German Barn Finds

German Surf Wagon: 1957 Auto Union Universal

The last time I saw a DKW/Auto Union was in the flesh during the failed Vermont junkyard excursion of 2016. On that trip, the most interesting car in the yard was what I believed to be… more»

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Black Plate 1961 Porsche 356 Super 1600!

I recently had a reader ask why California Black Plates are so popular with collectors and why it’s so special. Well, that’s a good question! Besides looking so much cooler than modern license plates, they proved… more»

Baby ‘Vette Drag Car: 1969 Opel GT

Opel GTs are commonly referred to as a Baby Corvette, due to its Vette-like looks in miniature. But despite this moniker, power was never at Corvette levels. This storage-locker find Opel GT appears to have addressed… more»

Locked in Uncle’s Garage: 1984 Mercedes 500SEC

Over the years, stories of relatives with significant vehicles locked away and out of the hands of more caring relatives have lingered across the enthusiast sphere. This 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC is a genuine Euro-market car with… more»

Runs and Drives: 1961 Mercedes 180

1 It’s rare to find a Mercedes still wearing its iconic hood ornament after so many years, but this 1961 Mercedes-Benz 180 wears the three-pointed star with pride. This vintage sedan is located in Colorado where… more»

Manual Trans + Gray Market: 1981 Mercedes 280SL

Gray market Mercedes are really the only ones I’d be interested in taking on as a project, as they tend to be a bit more special than their U.S. equivalents: more powerful / less restrictive motors,… more»

One Owner Survivor: 1970 VW Sunroof Bug

Volkswagens, especially the Beetle, have been part of our culture for many years. Some of us have fond memories the familiar clatter of an underwhelming VW engine and the meandering progress across the landscape of our… more»

Das Restomod: 1975 Audi Fox

As a long time Audi fan and owner, I realize that there may not be many readers here who are also Audi fans and/or owners. But, I couldn’t pass up this 1975 Audi Fox, it’s just… more»

Gordon Gekko’s Garage: Jaguar XJ6 & BMW 325E

As many of you know, I dig 80’s imports – and own a car like one of the ones featured here. It seems this garage or storage building in Western Massachusetts houses some leftovers of 1980’s… more»

Rare Non-Diesel: 1978 Mercedes-Benz 280E

One of the things that’s made the W123 series of mid-size Mercedes sedans, coupes, and wagons legendary is their longevity, so they’re still a pretty common sight more than 30 years after production ended, at least… more»

300 Antique Cars Total, All $1200 And Under

Long ago and far away, one of the first steps to completing a restoration was finding a parts car.  Sometimes a restorer bought a parts car and put it out back for the purpose of combining… more»

1981 BMW M1 – 8,000 original miles

Though not found in a barn, this 1981 BMW M1 (one of 430) has been stored somewhere (perhaps in a barn) most of its life and accumulated fewer than 8,000 original miles on its original tires!… more»

Stampede to Montana—Cheap Project Car Auction!

Reader Tim K. tipped us off to this auction, currently ongoing in Miles City, Montana, and it is a veritable treasure trove of viable project cars! Few of these cars and trucks run (although several “ran… more»