Special Edition Survivor: 1978 Alfa Romeo

Back in 1978, it was a really big thing when former Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda joined the Alfa Romeo F1 effort. So much so that 350 of this special edition of the venerable Alfa Spider… more»

Mugging For The Camera?

Imagine a soft drink company needing an unusual sales promotion–and their name happens to rhyme with “Bug.” You have the ingredients for a 1999 promotion involving 25 refurbished vintage VW Beetles, MTV and lots of vinyl… more»

How Bad Do You Want One? 1959 Turner

After 35 years of sitting in an Atlanta back yard–which should be some sort of crime–this Turner is now in search of a foolhardy fanatical enthusiast to try to bring it back to life. Thanks to… more»

Oddball Berserker: 1983 Dodge Rampage

I highly doubt driving this little Dodge Rampage will give you Berserker like powers, nor while it bring fear into the hearts of your enemies, but it might leave them envious of your oddball vehicles ability… more»

Wee Wagon: 1950 Crosley Series CD Super Wagon

This super little car is a 1950 Crosley Super Wagon and it’s listed here on eBay with a current bid price of just over $1,200. Prices for these things are all over the map, depending on… more»

Red Fenders and Matching Numbers: ’71 Olds 442

Wow – not too many 442s remain as original as this 1971 example is, nor do they still retain all of their desirable factory options like this car does. The Oldsmobile comes with the W30 package… more»

Solid: 1959 Rambler Six Cross Country Super

When was the last time that you went for a run? 10 years ago? 20 years? Well then, what’s so awful about this 1959 Rambler Cross Country not running for the last 20 years? This solid… more»

Split Personality: 1972 Ford Ranchero 500

1972 was the first year for the sixth-generation Ranchero, that alone is an impressive record for a car-pickupĀ that isn’t quite a pickupĀ and a pickup-car that isn’t quite a car. I think it’s great that Ford sold… more»

Stylish Original: 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Sedan

Even though the Korean War was at its height, and some materials were either scarce or apportioned by the government, car sales in 1951 were very strong and Chevrolet led all companies with its model-year production… more»

24,000 Miles: 1986 Ford F-250

This 1986 Ford F-250 is one of those trucks that I’ve seen on the road for so many years that it doesn’t necessarily jump off the page at you when scrolling through hundreds of listings. However,… more»

4-Speed 273 V8: 1964 Plymouth Barracuda

1964 was the first year that the Plymouth Barracuda was offered, and coincidentally, this one is a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda. I’ve talked about boxes being checked before, and sorry to have to repeat myself, but, this… more»

Family Owned Survivor: 1940 Hudson Super 6

Having remained with the original family until recently, this 1940 Hudson Super 6 is claimed to be 100% original, and having only 33,000 miles. With plenty of paper work, and its stunning originality, this Hudson is… more»

Tornado Damage: 1969 Camaro

I’ve seen the immense power of tornadoes first hand and it’s both both awe inspiring and terrifying. This Camaro was stashed in a barn in Kansas when a tornado tore through and caved the barn in… more»

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