Lucky Auctions Spring Classic

1974 Toyota Land Cruiser: Dry But Rough

In this week’s edition of Jeff in the Junkyard, one of the vehicles retired to Amish Country included an FJ55 Land Cruiser which a few of you had recollections of being unstoppable off-road. Well, here’s your chance to save one before it ends up sleeping in the forest, rusting away! This 1974 Land Cruiser here on eBay with bidding just over $1,000 and the reserve unmet is rot-free but the interior is a mess and the engine has been removed and disassembled. The seller doesn’t sound too optimistic the original mill can come back to life, but I suspect he’s the one who broke it down and then let it sit, gathering rust. Regardless, it might be an excuse to upgrade to a modern powerplant, and there are even specialist shops that have begun offering these conversions specifically for vintage Toyota 4x4s. Which direction would you choose – try and find a non-matching but original engine for rebuild, or go all-in on a V8 conversion?


Stakeside! 1948 Willys Truck

I find this old farm truck (and the auction description) absolutely charming! Located in Ivor, Virginia, and up for sale here on eBay where the opening bid is $3,990, this truck would be perfect for running errands around your classic car ranch. A large list of  mechanical work has been done since the third owner purchased the truck, which had been used by its two previous owners to haul wood. Rather than slathering on body filler, there are openly visible riveted on patches on the doors and cab, and the paintwork is driver quality at best. But just look at the presence it has! Those patches are like badges commemorating the work this vehicle has done.  The current owner is 74 and is selling it due to their age, but has accumulated a bunch of extra parts, reupholstered the seats and interior panels and made it very presentable. The little truck runs well with its original engine and with a little assembly would be ready to go. I wish I could take this one home; what about you, Barn Finds readers?

1960 Austin Healey Bugeye

6,800 Mile Bugeye Sprite

The seller claims this 1960 Austin Healey Sprite has just 6,800 miles on it. While looking at the body alone it would be hard to believe this claim, but looking at the underside and interior it looks like it just could be true! It appears that someone started painting it with primer and never got around to finishing the job. Hopefully the original paint is still under the primer and could be revealed with some careful sanding. I would definitely want to inspect this car carefully, as the mileage claim is quite incredible. If you’re interested in giving this Bugeye a closer look, you can find it here on craigslist for $11k near Cleveland, Ohio. Do you believe this really is a 6,800 mile car? Special thanks to JK for this tip!

1969 Ford Torino GT

Our New Project: 1969 Ford Torino GT!

I just drove by a school to see if it would frighten small children. Sure enough. I revved the engine at a stoplight to see if modern muscle cars would cower in fear. Sure enough. You could see the fear in their eyes. This is the kind of car their mothers warned them about! It’s a 1969 Ford Torino GT and with its sunburnt paint and throaty rumble, it has some serious street presence. It may look well-worn, but it is still ready for battle and we are excited to have it as our newest Barn Finds project car! Yesterday we spent the day hunting around for a new project and were very excited to stumble upon this… Read more »

1976 Mercury Capri Ghia

1976 Mercury Capri: Hotted Up

We’ve featured a few Capris in the past, and the general consensus is they were decent driving cars in their day. Today, these European-market Fords are tough to find in good shape, with many having rusted away years ago. This 1976 Mercury Capri Ghia is here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $5,500 (and the option to submit a best offer). Interestingly, its list of options includes several modifications and upgrades – starting with a 6-cylinder engine from a Mustang, along with disc brakes, limited slip rear end, upgraded sway bars and a Capri-specific body kit from Zakspeed, a German racing team and specialist in aftermarket parts. Supposedly, the aero components originally cost £1,500, so you could always sell it to recoup some of the purchase price. I don’t think this car is without its secrets, as heavily modified vehicles always tend to hide a few. I’d like to keep the kit and the wheels and convert the transmission to a manual for more of back-road carver than a straight-line racer, but that’s me. What would you do?


Mystery Year MGB For $1,000

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what year this MGB is since I first saw the auction (thanks to Jim S for sending in this find!) The seller calls it a 1962. It’s not that early a car, unless a lot of changes have been made. The serial number given places the car as a 1965, and the eared knockoffs were only fitted to 1967 and earlier cars (although they can be retrofitted). The bumper overriders are from a 1970-73 car, and the grille is from a 1970-72. I think the hardtop is a factory one from an early car; I couldn’t find a reference as to when hardtop availability ended, if it did. In any case, the car is listed for auction here on eBay in Kansas City, Missouri for a buy-it-now of $1,000 and bidding below $400. I should note that happens to be right next to one of the “big three” British parts suppliers, so parts availability shouldn’t be a problem! Read more »

Our Singer A4D

What’s Our 1952 Singer Worth?

