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Diesel Fintails

Pair of Mercedes 200D’s for $3,750!

For the old-school Mercedes diesel fan, your ship has come in! Here on eBay right now, you can buy a pair of manual transmission-equipped Heckflosse fintails for less than $4,000! One is running and the other is a parts car, but these old girls are fairly stout – and with the purchase price being so low, you’d be forgiven if you tried to get the other one running before pillaging it. Aside from the bargain basement pricing, these cars also appear relatively complete. They don’t look rusty or accident-damaged, the chrome and glass looks decent, and even the interiors are livable. I’m not sure what the catch is, but I’m not seeing it. The cars are located in Atlanta and the official Buy-it-Now is $3,750. Who’s going to grab these beauties?


German Collection: 21 Garage Finds for 5,200 Euro

Wow! Kudos to reader Olaf E. for this very unusual find! Located in Oschersleben, Germany, this huge collection of cars is for sale here on eBay Germany for 5,200 Euro ($5,702) or best offer. Consisting of 11 Trabants (!), 4 Wartburgs and 6 Ladas, the collection is just amazing in it’s depth. Most of the cars look complete or near complete, and the seller will not split the collection. At least one of the Trabants is said to have a restored body and just awaits assembly. The advertisement says the cars have been in this dry “hall” for years. I’m guessing it will take either a dealer or a consortium of German car enthusiasts to purchase all of these; I don’t know where you’d find the room to store that many cars as an individual! Any of our European readers interested? How about a single-marque Trabant race series?


1992 Muff Mobile: One Of One

As we all know, shop promotional vehicles can be a bit whacky, but they can also provide great value by becoming a community favorite while serving as advertising for its owner. How could you not love a car shaped as a gigantic muffler? I come from a marketing background, and I long for the days when oddities like this Muff Mobile here on eBay were the norm. Today, advertising has moved into the digital arena where cars like this just don’t play. Although I’d like to see the Muff Mobile continue in its duties as a conversation starter for a local muffler shop, its days as a sales tool may be coming to an end. My personal favorite ad-cars are the air-cooled Truly Nolen VW Beetles – complete with ears and tails, what’s not to love? Hopefully, someone feels the same way about the Muff Mobile. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Doug N. for the find.


Rotary Motorcycle: 1975 Hercules W-2000

This motorcycle falls into a category of vehicles I really like–let’s call them “enhanced survivors”–where the vast majority of the vehicle is clean and original, but the necessary maintenance and repairs have been done to put the machine into excellent running condition. No, it’s not a concours-winning show example, but it looks like it’s been loved and cared for since birth. Since I’m a big rotary engine fan as well, this Chicago, Illinois find courtesy of reader Jim S really piqued my interest. The Hercules is advertised here on eBay, with bidding currently at $4,750 but the reserve has not yet been met. The presentation by the seller is superb, with numerous beautiful photographs of both general views and details. They have also included more information about the Hercules Wankel 2000 than I thought available, including such minute details as how many with red tanks were in the initial shipment to the US distributor. The seller maintains a collection of rotary motorcycles; I would imagine they would be able to answer pretty much any questions you could come up with. What do you think of this unusual motorcycle?
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What An Ad! 1973 Capri Survivor

Thanks go to Barn Finds reader Herb for alerting us to this find! It’s rare that you find an early Mercury Capri that isn’t completely rusted away. This one does have some issues, especially on the driver’s side rear fender, but that’s original metallic blue paint you are seeing, and apart from a spray-on roof replacing the original vinyl I would classify this car as a survivor. The Capri has 77,690 miles (and for once I believe it hasn’t turned over) and is offered here on craigslist in Seattle, Washington for $4,000. I have to say, however, that the real star in this case is not the car, although I like Capri’s, but the verbiage in the ad. The story told about the car and the lives it’s touched so far was extremely enjoyable to read but wasn’t hyperbole. If you have a few minutes, it’s really worth the read. I ended up hoping that the seller keeps the car! If you read the ad, let us know what you think in the comments.


’80s Luxury Liner Trio: Low-Mileage Specimens

This may not be the world’s sexiest collection of barn finds, but this discovery by Barn Finds reader Robert R stands out for how unusual it is to find 3 ordinary, vanilla cars in preserved, showroom condition – all with the same owner since new. Listed here on craigslist with prices ranging from $6,500 to $12,000, you have your choice of an original Oldsmobile Cutlass, Caliase or Cadillac Eldorado. Mileage is low across the board – 41,000 on the Cutlass, 51,000 on the Calais and a mere 21,000 on the Eldorado. It’s not hard to figure out which was the driver, the good weather car and the weekend-only vehicle! While not exactly collectible at this point, I could get behind the Cadillac as a comfortable classic that’s cheap to own and insure, without being too worried about the value and using it for highway travel. Which one would you pick?

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1948 REO Speed Wagon: Tougher Than The Band!

