V12 Survivor To Admire: 1934 Lincoln Town Car

As the popularity of the automobile crested in the 1920’s due to affordability, being a better transit option, and exploring America, it can be easy to see why some of the more affordable cars may have… more»

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Sighting At An Abandoned Home In Dallas

While driving around in Dallas, Texas, reader Brian S spotted something interesting parked at an abandoned house. He thought everyone would enjoy seeing it, so he snapped a couple photos from the street for us to… more»

Huge Auction Hoard: Tons Of Trucks, Two Porsches, A Ranchero And Cushmans?

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jon for this cool auction find! This must be one of the most eclectic vehicle auctions ever, with everything from 15 (!) Dodge Power Wagon (or similar) trucks to what looks… more»

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Barn Find!

Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, this 1970 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” appears to have endured many trials before taking a 30 year leave of absence in an Oklahoma barn. The listing here on eBay includes references… more»

Driver Project: 1965 Ford Thunderbird

You don’t have long to pick up this pretty 1965 Thunderbird, seen here on eBay and sent in by Barn Finds reader Matt Williams. While not perfect, there are a lot of good bones here and with… more»

Throwaway Money, Keeper Car: 1972 Volvo 164E

What’s the price point at which you just can’t say no anymore? Is there a certain amount that’s just funny money to you, and if it can be traded for a complete, rust-free, interesting car you… more»

$750 Bahnstormer: 1992 Audi S4 Project

Audi has a history of building turbocharged sedans and wagons that deliver blistering performance backed by capable Quattro all-wheel drive. This 1992 Audi S4 is known as the Ur-S4 as it was the first “S” car… more»

Stored for 30 Years: 1966 Austin Mini

With the proliferation of late production Minis showing up on our shores as a result of the 25 year importation rule, genuine Austin Minis are becoming more collectible by the day. This long-stored 1966 model located… more»

Extra Stretch: 1972 International Travelall Airporter

In case a regular International Travelall is just too mainstream for you (who doesn’t have one, am I right?), here’s a unique twist: an impressively massive Travelall limousine! Stretched in Fort Smith, Arkansas by Armbruster/Stageway, this fifteen-passenger… more»

Finest on the Road: 1982 Chrysler LeBaron

The seller has some high praise for this 1982 Chrysler LeBaron wagon, which does appear quite nice with incredibly low mileage of just 20,500. The asking price of $7K seems fair for a survivor wagon like… more»

Reasonably Priced Runner: 1949 Kaiser

Is it really possible to find an old rust free driver in decent condition for $4,000? This Kaiser listed on craigslist might just fit the bill.  It’s located in Napa Valley in Geyserville, California. This Kaiser… more»

Tomb Raider-Corvair Edition: 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Coupe

Since Halloween is just a little more than one month away, I wanted to share a find with you readers that might get you into the mood.  It seems that this particular car is entombed somewhere… more»

Possible Bargain: 1969 MGB GT

There are just two pictures and no real information provided on the MGB listed on craigslist here in Sacramento, California. With an asking price of $1500, could this be a bargain? There’s no rust visible and hopefully,… more»