Still In The Wrapper: 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Sadly, this 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 comes onto the market as the result of an estate sale. It’s obviously been very cherished since purchase. Aftermarket clear plastic covers are still on the seats, and from the looks of things, they have been there since new. It has only covered 51,000 miles from new, and for once I believe those are original miles. This one really is a beauty.  Thanks to VaTex for this great find! It’s located in Edenton, North Carolina and is for sale here on craigslist, where the estate is taking offers. The car is in truly great shape from what we can tell from the pictures, especially on the inside. And with a 455 cubic inch V-8 and a factory limited slip differential, I’ll bet it would move along pretty good for it’s day. Where else are you going to find interior stitching and embossing like that! Read more »

Patina Racer

Patinaed Racer: 1963 MG Midget

There are some cars that I want so badly that it is hard to write them up. They are not always rare or even great bargains. Normally, they are just rust free drivers at good prices that I think would be fun. This 1963 MG Midget fits in that category. It’s not perfect, but it sure looks entertaining with its brookland screens, racing stripes, and stripped out interior. The seller has done a lot of work to make the car drivable, but other than cosmetics, has pretty much left things original. They recently drove it to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and claims that it was a big hit. The $3,000 price tag seems reasonable too, so it’s a good thing that this one is on the other side of the country because I’d probably be on my way to pick it up now instead of here writing this! Find it here on craigslist of you are interested. Thanks goes to Tory A. for the submission! Read more »

Fastback Shells

Bulk Buy: Mustang Fastback Shells

On occasion, I’ve yearned for a big back yard or even a barn in order to haul in a few parts cars for selling desirable equipment off of, while keeping a few decent rebuilders for long-term projects. I’ve known a few guys who have done this with a good amount of success – buy 3 cars, keep the good stuff you want for yourself, sell the rest off and then scrap the shells. My gut tells me that’s exactly what the seller of these Mustang Fastback shells is doing, with the exception of the scrapping part. He says he bought a large collection and had to take these as part of the deal, but I’m sure if there were any goodies left, they were carefully removed before these carcasses were put up for sale. Take a look at the craigslist ad here. Do you see any potential here, or is simply a case of someone’s unwanted leftovers? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Robert R. for the tip!

1965 Mustang GT

In Showroom For 35 Years: 1965 Mustang GT

This Mustang is claimed to have sat inside a dealership for the past 35 years and has only covered 52k miles since new! They don’t mention if the paint and interior are original, but they do state that the engine has been swapped out for a crate engine from Summit. Supposedly they dropped $26k into parts and labor for the new engine.I’m sure it goes like stink, but they do still have the old 289-4v though, so I’d be tempted to tell them they could keep their new fancy engine if I could have the car for a lower price. That might not be an option though because the car is listed here on eBay with only a day left. Perhaps it won’t reach reserve and a deal can be made?

porsche 912

1967 Porsche 912: Interesting Stablemates

Sometimes, the most interesting thing about a car for sale are the vehicles it shares space with. This ’67 Porsche 912 here on craigslist in Florida doesn’t look like such a bad buy at $10,000 with minimal rust. I’m drawn to some of the other cars in the garage and additional pictures in the listings which show at least 2 Alfa Romeos under wraps. The seller seems to be pushing the next owner to modify the 912 as a vintage race car, even including a roll bar as part of the sale. Since the floor boards have already been replaced and it at least appears largely intact, I’d consider this an attractive restoration candidate before I’d gut it as a track car. What would you do? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Robert R for the find.

Huge Mopar Stash

Huge Mopar Stash For Sale!

The seller of this Mopar collection has been hoarding stuff for over 30 years. They’ve decided to hold onto their Hemi Super Bee, but they’re selling everything else. The list is impressive too! It includes a couple of Road Runners, a Charger R/T, and a ton of spare parts. The cars are all rough, but the sheer amount of stuff here could justify the $25,000 asking price. It might even be a good way to pick up a Road Runner project on the cheap. Buy the whole lot, keep the best body and parts, and sell the rest off to help cover the initial purchase. That strategy might prove risky, but if you knew what you were doing, it might just work out. What do you think? The collection is located in Greenbrier, Tennessee and is listed for sale here on eBay. Thanks goes to Keith C. for the submission!

