Hot Rod Alternative: 1933 Plymouth Two Door

By Josh Mortensen - Go to just about any classic car show and you will find at least one hot rod built from an early ’30s Ford. Now don’t get me wrong, they make for awesome hot rods, but thanks… more»

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BF AUCTION: Nash Metropolitan Project Pair

By Jesse Mortensen - This auction is for a pair of Nash Metropolitans. They have been sitting in the yard for over 30 years so they are probably only good for parts. The ’57 does have a clear title and… more»

BF AUCTION: 1974 Mercedes Benz 280S

By Jesse Mortensen - From Mason H. – Single family-owned Mercedes Benz 280S with sun roof. Stored in attached enclosed garage for 11 years, but fully functional prior to storage. Great project car! The car has dark blue original paint… more»

BF AUCTION: 1974 Toyota Chinook RV

By Jesse Mortensen - From George G. – A running (sort of) 1974 Toyota Chinook RV! Yes, it’s a bit of a project, but there just aren’t that many left anymore and think how cool this would be with a… more»

Birmingham Small Arms: 1937 BSA Scout Roadster

By David Frank - Most folks know at least a little about BSA motorcycles, but did you know they built small open touring cars from 1907 until 1939? The front wheel drive Scout was introduced in 1935 and was very successful…. more»

How Did I Get Here? 1983 BMW 745i

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Do you ever see a once-exotic car in a sad state—or even just in an unexpected place—and ask: How did that get there? Such is the case for this 1983 BMW 745i, a not-for-U.S.-sale, ultra-expensive turbo supersedan… more»

Michigan Man Forced To Liquidate His Collection

By Josh Mortensen - While some wouldn’t classify Ron D’s car hoard as a collection, chances are he wouldn’t quite agree with them. He’s been buying interesting cars since he was 21 years old. Most of his cars are currently… more»

Unrestored Driver: 1967 Four Speed Corvette 427

By Todd Fitch - Chevrolet’s second generation or “C2” Corvette left the ’50s behind with aggressive styling and modern technology. By 1967, America’s sports car evolved with the addition of independent rear suspension in ’63, four-wheel disc brakes and side-pipes… more»

13,800 Miles: 1991 Mercedes 560 SEL

By Jeff Lavery - Long considered to be the most durable of Mercedes’ U.S. lineup, the W126 chassis cars are incredibly useful even today: handsome, stately and fantastic highway cruisers, finding one that’s simply been maintained is normally the only… more»

Never This Nice: 1989 Toyota VanWagon

By Jeff Lavery - These spaceship-like Toyota Vans (also known as the “VanWagon” or the “LiteAce” overseas) will never cease to intrigue, what with their flat noses and glassy four-eyed stare. More uncommon is to see one that has been… more»

Antique Survivor: 1912 Koehler G80 Delivery Truck

By Brian Birkner - With all of the technology in the world I still find it fascinating to study early cars and see the ideas and construction methods that early “tinkerer’s” came up with. Appearing much more like a horse… more»

Hatchery Hauler: 1934 Ford Panel Delivery

By Jeff Bennett - Every once in a while the collector car world will surprise you.  A lost Bugatti will turn up, a lost race car will be found in a shed, and, most recently, the lost Bullitt Mustang was… more»

Sunburnt Survivor: 1973 Chevrolet Nova

By Andrew Tanner - The seller of this 1973 Nova definitely picked the right picture to start off with! While this is certainly a nice car, it is in need of some repairs that aren’t quite apparent until you look… more»