$1,500 Barn Find Ford: 1969 Ford Cortina GT MK II

I’m in Huntsville, Alabama right now and I jumped onto Craigslist hoping to find a cool vehicle or two. I ran across this 1969 Ford Cortina MK II that’s down in Cullman, Alabama, halfway between Huntsville… more»

Rather Rare: 1954 Healey Tickford

When you think of “Healey” automobiles, Austin-Healey and perhaps Nash-Healey probably come to mind, but there are other cars. Healey Motorcars was founded in 1945 and built a line of high performance, low volume cars using the four-cylinder Riley… more»

What An Ad! 30k Mile Survivor DeSoto Firedome

It’s got four doors. Get over it already! This beautiful 1955 sedan is being sold by only its second family owner, has recently returned from a 16 hour round trip and still sports its original paint! This 1955… more»

Fuel Injected Barn Find: 1962 Corvette

What’s that we see in the barn? (okay, I know, it’s probably a garage, but bear with me for a moment) Why, I do believe it’s a Corvette–and not just any Corvette, but a 1962 fuel… more»

Second Chance Short Bed: 1967 Ford F100

We featured this truck about a month ago and the seller was asking $7,500. That may have seemed steep, but this is a short bed and has a big block so it’s worth a decent chunk of… more»

1962 MGA 1600 For $3,000!

This MGA might be a big project, but it’s a good place to start. It’s a 1600 so it has a little more power than the 1500 and also benefits from front disc brakes. Looks like this one even… more»

1967 Rambler Rebel 550 Cross Country Wagon

I’m in New Orleans as we speak and I couldn’t find any vehicles on the local Craigslist that looked interesting, or even remotely inexpensive. But, I ran across this 1967 Rambler Rebel 550 Cross Country Wagon just… more»

To Drive Or Not To Drive: 1977 Cadillac Seville

We all love low mileage survivors, but there is always one major hangup with them for us. What do you do with them? Do you drive them or keep them sealed away to hopefully appreciate in… more»

Rare British Project: 1969 TVR Vixen

After reviving our TVR, I’ve had plenty of dreams about finding another one of these awesome Brits. Sadly, they just aren’t all that common. Our Tasmin was powered by a wonderful Ford V6, but every time… more»

Affordable Cruiser: 1955 Packard Clipper Custom

With a breath taking appearance, this 1955 Packard Clipper Custom is attention grabbing. Being an older restoration, and having low miles this looks to be a nice example of a Clipper. The price grabbed our attention… more»

Always Looking For Another: 1965 Alfa Spider

I’ve been told that once you own an Alfa, you never really get it out of your system–thus the title acronym! I haven’t owned one, yet, so maybe I’d better keep it that way! Anyway, this… more»

1966 MGB For Only $750

There was an MGB featured recently for $700. Here’s another one listed on craigslist for only $50 more. It’s been sitting for years and is described as ” rough but all there.” It runs. It’s located here in Sacramento, California. If it’s… more»

A Ford At Fifty: 1966 F100 Pickup

This 1966 Ford F100 short bed pickup for sale here on craigslist in Orange, Connecticut is 50 years old and looks to be in great condition for its age. It has certainly been well taken care of… more»

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