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1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

Pair Of ’56s Chevy Bel Airs

Reader Gary H recently discovered a pair of Chevy Bel Airs and he knew he had to share them with us! It looks like he found himself two great projects. I will let him tell you more about his find! From Gary H – I just found and bought a pair of 1956 Chevy Bel Air 2 door hardtops. I heard about them and called the owner and bought them sight unseen. Read more »


Fiberfab Jamaican Stash

Every once in a while a Fiberfab Jamaican will show up for sale online. Normally, kit cars turn me off, but the Jamaican is different. It featured some very attractive curves and could be mounted to a variety of chassis from the likes of Triumph, MG, and Austin-Healey. That put them on a different level than most Beetle based kits. Finding one of these cars isn’t too hard, but this is first time we have stumbled upon a whole stash of them. The seller has a TR4 based one with the original drivetrain for $2,500 or one with a 302 V8 and 5-speed for $3,900. Another car is sitting on an AH frame that is setup to accept a V8 for $2,300! There’s also a handful of bodies available for $1,200 each. So, if you are looking for some fabricating fun you can check these out here on craigslist. Thanks goes to Philip R. for the tip! Read more »

1988 Lancia Delta Integrale

1988 Lancia Delta Integrale: Already Here

A farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee seems like the last place in the world that you would find an Italian all-wheel-drive hot hatch, but that’s where this 1988 Lancia Delta Integrale wound up. I’ve dreamt of owning a Delta Integrale since the first time I’d read about these incredible machines, but there was one huge problem with that dream. They never sold them here! Now that they are getting older you can get one imported, but that can be very expensive. This one isn’t particularly cheap at $23k, but it’s unmodified and already here in the States, so it looks like a pretty good deal to me! If you too have been lusting for an Integrale since the ’90s, you can now find this one here on craigslist. Special thanks goes to MPatterson for the tip!

1967 Firebird Convertible

1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible: Year One

This Firebird might not have left the factory with a V8, but I’m alright with that. Being an early Firebird convertible means that this car is quite desirable, but for many its inline six is a deal breaker. It currently has a V8 installed, so if you have to have a V8 it is already there, but I think this one deserves to have its original engine reinstalled. If you know your Pontiac history you already know the original six is an over head cam design, which was very advance for its time. This engine actually has a lot of potential, with Sprint versions putting out 215 horsepower and plenty of torque. With some work this car’s original six could put out decent power without the weight of a V8. Find it here on craigslist in Terre Haute, Indiana for $7,500. So would you keep the V8 or build the inline six and reinstall it into the engine bay? Special thanks to Robert R for this tip!

1967 Jaguar E-Type

1967 Jaguar E-Type: Stalled Project

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that half of the remaining classic cars out there are stalled restoration projects. We all have dreamed about undertaking a detailed restoration, but it seems many of us that actually attempt it get part way through the restoration and either lose interest, lack the time to finish, or discover what all a full restoration entails only after fully disassembling the car. While its sad to see any car scattered about a garage, these unfinished projects can actually sometime turn out to be great buys. This Jaguar E-Type might just be one of those few projects worth buying. It appears all the major restoration work has been complete, with all the mechanical systems restored. It would still be difficult to finish, but if everything is here it could be a worthwhile project. Take a look at it here on eBay in Los Angeles, California and let me know if you would tackle finishing this one? Oh and based on what’s in the background, there could be lots of extra Jaguar parts in this barn to finish this one!

1969 Dodge Charger RT

1969 Dodge Charger R/T: Gambling Man?

The other day we featured a rusted out 440 R/T that is getting a lot of bids. Well, today Robert R. emailed us a link to this 1969 Charger R/T. It has supposedly been parked in a barn for 28 years so it’s going to need a full restro too, but it still has it’s engine in place and some of the rust repair has already been completed. The seller is asking $15 grand for it though. That may seem like a lot of money a project car, but remember, after a full restoration it could be worth around $50k! So, do you think it’s worth the premium or would you take your chances with the rusty one on eBay? Take a closer look here on craigslist. The car is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and has a clear title. Thanks for the tip Robert!

1968 Biscayne Wagon

1968 Chevrolet Biscayne: Fire Wagon

We haven’t been bashful about our appreciation for big old station wagons. There is just something cool about a big family hauler with an even bigger V8. This 1968 Biscayne Wagon, which can be found here on eBay, spent most of its life as a member of the Stockton Illinois Fire Department. The 307 cui V8 wasn’t the biggest engine ever offered in these wagons, but it currently runs and drives. The next owner always has the option to install a big block under that massive hood. The seller claims they have just recently put 100 miles on it without any problems, so it could make for a good driver. I am a little concerned about the rust, but there is a lot of steel here so for the time being it shouldn’t be much of an issue. The seller has most of the car’s original documentation, making it a bit more interesting. I’m just not sure about their $6,300 asking price. What do you think? Is this running but rusty wagon worth $6k?

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint: Ready To Soar

Before the Mustang came out, the Falcon was the lightweight Ford to have. Initially it was only offered with an inline six, but halfway through 1963 they introduced a new trim level, the Sprint. With the new option came a V8, bucket seats, and all the necessary upgrades to handle the extra power of the V8. Falcon Sprints are quite rare and finding one in nice original condition is unheard of these days. This example is claimed to be entirely original with essentially one owner (what ever that means) and has been gone through to make it roadworthy. It looks to be in great shape, but could use some detailing under the hood and in the interior. If you have always wanted to recreate the thrilling ’63 and ’64 Monte Carlo Rally with your own Falcon Sprint, this one can be found here on eBay in Red Hook, New York

1968 Camaro

1968 Camaro: Period Mods And Rust

I grew up in the Fast and the Furious era, when it was cool to modify your hand-me-down Honda. I was never much for the tuner scene, but I’ve always found it interesting that so many of my peers at the time thought they were doing something new and unique. Oh sure computers changed the ways you could modify a car, but the basic idea of installing upgrades to increase performance wasn’t as new as they seemed to think it was. This ’68 Camaro is the perfect example of how long tuning has been around. Someone took a basic six cylinder Camaro and installed both performance and visual modifications to make it their own. After years of years of being exposed to the elements it now is seriously rusty, but with bidding currently at just $1,500 it might be worth picking up, even if it’s just for parts. It has some very interesting period upgrades that could be worth saving. Find it here on eBay in Maple Shade, New Jersey with no reserve.

1970 Dodge Dart Swinger

1970 Dodge Dart: Original Swinger

When I see cars like this Dart Swinger, I often wonder how cars like this have survived so well. This car, which Alan F came across here on craigslist, is still like new. It wasn’t a highly desirable car when brand new and I highly doubt anyone thought someday it would be a collectors item. The seller claims the original owner was a schoolteacher and only drove it occasionally. Upon her death about 10 years ago his father bought it from the estate. Based on the condition I would guess she stopped driving it many years ago. While it isn’t a highly sought after car I’m actually glad that less desirable, yet interesting cars like this have survived. This one reminds me a lot of our Duster, but since they are both based on the A-body platform it makes sense that it would! So would you give this Swinger a new home?