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1968 Chevelle

1968 Chevelle: Low Mileage Survivor

This 1968 Chevelle is said to have only 51,000 documented miles. They don’t provide many details or any other pictures. This could be a great survivor if it’s anything like the seller wants us to believe. The owner does say he is the second owner and it has always been garaged until he bought it. It’s a 307 with the automatic, so don’t expect it to be much of a performance machine. The asking price of $16,000 seems really high to me, but if it’s in exceptional original condition it might be worth it. It’s in the San Jose area and listed here on craigslist. Do you think this is worth checking into?

1960 Edsel Ranger Hardtop

1960 Edsel Ranger Hardtop: Sports Coupe?

I’ve never really understood why Edsels never really took off. They built some very interesting cars, especially towards the end of the brands life. I especially like the 1960 Ranger, but finding them is rather difficult. They only built about 2,500 Rangers in ’60, with the majority being the Sedan body. The one you see here isn’t the ultra rare convertible, but it is the 2 door hardtop, of which they built just 295! Finding parts to restore it will surely be difficult, but it looks complete. Trim pieces will be the hardest bits to find, although I’m worried about some of the interior pieces and the rust. I doubt there is much of a market for replacement body panels, so you will have to fabricate most of the sheet metal panels from scratch. While it will be a lot of work, I think it would be well worth it in the end! If you agree with me, you can find this rare Edsel here on eBay in a barn in Oakland, California


Weekend Driver Survivor: 1975 Alfetta

Earlier this month, I wrote about another one of these that I felt was a bargain. I’m feeling the draw again after looking this one over, but it’s too far away as well, although this time at least it’s in the same country I’m in. The huge package of spare parts that comes along with this car (the seller says they will not split the parts from the car) tells me that this owner planned on keeping the car for a long time. They have owned the car since it was three years old and bought it from their brother! The car is currently located in Denver, Colorado, and has been a weekend driver there for a while. While there are some relatively minor rust spots, and as you can see from the picture, some mismatched paint from a past fender-bender, and a set of tires that the owner says need replacing, I still see a really nice car that just needs a little bit to put it over the top. Any other readers out there like these like I do? You can find the auction here on eBay where it has yet to meet reserve.


Husqvarna Stash: Herd of Huskies Must Go!

Here is a whole barn full of 1974 to 1989 Husqvarna motorcycles and parts offered for sale on craigslist. Does anyone have a guess how many there might be or what they may be worth? They are located near Seattle. One would need to inventory them, of course, and know what you are looking at before considering an offer. The seller is asking $24,000 – a number I’m sure he made up. Looking around, I see a lot of interest in vintage Husqvarnas selling for between $1,800 and $4,000. It would be interesting to learn why they are there. I hope a Husqvarna lover sees this and is able to rescue this herd of huskies before the cows move in! Read more »

1969 Ford Torino

Torino Project: Looking Good At Last!

Well guys, I recently promised an update on our 1969 Ford Torino GT and here it is! For whatever reason, Summer is the busiest time of the year for us, so it’s been hard to get out to the garage and work on our cars. We decided a couple weeks ago that we needed to spend at least two mornings each week in the garage and here is the first of the results of this endeavor. If you remember back to when we got this Torino GT, it was looking rather sad, as a matter of fact we were a bit embarrassed to be seen in it. It was still a sweet machine, but the paint looked so bad that most people looked shocked that it even ran. Read more »


Royalty! 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

The auction description says that a collector is having to sell a large number of unrestored Mopars–right up our Barn Finds alley! This particular one has been stored since the current owner purchased it in 1990, but we are assured that it ran then and still does now. Under the hood certainly looks like the best part of the car, which according to the license plates has been off the road since 1972. The bodywork seems mostly solid, although a hole in the driver’s door will certainly require attention, and there are some other spots where work will be needed–that driver’s door is awfully rippled. I almost thought the floorboard was completely rusted away, but it’s actually a missing access panel. While the interior is present, it’s useful only for patterns. The car is located in South San Fransisco, California and the auction is being conducted here on eBay, where the opening bid of $3,000 has been met and there’s no reserve. What do you think?