1965 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

1965 Cadillac Eldorado: Drop Top Boat

While this Cadillac Eldorado is both rare and desirable, I’m not sure if I would want to buy this massive convertible. Having driven a ’66 Coupe DeVille just recently, I can attest to how smooth and impressive this era of Cadillac really are, but fixing up a barn find convertible that was stored with the top down can present some unique issues. Finding interior parts, especially the electrical components, can be tricky and expensive. This one was last registered in 2000 so we can assume it’s been off the road at least 15 years, which shouldn’t be an issue for these well built cars, but even the best built cars can be quickly destroyed by mice and moisture. The seller doesn’t provide much info about this Caddy, but claims it only has rust in the driver’s floor and the rear bumper. They also state that it comes with a brand new top that’s still in the box. I’ve always thought it would be fun to have one of these big drop tops, but this one could turn out to be a big headache. Of course, the cars are getting quite rare, so perhaps this one would be worth restoring! Find it here on eBay in Closter, New Jersey with a BIN of $9,995.

1972 Chevy Vega Notchback

Never Finished: 1972 Chevy Vega

It happens quite often, someone has big plans for their old car that has been running very well. So they pull it into the garage and start working on it. In the case of this Chevy Vega Notchback, the owner decided to drop a 350 V8 with a Muncie 4 speed into it. Well they got the engine in the car and even had a custom driveshaft built and installed, but they never got around to hooking up the clutch linkage. As a result, they never were able to drive it. They quickly lost interest, so there it sat in their garage. After 25 years, they have finally decided it needs to go to a new home with someone who can finish it. You can find it here on eBay in Kelliher, Minnesota with bidding just starting at $200. I’ve not seen many Vega Notchbacks and I have to say, I really like the looks of this car. While getting the V8 running and working in this chassis will still require considerable work, it would be a sweet little hot rod. The seller is even throwing in a Alston roll cage and some replacement interior pieces! So would you finish this conversion or try to put it back to original?


Help Us Hunt Down This Alfa Romeo Stash!

If the single Alfetta that we featured last night didn’t quite get your blood going, then may I suggest this collection of Alfa Romeo cars and parts instead? As you will see in the pictures, this was a huge collection! The seller listed everything month’s ago and I couldn’t find any contact information though so I’m not sure if it’s still all on the market or not. It might be worth investigating though if you have a hankering for something Italian. Take a look at the photo gallery and inventory list here. Be sure to let us know if you are able to track down the owner or if you come across more details.


Fabulous Riches? 1984 Cadillac Eldorado

I remember being struck by the silence the first time I rode in one of these later GM front-wheel-drive cars. It’s hard to believe now that these were downsized considerably from their predecessors when they were introduced in 1979. Quite popular in their day, this Eldorado is neither the Biarritz nor the Touring Coupe edition, but still cossetted it’s passengers in luxury. Unusual in having four-wheel independent suspension, the cars did exactly what they were supposed to do; cruise in comfort. Jim S alerted us to this particular car, which was a one-owner trade in and is currently located at a dealer in Ozone Park, New York. They have listed it for sale here on eBay, with a buy-it-now price of $3,950. Apart from some damage on the bumper blend pieces (easily cracked plastic that is being reproduced), the vehicle looks to be a well-loved survivor example. The near-baroque interior looks good other than a sagging headliner and apart from what looks like some rattle-can black touchup under the car, I don’t see anything in the pictures that worries me. Will this be the next great collector car? No. But if you’d like to relive some memories in plush comfort, and show up at a classic car show with the car that will be able to jump start the ones that aren’t running, you might give this a try. Here’s the link to the rear bumper blend pieces you need; only $85 for the whole set! I’m almost convincing myself to take the plunge!

1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Veloce

1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Veloce

Jesse said it best I think when he said “I miss the four-wheel disc brakes, the smooth shifting five-speed, and oh… the sound of that twin-cam” in an earlier writeup. Here’s another chance, perhaps without as much rust – a 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Veloce. This one is said to be almost rust free, have about 88,000 miles on it, and that it ran when it was parked in the early eighties. It has the dealer installed twin Webers. It looks complete and the driver’s seat is the only thing obviously needing repair. Then there’s the mechanical work, the fuel and brake systems. How much do you think it would take to revive this car? The owner is firm on his price of $3,000 and it’s listed on here on craigslist in Lincoln, Nebraska.

280Z Project Pair

Two for Two: 280Z Projects

Too bad this little ’77 280Z didn’t get a spot inside the shed it’s parked next to – that might have prevented it from sinking into the mud and becoming a parts car! Fortunately, it is the worse of two project-grade 280Zs posted here on craigslist in Mississippi for $2,500. The red 280 is an automatic-equipped car with a bad timing chain but the desirable 5-slot wheels. It’s partner car is a much cleaner black manual-transmission model with the engine removed and inside the seller’s shop. As far as “twofers” go, this seems like a decent deal if you can make one good car out of the pair, and frankly, if the black car is as rust-free as the seller says it is, I think you’re safe from any major surprises here. But I’d definitely want to know why the engine in the black car was removed and what’s happened to it since then. Anyone else think it’s a fair price for two 280z’s? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Olaf E. for the find!

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