Time To Move On: 1931 Chevrolet Independence AE

There are good days in this hobby and then… more»

Pickup Conversion: 1967 Volkswagen Squareback

The owner says that 15  VW Type 3s were… more»

Flaming Turkey: 1979 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird

It is reported that 38,642 Firebirds were produced in… more»

Be Ready For Spring: 1949 Farmall Cub

It doesn’t get much more of a barn find… more»

Big Little Truck: 1953 Ford F350 Long Bed

When I first saw the pictures of this 1953… more»

Two Seater Under $2K: 1984 Pontiac Fiero

Pontiac had just a 4 year run with the… more»

Fashionable Driver: 1961 Plymouth Fury

It’s hard to imagine a time when cars like… more»

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet

I know this one is a bit short notice,… more»

Lots Of MG Finds: Do You Want One?

When I went hunting for local (ok, Southeast) British… more»

1967 Corvair Monza 500 With Only 20k Miles?

This Corvair is a well optioned car and the… more»

Affordable Woodie: 1983 Chrysler Town & Country

Are you looking for a one-owner “woodie”?  Well, at… more»

Sprite Not Included: 1969 BMC Flatbed

Produced in England, this flatbed was used as a… more»

American Steel: 1923 Model T Speedster

When it comes to custom Model T Speedster, all… more»

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