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Stylish! Brazilian Chevrolet Veraneio

I love it when we come across a vehicle sent in by a Barn Finds reader that I’m not familiar with, and this is certainly one of them! Thanks to reader Jim S. for furthering my automotive education today by submitting this Brazilian Chevrolet Veraneio, something similar to the US Chevy Suburban but designed and built in Brazil on their pickup chassis. No, it’s not a true Barn Find, but it’s unusual enough that I hope you’ll find it interesting like I do. I think it’s incredibly stylish compared to the largely squared-off domestic models, with a certain flair that I really find attractive. It’s helped by the fact that this one has been restored nicely, although with 33,000 miles showing and a lot of original parts still in place, it may not have been that bad to start with. Look through the pictures and see how different it is from the US version, and if you’re interested in bidding, it’s located in Miami, Florida and is for sale here on eBay where you can learn more.

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1967 Chrysler Imperial: Royal Luxury

This Imperial is listed on craigslist near Denver, Colorado. It’s a barn find survivor, complete even to the original leather upholstery which is still soft. It is fully loaded with the luxuries of the day including tilt/telescopic steering wheel, air conditioning, cruise control and leather. It’s powered by a 440 CID engine and the 727 Torqueflight automatic transmission. Imagine driving this survivor, not recreated but original, sittings on the original seats. If it’s as nice as described, could it be worth $7,800 to cruise in luxury in this grand old coupe?

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1977 Dodge Colt: Easy to Own?

These little Mopar/Mitsubishi experiments ran rampant in the ’70s as Chrysler attempted to compete with the Japanese in the economy vehicle class. While no one will ever mistake a 1977 Dodge Colt like this one on eBay for a Civic beater, the ones that remain on the road seem like solid candidates for an easy-to-live-with daily driver classic. Even today, Dodge still sells a rebadged Mitsubishi in the form of the Journey crossover vehicle, so clearly this relationship has been useful to the two automakers. This Colt is fresh out of long-term ownership in Washington State and while not exactly sporting, is a time capsule example of a period in history when fuel economy dominated the conversation. What would you pay for this clean Colt and its “silent shaft” engine technology?

1971 Volvo 142: IPD Built

If you’re into Volvos at any level, you likely know the Volvo tuning and performance shop IPD. The name always conjures up memories from my youth of the hot VW tuning brands like Neuspeed, Autotech and Techtonics Tuning, and IPD is right there among the most revered Swede speed shops. This 1971 Volvo 142 here on eBay is perhaps the ultimate example: this car was built and owned by IPD, becoming a rolling display case of the company’s capabilities. From the alloy wheels and lowered suspension to the IPD exhaust and aero bits attached to the body, this 142 is definitely not your Uncle Olaf’s Volvo, to steal a phrase from a classic Volvo advertisement. Even with a starting bid near $10K, this still a decent deal considering how much it’d cost to build a clone. Thanks to reader Jim S. for the find!

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1959 Bugeye Sprite In Pieces

Listed here on eBay in Reynoldsburg, Ohio with a BIN of $3,000 is this 1959 Bugeye titled project. Here’s another good looking beginning of a two-seater project. This project was picked up a few years ago and has stalled. Please review the images below and see if this is one you would like to get moving along. Oh and does anyone else find it ironic that this Austin Healey Sprite has a Chevrolet Technician’s fender cover laying on it’s trunk?

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1960 Lotus Elite: Series One Racer

Listed here on eBay and garaged in Keene, New Hampshire with a $82K BIN is this wonderful 1960 Lotus Series One Elite, serial #1111. Approximately 1030 cars were produced from 1956 to 1963. This is a beautiful car that could be vintage raced or converted to a restored streetcar.

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1965 Corvair Corsa: Let’s Go Racing

Listed here on eBay on in Littleton, Colorado with a BIN of $8,500. This Corsa is powered by a worked over engine with all the go fast parts needed to take it racing. It’s already prepped inside and out, with all the necessary safety pieces and could be a great car to get into vintage racing with!

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Well-Optioned Canadian Riviera Find

Regular Barn Finds reader Charles H. sent in this great find that’s located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The big Buick coupe was originally purchased as a parts car for the seller’s other 1964, but after looking the car over they have decided it’s too good a car to part out. After viewing the auction listing here on eBay, I agree with them, although part of it might have to do with my father having a 1963 in cream when I was growing up. The car certainly has some rust, although not as much as you might expect, and could probably use a replacement left front fender due to collision damage. It’s been off the road for quite a while and the engine is seized, although with twin carburetors on the original manifold I hope the purchaser is able to get it running again. There are some rare options present, such as air conditioning, power vent windows, tinted glass (although the windshield needs to be replaced) and some other items. The seller has taken copious pictures and has even shared a site where there are pictures from when the car was purchased. While the buy-it-now is $5,000, the ad states that the reserve is much lower. If you want an early Riviera, I think this one is worth checking out!

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Useful Classic: 1961 Corvair Lakewood Wagon

After looking the listing for this car over, I was struck by how useful this wonderful wagon would be in my life. It would get decent gas mileage, haul four people and stuff places, and look good doing it, all for probably less than a year of payments on a new econobox. It’s a good thing we’re in the middle of moving, otherwise I’d have to be watching this auction more closely. The Lakewood is the short-lived station wagon version of Chevrolet’s Corvair, with the air-cooled flat six under the cargo floor in the rear. The seller has owned this car for six years and now feels it’s time to pass it on. Everything works, and while the cosmetics aren’t perfect, they are terrific for a driver, including a nice interior with new carpet and door panels. The car is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is listed for sale here on eBay where bidding starts at $2,500 without a reserve. The powerglide automatic will certainly keep acceleration down, but that’s not what this car is for. Let us know if any of you are interested, and what Corvair experiences you have had.

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Another 620: 1976 Datsun Pickup

This original-appearing 1976 Datsun pickup is reminiscent of the one Jeff wrote up recently and the restored Lil’ Hustler that I wrote up. This one isn’t quite as nice, but it is in pretty good shape, and the auction here on eBay has a low opening bid reflecting that it’s not perfect. The seller has won a prize with the truck at a recent show, implying it can’t look too bad up close! The little truck was with its second owner for 20 years and it spent 15 of those years in a garage, which probably explains its decent appearance. It’s located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona if you want to go take a look!

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1963 Cadillac Sedan de Ville Park Avenue

We learn something new everyday here at Barn Finds. Today, I discovered what the Park Avenue part means in the extraordinarily long model name of this Cadillac. For some strange reason the normal Sedan de Ville was a little too long for the city folk. If you have ever driven on of these impressive machines then you know the reason. With that never-ending trunk out back, reverse maneuvers can be downright frighting. So, in order to make the car more appealing to people who were actually brave enough to parallel park their land yachts, Cadillac chopped a few inches off the back and called it the Park Avenue. This particular example appears to be in good condition and the seller claims that it is mostly original. Find it here on Hemmings where they are asking $12,000.

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Glassback: 1979 Ford Pinto

While I realize that some of you wince when we feature a car like this Pinto, others of us have fond memories of growing up with Pintos, Vegas and Gremlins (and Bobcats, Astres and Eagles)! This Pinto was close to the end of the run, when Ford had already dealt with the rear impact safety issue and the Escort was soon to supplant Ford’s “better idea.” This one appears to be totally stock apart from an unusual aftermarket oil filter conversion and a locking gas cap. It is located in Coos Bay, Oregon and is for sale here on eBay at a buy-it-now of $2,000 and an opening bid of $1,000 without a reserve. I’m surprised at the lack of visible rust, presence of the original wheel covers and general neatness of the car.

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