judge and decided to give him a call to see if it was for sale. Well I’ll just let Alan tell you the story himself! From Alan – I was itching for a project….I finally narrowed it down to a black 1968 Yenko Chevelle clone….Yep, I was contemplating buying a Yenko clone….to which my conscience replied: “yeah, but it will still be a clone, call that guy with the Judge, what do you have to lose?” That “guy with a Judge” I have known about since high school. Don’t ask how long ago that was…..I’ve met him a few times since high school and had spoken about the car, but it was never for sale.
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1969 Corvette

1969 Corvette Stingray: A Friend Of A Friend

From Chase V – A friend of mine sells old car parts for a living. I asked him that if he ever came across anything cool that he was not interested in if he would let me know.  I got an email from him a week ago and he told me he just left a barn at a blueberry farm that had a ’69 Corvette Stingray sitting in it and it had a “bunch of dust on it” so he thought of me.  He did not know much about it other than it had been 5 years or so since it had been started and it looked to be pretty complete, but very dirty. I told him I was interested in learning more and over the weekend he went back to the location and talked with the owner.  The owner asked if my friend would sell it for him and my friend agreed, so he put it on his trailer. I saw it on Monday evening and we had a deal by Tuesday evening. I have not met the owner, as we did the deal through our mutual friend. Read more »

Ohio Farm Finds

Barn Full Of Classics In Ohio!

On a farm near Canton, Ohio is a barn full of classic cars that all need new homes. Lynne P inherited the barn and all the cars in it from her grandfather. She claims the collection is composed primarily of Ford’s ranging from the 1930s all the way to 1977, with a 1941 International truck thrown in the mix. Lynne wants to find good homes for all of these cars, but has hit a brick wall trying to decide how best to sell them. She was advised that getting an auction house to undertake marketing and managing the sale of the collection would be the easiest and best way for her to find homes for these cars, but she can’t seem to find a good auction house that is willing to take the job on. She even talked to VanderBrink Auctions to see if they wanted to auction them off for her, but Yvette turned it down because the cars aren’t restored. I’m going to guess they didn’t feel the commission would be large enough for the amount of work it’s going to take. Lynne heard about this community and how knowledgeable and helpful everyone here is, so she has turned to us for advice! Read more »

Route 66 Junkyard

Classics In The Southwest

On a recent trip through Arizona and New Mexico, reader Guido S came across some amazing cars and an impressive junk yard in the New Mexico desert. He couldn’t resist but stopping and taking some photos. Since we all can appreciate a good junk yard, he decided he better share his find with us. Here is what he has to say about it – Last year I made a trip to Arizona and New Mexico. I saw many nice cars. And one of the best junkyards was in Grants, New Mexico. I have an album of most of the cars we saw on our trip. You can find it here on FacebookIt looks like Guido saw some amazing cars during his trip! Seeing that junkyard in Grants makes me want to make a trip to New Mexico this winter. I want to thank Guido for sharing his vacation with us and for the great photos! Oh and if you’re wondering, I believe the salvage yard is called Oscar’s Auto Salvage on Route 66. Read more »

1970 Boss 302

1970 Mustang Boss 302 In The Barn

Shortly after featuring Chase V’s Mach 1 Mustang find, he told us about another Pony car he had just recently found, but this one is even more incredible than his previous find. Hiding in this barn, he found a 1970 Boss 302! And while it is an amazing machine, the story behind it is even more powerful. You see, the previous owner purchased the car back in 1976 and parked it in the barn in ’88. He had planned on restoring it with the help of his two sons, but tragically both died in car accidents. The pain of losing his sons left him unable to even look at the car, but in late 2014 he decided he needed to let it go to a new home. He listed it on craigslist and that’s how Chase discovered it. Read more »

1969 Dodge Dart

1963 Dodge Dart Found In Sweden

From Kim L – I found out about this car when an older gentleman sadly passed away. He had a furniture business and always had great interest in cars. All the furniture was auctioned off after his passing. I went to the auction and while I was strolling through the property, I saw this car. Unfortunately it was not to be sold that day, but now two years later I found out that the car would be sold. Quickly, I called up the daughter of the elderly gentleman and bought it. The car is now in my possession, but I have not had a chance to inspect it closely. But the car has been parked for over 30 years in a barn and was surprisingly nice. This is not a common thing here in Sweden, where unfortunately everything has the ability to rust away. But this pearl has fared really well! The car is a Dodge Dart from 1963 with the inline six and manual transmission. I will send in more photos as I renovate the car. Read more »

