’80s Luxury Liner Trio: Low-Mileage Specimens

This may not be the world’s sexiest collection of barn finds, but this discovery by Barn Finds reader Robert R stands out for how unusual it is to find 3 ordinary, vanilla cars in preserved, showroom condition – all with the same owner since new. Listed here on craigslist with prices ranging from $6,500 to $12,000, you have your choice of an original Oldsmobile Cutlass, Caliase or Cadillac Eldorado. Mileage is low across the board – 41,000 on the Cutlass, 51,000 on the Calais and a mere 21,000 on the Eldorado. It’s not hard to figure out which was the driver, the good weather car and the weekend-only vehicle! While not exactly collectible at this point, I could get behind the Cadillac as a comfortable classic that’s cheap to own and insure, without being too worried about the value and using it for highway travel. Which one would you pick?


1966 Fiat 1500GT Ghia: Exotic Looks

While just about any car looks better on wire knock-off wheels, this 1966 Fiat 1500 GT Ghia could be sitting on cinder blocks and I’d still consider it beautiful. Spotted by Barn Finds reader Harlyn J, this Ghia can be found here on craigslist and is a rarity no matter where it is discovered, and thankfully appears in good order despite its current storage arrangement in a barn. The Ghia-designed body houses a tiny but simple Fiat motor that makes sourcing spare parts and performing repairs a relatively painless task, a pleasant surprise considering exotic bodies typically house expensive and complicated running gear. I’ve seen these 1500s used as road rally cars and as preserved collector-grade vehicles, so they occupy a useful niche for those seeking a unique project car. It definitely deserves to be saved and stored properly, and the price is fair considering what other examples have sold for.


$5,500 Rolls Royce: Money Pit?

Naturally, being a British car fan I have some admiration for Rolls Royces. I’ve never driven one (yet) so I can’t comment on how they drive, but I have investigated purchasing one at various times, and have found them to have a LOT of very specific maintenance requirements. Just looking at this diagram of the brake system gives me chills and brings back nightmares from some of the systems of my old XJS. But this car has actually undergone a bare-metal restoration (pictures are included in the auction listing and more are available) and is up for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $5,500 and lower bids being entertained. The car is currently in Ontario, Canada. The seller states that it was restored in 2004 but has been driven very little since. They list the driver’s seat upholstery and a dent in the passenger rear door as being the major issues with the car at the moment. It does have 112,000 miles and is right hand drive, but judged purely on the visuals in the pictures looks nice apart from the one dent. Underhood looks dirty but complete, and the only other negative I could see was that the famous “flying lady” mascot is bent! So, would you take a chance on this Silver Shadow? Hmmm, book value on the Camry is about $4,500 – imagine a daily driver Rolls Royce!

Mercury Comet Convertible

1964 Mercury Comet Convertible: Caliente!

How about a reasonably priced 1960s V8 powered convertible with a 4 speed? Perhaps you’d like something a little different from all the cars at the show? This 1965 Comet Caliente Convertible could be a contender with it’s 260 V8 and factory Hurst 4 speed. It’s shares the Mustang’s platform. It looks like it’s all there waiting to be refreshed. The seller’s asking price of $7500 seem kind of high, don’t you think? Hopefully, being a California car, there’s not much rust beyond the rear fender wells. The owner has done a lot to revive this car, including windshield, fuel pump and fuel lines, so it’s a running, driving car. What would you do with this convertible? You could drive it and restore it over time, perhaps starting with a top and exterior. All the Mustang performance and suspension mods will work for this Comet as well. It’s south of San Jose a bit and listed here on craigslist.


Oddball Swap: Chevy C10, Ford Galaxie and Mercedes

Yesterday’s “trade only” Mustang isn’t the end of our swap-special finds: the seller of this 1964 Chevy C-10 pickup here on eBay also has a 1964 Ford Galaxie with visible rear end damage and a 1972 Mercedes 300SEL 4.5, all of which he would like to trade for 2 drop-top Chevy Impalas! That takes a special kind of Impala owner to look at these options and trade for a fleet of cars all with significant needs visible in the photos, in addition to whatever mechanical refreshing is necessary to make them road-worthy. I remember when I was trying to trade one BMW for another and advertised only in the BMW specialist publications, and ended up getting just one bite from a guy in Indiana. Needless to say, that trade never happened and I sold the car outright to get what I wanted. For sellers like these, I suspect they know their vehicles will be a tough sell and they’re hoping to make the deal of a lifetime. Does anyone think he’ll get what he’s looking for with these offerings?


