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mustang II

Time Capsule: 1975 Mustang II

It’s hard to believe the paint is original on this 1975 pony, it’s so shiny! Currently located in Corsicana, Texas and offered for sale here on eBay, if you like Mustang II’s it can’t get much better than this. Even the old-fashioned “digital” clock is said to work! These Pinto-based cars were developed in response to the 70’s fuel crisis, and considering their origins did a nice job of capturing the look of the early Mustangs. This one has just over 42k miles and even has an immaculate white interior and a white vinyl top. This car is in such nice cosmetic shape, it wouldn’t have looked out of place as a year-old trade in at the Ford dealer. As usual with these older cars, the air conditioning doesn’t work, but that just means it’s ripe for an R-134 conversion if you’re in a warm climate. A recent Barn Finds posting on a similar 1978 car for more money led to a lot of comments – what do you think about this less expensive car?


Two Nash Metropolitans For $2,800

How often do you see a pair of matching Metropolitans? Thanks to reader Mark H for this great find! This lovely pair of cars are located in Ocala, Florida and are for sale here on craigslist for $2,800 for both of them. The seller states that one runs, while the other needs engine work. As these have the later “B-Series” engine, I wonder if an inexpensive swap with an MGB engine would work? I’ll bet one of you out there knows the answer to that – this forum thread says it’s fairly easy with a 3-main bearing rear plate. Apparently, both need floors; one in the pictures really needs them as there’s nothing much left. But I think this could be a really fun parent-child project – the mechanicals are straightforward and there’s plenty of specialist help for parts, not that it looks like they need a lot apart from sheet metal, and you’d end up with two matching cars to cruise in. Any takers?

1947 Indian Chief

Feathers Included: 1947 Indian Chief

This Indian Chief was just pulled out of storage where it had been sitting for the past 15 years. The seller’s description of where the bike was found is hilarious, “Fresh from a farm building, not really a barn but there were chickens and ducks living in the building. Bike still has dust, dirt and feathers on it.” Hmm. This barn find thing is fun and all, but when did dirt and feathers add value to anything? Anyway, this is a cool old bike that you don’t see very often anymore. It doesn’t have the traditional looking springer fork found on earlier bikes, but the big 1,210 cc V-twin is retained. The engine does run, but the seller recommends an overhaul before using too much. It’s located in Spokane, Washington and can be found here on eBay where the reserve has been met.

Ford Pinto

Clean Survivor: 1980 Ford Pinto

As I’ve relayed a few times in other posts, I’ve begun the process of searching for a first home. The whole idea is appealing and off-putting at the same time: having a garage and our own space will be nice, but keeping up with a yard and investing in repairs will almost certainly siphon time and money away from my projects. That’s why this 1980 Ford Pinto listed here on eBay caught my eye for a few reasons: one, it looks very clean and fairly cheap, and two, the seller mentions having to move the car along to raise funds for a roof repair. Now, that could be a bit of hyperbole, but it still reminds me that while having a landlord can be a drag, not being forced to decide between a roof and a project car is OK with me! There’s only one bid on this preserved Pinto for $2,200, and there’s no reserve. It looks like a great entry to classic ownership to me, and one that deserves a leak-free roof to park under. Would you take home this econo car survivor?

1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

Convertible Cruiser: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

The Firebird isn’t exactly the sports car Pontiac was hoping for. They had built a concept of their own, but Chevrolet didn’t really want them competing with the Corvette. Instead, they let them make some personal touches to the Camaro and then threw a Firebird badge on it. There were a few engine options available including an inline-six, but most customers opted for one the of the V8 models. The big 400 from the GTO was available, but this convertible is fitted with the more sensible 250 horsepower 326 V8. It’s claimed to have only covered 68k miles before being put into storage 35 years ago and is said to be running well now. The automatic transmission and convertible top check boxes were also checked here, so I’m guessing that someone planned to do some serious cruising in this one. After a good cleaning and some mechanical sorting, that’s exactly what I would do with it too! It’s located in Independence, Ohio and is listed here on eBay with less than a day left.

1958 Olds Dynamic 88

1958 Olds Dynamic 88: Black Beauty

This big black beauty looks like it might have inspired the Batmobile! It’s complete, and only has 70,000 miles on it, but is it worth restoring? It could make a cool ride the way it is, as it already runs and drives. It needs interior work, no doubt, and some mechanical freshening. If the rust isn’t too bad it could be worth reviving. The asking price is only $2,500 and it’s listed here on craigslist in Templeton, Massachusetts. Is there a second life for this old four door beast?


