1970 Toyota Corona Deluxe

All Original: 1970 Toyota Corona Deluxe

I had been skeptical of the “goodness” of Toyotas until recently. No cars can be that reliable and that undemanding, right? Or at least that’s what I thought, but I’ve been proven wrong as two very-high mileage (230k+) Camrys have entered our extended family fleet and they just keep going on and on and on, so I’m a convert now. Toyota’s long heritage of quality and value was built on cars like this one, providing basic, no-frills transportation for many years without complaining or breaking down. This pristine example actually hasn’t done that much transporting, as it only has 37,000 miles! The Corona is located in Brentwood, California and is up for auction here on eBay with a reserve and a buy-it-now of $7,500. Read more »

1985 Suzuki Samurai SJ410

No Frills Fun: 1985 Suzuki Samurai SJ410

My wife and I recently embarked on what has become an annual tradition: get the heck out of the cold and go somewhere warm with palm trees. In addition to plenty of sunshine, I always enjoy driving a native vehicle in whatever island nation we visit, and this most recent trip has me hunting for a Suzuki. Why? Cheap and proven four-wheel drive, narrow width for slicing between traffic, and that wonderful feeling of thin doors that leave little between you and the outside world. Hence, this 1985 Suzuki Samurai here on eBay with only 34,000 miles and bidding racing towards the $5,500 reserve caught my eye. Read more »


What A Feeling: 1979 Toyota Celica ST

When you watch any of Toyota’s current advertisements, you’ll notice a common theme: heavy emphasis on the excitement of driving their cars, or the experiences the vehicles help create. Now, I am not one to ignore the reputation Toyota has built for itself in the world of dependability, but the excitement factor – or anything involving emotion – checked out of the building long ago. That’s why it’s fun to reminisce about the company’s early days with cars like this 1979 Celica ST which has supposedly only 32,000 miles. It can be found here on eBay, currently bid to $2,275 with no reserve. Read more »

Low mileage Miata

33k Mile 1997 Mazda Miata

One of my buddies laughed at me the other day when I said that Miatas are now considered classics. 1990 doesn’t seem that long ago to some of us, but the Miata is now 25 years old so it qualifies as a classic in many states. That doesn’t mean they are all worth a lot of money. Luckily, they are still the most smiles per dollar sports car you can buy. Low mileage cars are starting to gain some traction among collectors though. We have watched a few sell for close to $10k, so this 33k mile 1997 Miata looks like it could wind up being a bargain here on eBay where bidding is at $5,500 with no reserve and only a day left! The only problem? It’s an automatic… Read more »


A Big Idea: 1970 Subaru 360

If an automaker wants to make a big dent in the market quickly, there’s no better way to do it than by building a car for the masses. Volkswagen did it with the Beetle, and Ford with the Model T. But it’s not always a recipe for success. Subaru’s most famous microcar was imported into the U.S. in 1968 to an untested market with a small dealer network, limiting its appeal. Barn Finds reader Isaac spotted this 1970 Subaru 360 here on craigslist in Michigan, which is listed as a rolling project for $3,000 or trade for a pinball machine! Read more »

1964 Datsun Fairlady

Is This 1964 Datsun Fairlady For You?

Japanese sports cars are hot right now, especially the rare Toyota 2000GT. Perfect ones sell for about $1 million these days. Much more affordable are the Datsun Roadsters, which were made in far greater numbers than the 2000GT, so the lower values make sense. The Roadsters are fun cars that are still plentiful, and if you get a good one it can be a reliable car. Some auction prices for perfect Roadsters have been in the tens of thousands of dollars recently, but most cars sell for far lower prices. Find this 1964 Datsun Fairlady Sports here on craigslist in Evansville, Indiana for $2,000. Thanks to Kevin A for alerting us to it. Read more »

Toyota FJ40s Projects

A Family of FJs: 1976 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser

If there was ever a vehicle I wish I had gotten into instead of my beloved 80s BMWs, the early Toyota Landcruiser is it. From their charming looks that embody everything a vintage rock-hopper should look like to their collectability as an emerging classic, the FJ40 just checks all the right boxes for me (not to mention their reputation for reliability). While I can’t pick one up at the current time, this seller on Alabama’s Craigslist is offering up a range of FJs from running projects to parts vehicles, giving the enterprising Landcruiser fanatic a good head-start on parts collecting. Find more info here on Craigslist. Read more »


The 272 Mile Miata!

Back in October we featured a 6,686 mile Miata and it surprised everyone when it sold for $9,000! Well, another low mileage example has popped up so I figured it was worth a mention. Jim S found this one back in November, but it is still on the market so it might be worth making an offer if you are interested. It’s going to take a collector with some serious foresight though because the seller is asking $15,990 here on Hemmings. That may seem crazy, but remember, this car sold for only slightly more when new, yet with only a claimed 272 miles covered, this one is basically still brand new! Read more »

1980 Celica Sunchaser

Rising Sun: 1980 Toyota Celica Sunchaser

One of the best ways to feel a connection to a car outside of driving it is to own it in miniature. For those of you who collected them before you could drive one, you might remember the Tomy brand out of Japan. Fittingly, they offered several variations of the original Celica and Supra models, which included the Sunchaser. To this day, I still consider the quasi-convertible design one of the more memorable ones out there, with a targa-style roof bar in between a removable roof panel and soft, folding rear-glass section. Thanks to Jim S for sending along this garage find example of a Celica that needs a rescue mission to chase the sun once again. Find it here on eBay or in Pennsylvania. Read more »


The Original Commuter: 1972 Honda Z600

If you have any memory of how big Honda’s Civic was in the 80s, you likely recall a small, tin-like structure that was as efficient as it was compact. The thing is, the Civic has lost much of that tossable form in favor of a more refined vehicle that isn’t nearly as light on its feet and suffers from poor sight lines, due to the airbags stored in the a-pillars and a high beltline that extends into the rear door windows. Of course, if you take the lineage back one step further, even the game-changing lineup of hatchbacks, coupes and sedans from the 1980s look heavy by comparison. That’s why I felt it was important to profile this 1972 Honda Z600 found here on eBay – a barn find kept by the same owner for 41 years! Read more »