So we’ve had fun cruising around in our little Singer Hot Rod, but we just bought something that might be a bit more fitting for Barn Finds and we need to make room. Could we keep the Singer? Of course, but we’ve had our fun with it and would rather see it go to a new home where it will get the attention and use it deserves! When we bought it we had no clue what it might be worth, but we wanted to see it back on the road so we took a gamble. It isn’t like any other Singer we’ve ever seen (not that we’ve seen many), as it has an upgraded Volvo B18 engine and drivetrain! We could just throw it on eBay and see what it goes for, but we thought it would be more interesting to see what you guys think it might be worth first! Read more »

Jaguar XKE Coupe

1967 Jaguar E-Type Garage Find

I get that this  Jaguar is a garage find, but it sure would be nice to see the whole car without the garage contents in the way! With bidding here on eBay already over $20,000, I would like to have better pictures of the car and more information before committing that kind of money! The car is located in Poughkeepsie, New York.While there is some rust around the rear fender openings and a general unloved look about the car, I can believe the mileage claim of 37,000 as many of these cars were used as toys rather than regular transportation, even though this is the less-loved 2+2 version. The car is said to have been taken off the road and stored in a heated garage since 1991. The reason given for storage was to rebuild the carburetors, however, a damaged bonnet could also have been the reason. Read more »

Jaguar E-Type

1963 Jaguar E-Type: Hot Rod Brit

Though the Jaguar E-Type has always been cherished for its balance of performance and dignity, this fly yellow XKE Series 1 is clearly a cat of a different breed. Listed here on eBay with an optimistic $75,000 Buy-It-Now, this ’63 convertible has been modified with the obvious paint job but also a significantly lowered suspension – and who knows what else. Being a manual transmission model, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had a few more tricks up its sleeve that the seller hasn’t acknowledged in the listing. Of course, there’s always the chance the eBay page is a thinly-veiled advertisement for the entity that owns the many other potential projects in the background – scroll through the photos of the car from the other side and you’ll see French and British oddities in addition to the pack of Porsches in this photo. For what is clearly a non-original E-Type, the price seems high – but I’d likely be calling about the pistachio green 911 before I’d cast a bid on this bodacious Jag.

1973 Plymouth Road Runner

Parked Since ’81: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1973 Plymouth Road Runner has supposedly been parked in a barn since 1981. The thick layer of dust makes it hard to gauge the amount of rust present so an inspection is a must. The car is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is listed here on craigslist for $4,500. That seems a little high to me for a base 318 project, but the seller is throwing in a 440 V8 and a 727 TorqueFlite transmission to sweeten the deal! The 318 only put out 170 horsepower in 1973 so the extra oomph provided by the big block would very welcomed. The conversion likely wouldn’t be as simple as just dropping it in though. So, would you try to complete the job or would you sell the extra engine to help finance the restoration? Thanks goes to Robert R. for the tip!

1964 Dodge Dart

1964 Dodge Dart GT: The Right Stuff

There are some cars that just seem so “right” to me. I didn’t wake up today wanting a 1964 Dodge Dart GT convertible, like this example here on eBay with one bid at $1,950 and no reserve in sight. But for a cheap entry to cruise nights that you can enjoy all summer long, there’s a lot working in the seller’s favor. He claims to have owned it for the last 14 years, a rarity in today’s flipper market, and it seems like he used just as I’ve described here – fire up the 273 V8, pick up some friends and go for a ride. And while it hasn’t been restored by any stretch of the imagination, does it even need it? The interior is basically new, making it a pleasant place to spend a few hours, and the replaced gas tank means you’ll actually arrive (assuming other mechanical systems check out). I wouldn’t even worry about the rust for the time being if it continues to be stored indoors. The styling is a matter of personal taste, but I see some references to the Chrysler Turbine cars in the front end – not a bad thing, in my opinion. If the auction stays under $3,000, this looks like a deal to me – anyone agree?


Rust Free: 1968 Ford Torino GT

This “car port find” Torino GT has an interesting recent history. Sadly, the original rescuer of the car died before getting to the project and the current seller, his best friend, purchased the car. After completing some of the harder aspects of the restoration including replacing a damaged quarter panel, the friend is now selling the car on. The Ford is located in Crestwood, Kentucky, and is for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $6,500 and bids being entertained below that figure. The car is impressively rust-free (after the quarter panel damage fix, which was physical) but given the large primer spot I think a repaint will be necessary. Read more »