About BF Auctions

We are excited to announce a new way to sell your car on Barn Finds! We have offered Exclusives for a while now, but many people have asked if they could list their cars as auctions instead. So, we listened and have developed a new bidding system. It’s a great option if you don’t know what your vehicle is worth or if you just want to guarantee that you’re getting full market value. We have also added many features that keep everything fair. Keep reading to learn more.

No Deadbeat Bidders

We require everyone to have a credit card on file before they are allowed to bid. Once an auction ends, we charge a 5% buyer’s premium to the high bidder. This helps eliminate the deadbeat bidding that is so prevalent on other auctions sites.

No Last Minute Sniping

It can be very frustrating to get outbid in the last few seconds of an auction by a few bucks. To prevent this we extend the auctions by five minutes every time a bid is placed near the end. All auctions also have a predefined bid increment.

No Deadbeat Sellers

If a seller backs out at the end of an auction we will refund the 5% buyer’s premium to the high bidder and charge it to the seller. This keeps everyone accountable and ensures that both sides are committed before they list a car or place a bid.

No Unrealistic Reserves

Blame it on TV auctions, price guides, or sentimental attachment, but we have found that many sellers overvalue their cars. Outrageous reserves don’t help anyone so we let the market decide the values by only running no reserve auctions.

Click here to register as a bidder now so you’ll be ready when the action begins!