1949 Chevrolet Canopy Express

Patinaed Rarity: 1949 Chevrolet Canopy Express

I love finding cars that I have never seen or heard of before, but finding something new and unusual is typically rather difficult. You certainly wouldn’t think there would be many cars from a major American manufacture that hasn’t already crossed these pages, but as it turns out there are still a few American cars out there that I have neither heard or seen of. Until today, I certainly had no idea what a 1949 Chevrolet Canopy Express was, but that’s because they only built 270 or so of these specialized trucks. Find it today here on eBay with a starting bid of $5,600 and no reserve. Read more »

1971 AMC Gremlin Dragster

Estate Dragster: 1971 AMC Gremlin

Estate sales can be great places to find classic cars. Most of the cars we see that have come out of estate sales are low mileage cars with minimal wear and only in need of a good detailing. Usually these cars can best be described as granny cars, but every once in a while we spot estate finds that are just plain odd and unusual. Well this one fits both categories and then some. How can you get any odder than an AMC Gremlin? Oh I know, turn it into a wheelie popping dragster! If you’ve been wanting to fulfill all of your ’70s drag racing fantasies, you can find this 1971 Gremlin here on eBay, but you had better act fast! Read more »

1970 Toyota Corona Deluxe

All Original: 1970 Toyota Corona Deluxe

I had been skeptical of the “goodness” of Toyotas until recently. No cars can be that reliable and that undemanding, right? Or at least that’s what I thought, but I’ve been proven wrong as two very-high mileage (230k+) Camrys have entered our extended family fleet and they just keep going on and on and on, so I’m a convert now. Toyota’s long heritage of quality and value was built on cars like this one, providing basic, no-frills transportation for many years without complaining or breaking down. This pristine example actually hasn’t done that much transporting, as it only has 37,000 miles! The Corona is located in Brentwood, California and is up for auction here on eBay with a reserve and a buy-it-now of $7,500. Read more »

1979 BMW 320i

Patience And Hard Work Prevails!

Back in December we featured a 1979 BMW 320i that Russell D had found, which you can read about here. Well after a couple months of hard work, he has his E21 back on the road. After getting so much feedback and support from everyone here, he promised to keep us updated on his progress and he has kept his word! He sent a complete list of everything he has done to the car, plus some recent photos! It looks like patience mixed with some hard work has prevailed! Read more »

1969 Dodge Charger RT

Born 2 Run: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

If you’re a habitual Barn Finder, I’d imagine you’ve grown used to finding truly great cars but discovering they’re quite rough underneath. This, of course, is the paradox of such finds: they are left untouched but typically also unprotected, making their future as a complete car an expensive proposition. This 1969 Dodge Charger is a well-equipped factory 440 car that will take some deep pockets to restore, but there’s enough history captured in its battle scars that I think it’d be worth it, I say that with the full disclosure that I’m a bit of a sentimentalist at heart. Check it out here on eBay where bidding is at $8,300 with no reserve in sight. Read more »

1982 Buick Grand National

What’s In Alton H’s Barn?

Some of us love ’50s Italian cars, while others enjoy ’60s British Roadsters, but it would seem that reader Alton H had a passion for late ’70s and ’80s American Iron. He has amassed over cars twenty American cars ranging from Chevy Novas to Buick Grand Nationals and just about everything between. In recent years though, his interests have changed and he no longer has the time to work on these cars, so he has decide to sell everything off. If you are interest in buying his collection, send him an email here. Read more »

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Winged Warrior: 1970 Plymouth Superbird

When I got up this morning, I knew it was going to be a good day! I’m not sure if I have some type of Barn Finds sixth sense, but every once in a while I wake up knowing there is going to be a very special find that day. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be today, but I knew something special would cross my path. As I was going through user submissions, I opened an email from Jeff L about a few interesting finds. One of the links he provided took me to the holy grail of Mopars! This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird has been well cared for its entire life and other than an old respray, is claimed to be original. It is now up for grabs here on eBay, without a reserve! Special thanks to Jeff for this tip! Read more »

1978 Saab 99 Turbo

Cosmetically Challenged: 1978 Saab 99 Turbo

If it weren’t for taking the plunge on vintage BMWs, pre-GM Saabs would likely be my drug of choice. From the hatchback funkiness to the liberal use of turbocharging, old-school 99s and 900s just rub me the right way. Unfortunately, finding examples in any condition of the iconic Saab 99 Turbo takes more than a stroke of good luck, which is why this rough-looking ’78 example may actually be worth throwing a bid at if you’re on the hunt for one. You can find it here on eBay with a Buy-it-Now of $2,200 and the option to make an offer. Read more »

1959 AMC Rambler Custom Six

Parked Since ’87: 1959 Rambler Custom Six

I’m sure this car must have a tremendous back-story, like some of the other low-mileage AMC cars being found lately. I’m guessing this was someone’s “baby”, cossetted and hardly driven. There are now less than 11,000 miles on the odometer and the car is ready for some more! Uncovered in 2014 and now located in Hackensack, New Jersey, the Rambler is for sale here on eBay at no reserve and a very low opening bid. Read more »

1959 Triumph 10 Wagon

British Motoring Monday: 1959 Triumph 10 Estate

The Triumph 10 (or Standard 10 in the rest of the world) was a compact sedan and wagon line in the late 50’s. Standard-Triumph continued to try to take on the “big boys” with a fairly complete range of vehicles, although the marque is mainly known in the USA for its sports cars. This highly modified 10 Estate Wagon is for sale in San Juan Capistrano, California and is being auctioned here on eBay. Read more »