When Ransom E Olds sold his company to General Motors, he agreed to not use his name on another company. He named his new company REO, for Ransom Eli Olds, building cars and trucks from 1905 to 1975. Mr. Olds was actually the first car manufacturer to use the assembly line, ahead of Ford. There’s no information on the history of this 1948 RIO Speedwagon. The body has said to be in good shape with very little rust. The owner has been working on reviving this truck for 2 years, mounting the REO body on a more modern truck, a 1991 Dodge. The owner has driven this 15,000 miles since completing it, so it must be somewhat sorted. There are numerous items to be completed like turn signals and glass. It’s for sale here on eBay with a BIN of $20,000.00 and bidding up to $5700 not meeting reserve. What use do you think the new owner will make of this truck? And what do you think would be a reasonable price? Read more »


1975 Bricklin SV1: Supercar Dreams

The Bricklin SV1 is a curiosity of automotive history. I remember being drawn in by its profile, with those exotic gullwing doors and turbine-style wheels. But for the most part, it never really took off and is only cherished today by fans of the brand. The Bricklin was packed to the brim with safety features, and its doors operated with the push of a button – despite these neat features, however, the car was a flop and Bricklin went bankrupt owing creditors millions. This particular SV1 is located in Canada, listed for sale here on kijiji for $12,000 (thanks to Barn Finds reader J. Clark for sharing). As the dust will tell you, it has been idled for quite some time, despite being on the receiving end of an engine rebuild before it was parked. This certainly isn’t the only Bricklin that sits unloved today, as any scan of craigslist or eBay will tell you. Will they ever become a cherished collector car?


1950 Ford F1 Pickup: Build-a-Bed

No matter the condition, the early Ford pickups are among the most handsome trucks ever made. This 1950 Ford F1 is listed here on eBay as a rusty project that’s been sitting for 28 years, so long that the bed has completely rusted out. It’s got a V8 and a stick, and the whitewalls look good enough to roll on. They probably aren’t, but it’s fun to think you could drive this rig in its severely weathered condition. Ocala seems to be a hot spot for old projects like this, and it’s a local I visit often when traveling to a nearby town to visit family. While the Florida weather hasn’t been kind to this truck, a $1,200 Buy-it-Now isn’t too terrible of a price – but I’d be happier to walk away with it for $800 and get to work building a bed. How would you restore it?


1977 Lotus Esprit S1: Spy Gear Not Included

This 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 has been listed here on eBay for awhile. They’ve lowered the price from $30,000 to $19,995, but it still seems overpriced. (I thought these sold for $10k or less) It’s been a long time since that Jame bond film and I don’t think this one has rockets or any of Mr. Bonds cool toys. I don’t think a condition one car would sell for this much, but this one has been sitting since 1997 and is a survivor, well sort of. It’s very original except it was originally yellow. It certainly needs a new front bumper and a windshield, and the paint has the usual blemishes, but otherwise it looks pretty nice. One would want to carefully examine the fiberglass body for cracks and damage, of course, and the frame for rust. It is leaking oil, perhaps from the cam seals or other interesting places. So, am I missing something here? Is there an extra zero on the price? The speedometer was replaced when it was showing 23k miles, but that could be 123k, and the new one is showing 400 miles. The seller is a dealer and he’s had it 3 years, so surely he must want to sell it. Is there someone out there who appreciates this and can negotiate a reasonable price? What do you think this Lotus is actually worth? Read more »


1965 Volkswagen Bus: Shriner-Driven

If there’s one thing old VW Buses are good for, it’s being used as a rolling billboard. This barn find ’65 Bus here on eBay has a reserve price that I hope isn’t too high, as it deserves a sympathetic restoration to preserve its role in annual Shriner parades. Converted to allow the kids staying in the local Shriner hospital to wave to the crowds from dual ramp-style doors, this example of Volkswagen’s ubiquitous people-hauler is unlike any I’ve ever seen. They’ve been used as ambulances, track-side support vehicles and handyman’s vans, but a parade car is a new one to me. This Bus is going to need some work to protect the body from further corrosion and the motor is locked up, but the paint and doors should definitely be preserved during any restoration attempts made on the “Boogie Bus.” I can only imagine how much fun it had to be if you were a kid loading up in this cheerful VW on parade day. How would you restore it?


Ready To Rumble: 1931 Hudson Coupe

With one owner for about the last 40 years and having been stored in a barn for that period, this Hudson looks ripe for someone to enjoy. It can be found in Bandon, Oregon, and is listed for sale here on eBay where bidding is just over $12,000 with the reserve not yet met. I can’t say I know a lot about Hudsons, especially pre-war ones, but this sure has classy lines! And a rumble seat to boot! There’s 93,000 miles showing (I think, based on the odometer picture) and the car is said to be in un-restored condition. It’s also claimed to start right up and run well. I’m hoping someone buys this beauty and puts it back on the road quickly! It’s only missing the rumble seat cushion, step, and one engine vent knob. Any Hudson experts out there?

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