Small-Mouth: 1957 Triumph TR3

Most people who are vaguely familiar with the Triumph TR3 think of the wide-mouth grin of the TR3A and TR3B. This earlier “small mouth” car looks like a good restoration candidate in the supplemental pictures and videos, although a personal inspection is never a bad idea. The car is located in Reno, Nevada and is being sold here on eBay. The seller is offering a buy-it-now price of $7,500 but is interested in lower offers. I have to commend the seller for the detailed pictures, video and description of the car. For example, they call out body filler areas that are not readily apparent in the pictures despite them being quite detailed. It gives me some degree of confidence that the car is truly as represented. Reflecting it’s largely indoor storage during this dormant period, the floors show mainly only surface rust and are certainly repairable. The only things the seller notes as missing are air cleaners, front bumper and grille, all of which are readily available. This seems like a good place to start a TR3 restoration; what do you think it’s worth?


1958 Buick Wagon: Mistaken Identity?

The seller of this 1958 Buick Roadmaster wagon here on eBay notes that it’s the first one he’s seen in years – and I have to say, I’m right there with him. I can’t find anything about a ’58 Roadmaster wagon, and Wikipedia doesn’t even list a wagon as an optional body style among 7th-generation models! After doing some digging, however, I think it’s safe to say this isn’t a Roadmaster but rather a Century Caballero wagon, which was made in limited numbers after it proved unpopular with consumers. For the most part, my internet sleuthing confirms that this is indeed a ’58 and has all the hallmarks of the desirable Century Caballero – big fins, lots of chrome and unique glass. What throws me off is I thought these were pillar-less, but it looks like this car has a solid B-pillar in place. Can any of our Buick experts confirm? Restored, genuine examples appear to be pulling sums approaching $70,000-$80,000, so this may be a coup for anyone who can confirm if it’s the real deal.


Swedish Stock: Saab Sonett Collection

I noticed a strange uptick in the number of Saab Sonett listings on eBay last night, and sure enough, someone was unloading 3 barn-find-fresh examples. The green one above is a ’73 and looks like the best one in the lot, with a good body and an engine that ran over a decade ago. The bidding opens at $750 with no reserve here on eBay. Also up for grabs is a very rough ’71 with no engine and lots of spiderwebs – but the rear window louvers might be a rare factory option worth adding to an OEM+ example. That car opens at $500 here on eBay and is also said to have a decent body. Finally, there is a ’74 Sonett Azure here on eBay that similarly ran 13 years ago and has untold parts missing. I’m not sure what Azure refers to here – special edition or special color, perhaps? It must be unique since it has a vanity plate that spells AZURIZE! Regardless, it is also available for a $500 opening bid and no reserve. Which one would you choose?


Disaster! 1969 GMC Suburban

No, the vehicle’s not a disaster! GMC and Chevy Suburbans have been a frequent choice for emergency support vehicles, offering 4WD capability, toughness and the necessary room to be useful. This 1969 model still wears it’s paint scheme from when it was in use with the Dolton Emergency and Disaster Agency in Dolton, Illinois. The big SUV is for sale here on eBay, where the opening bid is $2,800 with a reserve but the buy-it-now is $4,000. It’s showing less than 23,000 miles, which may be accurate if it has spent most of it’s life as an emergency vehicle. I’m surprised to see the rust, though, as most fire department and emergency vehicles seem to get excellent care and are kept indoors and well-waxed. I’m guessing this one has been in the private sector for a while. It runs and drives, although little information is given apart from that, and I’d really like to see some interior and under-vehicle pictures as well. Maybe the seller would provide those if asked. Would you leave the graphics alone, restore them, or take it in a completely new direction? Let us know in the comments.

1969 Plymouth Sport Fury

Cheap BB Convertible: 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury

If you are in the market for a convertible with a big block, then do we have a deal for you! This 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury may not be the most desirable Mopar ever built, but its big and beautiful. The seller claims that it has been partially restored and that it has a low mileage 440 under the hood. The seller also mentions that it has been garaged for the last 20 years and that it can be driven home today. The best part is that they are only asking $2,800 here on craigslist. It’s locatbed in Moline, Illinois and credit goes to Virginia Tex for the tip!

1968 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

Low Optioned 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

4-4-2 stood for 4-speed, 4-barrel, and 2 (dual) exhaust. That sounds like a good combination to me! This car has all of those and more. Well, apart from the convertible top, not much more. It was ordered without all the power options, so that means it’s going to take a little more muscle to turn and stop, but it also makes me think that someone was more concerned about performance than comfort. Or perhaps they were just cheap? I like to think that anyone who would purchase a car outfitted with a 400 cubic inch engine, floor shift transmission, and convertible top is more into having fun than saving money though. Take a look at the ad here on craigslist and let us know what you think. Thanks goes to Offshore Guy for the submission!