SST Coupe: 1969 AMC Ambassador

Here is a nice, clean car with a V8. No, it’s not a Ford or Chevrolet, or Dodge, or Plymouth. But I would propose that you take a look at it anyway. I’m also impressed with the honesty of the seller. They are clear that the car presents better in pictures than it actually is, with a respray that was poorly taped, along with many other details about the car. It’s located in Manchester, Tennessee and is for sale here on eBay, with current bidding only at $200, but of course there is a reserve that isn’t met yet. The car is said to be rust-free, with new seats (original material), brakes and several other items. The seller is very thorough with their description; I wish I were in the market for this one. My grandfather owned a slightly older Ambassador and I have many memories of family trips in it. What do you think this one is worth, and is it an alternative for you from the “big three?”

1965 Olds Cutlass F85

1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85: Holiday Coupe

Barn Finds reader Tom Bode spotted a treasure trove of finds in Florida, including this 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 Holiday Coupe here on craigslist. I think if I had been of driving age at this time, I may have been an Oldsmobile man. I’ve always liked cars that were a bit squared off and conservative in styling, so this Cutlass F85 would have fit the bill. Despite being a bigger coupe than anything on the roads today, this generation of the Cutlass always looked tidy to me – not too big, not too small. The powerplant was certainly sufficient, and taken as a whole, the Olds just seemed like a well-rounded package. If any of our readers have owned or driven one of these classic Cutlass coupes, we’d love to hear about your experiences below. And as for this car, $6,500 may be a touch high for a runner, but if it’s not rusty, it’s at least an intriguing project candidate. Thanks, Tom, for the find.

1978 AMC Pacer

Want To Drive A Fishbowl? 1978 AMC Pacer

From Chuck F. – This 1978 Pacer, here on Craigslist is claimed to have 59,448 miles, and from the pictures it looks like it. It also looks like for the price it would be a fun summer cruiser, at least up north in Minnesota, where summer is two weeks of bad ice fishing. The real question is how much rust is hiding along the bottom in the shadows? What can be seen looks like a couple of patches need welded in, and I would bet there is some more, even with that low of miles. If it turns out to be solid, it looks like a bargain to me. I would restore it back to original, as it would fun to take to car shows, but I probably wouldn’t keep it long. And I think when all is done I would make some money on it. How about you? Keep it original, fish with it as is, or something else? You could always cut a hole in the floor, and make a one of a kind ice fishing shanty!

1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster: Dusty Runner

I’m not sure why this Chevy Fleetmaster is so captivating, but there is just something about the looks of this big car that I find appealing. Maybe it’s the late ’40s styling or the aged look, but it just looks cool covered in dirt and bird droppings. All cleaned up, it looks alright, but not nearly as eye catching. Based on the look of the paint and what appears to be some bondo, I would guess it is an older restoration that went back into storage. The seller claims it has had $2k spent on repairs since 2002, so that explains the newer license plates and parts under the hood. They also claim it currently runs and drives well, so this one could be a fun car to polish up and drive! You can find it here on eBay in West Union, Ohio, with bidding at $1,500. I would want to make sure there isn’t any serious rust, but I wouldn’t mind giving this classic a home! What about you?

1966 Volkswagen Bus

1966 VW 15-Window: Hippie Bus

Kudos to the seller for picturing this relatively boxy vehicle next to a shipping containers (and including a set of decent photos and offering videos!) No, this isn’t one of the hyper-expensive 23-window versions, but those extra 8 windows sure come at a premium! This bus is located in Long Beach, California, (where the seller invites email inquiries for a full set of pictures and video) and is offered here on eBay with an opening bid of $5,000 and no reserve. Read more »

1962 Ford F-100

1962 Ford F100 For $1,750

This Ford F100 might not be in the best of condition, but it currently runs and drives! To make things even better, the seller is asking just $1,750. It does have some rust issues, but for this kind of money a few issues are to be expected. For a vehicle you could put to use right away, this seems like a great buy. Of course I would want to inspect the chassis for any serious structural issues, remember ’61 through ’63 these trucks were a unibody design. If the main structure is solid, this could be a great buy for a rolling project. If you are interested in owning this rather rare truck, you can find it here on eBay in Turbeville, South Carolina. Thanks go to Jim S for another great tip!

1951 Ford F1

1951 Ford F1: Ready For Duty

While it’s fun to bring an old vehicle back to the road, there is something to be said about buying one that is already running. This Ford F1 had been in barn storage for at least the past 15 years. After finding it, the seller decided to get it back on the road. It had obviously had some work done to it by a previous owner, such as the installation of a later model V8. Since it wasn’t original, they decided to install some new components. They upgraded the front brakes to discs, which should improve braking massively. They also installed a new wiring harness, new GPS speedometer, new lights, electric window wipers, new seat belts, and all the other parts one would typically change during a full tune up. If you’ve been looking for a barn find truck that is ready to enjoy, this one might be worth a closer look at! You can find it here on eBay in Marion, Indiana where bidding has already passed $9k.

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