California Z-Car Dreamin’


There’s no shortage of vintage Datsun Z-cars out there, but the early Zs weren’t given any protection against rust at the factory. So, unless the dealer or buyer took steps to protect the underbody, that’s the way they stayed. The result is that by now most of them are very rusty. This California 240Z caught my eye because it seems to be in far better condition than most unrestored early Z cars. Have a look at it here on eBay or find it in Sunnyvale, California Read more »

Rotary Fanatic’s Dream!

Mazda RX Collection

We each have our own tastes and interest here at BF, some of us love finely tuned European sports cars, others love the big block Americans, and then there is a small group dedicated to the screaming triangle known as the rotary engine. For those who don’t know, I myself have had a long love affair with these unusual little engines and my current daily driver is a Mazda RX-8. Many companies actually experimented with the Wankel designed rotary, including the likes of Ford, GM, AMC and even Rolls-Royce, but only one company has managed to mass produce and continue to sell rotary powered cars. That brand is obviously Mazda and they have been putting out rotary sports cars since 1965. Some rotary nuts just can’t get enough of these cars and manage to amass impressive collections. The owner of this Mazda collection has acquired 10 RXs ranging from the RX-2 to the RX-5, but hey have decided it’s time to let go of the cars and all their parts. Find the entire collection here on eBay or in Reno, Nevada with bidding at $9k. Read more »

Ukraine Find: 1978 Mitsubishi Lambda

1978 Mitsubishi Lambada

Barn Finds has truly become an international community and we love seeing so many finds from all over the globe! Recently Alex (Aleksei in Russian) from Kiev, Ukraine shared hisĀ  find with us. It isn’t the most beautiful car in the world, but his little gem is quite rare. The tale of how he came across it is nearly as interesting as the car itself. Continue reading as Alex tells the story in his own words. Read more »

Immaculate 1971 Toyota Corona

1971 Toyota Corona Deluxe

I recently received an email from a new member of this fine community. In Ray’s email he presented me with a link to a Toyota Corona Deluxe with the question as to whether I believed it was a barn find and if it was truly a survivor as the seller claimed. As I clicked on the link I was expecting to see a worn out old Toyota, but when I got to the listing I was presented with one of the most immaculate and pristine classic Japanese cars I have ever seen. In all honesty, I was taken aback by how fantastic this little car looks. The seller claims it has just 40k miles on it, but it looks like it just left the showroom. I keep looking for signs that it has been restored, but either it is truly original or has been restored to an extremely high level. Be sure to take a look at it here on eBay or view it in person in Grant, Oregon. Read more »

Retro Before It Was Cool: 1989 Nissan Pao

1989 Nissan Pao

Over the past decade, nearly every car manufacture has introduced some sort of retro throwback of their previous models. VW did it with the Beetle, Mini Cooper was reborn by BMW, Chevy reintroduced the Camaro, and Ford redesigned the Mustang to look more like those of old. While I appreciate their efforts to recapture some of that classic appeal, one manufacturer built a throwback before retro was even cool. That company was Nissan and although they were careful not to put their name on it, I have to give them credit for going out of the main stream to build something unique and fun. The micro car you see above could easily be mistaken for one built in the ’60s. I know it isn’t a real classic, but this 1989 Nissan Pao is just too cool to not take a look at. With just 50k built, it is already becoming collectable, so in another 20 years this could actually be a very desirable car. Have a look at it here on craigslist in Seattle, Washington for $6200. Thanks goes to Matt K for the tip! Read more »

3/4 Scale Woodie: 1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon

1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon

At first glance you could easily mistake this wagon for one of the big American station wagons built in the ’70s, with boxy styling and simulated wood grain. In reality, this wagon isn’t anything like those grocery haulers. This one wasn’t even built in America, but it certainly was styled like it was. This is a 1979 Toyota Cressida Wagon with the wood grain option. Reader Chuck F sent this one in and thought it would be fun to take to your local car shows to see how many people mistake it for one of the big American wagons. This rare Japanese wagon can be found here on craigslist with a $2,600 asking price. Read more »

The Starlet is Sorted and Ready to Go


UPDATE 6/10/14 – The auction ended last night with a high bid of $1,925! Steve from Ohio was the winner and he plans to keep it as original as possible. He has quite a collection of Japanese cars, so we are happy that it is going to a good home!

FROM 6/9/14 – After receiving a much deserved wrist slap from one of our readers, I decided to address a few of the Starlet’s small issues before the auction ends. If you didn’t already know, we are selling off our little parts runner here on eBay and the auction ends tonight. I hadn’t done much to the car besides drive it, so I was feeling a bit guilty because I like to leave my cars better than I found them. So, I have spent the last couple days sorting out a few of the small problems and am happy to say that it has a made a big difference. I even learned a thing or two so keep reading for a few tips that might come in handy with your own project. Read more »

RWD Supermini: 1982 Toyota Starlet


Well, it’s time to say goodbye to our trusty parts runner. Since our recent acquisition of the Miata, our little Toyota doesn’t get much action so we feel it would be better to get it into hands of someone who will use it rather than let it sit in the driveway. We will miss it, as it has been proven reliable and actually entertaining to drive. Take a look at our auction listing here on eBay where we have started the bidding at $200 with no reserve. We are just going to let it go and see what the market thinks it’s worth. This should be interesting. Read more »

Look What I Brought Home!


Last Saturday, we asked you guys if we should buy a certain 1990 Mazda Miata. It didn’t fit the mold of what we normally feature here on the site, but the feedback was so positive that we decided to take the plunge. Sure, it’s not a “barn find”, but we think any 24 year old survivor that can provide this much fun for so little money is worth some press. We all have different tastes in cars, but after one drive in a Miata, we can bet that most of you would be converted. Read more »