1972 Monte Carlo

Reader Find: 1,200 Mile Monte Carlo

One of our readers, Jim P., just sent in some photos of a friend’s Monte Carlo. Apparently, his buddy found the car when he went to look at a 1954 Pontiac that he was considering buying. When he got to the owner’s place though, something back in the corner of the shop caught his eye instead. It was a 1972 Monte Carlo. That might not normally excite too many people, but this one only had 1,200 miles on the odometer! So, he forgot about the Pontiac and trailered this home instead. It’s in good original condition and the new owner is trying to decide what to do with it. He may keep it or he may sell it, but either way he wants to make sure it’s preserved as-is. This was a great find Jim and thanks for sharing it with us! Please keep us updated on what your friend decides to do with the car. We would love to give our readers first dibs, as long as the asking price is reasonable, if he does decide to sell. Read more »

Chucks 1955 MG TF

Look At What Chuck Just Bought For $2,500!

From Chuck F. – I couldn’t believe it when I went and checked this out! $2,500 seemed like such a great price to me even for a basket case, especially since it had the body straightened and painted, although it had been parked for over 10 years. Body panels were just half bolted on with some scratches and paint pebbling in spots from time in a humid garage. It included new seat covers and door panels, some books and a workshop manual, and several other boxes. Can’t wait to get started on it! Read more »

Bill Tritt in a G2

Brill Tritt: The Man Behind Glasspar

We recently featured a car that was listed as a Glasspar G2 by the seller, but as many of you pointed it, it clearly isn’t a Glasspar. Shortly after running it, I received a wonderfully surprisingly email from a Matthew Tritt. In it he stated that the car wasn’t a Glasspar and he should know seeing as his father, Bill Tritt, was the man that started Glasspar! As we emailed back and forth, I asked Matt if he would share a little bit with us about his father. I thought it would be a nice Father’s day treat! He shared some amazing stories about his father with us and offers a look at Bill that you won’t find anywhere else but right here!
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Boyertown F350

1956 Boyertown S-6: Step-N-Serve

From Tracy C – What you see here is a 1956 F350 with a Boyertown S-6 Step-N-Serve body. Boyertown Auto Body Works produced the bodies and installed them on ordered trucks. This truck started out in the Norfolk, VA plant on March 23, 1956 as an F350 in Meadow Green paint. It went to Boyertown and the cab and bed were removed and this body was installed. This particular truck only saw work for 4 years and was parked in 1960 for some reason, per the story told to me. It has the standard 223 ci I6 rated at 120 hp, 130 inch wheelbase, and get ready for this – 5.83 rear axle gearing. It was probably parked as the owners didn’t like being passed by the horse and buggies still being used in PA. Although it is a 1956, Boyertown Auto Body Works used the 53-55 flat dash up until the mid 60’s in their builds. Read more »

Space Shuttle Find

Biggest Barn Find Ever: Russian Space Shuttles

Alright so this isn’t the biggest collection of barn finds ever found, as a matter of fact there aren’t even any cars here, but it’s definitely the biggest barn ever! To be honest, calling this massive hangar a barn isn’t exactly accurate, but given the dilapidated state of this old Russian facility it might as well be one. This is a sight unlike any other! I’ve seen rare exotics, massive muscle cars, and even an old fighter plane hidding in a barn covered in dust, but I never imagined I would see a pair of abandoned space shuttles! The story behind these shuttles is an incredible one, but more about that in a minute! Read more »

MGB 18G Engine

MGB Project: Timing Is Everything!

Project updates on my MGB have been slim because it has provided reliable service for the most part. It has started to develop a rough idle lately though. The problem was worse on hot days, so I figured a new condenser and perhaps a coil would be a good idea. Replacements are cheap and it’s good to have a couple of spares on hand so I went ahead and ordered them. While I was in there I also did a quick valve job. The engine was also getting a little noisy, but I figured a loose valve could be the culprit. The compression was good so I knew there weren’t any major internal problems. The work helped, but the rough idle and ticking were still present, so I decided to check the timing. Read more »