American Barn Finds

Warts And All: 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe

Hi, folks – let’s try this again. On my last post about this car, my 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe, I threw it out there at the last minute that I was going to sell it in… more»

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Oh, So Pretty: 1974 Chevrolet Step Side Pickup

Step side trucks are the most sought after body styles for vintage trucks, with short beds taking second place, and long beds a distant third.  In addition to being visually pleasing, they are usually easier to… more»

Dream Deferred: The Ben-Dera Ford

Spend enough time on the internet and you’ll eventually discover true oddballs languishing like any other barn find featured on this very site. Take, for example, the highly obscure Ben-Dera Ford, one man’s vision of what… more»

One Fine Ford: 1966 Ford Fairlane

My grandfather always preached to me that if I was ever looking for a collectible car of my own, never buy a car with rust.  He felt that life was just too short to deal with… more»

Desert Driver: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-Door Sedan

In the late twentieth century, owning a ’57 Chevy amounted to a license to print money, and even today they singularly represent “The Fifties” on posters and T-shirts celebrating that golden American decade. The B pillar… more»

Mid Engine Mystery Machine: 1988 Pontiac Fiero

OK.  I am going to need the help of Barn Finds readers who are Fiero experts on this one.  Obviously, it is a Fiero.  It is a 1988 model, and it has a V-6.  The seller… more»

Indy Pace Car Edition: 1992 Cadillac Allante

The ongoing dialog about Pace Cars hasn’t changed: most cars are simply dealer dress-ups that barely resemble the car that actually paced the field, and have no real connection to the vehicles that ran on the… more»

Pity the Fool That Doesn’t Buy It: 1973 GMC Motorhome

Ours are not the first eyes to be caught by the epic artwork on the side of this 1973 GMC Motorhome, and they will assuredly be far from the last! There’s more to this Mr. T-emblazoned… more»

I’m Gonna Fix It Up Someday: 1936 Ford Coupe

We have all been through this before.  You spot a car that interests you behind a house, or in a field, or in some other place where the elements and vermin are taking their toll on… more»

Yard Find! 1938 Plymouth Hot Rod

This Yard Find hot rod in “never finished” condition beckons you with a 31 word description here on eBay.  Located in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, outside Scranton, this 1938 Plymouth Business Coupe shows signs of recent fabrication including shiny… more»

Diff Shields Included: 1991 Chevy S10 Baja

Today, you can walk into a Chevrolet dealer and order up a new Colorado pickup with the ZR2 package, which adds some serious offroad hardware. You could make a similar move in 1991, by checking the… more»

Emergency Boat: 1969 Cadillac Ambulance

Okay, so it isn’t really a boat! Just so you know, I really had to hold myself back from making a Ghostbusters reference even though it is 10 years too new. Old ambulances are super cool, especially… more»

Well, It’s A Real Woody! Rebodied 1936 Ford

One man’s vision, this rebodied 1936 British Ford was completed after a five-year project by a disabled veteran. Unfortunately, the creator passed away in 2010 and the “woody” is now being sold, along with it’s 28′… more»