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Lotus Europa Body

Chop Shop Lotus Europa

$500 for a Europa body doesn’t seem bad, but there is something fishy here.

Ford Country Wagon

BF Exclusive: 1966 Ford Country Wagon 390

Doug B has turned to us to find a new home for his 390 V8 powered wagon! Will you be its next owner?


German By Way Of Canada: 1964 Ford Taunus

No it’s not a Ford Taurus, it’s a Taunus and is quite rare here in the States!


1967 Jaguar Daimler 250 For $7,500

This Jag could be a good buy at $7,500 or a rust bucket, we just dont know.

1968 VW Camper

1968 VW Camper: Overpriced Puzzle?

This VW Camper could be a good project, but not at this price!

left front

1964 VW Beetle With Metal Sunroof!

Could this Beetle be a good project?


Camaro Vette Duo: Batman and Robin?

Holy customs Batman, this duo of American muscle could be fun!


1947 Triumph 1800: Unclassy Modifications?

Someone modified this rare early Triumph, but could it be returned to original?


Storage Unit Sightings

Can you guess what is hiding under that blue tarp?


1957 BMW Isetta Cabrio: Target Practice

It’s been stripped, shot, and left for dead, but could this Isetta be saved?


Survivor Fiat In Sweden: 1957 Fiat 1400B

Now this is one you don’t see in the US often!

1968 AMC AMX Dragster

The Kenosha Cadillac: 1968 AMX Dragster

This AMX dragster is known as the Kenosha Cadillac, but it’s no slowly luxury cruiser!

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