Cute and Quirky: 1966 Triumph Herald

1961 Triumph Herald

After reading a countless number of submissions, which I truly love doing, I’ve formed the bad habit of automatically assuming what car I’m going to find in an email based solely on the email’s description. In the case of this submission, I saw the words Triumph Convertible and I immediately concluded that upon clicking the link I would find a Spitfire. What I discovered was anything but a Spitfire, although the two do share the same chassis. While this 1966 Herald Convertible might share much of its mechanical systems, it is a different kind of convertible than the Spitfire. This one looks to be in solid shape, although it will need some attention. Find it here on craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona for $3,000. Thanks goes to Paul G for the tip! Read more »

Introducing Our Next Project… Er Survivor Car?

1974 Plymouth Duster 2

Since selling our beloved Mustang, I have hinted a few times at a new project in the works. Well, it has been parked in my garage for a few weeks now so it is about time that we present it. Drum roll please… Introducing our 1974 Plymouth Duster! Yeah, I know what you are thinking. A Duster? Really? Come on guys! Let me explain. Many of you have complained that our last few projects have been “pieces of crap”, so we decided to hunt around for something a little nicer. What we found was a true survivor complete with relatively low mileage and documentation to prove it all. The only problem is, we feel guilty every time we take it around the block. Plus this Duster doesn’t really need anything so there isn’t much to write about. So, instead of letting it sit and collect dust, we have listed it here on eBay with a $5k starting bid and no reserve. We are also going to give 5% of this sale to the American Red Cross. Keep reading to learn more about how we found it and what we have learned about its past. Read more »

Wacky Wagon: 1979 AMC Pacer DL

1979 AMC Pacer DL Wagon

I’ve always been fascinated by AMC’s naming conventions. Names like Rebel and Javelin may reflect the sporty and wild nature of those cars, but Matador and Pacer should evoke aggressive power or out right speed, yet neither car match their names all that well. The Pacer is especially deceiving, as the word pacer literally means pacesetter and for some reason looking at this 1979 Pacer DL I have a hard time seeing it setting any kind of pace. Perhaps it was the pacesetter of the compact econocar class? Regardless of names, these odd shaped cars have been slowly gaining interest in the collector world. This one is claimed to be a running survivor that has been in storage for the past 30 years. After pulling it out of the Colorado barn it is now in Fairfax, Vermont and can be found here on eBay. Read more »

Stored Since ’78: 1961 Nash Metropolitan

1961 Nash Metropolitan

Editor Note: This writeup comes from one of our longtime contributors who goes by the screen name “Dolphin”. If you have been following this site for long then you know that his comments are always insightful. We thank him for his dedication to this site. It really would not be what it is today without his support! Now, back to the show…

This little Nash Metropolitan isn’t every car guy’s thrill ride, but in comparison with a lot of cars that appear on Barn Finds it looks to be in very good shape despite being stored in a warehouse since 1978. The seller says it was stored on the 4th floor of the warehouse, and therefore nice and dry, which probably accounts for the lack of rust and the generally good condition. It almost looks like it could be washed, filled with gas, and driven home. The seller hasn’t actually started the engine but says that it turns freely, so it could be an easy job to make it roadworthy. The big question is: Would any of you want to own and drive this little car? Find it here on eBay or in Canton, Ohio. Read more »

1961 Mercedes… Eh Monster Truck?

1961 Mercedes Monster Truck

For the past few weeks, Jesse has been on the hunt for a more practical and spacious daily driver. He’s been looking for something that can haul tons of stuff and a car seat. He’s talked about Volvo and Mercedes wagons and while both can be great cars, I keep telling him he needs something more unique, but still dependable for the coming winter. Well I think I’ve found him the perfect winter beater for hauling junk, heck it could even be used to pull our own finds out of barns. This 1961 Mercedes was converted into what can best be described as a luxury monster truck. Its chassis was borrowed from a 1978 Chevy Blazer 4×4, so it shouldn’t have any problems getting around this winter! Take a look at this monster Mercedes here on eBay out of Hardy, Arkansas. Read more »

1961 Divco Milk Truck Needs Rescuing

1961 Divco Milk Van

There was a time when men were men, milk was delivered to your door step, and people held the door for each other. Alright so not all those things are extinct, but chances are you can’t get your milk delivered to your door anymore. I personally never had the chance to experience having the milk man stop by, unless having the Swan man drop off ice cream counts, but I can imagine the convenience of such a service. I also can understand why old milk delivery vans like this 1961 Divco 200B can be so appealing to those who remember those days. It brings back good memories of a cold glass of Ovaltine and building milk crate racers. Days like those might be long gone, but you can own a piece of that time period. This Divco needs a restoration but looks complete and solid, so be sure to take a look at it here on eBay out of Hope, Idaho with a $2,500 asking price. Read more »

Pony Bundle: Two 1966 Mustangs

Pony Car Bundle

What’s better than a pony car with tons of extra parts? How about two pony cars with extra parts? Sure I would rather have two complete running and driving Mustangs, but this package deal seems like a great buy for anyone looking for a project. You get two solid 1966 Mustang Coupes with enough extra parts to restore both and if that isn’t enough to get your attention the seller also has two 302 V8s they are including in the deal! Be sure to take a look at this duo here on eBay in Cabot, Arkansas. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip! Read more »

English Chrysler: 1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT

1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT

Keeping track of all the various brands that the Big Three have sold cars under can be a rather difficult task, especially when you start including their European divisions. Of the three, Chrysler could be the least successful when it comes to badge engineering and they have been for decades. Over the years, Chrysler has had involvement in a number of brands around the globe and they have always put these ties to use, good or bad. Most of us know about their ties to brands like Mitsubishi and Fiat, but did you know they had ties to the Rootes Group? That’s right, at one point they owned the brand and its subsidiaries, like Sunbeam and Hillman. This 1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT fastback is one of the Rootes cars that Chrysler tried to market here in the States, but with little success. This survivor can be found here on craigslist or in St. Louis, Missouri with a $1,725 asking price. Special thanks to A Ewers for this tip! Read more »

What’s in Jim C’s Barn?


From Jim C – Love your site and just wanted to share my barn. It is actually a barn that I built in an equestrian community that has been converted into a shop. My first car was a ’65 Mustang coupe that I bought for $500 and pushed home at 15 years of age from a neighbor a couple doors down from where I lived, that was in ’79. In short order I worked my way up to a ’68 California Special that I built and then to the pinnacle of Mustangs, a ’67 Shelby GT500. Can you figure out which of these is a clone? Read more »