The Sky Is The Limit: 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner

With innovations in styling and drive-train in the 1950’s, Ford offered a very neat option that was certainly a step outside of the box. The Crestline “Skyliner” has a tinted acrylic window mounted into the roof… more»

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Anglo-Italian Combination: 1960 Triumph Italia 2000

As the owner of a Triumph Italia 2000 since 1987, I obviously am biased towards these beautiful cars. Yes, that’s the sight of bias you are reading! With no more than 330 produced (sources vary) and… more»

British Hemi: 1963 Daimler SP250 Dart

The Daimler SP250 Dart is a sweet sports car that is often overlooked. With all of the right “Buzz words” this British built sports car has a fiberglass body and a factory “Hemi” V8 under the… more»

In the Horse Barn: 1969 Ford Bronco

I grew up seeing Broncos just like this one on a daily basis. They literally were every where and were being used year around. Today though, there really aren’t many still around. They seem to have… more»

Black Plate Barn Find: 1968 Buick Riviera

I’ve always liked the looks of the Buick Riviera, especially first and second generation cars. And amazingly, you can get into one of these beautiful Buicks without breaking the bank. Given the looks, comfort and performance… more»

Number 403: 1969 Hurst Oldsmobile 442

There were just 922 Hurst Oldsmobile 442s built in 1969 and this one is number 403. It’s a Texas car that has been parked for a number of years, so there is some rust to be… more»

More Than A Little Rough: 1967 Camaro RS 327

It’s funny how where you live can impact your prospective on the size of a project. The seller of this ’67 Camaro states that it’s not in bad shape, but either they are looking a completely… more»

Of Course It’s a 5-Speed: 1987 Maserati Biturbo

The first thing your eyes may be drawn to when checking out this 1987 Maserati Biturbo sedan is the strip of LEDs underneath the headlights, no doubt added to emulate what modern luxury cars utilize for… more»

Cheap Hemi: 1952 Chrysler Imperial

It is not all that often that you find a solid, ready to drive classic, with a Hemi for cheap. This ’52 Imperial looks clean enough and has received some recent maintenance. The seller claims you… more»

Saved from Scrap, Part II: 1987 Nissan Pulsar Sportbak

There was a time when car designers dreamed big and manufacturers allowed those dreams to live on in real-life vehicles. Nowadays, a tantalizing concept is unveiled and the production model looks like a warmed-over (and that’s… more»

Super Clean Restovivor: 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I felt like calling this beautiful 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo a “survivor” rather than a “restovivor”, but it is wearing replacement paint on the hood and trunk lid (not huge in my book). With one family… more»

Cheap Classic? 1969 Ford Fairlane 500

I was excited when I saw this 1969 Ford Fairlane 500, partially because it still had what I think are the original type “GT” wheels. After reading the ad, I was bummed to find out they… more»

390 V8 Included: 1968 Ford Custom 500

If you wanted a full size Ford in ’68, but didn’t want or need all the unnecessary frills and comforts of the Galaxie, you could buy the Custom 500. It was as basic as you could… more»