Ford Barn Finds

Gotta Read The Story! 1959 Ford Fairlane Garage Find

This gorgeous 1959 Ford survivor is worth looking at just because it’s beautiful. The craigslist ad is even better. While the cynic in me knows that it’s a dealer ad, the hopeless romantic in me loves… more»

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2,710 Mile Green Giant! 1977 Ford Granada

I’m usually the first one to gripe about automakers making every successive generation of vehicle bigger, fatter, wider, and more complicated than the previous generation was. Of course, the old joke is that as humans, we’re… more»

Honest Truck Find: 1965 Ford F250

A while back on Barn Finds, we did a series of posts on “Honest Trucks.” You probably can guess what I’m talking about, an old truck with nothing hidden by body filler, a reasonable price and probably… more»

Thumbs Up Wherever It Goes: 1970 Ford F250 Ranger XLT

Sometimes an old truck cleans up nicely, doesn’t it? Presumably it was the seller (and possibly only owner) that cleaned it up so nicely, but whoever it was did a great job. The truck is for… more»

Four On the Floor: 1984 Ford E-150 Van

There’s rarely a vehicle that tells you so much about what consumers wanted in a work truck than this stick-shift 1984 Ford E150 van. In an era where the manual transmission is quickly disappearing from even… more»

6,200 Miles From New: 1997 Ford Taurus

Are you looking to get into a comfortable daily driver that has time capsule written all over it? Do you think today’s mainstream sedans have gotten too boring, with their swept-back headlights and gaping bumpers, stuffed with heavy… more»

1986 Revisited – Part 3: Deals on Wheels

Here is yet another installment from my recently rediscovered 1986 “Deals on Wheels” magazine: this is the Haulin’ Edition. Let’s start with this sweet 1951 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery – what a car! Let’s see a show of hands of… more»

The Most Valuable 1965 Mustang Hardtop Ever!

This Mustang isn’t a Fastback or even a V8 car, yet it’s estimated to fetch between $450k and $650k! How can that be? Is it some crazy performance variant or was it owned by a celebrity?… more»

Urban Legend: Barn Find Lambos And More

For months, pictures have been circulating around the ol’ internet showing a fabricated building that housed millions of dollars in exotics and desirable muscle cars. The story itself is equal parts urban legend and rehashed facts,… more»

Tough Mudder: 1965 Ford Pickup

If lovin’ you is wronnng, I don’t want to be right… Here’s one that could drive over your barn! This 1965 Ford Pickup has been turned into a monster mudder and it’s located in Russellville, Alabama…. more»

One Owner Barn Find: 1959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner

For the vast majority of its life, this Ford Skyliner has languished in this barn. It has been in the seller’s family since it was new. His mother parked it decades ago and never touched it… more»

Futura Shock: 1980 Ford Fairmont

Put your seatbelts on for this one. Or, maybe some of you will need sunglasses… This creation is a 1980 Ford Fairmont custom and it’s… interesting, to say the least. It’s here on craigslist in New… more»

Barn Fresh! 1946 Ford Pickup

This is most definitely a barn find, as you can see. This pickup was parked in this barn in 1973 and had been there until recently, with the keys still in the ignition. It’s a 1946… more»