Big Block Barn Find: 1969 Ford Torino Cobra

Ford Torino Cobra

This is the kind of barn find we all dream of! A big red barn with hay and a mysterious car hiding in the corner. I know if I had stumbled upon it, the moment I spotted the car my heart rate and blood pressure would have been through the roof! Hiding under this tarp is a rather rare and desirable muscle car with a big block V8. Everything is better with a big block right? Alright, so not every car benefits from having a big block shoved under the hood, but this particular car benefits infinitely from having one.¬†This 1969 Torino is the desirable Cobra version with the mighty 428 Cobra Jet and the Ram Air option.¬† It was parked in this barn by the original owner 23 years ago and is still in original condition. The seller claims it currently runs and drives great, so be sure to check it out here on eBay out of Bayside, New York. Read more »

1974 Citroen SM in Idaho


It may not look like much today, but this Citroen SM was once one of the grandest touring cars of them all. It combined the smooth riding suspension of Citroen’s famous DS with a Maserati V6. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Well, it was and unfortunately many found their way into their owner’s backyards because few mechanics were willing to work on them. Heck, the seller of this one is a mechanic and he would rather sell it as-is in lieu of getting it running again. Find it here on craigslist out of Post Falls, Idaho where the seller just dropped the price to $4,000. Thanks goes to Mark M for the tip! Read more »

Rare and Odd: 1965 Mitsubishi Minica

Mitsubishi Minica

When it comes to oddball cars, micro cars tend to take the cake as the oddest. The compact size usually leads to odd proportions and styling unlike anything else. If you know your micro car history, you know they’ve been around nearly as long as full size automobiles and that their popularity comes and goes based on government regulations and fuel prices. Every continent has had at least one decade in which they were popular, but one country stands out for having a near continual production of micros of various shapes and styles. After WWII, Japan was in need of cheap transportation and a boost to their economy, so the Kei car was born. This 1965 Mitsubishi Minica is a great example of the Kei car and is actually believed to be the only one on American roads. Take a look at it here on eBay or check it out in person in Gardena, California. One strange thing to note is that the seller also lists a Honda N600 with it, but doesn’t mention if it is included in the auction. Thanks to Jim S for this tip! Read more »

Which Triumph TR3 Project?


Every once in a while I get the itch to experience a new car. But instead of asking around and just borrowing one for the afternoon, I hunt until I find an example that needs a little work. My logic may be flawed, but there is just something exciting about the whole process. The Triumph TR3 has been on my mind lately so I have been keeping tabs on local offerings and have even found a few in various states of disrepair. One of them is in a similar dismantled state as this 1959 TR3 that is listed here craigslist for $4,500 in Panonia, Colorado. What do you think? Is it ever smart to buy a disassembled project? Thanks goes to Dustyn for the tip! Read more »

What’s in David W’s Barn?

1941 Chevrolet Cabriolet Barn copy

When we first received an email from David W a car parked in a barn, we thought it might be a recent discovery, but as we read his email we realized that this was parked in his own barn. Last summer he and his brother decided to pull it out from what he calls “The Old Shop”, an old cinder block building, and get it running again. He had this 1941 Chevrolet Convertible running and driving back in 2003, but when he had to go overseas for work it went into the Old Shop again. Read more »

Bargain or Basketcase? 1988 BMW M3


This 1st generation BMW M3 caught my eye here on eBay. The first of the legendary sedan-based M-cars and looking fairly good in traditional German alpine white paint, this M3 has 45 bids but is still only at about $12K. Is that telling us something about a car that often sells for $40K or more these days? Or could it truly be a diamond in the rough? Read more »

Reader Find: Papa’s Ol’ Ghia

1974 Karminn Ghia

Some of the best finds really aren’t finds at all. They sometimes are cars that have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. They might be our first car or one that we grew up going on family vacations in. And whether they are rare or run of the mill family haulers, they hold a special place in our hearts because of the roll they played in our lives. Well Brian C’s recent find has been a part of the family for nearly 40 years and holds a special place for him. To really do this story justice, I will let Brian tell you it in his own words. Read more »

Funniest Craigslist Ad of the Day!

1929 Pontiac

We try to keep things somewhat serious around here, but sometimes we just need a good laugh! Thankfully the internet is never short on supply of comedic relief, especially when it comes to some seller’s ads. When I opened this listing that Chuck F sent in, I nearly fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. The seller labels their 1929 Pontiac with the heading, “Some Assembly Required”. I don’t know about you, but after looking at their photos I can’t help but find that statement a bit funny! Have a look at their listing here on craigslist in San Francisco, but prepare yourself to either laugh or be absolutely surprised at the seller’s asking price! Special thanks to Chuck F for sharing this one with us! Read more »

Mix Breed: 1973 Iso Rivolta Lele

1973 Iso Lele

A few years back Jesse and I had the pleasure of attending the events of automotive week in Pebble Beach. The entire weekend was fantastic, but one event stood out above all the rest for me, the Concorso Italiano. While I was wandering through all the Italian cars I came across a marque that I had only ever heard of, but never actually seen in person. The Iso Rivolta Motor Company was best known for creating the Isetta, but they also built a number of other extremely beautiful cars. When I spotted this Iso Lele here on eBay, I was rather excited to have found one of these rare machines. You rarely find these on American soil, even though they are powered by an American V8. So it isn’t surprising that this one is currently located in Europe. Read more »