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Time Warp Truck: 1973 International 1210

There are, at the time of posting, 16,794 original miles on this beauty listed here on craigslist.  If you are looking for a clean ride here you go! There are no images of the underside but I believe that if you ask for some they will be provided.  It’s great to see this example of the 3/4 ton camper special.  It is powered by a 345ci V8, with duel fuel tanks.  The only non-original part on the truck is the radio.  The bumper was removed to put the camper shell on and was lost.

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BF Exclusive: 1967 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon

From Tex – This car has a clean Oklahoma title and the registration is up-to-date. This is an exported model, sent to Belgium, sent back by an American Airman. I have all the paperwork. I have owned it since 1994. Have export fender tag.  Includes original interior (seat covers which are in good to excellent shape. It has a 1980 318 with TF bucket seats, chrome valve covers, Aluminum 4 barrel intake, power steering, power brakes, and disk front brakes. It has 17 inch Ford Mustang Bullet wheels but needs tires.  Turns over freely; have not started in 16 years. Too many projects, must clear the space. Located in Central Oklahoma. As is where is, asking $3,500 OBO. Buyer must pick up or provide transportation. Contact me via email for more information.

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It’s All Downhill From Here…Part 3

That’s right folks it’s Soap Box Derby time again! If you’ve missed part 1 or 2, be sure to check them out! Now for part 3! Above is a late 1930s to early ’40s racer that is listed here on eBay and rolling in Hamilton, MI with a BIN of $1,500. We love the style of this slick little derby car!

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1965 Triumph Sports Herald: Parts Or Project?

Here is a good restoration project or pick this up if you need a parts cars. This Sports Herald is listed here on craigslist in Hartland, New Hampshire for just $600. The Herald and its variants were popular in the 1960s, with 317,821 sedans, 70,000 convertibles, 53,267 estates, and 20,472 coupes sold by 1967. Did you ever own one or more of these?

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Bombardier VW Iltis: Florida Jeep

This Bombardier VW Iltis could be a case of a seller who doesn’t know what he has, leading to a good deal for someone who does. Listed on Florida’s craigslist for $3,500 as a “jeep” there are no other details offered but the pictures are at least helpful. I can see not knowing what this bare-bones 4×4 is if it’s just been used as a hunting or farm vehicle all of its life, but given the off-road capabilities these military-grade trucks possess, I have to imagine at least one previous owner knew what he or she was buying. I’m curious how this example ended up in Florida since they were built for Canadian defense forces and most examples still reside up north. Buy this one and avoid the hassle and expense of importation. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Nathan for the find.

It’s All Downhill From Here… Part 2

And now for part two of our look at some period soap box derby racers! This cart was called Greek Power II #44/28 and is available here on eBay with a starting bid of $799. This beautiful “golden rod” is a nice ride and with a little work, could be a winner again! And if this one is a bit too flashy, be sure to check out The Red Baron and a car that was sponsored by Nationwide Insurance below!

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1989 Nissan Be-1: Yes You Can!

I know, I know, this isn’t a dirty, dusty or rusty old car, but I believe it has been in a garage most of its life. It’s also rare (a two year run of 10K), chances are you and many others haven’t ever seen one or had the chance to purchase one of these Nissans. This one is listed here on craigslist in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. It has that interesting retro design and would be fun to own and drive.Read More »

1952 Chevrolet: Reasonably Priced Survivor?

At $1,680 this old Chevy here on craigslist seems reasonable, but who knows what you’d really find upon inspection. As always, it would be nice to have more pictures and especially in this case. It’s claimed to be original, unmolested, and the engine turns. Most Chevys of this vintage were manuals, but this one has a power glide. That’s perhaps rare, but you just might prefer the 3 speed. Rust, as always, is the question. Are there really only a few little holes in the floor? All the spare head bits might indicate it’s had some work done on the top end. There are lots of options, but wouldn’t it be great to keep this old Chevy as near stock as possible?

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1971 VW Type 3 Notchback: Assembly Required

This is what the car looked like in the ’90s. There has been one owner since 1990 and he is now selling one of his “most prized possessions”. There are very few examples of this model in North America and I do like them a lot. The owner drove the car, then garaged and slowly disassembled it. Then he had to move to a tiny garage. There he separated the body from the pan, stripped and epoxy primed the body.He now has less time and you know the rest of the story.Read More »

1939 Studebaker Hearse: Last One on Earth?

We see bold claims in car classifieds all the time. Most of the time they are on eBay and have to do with the level of restoration or the one, careful grandma owner. But this 1939 Studebaker Hearse here on craigslist makes the biggest claim of all: it’s the only one left on Earth! I don’t know how to confirm this proclamation, or how a guy in British Columbia knows for a fact his is the sole survivor. To be fair, though, a quick Google search does not reveal many references to this extended Stude, aside from some historical photographs. This particular car looks like it has decent trim around front including the grills and bumpers – which may be specific to the hearse configuration, along with the interior and glass. Do you think the seller is correct that his car is the only surviving example? Thanks to Ed B. for the find.

Under Control In A Mercedes 408G Fire Truck!

If you “need” a low mileage fire truck then this could be for you! Here’s a 1967 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 408G listed here on craigslist in Port Hueneme, California. The seller is asking $18k, which seems a bit high, but then again when will you ever find another rig this cool?

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1958 White Lightning Dragster Shed Find

This dragster posted here on eBay is the thirteenth Green Monster. It’s being sold without a reserve and with four days left is already up to $7,800. Can you imagine going over 200 MPH in this dragster in a seven second quarter mile? That’s a V12 Ranger engine, an engine used in several World War II aircraft. It was built by Walt Arfons, his thirteenth Green Monster. He sold it to Fred Sibley in 1959 who repainted and renamed it White Lightning. Fred raced it until 1968, at which time it disappeared. It was found in a shed in his backyard. There’s a YouTube Video of Fred drag racing it. With that crude steering, suspension, tires and such, it would be a very scary ride. Thanks to Peter R for spotting this listing.

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