Unlikely Hero: 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

If there were ever an unlikely best selling car, the Volkswagen Beetle was it.  Born in Nazi Germany, the Volkswagen Beetle was one of the first signs that Germany was getting back on its feet after… more»

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Sleek Prewar Sedan: 1941 Studebaker Commander

Off of the road for quite a while this ’41 Studebaker Commander appears to be a worthwhile project. Still wearing its original paint after 76 years, this sedan seems solid enough to hit the streets once… more»

Eating Two Elephants: A Pair Of 1918 Buick Tourings

How do you eat an elephant?  How do you eat two elephants?  The answer is simple: one bite at a time.  In restorations, things aren’t quite this simple, but a lot of cars end up completed… more»

BF AUCTION: 1984 Ford Mustang SVO

When people think about the Mustang they normally picture something that’s basically a V8 muscle car. That’s great, but a “pony car” should be able to change direction just as good as it goes in a… more»

BF AUCTION: 1963 Chrysler 300 Pace Setter Convertible

Chrysler has built some incredible cars over the years, and while their muscle cars of the mid to late ’60 are fun, the 300 series of the late ’50s and early ’60s are some of the… more»

Eddie “Bauwer” Edition: 1984 Ford Bronco II

Spelling errors always crack me up, especially when they are so close to the correct spelling. When I was a kid, my family used to make fun of my brother for his poor spelling (it was… more»

Manual Equipped G-Body: 1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon

After deciding that my brother’s 1979 El Camino was too rusty to save, my dad and brother set out to find a replacement car to build up as a hot rod. While perusing through local junkyards… more»

Cheap E-Ticket: 1997 Pontiac Trans Am

All of us are on a budget of some sort.  If yours budget is like mine, buying Hot Wheels at Wal-Mart is about the only way I am going to add another set of wheels to… more»

Ronald Reagan’s 1942 Packard Clipper 6 Convertible

World War II largely curtailed American automobile production as automakers focused on producing machines of war. Few passenger cars were built during the war years, and new designs were largely put on hold. This probably explains why… more»

All Original: 1947 Dodge Business Coupe

If truly “all original” as described, this 1947 Dodge Business Coupe may have spent more time in a plastic bubble than any kind of barn. Offered here on craigslist in Denver, Colorado, it can be yours for… more»

Brand New 1979 Ford F-250

This truck looks mint, and that’s because it is! This 1979 Ford F-250 was purchased brand new in Missouri in 1979, driven to Illinois, parked in a garage, and there it sat until recently with 188… more»

Factory Muscle Truck: 1979 Dodge Lil’ Red Express

Dodge wasn’t making hemis in 1979 but the modified police-spec 360 cid V8 made the Dodge “Lil’ Red Express” one of the hottest vehicles going. Offered here on craigslist from Tampa, Florida, $2,500 takes it. I’m… more»

5,207 Miles from New: 1985 Renault Alliance

Barring the God-awful pictures, this Renault Alliance is claimed to be an extremely low-mileage survivor with a scant 5,207 miles on the clock. Supposedly used by the classic little ‘ol lady, the Alliance is in mostly… more»