1977 Dodge Colt: Easy to Own?

These little Mopar/Mitsubishi experiments ran rampant in the ’70s as Chrysler attempted to compete with the Japanese in the economy vehicle class. While no one will ever mistake a 1977 Dodge Colt like this one on eBay for a Civic beater, the ones that remain on the road seem like solid candidates for an easy-to-live-with daily driver classic. Even today, Dodge still sells a rebadged Mitsubishi in the form of the Journey crossover vehicle, so clearly this relationship has been useful to the two automakers. This Colt is fresh out of long-term ownership in Washington State and while not exactly sporting, is a time capsule example of a period in history when fuel economy dominated the conversation. What would you pay for this clean Colt and its “silent shaft” engine technology?

Another 620: 1976 Datsun Pickup

This original-appearing 1976 Datsun pickup is reminiscent of the one Jeff wrote up recently and the restored Lil’ Hustler that I wrote up. This one isn’t quite as nice, but it is in pretty good shape, and the auction here on eBay has a low opening bid reflecting that it’s not perfect. The seller has won a prize with the truck at a recent show, implying it can’t look too bad up close! The little truck was with its second owner for 20 years and it spent 15 of those years in a garage, which probably explains its decent appearance. It’s located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona if you want to go take a look!

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Success Story: Datsun Roadster Shipped Off!

Last month we featured a 1967 Datsun 1600 and the seller just let us know that it sold through the site. They were very pleased with the experience and the car is going to an enthusiast who plans to run it in the next Snowball Rally! Here it is in Jim’s own words, Hey guys! It went great, the buyer is fantastic and it was super smooth. I’m so glad I turned to the BF community to sell the car. Next stop will be my charger – I am selling that as well (1970 440). I will send that along when I get everything together! Here are some shots of it being loaded and taken away! Thank you all again!

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1984 Mitsubishi Cordia: Unicorn Turbo

I can’t remember the last time I spotted a Mitsubishi Cordia on the road, and I’ll bet the last one I did see wasn’t the factory turbocharged model. This 1984 Cordia Turbo listed on eBay is a survivor not only because of its excellent original condition but also because so many of these vehicles have disappeared from American roads due to rust issues and scarcity of parts required for ongoing maintenance. Barn Finds reader Jim S. spotted this rare Japanese hatchback which has a Buy-it-Now of only $3,750, and it could be an entertaining project for a Japanese sports car enthusiast. Of course, this economy car is better suited as a commuter vehicle rather than a corner carver, but the turbocharged engine does add a level of fun to this lightweight hatch. Does anyone else think it’s a decent buy at this price?

Sports Pickup: 1965 Datsun 1200

Update 10/6/2015 – This cool little Datsun has been relisted with a slightly decreased asking price (only $5 cheaper). Special thanks to Robert for the update!

From 5/14/2015 – Here’s something you don’t see everyday. It’s a 1965 Datsun NL-320 Sports Pickup. That’s right, Datsun themselves called it a sports pickup! When most trucks were big and burly, Datsun took a gamble on something smaller and more agile. It could only haul half a ton, but it was much more efficient than larger trucks. I’m guessing that it was a lot more fun to hurl around the corners too. My father sure loved his old Datsun truck he had for many years and I doubt it was because of the bland styling or limited towing capacity. So, if you too can appreciated this whole sports truck concept, take a look at this one here on craigslist. It’s located in Laramie, Wyoming and the seller is asking $4,000.

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Reader Sighting In Greece!

From Joel B – Back in the sixties there was nothing I enjoyed more than cruising the junkyards of southern New Jersey with my buddy Steve. Now in my sixties I enjoy the cruising of junkyards vicariously through BarnFinds.com! I found that old habits die hard when I spotted an unusual hood among the Roman ruins of Paros Island, Greece. The hood turned out to two Mazda T1500’s with a little more digging around the corner I found two more T1500s and buried between them under a garbage can and some weeds there was what may be a Mazda 360 with handle bar steering. I guess old junkyard scroungers never die they just expand their territories!

