1969 Ford F-100 Ranger For $500

From Marty W – Located in suburban St. Louis,… more»

Old Barn Patina: 1949 Ford Custom Coupe

In 1948 Ford introduced a newly designed car at… more»

1967 Mercury Cougar Survivor

This original Cougar might have a few flaws, but… more»

Portable Store: 1958 Citroen Vanstore

It has been reported that there are 6 of… more»

Worn Out And Ugly: 1966 R-Code 427 Galaxie 500

At least the seller is honest. The interior is… more»

1955 Porsche Speedster Barn Find

Remember that Porsche 356 1500 that reader Dale I… more»

T-Bird Lane: 1963 Ford Thunderbird

UPDATE 11/28/15 – This one is back on eBay… more»

440 Equipped: 1978 Dodge Warlock

You might need a scorecard to keep track of… more»

Are Three Wheels Enough? 1980 Reliant Robin

This 1980 Reliant Robin was not the result of a cost-cutting… more»

Black Plate Beetle: 1964 Volkswagen Beetle

The humble Beetle was built to be a cheap… more»

WHAT DID YOU SAY? 1958 Airboy Outboard

That’s right folks you can add this motor to… more»

Do You Need A Tow? 1954 Chevy 3800

Most of us need a tow every once in… more»

Perfect Shop Truck: 1967 International

Every classic car and truck has a story to… more»

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