Ford Barn Finds

Estate Sale Shelby: 1968 Shelby GT500 Convertible

Upon first glance, this estate sale appears to be furniture. In fact, I scrolled through quite a bit of furniture before I found what I was told could be found in the listing: an unrestored original… more»

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Driver Project: 1965 Ford Thunderbird

You don’t have long to pick up this pretty 1965 Thunderbird, seen here on eBay and sent in by Barn Finds reader Matt Williams. While not perfect, there are a lot of good bones here and with… more»

Sweet Street Sleeper: 1972 Ford Gran Torino Squire Wagon

If you are a fan of the movie “Better Off Dead,” then you remember the drag race scenes from the movie.  In the first two encounters with the Japanese brothers in a 1965 Ford Falcon four… more»

Dream Deferred: The Ben-Dera Ford

Spend enough time on the internet and you’ll eventually discover true oddballs languishing like any other barn find featured on this very site. Take, for example, the highly obscure Ben-Dera Ford, one man’s vision of what… more»

I’m Gonna Fix It Up Someday: 1936 Ford Coupe

We have all been through this before.  You spot a car that interests you behind a house, or in a field, or in some other place where the elements and vermin are taking their toll on… more»

V6 Hatchback: 1978 Ford Pinto

We’ve featured a lot of Pintos/Bobcats lately, but to our credit they’ve all been different! This 1978 Pinto is especially different in that under the can be found a Ford 2.8 liter V6 instead of an… more»

1970 Ford Torino GT Convertible Roller

First impressions:  either a phantom driver just dropped the hammer or this Torino’s engine has gone missing. Of course it’s the latter; this 1970 Ford Torino GT Convertible’s original 302 cubic inch mill moved on to… more»

Vineyard Van Go: 1965 Ford Econoline

I have to admit it.  I really don’t like vans very much.  I’d like to give you a reasoned reason why, but I think it stems from childhood trauma.  My father had a 1973 Econoline van… more»

Louise, A Low-Mileage 1972 Ford Maverick

Readers, meet Louise. A two-owner, low-mileage 1972 Ford Maverick, Louise has been well maintained and seen very little use over the years. Though this car has racked up 32,771 miles, it was purchased 10 years ago… more»

Hatchery Hauler: 1934 Ford Panel Delivery

Every once in a while the collector car world will surprise you.  A lost Bugatti will turn up, a lost race car will be found in a shed, and, most recently, the lost Bullitt Mustang was… more»

Two-Door Wagon: 1974 Ford Pinto

Recently, I wrote up a very nice Mercury Bobcat and stated that I preferred Bobcats to Pintos. However, this Pinto wagon is super cool and despite having been loved a bit, it is clean and in… more»

Cobra Jet Project: 1969 Mustang Mach 1

Yes this Mustang has clearly seen better days, but this massive project might just be worth all the hard work it’s going to take to revive! You see, this Mach 1 is a 428 Cobra Jet… more»

First Gen Bronco: 1974 Ford Bronco Sport 302

As I’m writing this piece there’s a ’74 Bronco on Counting Cars, so clearly that’s kismet. This 1974 Ford Bronco Sport from Baker City, Oregon waits here on eBay where 45 bids have driven the top… more»