Desert Dry: 1973 Toyota Corona Wagon

If I had a bit more time and a reliable form of income that didn’t require being chained to a desk all day, I’d love to go on the hunt for cars like this 1973 Toyota Corona wagon found here on eBay.  It’s not out of any burning desire to drive an old Toyota; rather, I just want to be the guy who finds some grandma-driven classic sitting in a carport covered in dust. This Corona appears very honest and the dry Arizona air has been kind to its body panels. While it will never deliver a pulse-pounding driving experience (unless you’re trying to merge), it will likely be as reliable as any other Toyota with the added bonuses of wagon-grade capacity and quirky, vintage Japanese looks. With a starting bid of only $100, this one could be cheap enough to be worth watching.


Car Next Door: 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air

This true garage find is being sold by the next-door-neighbor to it for the last 20 years – he bought it from the late owner’s estate. It’s been sitting in the garage since 1974. The owner has loaded a five-minute youtube video here giving more details and showing off the nice interior. Unfortunately the exterior isn’t quite as clean, with some rust in the rocker panels and around other areas. The motor is free but there’s been no attempt to start the car. With only 42,000 miles and the last oil change sticker showing one at 41,000 miles in 1973, it’s just waiting for someone to come along, replace the bias-ply tires and re-awaken this car. Yes, it’s a four-door. But, there’s no reserve in the eBay auction here, and bidding is currently at $2.25 (not a typo!). I’ll bet you could have it running pretty quickly, but then what? Do you think it’s worth a sympathetic restoration?


Same Owner for 46 Years: 1965 Dodge Dart GT

Scan your local used car lot and it becomes apparent that more consumers than ever before are trading cars in after just a few years of ownership. Either we’re slaves to variety or the cars themselves just aren’t that enjoyable to own for the long-term; whatever the cause, cars like this 1965 Dodge Dart GT here on eBay are unusual for being with the same owner for more than 4 decades! After 46 years, the owners of this Lemon Twist Yellow Dart want to spend their retirement years traveling, so they’ve listed this highly original and well-optioned Mopar with an opening bid of $9,500. The list of repairs and enhancements may deviate slightly from the car’s showroom configuration, but the repaint in as-delivered colors and suspension refresh were sensible maintenance items to address. How many of you have owned a car for the long haul?

1972 Corvette LT-1

1972 Corvette Survivor: Last Of The LT-1s

A classic car’s story is almost as important as it’s condition! Alright, maybe it isn’t that important, but it sure can make a car more interesting. This ’72 Corvette LT-1 has a lot going for it. For one, it’s in good shape overall. It’s also been in the care of the same owner since new and up until ’95 the owner still drove it, if that doesn’t catch your interest, maybe the performance LT-1 V8 will! This Vette is one of the last LT-1s built, it’s also one of only 240 cars to come with this performance version of the 350 V8. The little old lady that bought it new parked it in the barn sometime around ’95. It then made it’s way outside, but with a cover on it. When the seller found it, it was covered in dust and dirt, but a quick cleaning, some new fuel and a tune-up was all it took to get it running again! If you’d like to give this bright orange Corvette a new home, you can find it here on eBay in Henderson, Nevada with bidding already over $18k. So would the 225 hp produced by the LT-1 be enough to fill your performance needs?


1955 Chevy Nomad: Perfect Canvas?

Although it has no motor or transmission, this ’55 Chevy Nomad found here on eBay wears original paint and comes with new floor pans to replace the ones that are rotted through. There is a reserve on the auction, but at least the seller opened up bidding at a rock-bottom price. While there are some cars that aren’t worth restoring with so many major components missing, Nomads are generally desirable enough that it’s worth sourcing your own drivetrain and deciding whether to keep the paint as-is or start fresh with a new coat of baby blue. The tailgate and the lower doors look fairly rough as well, but the interior appears salvageable in places. I think it’s still a safe distance away from the point of no return – would you agree?


Rare Cruiser: 1966 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

The seller of this rare (514 made) 1966 Chrysler Imperial convertible makes sure they don’t overpromise and underdeliver by making the statement, “Please don’t ask what works and what doesn’t, because I’m sure none of it works.” The car has an interesting history, including original ownership in Atlanta and then spending the last 40 years in a barn in Florida. It’s still located in Florida, in Ocala to be exact, and is offered for sale here on eBay with no-reserve bidding starting at $1,600 and a buy-it-now of $3,000. The original 440 V-8 is still in place, along with the air conditioning unit, although the seller isn’t going to see if the engine is free.  The ad states no “rot,” but there’s certainly surface rust in a lot of spots and some accident damage to repair as well. I’ll bet this was magnificent to cruise in when new and I hope someone will return it to it’s former glory!

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