Calling All Mopar Fans: Mopar Liquidation

For all of the dedicated Mopar fans, you thought that you had an addiction for Mopars? This seller is parting ways with his massive collection of rusty Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Desotos. There is not a… more»

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Perfect Pickup: 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport

Here’s a captive-import, this one is another rebadged Mitsubishi for the Dodge boys: a 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport. It looks like it’s in really decent condition with great graphics and even a topper for semi-secure hauling…. more»

Buy One Get One: 1962 Dodge Darts

There aren’t many more distinctive designs than Virgil Exner’s early 1960’s Mopar products. This pair of 1962 Dodge Darts is being offered by auction here on eBay, both for one price. While the bidding is starting at… more»

Childs Play: 1966 Dodge A100 Pickup

Radio Flyer, Western Flyer, or whatever brand you may have owned, most of us had a little red wagon in our youth, or knew someone who did. As kids we lived care free, although there are… more»

Trade for Cabin: 1987 Shelby Charger GLH-S

While the roster of Shelby-branded vehicles sold by Chrysler Corp. in the 80s ran quite deep, there were a few models that were a touch more special than the others. Of course, I’m talking about the… more»

Chains Not Included: 1949 Dodge Power Wagon

This petite, posh, cushioned commuter is a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon. Actually, this one is anything but petite, posh, or cushioned; this is one heavy-haulin’ tough truck. It’s listed on eBay, and you had better take a… more»

Super Pak: 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T

At times, I get a feeling that many Mopar guys see late-model cars as a means for a good engine and transmission to swap into their much more valuable cars. I am a personal fan of… more»

“Classy Little Car” – 1979 Dodge Challenger

Dodge put its Challenger through some challenging changes, from the muscle car era that we all know and love to rebadged Mitsubishis, and now, to the current retro-inspired Challenger. This 1979 Dodge Challenger is on Craigslist in… more»

All the Goodies! 1986 Dodge Omni GLH

More and more, I think the 1980s represent my favorite era of vehicles. There was just something slightly obnoxious, slightly irreverent about cars from this era – almost like they knew they were odd little upstarts,… more»

Hard Working Past: 1937 Dodge Humpback Panel Truck

These 30’s era Dodge “Humpback” Panel trucks are interesting and beautifully styled. This specific truck must have lived an interesting life as a plumbing and heating work truck in the city of New York! The seller… more»

Near-New Apparatus: 1965 Dodge Power Wagon

It’s amazing what’s hiding away in firehouses across the USA. This 1965 Dodge Power Wagon isn’t the first low-mileage apparatus we’ve featured, but it sure is one of the nicest. With less than 12,000 original miles,… more»

Dusty Muscle: A Barn Full of Iconic Treasures!

We’ve all had the same dream. No, not that one, the one about coming across an old barn or storage building and looking in the dirty, dusty, broken window on the wooden door, after crawling through… more»

This One’s Special: 1968 Dodge Power Wagon

It’s very rare that I come across a vehicle that I literally wouldn’t change a thing. Ok, I might fix the inoperative odometer/speedometer on this 1968 Power Wagon ‘Camper Special’, but that’s it–I don’t even want… more»