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UPDATE – The seller has taken additional photos of the car and all the included parts! Be sure to take a look at them in the gallery. They have also gathered all the parts together to make shipping the car easier.

The XK150 was a significant car in Jaguar’s history because many lessons learned from it found their way into the iconic E-Type. The company built three variants during the XK150’s four-year production run, with our feature car a 1959 Drophead Coupe. It is a restoration project that stalled over two decades ago. However, it is a structurally sound vehicle that retains the vital components required to return the car to its former glory. The owner feels it deserves a better fate than to spend more years in hiding, listing the Jaguar exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

The XK150 graced Jaguar showrooms from 1957 until 1961 before being replaced by the iconic E-Type. The company produced three body variants, with 2,489 buyers selecting the Drophead Coupe. It wasn’t the rarest of the range, but it provided an excellent compromise. It offered occupants similar weather protection to the Fixed Head but with the wind-in-the-hair experience of the Open Two-Seater that joined the party in 1958. This Drophead is a restoration project that stalled years ago, with the car stored in a truck trailer since 1998. It doesn’t make the best first impression, but it is worth scrolling through the image gallery to discover the truth. There is plenty of accumulated surface corrosion and little sign of what we believe is Old English White paint. The seller notes that the car was originally painted blue. It will take hours of surface preparation before the panels are fit for fresh paint, but rust repairs will be minimal. The frame was blasted and coated with POR 15 before the build stalled, and it remains in good condition. The seller has provided photos of the spots they feel will need the most attention. The rear fenders and a few small parts are gone, but the remaining panels and exterior trim items are almost all there. This includes five of the beautiful wire wheels, which look like they will present well following a hefty dose of TLC.

The image gallery reveals that many interior trim items and the crucial hardware are intact, although the instrument panel is missing. That isn’t the end of the world because reproduction components are readily available, allowing the new owner to complete a faithful restoration confidently. It looks like the original owner trimmed the interior in Black, which was one of the more popular choices for cars finished in Old English White. Several companies stock complete interior kits that allow a faithful result. These retail for over $6,000, although the new owner should view it as a wise investment that will improve the car’s long-term investment potential.

The XK150 hit the market in 1957. It was powered by Jaguar’s beautiful 3.4-liter DOHC six, which produced 190hp and 203 ft/lbs of torque. The company would increase the capacity to 3.8-liters in 1959, but Jaguar restricted those motors to the S and SE models. Those powerplants would eventually find their way into the Series 1 E-Type. This car’s 3.4 would have sent its power to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission with the optional overdrive feature. Outright performance was considered class-leading for a British sports car from this era, with the ¼-mile journey taking 16.7 seconds and the glorious six running out of breath at 120mph. This car retains its original mechanical components. The engine is dismantled, making any inspection or machining work before a rebuild straightforward. It is common for owners to tweak the cylinder head and upgrade the camshafts in these circumstances, unleashing some extra ponies to improve outright performance.

The last XK150 rolled off the line at Jaguar’s Coventry factory in October 1960. It sold significantly better than its predecessors, but the production total of 9,382 cars for global sale makes them rare by any standard. Various sources agree that only 2,009 were Drophead Coupes built in left-hand drive form. Some would have found their way to the European market, but most landed in North America. This is one of those cars, and while its revival won’t be cheap, it will be well worth the expense once its next owner gets to enjoy the final results. That makes this Jag worth more than a passing glance.

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High Bid: $8,000 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Apr 19, 2024 10:04am MDT
High Bidder: oliverjones
  • oliverjones bid $8,000.00  2024-04-19 10:01:06
  • Jdbc
    bid $6,750.00  2024-04-19 09:58:06
  • Mark bid $6,500.00  2024-04-19 09:08:58
  • Jdbc bid $5,500.00  2024-04-19 08:55:57
  • oliverjones
    bid $5,000.00  2024-04-19 07:37:27
  • Mark bid $3,000.00  2024-04-17 17:57:27
  • daimler sp250 bid $2,750.00  2024-04-17 16:48:24
  • oliverjones
    bid $2,500.00  2024-04-17 10:47:00
  • Dean bid $800.00  2024-04-15 20:13:56
  • oliverjones bid $500.00  2024-04-12 16:36:54

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  1. Terry J

    First came the XK120, then the XK140, finally the XK150 which was the last version of a great car. In 1952 Stirling Moss and 3 other drivers took a fairly stock XK120 and set numerous records with it including 7 days & nights, 16,851 miles at an average speed of 100.31 miles an hour! 1952! That very car still exists. :-) Terry J

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    • CharlieMember

      Owned an XK 150 S, fixed head. Fast, agile, unreliable, had an old Chevy if I had to get there and back on time. Think sailboat reliability. But, oh did it go, when it went.

