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Over the years, we’ve made lots of small changes to the Barn Finds logo and while we love the way it looks now, we thought it would be fun to do a throwback t-shirt design based on the original… more»

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GTO Hunter: 1967 Pontiac Le Mans 455 4-Speed!

Stored “for years,” this bad red Pontiac crawled out into the sunlight, swallowed some brake and fuel system parts, and now “runs great!” according to the seller. The hard work is done; the mysteries solved. Move along if you… more»

Blank Canvas: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

First Generation Mustang project cars will always attract plenty of interest, and this 1967 Fastback is no exception. There are currently 98 people watching the listing, so you have to wonder whether one of them will hit the button… more»

Parked For 30 Years: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1959 Corvette has led quite a life. It was found parked in this shed, a spot that it occupied for more than 30-years. The current owner has revived it, and it is ready to be driven and enjoyed…. more»

No Reserve: 1987 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4×4

This 1987 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4×4 has a lot of points in its favor. It presents beautifully, both inside and out. Add the fact that it has a genuine 77,000 miles showing on its odometer, and this is a… more»

Sporty 6-Cylinder: 1966 Rambler American Rogue

Before Nissan gave the name Rogue to their smaller SUV for 2008, American Motors applied that moniker to the Rambler American’s 2-door hardtop. The Rogue replaced the 440-H in 1966 and would stick around through the retirement of the… more»

No Reserve: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD

If the owner’s claim is accurate, then this 1967 Galaxie 500 LTD wears all of its original paint. It has been garage-kept for its whole life and gets used for a spot of weekend cruising. After 5-years of ownership,… more»

31K Mile: 1979 Pontiac Firebird Formula

  Pontiac had its best year in the history of the Firebird in 1979 with sales of 211,453 cars. With the redesigned front fascia and blacked out tail lights, enthusiasts flocked to Pontiac dealerships to buy Firebirds, Esprits, Formulas,… more»

Big Block 4-Speed! 1966 Dodge Coronet Convertible

Update 9/25/20 – After getting bid up to $15k the last time around, this big block convertible has been relisted here on eBay. From 7/15/20 – I gravitate towards convertibles. I have owned several, and older ones, like this… more»

Easy Restoration? 1960 Rambler Custom Cross Country

Most people don’t realize that Rambler was one of the top five U.S. auto makes by production in the early 1960s. Of course, they were dwarfed by Chevrolet and Ford but still managed 4th in 1960, 3rd in 1961,… more»

Sitting Since ’63: 1950 Chevrolet DeLuxe Hardtop

This Chevrolet is quite a find, and for a couple of reasons. It is listed as a DeLuxe model and the fender badge claims it as so, but the roofline and backlight are Bel Air all the way. And… more»

Beautiful Baur: 1984 BMW 323i

Manufacturers have dabbled with different takes on the convertible roof throughout automotive history, from the don’t-use-it-unless-you-have-to soft top  (I’m looking at you, Porsche Speedster) to retractable hardtops that have dotted the landscape since the 1960s. With consumers always being… more»

Italian Fun: 1979 Fiat X1/9

Well, you don’t see these cars around anymore. Close to the shores of the Great Lakes, this 1979 Fiat X1/9 is for sale in Saginaw, Michigan. The Fiat is listed for sale here on Craigslist for $5,800. The seller… more»

What Is It? 1959 Falcon Caribbean!

It’s a rare car indeed that can be in a picture with a Brazilian-manufactured Puma and be the more obscure car!  This 1959 Falcon Caribbean (I can hear you saying “What?”) is one of the numerous late 1950s/early 1960s… more»

The Slamper! Sweet 1978 Chevrolet C10 Camper

Update 9/25/20 – After almost two years since we last featured it, this sweet C10 has resurfaced here on eBay with a $10k price drop! Thanks go to Doug B for the tip! From 11/28/18 – This truck is… more»

Carport Find: 1973 Porsche 911T

Few things are more exciting than the words “911” and “estate sale” to the ears of German car enthusiasts, and certainly anyone who considers themselves skilled in the art of flipping. However, it’s nigh impossible any more to smoke… more»