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1987 Mazda RX7: Gullwinged Rotary

The Mazda RX7 has always caught my eye for being an affordable hobby car with some excellent ’80s qualities, from pop-up headlights to clean, clutter-free Japanese interiors. This generation was really a high watermark for manufacturers like Mazda, Honda and Toyota, in my opinion, with lots of desirable enthusiasts cars within their mainstream ranks. This 1987 Mazda RX7 here on eBay throws some of those mainstream qualities out the windows with its exotic gullwing door conversion and a claimed 256 original miles. I’m not sure what the “Shoemaker” moniker represents, but the seller doesn’t give us many clues as to where this car originated or how it stayed in the wrapper for so long – but the asking price of $50,000 may scare most buyers away, regardless of details. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for the find.

#511 of 600, Another 1980 Toyota Sunchaser

Jeff did a story back in December of 2014 on a different Sunchaser, so if you haven’t ever heard of a Sunchaser and would like more background be sure to read his post here. This one is listed here on craigslist with an asking price of $1,000 in Ferguson, Missouri. The owner states that the “Sunchaser” was a $2,600 option. The car runs, drives, and stops with a 20R motor mated to a 5 speed gearbox.

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1989 Nissan Be-1: Yes You Can!

I know, I know, this isn’t a dirty, dusty or rusty old car, but I believe it has been in a garage most of its life. It’s also rare (a two year run of 10K), chances are you and many others haven’t ever seen one or had the chance to purchase one of these Nissans. This one is listed here on craigslist in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. It has that interesting retro design and would be fun to own and drive.Read More »

1976 Datsun 620 Pick-Up: Long Bed

As I’ve alluded to before, I enjoy consistency in a collection – which happens to be why my projects are the same make and color. Call me boring, but I like a theme. So the listing for this original 1976 Datsun 620 pick-up here on eBay caught my eye when I saw a project truck parked next to a project Z-car! The seller resides on Long Island but the truck is from out west, so unlike most Japanese metal of this vintage, it is in solid shape and has been used as a daily driver for the last few years. A front disc-brake conversion and overall suspension refresh have already been done, so the next owner should have an easy time of things while getting some added versatility out of their project vehicle. What would you park this long-bed Datsun pickup next to? I think it’s a shame to break these 2 classics apart – it looks like a perfect garage!

Lil’ Hustler: 1976 Datsun Pickup Time Capsule

I find that I am frequently disappointed upon close examination of “survivor” finds. What look like pristine original components in fuzzy, poor quality pictures often turn out to be serviceable but cosmetically poor parts in person. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against honest wear and tear–anyone that has seen any of my cars knows that! But what I don’t like is a vehicle being represented as pristine and then it turns out not to be the case. Unlike those vehicles, I think this one is the real thing. Yes, there’s some wear, and, for example, the shift handle has a lot of cracks in it. But as a whole, the vehicle looks to be in stellar condition, with a recent repaint and front seat upholstery being the concessions to age. They did manage to undercoat everything underneath, though! It’s located in Burlington, Washington, and is for sale here on eBay, surprisingly at no reserve and bidding less than $1,500 at this time. I fondly remember my father building a model of one of these when I was growing up–we never owned one but I think he would have liked to. I remember both these and the equivalent Toyota trucks seeming to run forever. This one has only 83k miles and has had two owners prior to the current dealer. I’m pretty sure this one will make its new owner happy!

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1965 Honda S600: Rat-Ready

These Honda S600s always seem to be completely restored or completely taken apart. I’d say that’s due to the fact that finding parts for these cars is so difficult that it pays to keep up with the maintenance, or for the same reason, the car falls increasingly into disrepair. I don’t know what happened to this 1965 example Barn Finds reader Jim S found on eBay, but it definitely falls into the latter category. The interior is a mess, the body is rusty, and the motor and transmission are long-gone. Of course, if anyone has watched a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where a guest swapped in a high-strung motorcycle engine, you might see this as a project with some serious potential as a rat-rod. What would you do?

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