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345 V8 4-Speed 1972 International Travelall 1110

For everyone who has complained about the Tesla Cybertruck having no design at all and just flat lines, yadda-yadda: we bring you this 1972 International Travelall 1110, the original straight-edge-designed vehicle. This decent-looking example can be found here on… more»

Green Project V8: 1971 Pontiac Firebird

The second generation of the Firebird entered its first full year of production in 1971 after being delayed in getting to the market the year before. That generation would be hugely successful and sell more than 1.2 million copies… more»

Ready To Tow: Ford C600 Wrecker

  For every classic and antique car we feature here on Barn Finds, there is at some point a tow truck involved – and in this case, it’s a heavy-duty Ford! It’s up for sale here on eBay in… more»

LT-1 6-Speed: 1993 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1993 Chevrolet Corvette boasts an LT-1 350 cubic inch power plant and 6 speed manual transmission. The seller has listed this car at no reserve here on eBay. The Corvette is located in Moreno Valley, California and looks… more»

Golden Commando 361! 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury

As of late, we have found numerous ’62 Chevys here on Barn Finds, but a ’62 Plymouth? Not so often. Well if we’re going to review an early ’60s Plymouth, we may as well start at the top right?… more»

Hertz Rent-A-Racer: 1983 Hurst/Olds

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Hurst/Olds, Oldsmobile and Hurst rolled out a special edition for 1983, known today for their Hurst Lightning Rod floor shifters. These cars shared their bodies with the Cutlass Calais/Supreme, and came only… more»

Indy Pace Car! 1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am

This Pontiac Trans Am may be based on the Firebird but it looks more like a snowbird in this opening shot. This version of Pontiac’s F-body Trans Am was getting long in the tooth, and quite a bit slower,… more»

Worth Fixing? 1-Of-107 1971 Dodge Challenger

This is a low production 1971 Dodge Challenger. Out of 27,377 of the cars built in its second year, just 107 of them were shipped with a 300 hp, 383 V8 with 4-speed manual transmission. That’s the good news…. more»

304 V8 Equipped: 1972 Jeep CJ5 Renegade

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the various makes and models of classic cars, a new entry reminds me that there’s still more to learn. This 1974 Jeep CJ5 Renegade comes equipped with the optional 304… more»

Stately Elegance: 1939 Packard Model 1708 Limousine

At the searing height of the Great Depression, America’s wealthy class and its statesmen were driven in some very stately cars, particularly cars like this 1939 Packard Twelve, Seventeenth Series.  Governor and President Roosevelt were often found in the… more»

400 V8 Powered: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro looks like a pretty honest old classic. It’s battered and bruised, and the seller admits that there are some rust issues. However, when you look closely, it does show a lot of promise. What will… more»

427/4 Speed: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

How many times have we seen a car that offers looks that leave you weak at the knees but provide performance that is asthmatic and underwhelming? If we were talking about The Malaise Era, then the answer to that… more»

Big Bad Orange: 1970 AMC AMX 390 4-Speed Go Pack!

In days of old, car manufacturers came up with some pretty creative names for their paint colors. AMC was no exception, and it is hard to go past a color with the handle of Big Bad Orange. That is… more»

Rare M-Code 4-Speed: 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7

The Mercury Cougar was a car that very nearly didn’t happen, and it must have been a relief for Ford Management when the vehicle sold far beyond their initial expectations. Apart from a brief break during 1998, the Cougar… more»

Original 302: 1974 Ford Bronco Ranger

The 1st Generation Bronco continues to be a highly-sought vehicle. This desirability increases if the vehicle in question is rust-free and hasn’t been cut to accommodate larger wheels and tires. This 1974 Bronco Ranger has spent its life in… more»

One Year Only SS 454 Wagon! 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle

One-year only cars of any significance always draw attention in the automotive world. While GM made plenty of big block wagons in the 1970s, there was only one year it could be combined with the Super Sport or “SS”… more»