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      • Auric

        I owned a 1957 XK-150 Special Equipment. It had been correctly maintained by real classic Jaguar shops and I continued the regular upkeep. It never let me down and proved to be one of the most reliable sports cars I have ever owned.

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    First sports car I ever drove was a 120 roadster. Never got over the sound of the engine. Should paint this car green to match all the cash outlay it is going to take to get it back on the road.

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  3. Derek BanksMember

    Hello Barn Finds and Xk150 seller,

    Appreciate all the history and photos.
    However what would really be helpful for us interested bidders would be a more accurate list of what is missing. ie Windshield, door and window hardware, wiper motor, hardware, engine components, body trim, interior , etc and finally when does this auction end? Many Thanks Derek Banks , Aurora, Ontario a if I c mechsniz

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    • Eric the seller

      the “history” of jaguar kind of over shadows the description of the car ..if one were to add up what it would cost to locate
      a hood, pair of doors, trunk lid, pair of bumpers
      set of 5 wheels, front grille ,top frame, and seat frames
      those alone are far more than my reserve
      there is plenty more with it to satisfy a fair buyer..
      sure it’s project or a great donor it is what it is

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      • mike mcdowell

        Hi Eric, I see you r reserve was not met and I’m assuming no sale took place.
        What figure would buy this car?
        I’m also in Canada so I realize what you said about Canadian registration.
        If you would like, please let me know.

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      • Eric the seller

        Mike/ this was the wrong venue for this car
        You can email me at ledfoot at gmail and discuss the interest

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  4. Derek BankdMember

    Did the current owner (seller) dismantle the car? Was it running and driving when it was dismantled? Were the rear fenders discarded due to poor condition? Or have the simply not yet found or lost?
    Thanks, D Banks
    Ps I now see the auction schedule of April 19, 10:00 am thx

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    • Eric the seller

      Rear fenders were missing from storage, inventory or everything there and isn’t would be a long task, these questions should have been asked at the start of the auction, it has its wiper mechanism and motor no windshield door hardware is there can’t say a handle or trim piece isn’t missing, there is a lot there.. the motor is probably missing the carbs but has the manifolds head block crank and important items to build if that was desired … for a clean frame, decent body hood rear lid and doors
      The value of the parts there justified this auction, it’s just a build or a donor from here.. if not may have its fate decided

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    • Eric the seller

      it was complete not running when disassembled
      (windshield was broken)
      by a friend who didn’t have a chance before he passed
      to get back to the project
      the rest of your questions were answered in the other response

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    • Eric the seller

      as i responded previously and replies have not shown i’m trying again.. a list of whats there or not is too large a task to even consider, what is there justifies the listing, solid body, nice frame, nice hood ,trunk lid, top frame ect, the important stuff is there to restore or be a donor for another-
      if the car isnt sold here ,it’s fate has been decided..
      it was a complete car when taken apart
      windshield was broken, the fenders and small bits that may be missing are what happens when projects are stored away and not tended to ,owner was a friend who passed away and never was able to get back into it – also this car has ownership affidavit and bill of sale, -paperwork may be an obstacle if your in canada

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  5. JdbcMember

    Hi Eric, love to take it on, some additional info please. Would it be possible to go through all the loose parts and put together a more accurate list of what is there and or missing? Ie
    Engine componets, crank, rods, pistons, cam, sater pump, generator, ibtake man, exhaust man etc.
    Drive line – drive shaft, clutch, flywheel, rear end etc.
    Interior, door pnls, handles, wibdow regulators cranks
    Body ttim, lights, bezels, windshield, etc.
    Finally was the car running and driving when dismantled?
    Many Thanks Derek Banks, Aurora, Ontario

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    • Eric the seller

      To inventory what’s here as I responded to a previous question asking the same.. is an impossible task with 24hrs left to the auction
      Bid on what’s seen and consider what’s not seen and there a bonus
      This auction unfortunately was not prepared or gone as I expected , if this is not sold here it will be removed from sale and have an idea for it
      And again this had an ownership affidavit and bill of sale, paperwork could be a complicated issue if your in canada

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  6. Derek BanksMember

    Hi Eric, thanks for your replies. Didn’t mean to wait so close to auction date for my questions and request for info, but just came accross the listing last weekend, then there was a delay in posting my questions for some reason. Anyway, I appreciate your response. It is helpful. Good luck tomorrow.
    Derek Banks

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    • Eric the seller

      my apologies, there seemed to have unfortunately been some kind of glitch in the comment/reply system this week
      i tried to respond as soon as i was notified of a comment yet my replies also were delayed
      if it sells GREAT if not .. i have a plan for it

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