BF Auction: Pair Of 1963 Pontiac LeMans Convertibles

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  • Seller: Paul A rndt
  • Location: Raton, New Mexico
  • Mileage: 00000 Shown
  • Chassis #: 0
  • Title Status: Clean

Pontiac had a history of creating sporty trim options that became so popular that they became their own car model. When the LeMans first appeared, it was a trim option for the Tempest. By 1963, the LeMans became its own model, which would go on to be the base for the GTO trim that would also go on to become a model all its own. Since 1963 was the last year for the 1st generation LeMans and the first year for the car to not have a Tempest badge, this pair of 1963 LeMans is a rather unique find. The seller has decided to offer both cars plus their stash of parts here on Barn Finds!

These early LeMans were really unique cars, with a fully independent rear suspension, a torque tube driveshaft, and close to a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Between the rear suspension design and the weight balance, these cars offered a smooth ride and handled quite well. Engine options ranged from the Trophy 4-cylinder up to the 326 V8. In the case of this pair, one has a 326 and the other the 194 Trophy inline 4.

We will look at the red car first, as it is equipped with the more powerful engine. It’s also the one that has a clean title, so it’s the one to restore. The 326 V8 is currently in running condition, equipped with the Rochester 2-barrel carburetor and the 2-speed Powerglide transaxle. The car is also equipped with power steering and the window washer system. Some rust issues will need to be addressed, as well as some dents and dings. The seller also notes that the convertible top pump is currently not working, but the frame is complete. They also state that it has a good gas tank, good glass, and all the window regulators function.

The white LeMans lacks a title, so it might just be a parts donor. The paint is mostly gone, so we get a good look at the metal and while it has some rust, it looks like it has much of the metal the red car needs. The interior is out of the car, so we also get a look at the floor pans, which also look decent. Under the hood, you’ll find the 194 cui Trophy 4-cylinder. It doesn’t currently run, but the seller says it turns over. As with the red LeMans, this one’s convertible top pump is presently non-functional but complete. It also has good glass, working window regulators, and a gas tank.

The pair includes a mountain of spare parts. The major components include a left-rear quarter panel, front fender, hood, trunk lid, upper/lower radiator grill panels, radiator, emblems, locks, trim badging, headlights, and bezels. You should be able to build one nice and fun-to-drive car between the two cars and all the included parts.

While this will be a big project, it will be worthwhile. Just think of how much fun you will have cruising in your bright red convertible with the top down, the rumble of the 326 V8, and the wind in your hair! The seller is willing to trailer the cars and parts within a 300-mile radius of Raton. Both cars roll, though, and all the parts can be loaded into the vehicles, so they can be shipped relatively easily. Be sure to look closely at the photos below and leave any questions you have for the seller in the comment section.

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  1. CCFisher

    Here’s one for trivia night: the “326” in the 1963 Tempest and LeMans actually displaced 336 cubic inches. Pontiac developed the engine for use in GMC trucks. For the Tempest/LeMans, it was advertised as a 326 to avoid running afoul of GM’s 330 cid limit for small cars. Corporate overlords eventually discovered the deception, and Pontiac was forced to introduce a real 326 for 1964.

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    • BrianT BrianTMember

      Isn’t the four cylinder engine half of a 389?

      Like 11
      • Shawngherity

        You are correct

        Like 2
    • Paolo

      Things I did not know until now. Another factoid from the crazy mixed up world of GM. The inter-office memos about this must be entertaining.
      “Goddamnit DeLorean, just what the hell are you trying to pull here? Mr. Sloan’s ghost is haunting the Board Room again!”

      Like 0
  2. Mark

    My dad had a 1963 Tempest back in 1964 when he was in high school and told me years later that the trans mission was in the rear of the vehicle. I didn’t believe him at first then i did some looking into.

    Like 2
  3. Harvey HarveyMember

    Yup it’s not the steak that sells it’s the sizzle. Imaging myself cruising down the road with the wind in my hair! That would be facial hair in my case:-)

    Like 8
    • al

      is the car next to the white one a 1968 or 1969 Torino fast back

      Like 0
      • PaulSeller

        Early Baracuda if you are talking to the burnt red color car.

        Like 1
      • Tim S

        From the roofline and the small side marker light on the rear quarter, it looks like a 2nd generation 1968 Plymouth Barracuda.

        Like 0
  4. Shawngherity

    I believe only the 4 banger used the transaxle.

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  5. 455RAIV

    A 63 SD-421 Lemans Tempest Beat them all at the 63 Daytona 250 Challenge Cup – Lapped a Ferrari 8 times – a Mystery engine 427 Vette 6 times and finished 2 laps 5 miles ahead of 2nd place AJ Foyts Fuelie Vette :)

    Like 16
    • jwaltb

      Hard to believe. I’ll have to look it up.

      Like 3
      • jwaltb

        You are right. It was later bought by Mercedes, taken to Germany and completely disassembled, never to be seen again. What a story!

        Like 3
      • Jamie

        I sure wish I was about 25 years younger and still had my garage. This looks like one heck of a good deal and a super fun project. The Tempest was a great car and the independent rear suspension meant it was miles ahead of anything else out there. These cars really handled well. Good luck with the auction and good luck to the new owner!

        Like 6
    • 59poncho

      And……the IRS was originally being designed for the 59 full sizers believe it or not.

      Like 2
  6. Nelson C

    421 here we come.

    Like 2
  7. Big Len

    Wasn’t this the getaway car that robbed the Sac-A-Suds in My Cousin Vinny?

    Like 5
    • al

      I think your right love that movie

      Like 1
  8. Fred

    My neighbor had a 326 tempest in1966. I think it was a 4 speed it was quick and could really cook the rear tiers. He sold it to go college, I wanted to buy it but I was only 15 and my parents no way. Well I guess it wasn’t meant to be, damn!!!!!

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  9. Wayne

    Big Len, you are correct about the “bad guy’s” get away car in the movie! When I saw the picture of the “black strips” in the movie go over the curb. I knew the A body car that “the boys” were driving did not make those! I even said it to my wife who did not believe me. So I was soon vindicated as the movie progressed.
    These cars did not have a torque tube drive shaft! They had a “rope” drive shaft!. It was a twisted steel cable that actually sagged at stop and very low speeds. While working in Reno during Hot August Nights there was one parked downtown across from where I worked. I mentioned this to one of my co-workers and I bet him $100 that I was right. He went out and looked underneath and brought me a $100 bill! Supposedly it was used to soften harshness from the engine to Corvair derived gearbox. There has been in the past copious amount of horsepower run through those with no issues. BMW could learn something form this setup versus their guibo-clutches!

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  10. Russ G

    That one was Metallic Mint Green

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