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1963 Cadillac Sedan de Ville Park Avenue

We learn something new everyday here at Barn Finds. Today, I discovered what the Park Avenue part means in the extraordinarily long model name of this Cadillac. For some strange reason the normal Sedan de Ville was a little too long for the city folk. If you have ever driven on of these impressive machines then you know the reason. With that never-ending trunk out back, reverse maneuvers can be downright frighting. So, in order to make the car more appealing to people who were actually brave enough to parallel park their land yachts, Cadillac chopped a few inches off the back and called it the Park Avenue. This particular example appears to be in good condition and the seller claims that it is mostly original. Find it here on Hemmings where they are asking $12,000.

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Glassback: 1979 Ford Pinto

While I realize that some of you wince when we feature a car like this Pinto, others of us have fond memories of growing up with Pintos, Vegas and Gremlins (and Bobcats, Astres and Eagles)! This Pinto was close to the end of the run, when Ford had already dealt with the rear impact safety issue and the Escort was soon to supplant Ford’s “better idea.” This one appears to be totally stock apart from an unusual aftermarket oil filter conversion and a locking gas cap. It is located in Coos Bay, Oregon and is for sale here on eBay at a buy-it-now of $2,000 and an opening bid of $1,000 without a reserve. I’m surprised at the lack of visible rust, presence of the original wheel covers and general neatness of the car.

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1959 Porsche 356 A Cabriolet Project

Here’s one of the cars that came in on that amazing truckload of 356s. It was parked long ago in a barn after an obvious collision. There are oil change stickers in the door jam dating back to 1967 and the seller assumes that was around the time when the unfortunate event happened. Some car wouldn’t warrant a restoration after suffering damage like this, but Porsche 356s are different. Someone will pay top dollar for the privilege of dragging this one home and will then proceed to pour buckets full of money over it. This project actually looks more doable than many we have come across lately. Bidding is very active here on eBay so it should be interesting to see what this ultimately goes for. Hopefully, Adam will keep us updated on its fate.

Cobra Fighter: 1966 TVR Griffith 200

Thanks to Jim S. who found this auction here on eBay. The Griffith was built by Griffith Motors of Plainview, New York, based on the TVR Grantura. TVR supplied a modified TVR Grantura chassis, a fiberglass body over steel tube frame, without a drivetrain. The Griffith had a 200 horsepower Ford V8 in place of the 4 cylinder in the Grantura and this one has the optional 271 horsepower version. 203 Griffiths were produced and just 49 series 400s. This Griffith has been stored for 40 years and is ready for a complete restoration. With a few days left, bidding is very active and already over $40,000.

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Porsche 912 Lovers Alert: 3 In Oklahoma

Thanks to Barn Finds reader bnvle64 for letting us know about these three Porsche 912’s, which are all being sold by the same seller in Ada, Oklahoma. All three cars are included for one price, and the seller will not separate them. You can find them advertised here on craigslist for $31,000, which is at least a little less expensive than some others we have seen lately.

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Pretty In Pink: 1960 Thunderbird Convertible

This Thunderbird was on display at the museum for years. The owner wants to sell it and is asking $9,000 for it, so it is listed on the California Automobile Museum’s website. It is complete and very original. It has a bit less than 100,000 miles on it. It runs, but the transmission leaks and the linkage is loose and makes it hard to get into the right gear. The brakes grab and the power windows don’t work. The convertible top isn’t even hooked up. But this Thunderbird is solid and this is one of those times I can say there is no rust, really! The paint code says pink, so if one were to restore it to original it would have to stay pink. The average sale price for a ’60 T-Bird is about $38,000 and even a condition 4 car is worth over $20,000. What do you think would be a fair price for this? With a bit of work this could be a driver if you don’t mind pink and going topless. What would you do with this pink bird? And let me know if anyone wants more detailed pictures or has any questions.

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1989 Dodge Shadow: Shelby Equipped

If a Ford Mustang wearing the Shelby badge is out of your price range, there are more affordable options that still wear a Shelby badge. As the Chrysler lineup in the 1980’s can attest, Carroll Shelby was no stranger to the brand’s upstart image, applying his name and thirst for power (and profits) onto many compact cars in the lineup. While the hot-rod Omni GLH Turbo gets much of the fame, the Shadow coupe also underwent a conversion at the hands of Shelby, with cars like this 1989 Shadow CSX here on craigslist in Oklahoma popping up as an affordable modern classic. These later CSXs are desirable for a few reasons, not the least of which include improved torque and reduced turbo lag. The seller is a CSX fanatic, so plenty of spares including a NIB front air dam and the factory alloys are included. Thanks to Dean H. for the find!

Basket Case: 1972 Maserati Indy Base 4.9L

Listed here on ebay and located in Miami, Florida is this rare 1972 Maserati 4.9 Indy Base, zero bids, starting is $15K. This car has seen better days and is available for your viewing and/or questions for the owner. It appears there was a total of 1104 Indy models produced from 1969-74. We have seen restored models well over six figures. What do you think a 4.9 Indy in this condition is worth?

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1959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner Project

From Dustyn F. – These come up every so often. The sellers always want a bunch of money for basketcases though. I have a barn fresh 50k original mile Galaxie in mint condition that I gave the original owner $1,000 for. I would say this one is worth $2,500 tops given the condition and cost of restoration. These are awesome cars when restored and as far as I’m concerned this is one the best looking cars that came out in 1959. That being said there are a a lot of mechanisms that operate the convertible hard top and any one failing shuts the whole system down. Find this one here on craigslist out of Blanding, Utah.

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1928 Chevrolet: Which One To Buy?

The Yellow Chevy is listed on eBay and hasn’t been registered since 1972. It looks stock and unmolested but appears to have been restored at some point. It’s in Santa Rosa, California, so perhaps there’s not much rust. There are already over 20 bids with the current high bid of $6,000 not meeting reserve. If the yellow one is just too bright for you, there is a green Chevy listed here on craigslist and is also a California car in Orange County. It appears stock and unmolested, but it also might have been restored at some previous point. They are asking $8,000 for it. How much would you be willing to pay for either of these Chevys? Can you tell from the information which on you would look at first if you were shopping?

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Four Corvair Rampsides in Texas!

We’ve had some Corvair rampsides on Barn Finds before, but never four in one listing! Thanks goes to reader Stillrunners for sending in this great find! They are located in Joshua, Texas, and are advertised here on craigslist for $1,800 each or $6,000 for all four and a bunch of parts. These unusual trucks feature the Corvair flat-six beneath the bed floor, and unlike a typical pickup truck, the bed can be accessed from a ramp door on the passenger side of the bed as well as the rear. Two of the trucks are 1961’s, while the other two are from 1963. The extra parts include carburetors, shocks, and engine parts as well as other minor components. The seller mentions parts for other Corvair models as well. I could see all four becoming a small delivery fleet for a business; very distinctive advertising! Would you pick up all four pickups?

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Cheap Luxury: 1956 Lincoln Premiere

The Lincolns were my favorite luxury cars growing up. I sometimes got to ride in a new yellow and green beauty with power windows and air conditioning! This Premiere listed on craigslist runs and drives and is original and complete, but has the usual rust in the floors and needs lots of interior work. They are asking only $2,000 for it. Could this be worth the work to restore it enough to be a nice driver? And can someone tell me about the carburetor?

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