Ford Barn Finds

Shell Game: 1960 Ford F100 Longbed

This 1960 Ford F100 project has a lot of the work done, but there’s still a lot of work left to go.  Found here on craigslist in South Tampa, Florida for the sum of $6,500.  That… more»

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Retro Fun: 1968 Ford Pickup Custom Camper

I’ll admit I’m biased toward bump-side Fords–those trucks falling between 1967 and 1972 that have the distinctive belt line that sticks (bumps) out down the length of the body.  This particular truck is a real beauty that… more»

1963…and a Half? Ford Galaxie

This isn’t really my area of expertise, so I’m going to crowdsource this to you Ford know-it-alls out there: this Galaxie two-door sedan is listed as a 1963-1/2 model, but all of my research says that… more»

Sitting For 60 Years! 1927 Ford Model T

This 1927 T has been in one family its whole life and hasn’t moved since 1956!  Offered for $3,800 here on craigslist in Holladay, Utah, this is an incredible find.  Unfortunately, there are only two pictures… more»

Up For Sale Again: 1937 Ford Custom Phaeton

I’m not really a fan of rat-rods, but this car is beyond cool. First of all, its a 1937 Ford, which is cool in its own right, but more importantly its a phaeton! Thus, it has… more»

Mint Low Mile 1995 F-150… With a Plow?

Mint condition, no rust, and low miles are not usually words that are chosen to describe a plow truck, but in this circumstance they offer a very accurate description! Luckily for this 1995 Ford F-150, offered… more»

Derelict Family Truckster: 1986 Ford LTD Country Squire

What a forlorn looking Ford this wagon is! It almost looks angry, and to be fair, I would be too. It seems this Country Squire’s owner bought it to restore, but abandoned the project when a… more»

Shiny Patina: 1968 Ford Mustang

I am sure most of you reading this are no strangers to the show Fast and Loud.  While I often disagreed with some of the things they were doing to those cars (the Model A Ford… more»

A Good Hearted Shoebox: 1951 Ford

A lot of the cars we feature on Barn Finds need work. Many of them need a lot of work, but we try to find homes for these cars because they are rare or special in… more»

7-Up Special: 1990 Mustang Convertible

Sometimes things just don’t work out at first, but you can turn lemons into citrus flavored drinks if you try hard.  In 1990, Ford worked with the soft drink company that was bottling 7 Up on… more»

Marky Mark: 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Don’t look at me like that! What an evil grin, I love it. This 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V looks great in the photos but I’d want to see it in person if at all possible…. more»

Supercab Survivor: 1974 Ford F-100

Coming about as close to a barn find as a vehicle can without actually being found in a barn, this 1974 F-100 for sale here on craigslist for $8,500 or best offer is a beautiful survivor… more»

36 Year Slumber: Lime Gold 1967 Mustang GTA

In 1967, you could get Lime Green paint and you could get Gold paint, and (from Ford at least) you could take it up to that next level and order a car with Lime Gold paint,… more»