Hardtop Canary: 1955 Buick Super Riviera

Mid 1950’s Buick’s are a dream when configured as a two door hardtop like this example, and the vibrant color scheme on this car is a pleasant surprise. Discovered in Tennessee as a “true barn find”… more»

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Farm Find: 1969 Rover V8

Rover’s famed V8 sedan remains an under-appreciated classic today, offering stately looks, a comfortable interior and reliable Buick V8 power up front. This example hails from California, where the previous owner collected it from a farm… more»

Simple Survivor: Low Mileage 1984 Buick Skylark

Though more of an “underground garage find” than a barn find, this 1984 Buick Skylark certainly fits our criteria. One of the less frequently seen GM X-body vehicles, this Buick shares many components with the infamous… more»

Conflict Of Interest: 1965 Buick Hearse or Ambulance

We are spoiled by the professional and prompt response we receive when someone dials 9-1-1. Fire services usually arrive first to gain control of the situation. Soon thereafter, an ambulance with two well educated paramedics arrives… more»

Hot Drop-Top! 1969 Buick Skylark GS400 Stage 1

After 25 years of dry storage this rare 1969 Buick Skylark GS400 Stage 1 in Rochester, New York awaits a new owner here on eBay. Despite hailing from Rustchester, this one-of-212 GS 400 Stage 1 convertibles… more»

Adventures in Babysitting: 1989 Buick Electra/LeSabre Estate

Though this car conjures up memories of a movie that truly terrified young me of getting lost in the city, I can’t help but love it. While the car in the move Adventures in Babysitting is a 1987,… more»

Woody Survivor: 1952 Buick Roadmaster Estate

Buick Roadmaster’s are great looking cars that in my opinion couldn’t get any better looking in the styling department, until the Estate came to fruition. Stylish, with a lovely wood grain, and a subtle dark green,… more»

Ravine Find: Buick Roadmaster Woody Wagon

It’s rare that we’re allowed to see how a seller came into the good fortune of owning a roughshod project, but the photo here shows the lengths one owner went to in order to save a… more»

Open Roof Roadmaster: 1948 Buick

Buick Roadmaster’s are cool cars that pop up from time to time, but when was the last time you saw a solid Convertible? Certainly more desirable with its convertible roof, this not so common find is… more»

Pretty Little Driver: 1961 Buick Special

Isn’t this a cute little ride, perhaps something a guy might be able to talk his wife into? It does have an aluminum V8 in the nose with some potential. It’s listed on craigslist in Auburn, California… more»

Passion Needed: 1957 Buick Hot Rod

It’s usually sad to see a once-proud vehicle returning to the earth, but even more so when it’s clear that the car was once loved, was once somebody’s baby and the product of their blood, sweat,… more»

Low Mileage Daily: 1956 Buick Special

Driven daily this Buick Special is described as having only 56,000 original documented miles. Parked in 1974, this Buick slept until the current owner purchased and revived this nice looking driver. Having recently received a great… more»

Weekend Driver: 1967 Buick GS 340 California

This weekend driver rejoined the land of the living sometime after changing hands at an estate sale four years ago. This 1967 Buick appears to be a “GS 340 California,” a factory-built special model. Delivered only… more»