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Topless Antelope: 1964 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

This Chevrolet Impala convertible wasn’t very attractive at first glance. It’s offered here on eBay… more »


1965 Mustang: Built Into The Barn

They had to take down a wall to get this 1965 Mustang out of the… more »


The Beginning: 1958 Datsun 1000 Sedan

This could be one of the first Nissans ever sold in the US!


1967 VW Beetle: Interesting Stablemate

This Bug is nice, but I’m more interested in what’s parked in front of it!


1972 Chevrolet Custom Van: Vantastic

Perhaps one of the best parts of ’70s culture is how vans become rolling murals… more »


1962 Austin Mini: Part or Save?

It’s rusty and rough right now, but this Mini could be a sweet racer!


Got Fins? 1959 Pontiac Bonneville

That’s one well styled rear!

front left

1950 DeSoto Custom: Dusty Survivor

With a little work, could this Desoto make a nice driver?

Pair of Plymouths

Reader Plymouths For Sale In Indiana

Is this pair of Plymouths worth $4k?


Nicely Weathered: 1963 Datsun L320 Pickup

From Barn Finds reader Jeff J: Saw this and thought barnfind. I really enjoy the… more »


Body Shop Find? 1972 Chevrolet Camaro LT

That’s one dusty split bumper Camaro!

1985 Corvette

1985 Corvette: Dusty C4

It might not be an early Vette, but this C4 could be a fun daily driver!

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