Treed GTO Judge

Treed Goat Recovered: Pontiac GTO Judge

Reader Alan F recently sent in photos of a Pontiac GTO Judge that he has known about for the past 30 years and he finally got the chance to buy it. Well, over the weekend he traveled to the farm where it was parked and cut it free from the tree. You can read his original story here! He promised to send us an update as soon as he had it free and here it is! From Alan – So I spent my Independence Day flying to rescue this Judge, and this morning (Sunday) awoke to pouring rain, first they’ve had in months. The crops needed it however and it certainly wasn’t going to sway me from the day’s duties!! Read more »


Court-Ordered Sale: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

It’s always a bit sad to see listings like this: a court-ordered sale by declaration of bankruptcy, reflecting a project gone too far or other expenses that have piled up before this 1968 Chevy Corvette convertible here on eBay could be completed. Don’t get me wrong – if you don’t have the funds in the bank, taking on a restoration project is a foolish idea – but just as easily, the former owner may have fallen on hard times due to medical expenses or otherwise. The car comes with a small block and 4-speed, but there are a lot of parts missing since the ‘Vette was in the middle of a seemingly messy restoration. There are 74 bids up to $5,600 and the reserve unmet, so clearly the unknowns aren’t deterring some bidders. Would you take a chance on a car seized by the court system, or is it too risky of a bet?


Is It Worth It: 1970 Boss 429 Shell

Let me start this article by stating I’m a huge Mustang fan. Grew up with four in the family over the years, and I currently have a 2013 Boss 302 that I will never sell. I just don’t get the price on this one. Yes, this is an original Boss 429 Mustang, one of only 499 produced, and it has all it’s original body panels, a Marti report for verification and appears relatively straight. It’s located in Manassas, Virginia and is for sale here on eBay. The seller notes that a restored similar car sold for $400,000 last year at auction, and therefore feels justified asking $125,000 or best offer for this car. But there’s a crucial thing missing! The Boss 429 was created to homologate an engine, and it’s not there! Not only that, the transmission that’s there isn’t the original type either. Considering the rust (and kudos to the seller for showing detailed pictures of it) and the lack of engine, to me this is a lot of money for a shell and a title. What do you think? I’ll be following this one to see if it sells for the asking price.


Motoring Monday: 1951 MGTD

This 1951 MGTD is a prototypical barnfind – ok, garage find! After covering 126,000 miles (kudos to the seller for not trying to pass it off as 26,000), the car was put away for years in a garage. Thankfully, it must have been out of the elements as the car is relatively solid. It’s located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and is up for auction here on eBay with a pretty low buy-it-now price of $6,800. The classic brown and cream color scheme recalls the famous “cream cracker” pre-war MG racers; I’m guessing that was intentional, whether it left the factory that way or not. I wish the photography was better in the ad, there are a few clear pictures but I’d love to see some more details. Read more »


Unusual 1936 Chevrolet Foreman’s Pickup

When I first saw the pictures of this unusual vehicle I thought it was just a modified coupe. And in reality, that’s all it is, but the car is a genuine factory model. I wasn’t aware of this little slice of GM history before today. This “Foreman’s Pickup” is located in Leadville, Colorado. It’s sale is being handled here on eBay where the opening bid is $4,000 but the reserve is higher than that. The owner characterizes it as being in “survivor” condition, with new tires and battery. It runs and drives, but the brakes are currently non-operational. As the seller is including rebuildable components and the kits to rebuild them with, hopefully whomever purchases the vehicle will have it back on the road in no time. There are other issues, mainly relating to the age and wooden-framed body, but if you want something completely different, this could be it. Read more »


Wishful Thinking: 1967 Fiat Dino Coupe

The Fiat Dino Coupe and Spyder were essentially created to find a home for a Ferrari V6 that needed to be produced in sufficient quantities to be homologated for racing. I think the Bertone lines of the coupe are timeless and that it’s one of the prettiest cars to ever come out of Italy. Something about the crisp styling, especially from the rear 3/4 view, really speaks to me. This one looks to be in pretty nice shape and is somewhat surprisingly offered here on eBay with no reserve. As I type this, bidding is only up to $2,125, but I’m sure that will climb considerably (if not, I’m going to own it!) before the auction isover. The car is located in Berlin, Connecticut and I can’t imagine a more fun summer drive than to ferry this back home, eventually reaching the Blue Ridge Parkway. Ok, enough dreaming! The car looks really nice and benefits from a bare metal respray. In some of the pictures the door fit doesn’t look great but that may just be an optical illusion, and I had to look hard for it. Said to run “great” and with no outstanding issues, I have a feeling this little car will make someone very happy. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to be me!