Stalled and Stored: 1973 Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Container Find

Whenever I drive past the port in my fair city, I wonder what’s sitting in those shipping containers at the dock. Furniture? Scrap metal? Appliances? Vintage Porsche 911s? Yes, after reading this eBay listing sent in by Jim S, I have now added German steel to the rotation, but hopefully most storage-crated 911s are more complete than this ’73 that’s been stripped and stored in a shipping container outside of Denver, Colorado. As is the case with almost all 911s these days, it will be interesting to watch where this auction ends up price-wise to gauge just how much gas is left in the current Porsche bubble. Be sure to take a look at the seller’s listing here on eBay. Read more »

French Class: 1961 Peugeot 403


Fans of the TV show Columbo will recall this front end (although he drove a cabriolet version).  As an unabashed fan of the Peugeot 505 wagon I used to own, this solid looking Peugeot 403 caught my eye here on eBay today. The car is just down the road from me in Durham, North Carolina and bidding is under $600 with no reserve! Tempting… Read more »

Rare Welsh Wagon: Gilbern Invader Estate

Gilbern Invader Estate

I love to learn about new cars I’ve never seen before! Today I learned about a very special wagon that I had never heard or seen of. If you haven’t ever heard of Gilbern Sports Cars, it’s alright because there were only about 1k of these Welsh built cars ever produced. If you happen to know about Gilbern or have seen one in person, you know they are quite beautiful machines. You might also know that the Gilbern Invader Estate you see above is extremely rare. This example has been off the road since the late ’80s and is a real basket case, but given how rare it is, I think it deserves to be saved. Have a look at this two-door wagon here on eBay in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Read more »

Oregon Coast Stash:  Volvo, Opel, Saab, & Datsun


Barn Finds reader Johnny S uncovered a great find in Oregon: a 1970 Opel GT, 1963 Volvo P1800, 1968 Saab V4, and a Datsun Fairlady, all in the same barn!  They all need work, but the asking prices don’t seem too bad. The seller only includes pictures of the Opel and the Volvo in their ad, and the pictures aren’t great, but you can follow up here on craigslist if you’re interested! It sounds like they are selling them for someone else and they mention that there are other cars available too. Read more »

Patinaed Pickup: 1955 Studebaker E10

1955 Studebaker E10

Growing up only a few hours from South Dakota and having family in the Black Hills area meant spending many a weekend in South Dakota. I still remember fondly driving around as a family looking at all the old cars parked in fields, alleys, and any open buildings we might come across. No wonder me and Jesse have such a love for barn finds, we’ve been hunting for them since childhood! Going back year after year, I began to notice that each trip there were fewer and fewer old cars parked around the Black Hills. At one time it was a gold mine of unrestored classics, but it has slowly been picked clean. This 1955 Studebaker E10 was at one time in South Dakota, but like many of the cars from the area, it has been relocated. It is currently in the Swan Lake, New York area and still looks to be as discovered. The owner has decided to part ways and has listed it here on eBay. Read more »

California Kissed: 1969 Chevy Corvette


When I bought my M3, I really didn’t think too much about it being from San Diego. At that point, I just needed the car and shipping it seemed like a logistical nightmare. But, the price was right and it appeared to be an honest car from an honest seller (and it was!) But having just agreed to purchase yet another vehicle from California, I can now say I’m a believer in buying cars this way for as long as I live in the snowy state of Rhode Island. The reason is – especially on older cars, which I happen to like – everything has rusted to bits in these parts. Well, Jim S. spotted this ’69 Corvette here on eBay in Long Island, an original California car, that has somehow survived intact despite years of outdoor storage. Read more »

Big Block Brit: 1973 Jensen Interceptor

1973 Jensen Interceptor

We’ve featured quite a few Jensen Interceptors recently. I’m not sure if there are simply more coming to market or if we have all just been on a Jensen kick lately, but seeing yet another Interceptor is really giving me an itch to join the Jensen club. There aren’t too many things out there that are better than an Italian bodied British sports car with a big American V8 under the hood. Not only does this one have a V8, it has a 440 big block. Sadly, it also has lots of issues and may not be the car to start with for someone just joining the club. If you think you are up for the task, take a look at it here on eBay with a $2,250 BIN. Read more »

What a Face! 1957 Chevrolet Suburban 3100

1957 Chevy Suburban

Looking over Craigslist this morning, the face of this Suburban jumped out at me. What a mug! I think this truck may be saying “Get me back on the road or else!” This tough looking early SUV can be found here on Craigslist in Kernersville, NC for $1200. Read more »

The Original Commuter: 1972 Honda Z600


If you have any memory of how big Honda’s Civic was in the 80s, you likely recall a small, tin-like structure that was as efficient as it was compact. The thing is, the Civic has lost much of that tossable form in favor of a more refined vehicle that isn’t nearly as light on its feet and suffers from poor sight lines, due to the airbags stored in the a-pillars and a high beltline that extends into the rear door windows. Of course, if you take the lineage back one step further, even the game-changing lineup of hatchbacks, coupes and sedans from the 1980s look heavy by comparison. That’s why I felt it was important to profile this 1972 Honda Z600 found here on eBay – a barn find kept by the same owner for 41 years! Read more »