Stored for 40 Years: 1961 Fiat 1200

A classic barn find here! Located in Charlotte, North Carolina and listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $2,000 (with reserve not yet met), this Fiat 1200 convertible has been waiting to be rescued for 40 years! Taken off the road for a leaky top at 57k miles, this largely unmolested car has almost no rust and looks very complete. The seller has even loaded a collection of photos here in addition to the ones in the eBay listing. There’s no mention of engine condition in the auction, but I was able to find a parts specialist here that seems to have most of what you would need to perform a complete rebuild if necessary. The seller even thinks the paint could be brought back to “new condition,” I don’t know about that but I’ll bet it would be perfectly acceptable once cleaned and detailed. Let us know if you’re interested!

1969 Dodge Charger

Rusty Driver: 1969 Dodge Charger

It never ceases to amaze me to see what some people are willing to pay for project cars. Has the supply dried up so much that a rusted-out 1969 Charger is worth more than $5k? I could maybe understand if there was a big block under the hood or something, but this was a base V8 model. The seller does claim that it runs and drives, but personally I would be afraid that upon hitting its first bump that the whole car would collapse in on itself. From the looks of it, this Charger has rotted from the inside out. Somehow the floors are still in place, but if you look closely at the body you will see that some areas are paper thin. Sure, the sheet metal is all available, but the cost to do the job right would surely be more than just buying a good car to begin with. Am I missing something here? Take a look at the auction listing here on eBay and let us know what you think.

1965 MGB

1965 MGB: Honest Project

The seller of this ’65 MGB is a confessed MG hoarder. His posting is the most honest and informative I’ve seen in a while. This fellow did all the usual things and more to revive this B after it set for 20 years. He’s sorted the brakes with new rotors, calipers, shoes and drums. The gas tank has been cleaned, fuel pump and carbs rebuilt, fluids changed, etc. He even pulled the head to check out the engine and replaced the intake valve seats. So, the bad? The trans is noisy in first and reverse and it has had bad body repair behind the passenger door. He says it needs everything, but it sounds like a fun, dependable little car as it is. The rubber bushings in the front end tend to rot away, especially after sitting so long, so perhaps replace those? Does $3,500 seem like a reasonable price? It’s advertised here on craigslist in Garden Valley, California.

1960 Chevrolet Impala Limo

1960 Chevrolet Impala: Stageway 12 Seater

Jim S recently pointed out to us just how many project cars the Barn Finds staff currently has and I have to admit, our passion maybe turning into an obsession. I’d contend that it is a good thing, but my bank account would say otherwise. Fixing and maintaining a fleet of classics gets expensive, but I think Jim might have found a way for me to pay for my habit! He sent me a link to this Chevy Stageway Limo and with room for 12 passengers, I think I could make some extra cash hauling people in it. Heck, I just live a few minutes from the airport and could easily make the rounds to all the nearby hotels. If you’d like to beat me to starting a limo service, you can find this Stageway here on eBay in Frankfort, Illinois with a BIN of $10k. Read more »

1970 Dodge Super Bee

Bee’s Knees: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

Mopar already had one affordable street bruiser – the Plymouth Road Runner, when they decided that Dodge needed something similar. So, the Super Bee was born. It was based on the same platform and offered the same engine options, but had a flavor all its own. The B-body designation inspired the name and the bee emblem was borrowed from from the Scat Pack logo. This particular example is pretty rough and even though it runs and drives, the seller admits that it’s not really road worthy. I can spot some serious rot in the rear quarters, but without any underside shots it’s hard to determine the full extent of the damage. The seller isn’t sure if the 383 V8 under the hood is original or not, but he original 4-speed transmission and Hurst shifter are there. This one is going to need a lot of work before it’s going to be collecting any honeys, but I’m sure it will be bee’s knees when it does! Find it here on eBay with the reserve met and less than a day to go!

Jigsaw Puzzle Porsche

Jigsaw Puzzle: 1963 Porsche 356B

The seller’s use of the phrase “jigsaw puzzle” in their auction listing seems fitting here. Multiple 356s were cut up and thrown together to form this car. Well, sort of a car. There is no engine, transaxle, doors, interior, etc., etc. Still, considering the outrageous levels that 356 values have reached lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually buys this. It’s listed here on eBay for $7,700 buy-it-now with the option to make an offer. I’m not seeing much value here, but perhaps real Porsche enthusiasts have more vision than I? Thanks goes to Robert R. for sending this in. I’d like to end this with a statement from the seller, “if you’ve wanted a 356 Porsche in the worst way… this is the worst way!”