Lucky Auctions Fall Classic

3/4 Scale Woodie: 1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon

1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon

At first glance you could easily mistake this wagon for one of the big American station wagons built in the ’70s, with boxy styling and simulated wood grain. In reality, this wagon isn’t anything like those grocery haulers. This one wasn’t even built in America, but it certainly was styled like it was. This is a 1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon with the wood grain option. Reader Chuck F sent this one in and thought it would be fun to take to your local car shows to see how many people mistake it for one of the big American wagons. This rare Japanese wagon can be found here on craigslist with a $2,600 asking price. Read more »

The Starlet is Sorted and Ready to Go


UPDATE 6/10/14 – The auction ended last night with a high bid of $1,925! Steve from Ohio was the winner and he plans to keep it as original as possible. He has quite a collection of Japanese cars, so we are happy that it is going to a good home!

FROM 6/9/14 – After receiving a much deserved wrist slap from one of our readers, I decided to address a few of the Starlet’s small issues before the auction ends. If you didn’t already know, we are selling off our little parts runner here on eBay and the auction ends tonight. I hadn’t done much to the car besides drive it, so I was feeling a bit guilty because I like to leave my cars better than I found them. So, I have spent the last couple days sorting out a few of the small problems and am happy to say that it has a made a big difference. I even learned a thing or two so keep reading for a few tips that might come in handy with your own project. Read more »

RWD Supermini: 1982 Toyota Starlet


Well, it’s time to say goodbye to our trusty parts runner. Since our recent acquisition of the Miata, our little Toyota doesn’t get much action so we feel it would be better to get it into hands of someone who will use it rather than let it sit in the driveway. We will miss it, as it has been proven reliable and actually entertaining to drive. Take a look at our auction listing here on eBay where we have started the bidding at $200 with no reserve. We are just going to let it go and see what the market thinks it’s worth. This should be interesting. Read more »

Look What I Brought Home!


Last Saturday, we asked you guys if we should buy a certain 1990 Mazda Miata. It didn’t fit the mold of what we normally feature here on the site, but the feedback was so positive that we decided to take the plunge. Sure, it’s not a “barn find”, but we think any 24 year old survivor that can provide this much fun for so little money is worth some press. We all have different tastes in cars, but after one drive in a Miata, we can bet that most of you would be converted. Read more »

Eeny, Meeny, Miata. Should I Buy It?


Over the past 6 years, I have owned two NA Miatas. The first one was 1991 with the 1.6 liter engine and the second was a 1994 with the 1.8. I wanted to see if the more powerful engine made the car any better and it did. With the 25th anniversary of the release of the Miata happening this year, the itch has returned. It would be fun to participate in the festivities and getting to take a few laps around Lagun Seca would be a dream come true, but Miata ownership is the prerequisite. I have made some interesting automotive purchases as of late, so a few of you have suggested that I run any potential acquisitions by everyone. So here it is, for your review… a 1990 Miata. Read more »

Starlet Project Update: Parts and Advice Needed


Well, I haven’t done any updates on our Starlet because there isn’t much to fix. These may have been some of the cheapest cars available when new, but they were well-built little workhorses. I have new found respect for older Toyotas now and will probably see a few more in my future. There are still some things I would like to sort out on this one though and I could use your guy’s advice. Read more »

Microcar Bundle: Four Subaru 360s

Subaru 360 Bundle

Before Subaru was building AWD rally cars and station wagons, they were building small and adorable microcars. The 360 was their very first automobile and it set the company up for future success. Subaru built the 360 for ten years, with around 10k being sold here in the States. Of those sold here, there aren’t many left. We haven’t featured many of these, but when we have come across them they tend to come in multiples. Reader Randy N tipped us off to this bundle of four here on craigslist out of Forest Lake, Minnesota. The seller is asking $2,000 for all four cars and two motors. Read more »

Identity Crisis: 1963 Toyota Crown Deluxe

1963 Toyota Crown

Twenty years before Toyota built the compact Starlet that Jesse just purchased, the Japanese company was building full size sedans. We didn’t get many of these early cars and there are very few left on American roads today. The Crown was Toyota’s first entry into the American market and these early cars are highly sought after by Toyota collectors. This 1963 Crown Deluxe has been off the road since 1968 and has spent most of the past 46 years parked in a covered porch. It needs work, but should run again without performing a full restoration. Take a look at it here on eBay. Read more »

Introducing My New Parts Runner


With the SAAB down for repairs, I needed something to get around with. Go on, go ahead and laugh! After you have composed yourself, come back and let me explain my reasoning. On my way home from work the other day, I spotted the silhouette of something unique sitting behind a fence at a used car lot. Naturally, I made a u-turn and went to investigate. The car looked good for its age, but being an econo-box, I headed back to my car. After sitting down and closing the door, I thought for a moment. Where had I heard that name before? Starlet? Hmm. What made it different than any other economy car from the eighties? Read more »