Microwave Not Included: 1979 Subaru Brat

Subaru Brat

When it comes to utility vehicles, the Subaru Brat has to be one of the more interesting ones ever built. It was based on a Subaru station wagon, but with the rear roof section cut off. To get around the tariff placed on small trucks, Subaru mounted a set of jump seats in the back. It circumvented some taxes, but it was also dangerous passengers. In the past few years these things have actually gained some serious collector’s status. This 1979 Brat is in need of a new home, where it can receive some much needed love. It appears to have endured some rough times in its life, but has weathered the worst of it quite well. Someone started rebuilding the engine, but never finished. The seller didn’t provide any photos of the engine bay, but I see some vital engine parts in the truck bed, along with a microwave. Hopefully everything needed to make it run again is still here, but you won’t know until you start putting it back together. Have a look at this project here on eBay in Montague, California. Read more »

Quarter Century Obsession: Datsun Collection


Following up on yesterday’s post about the Datsun 1600 roadster in Arizona, we had to share this collection in Northern Virginia. Barn Finds reader Geroge S. sent in a link to what could be the ultimate find if you’re on the hunt for Datsun roadsters or parts – and if you’re hunting for the only factory prototype 1500, the seller claims to have one of those too! Find them all here on craigslist. Thanks for the tip George! Read more »

Desert Dry: 1967 Datsun 1600

1967 Datsun 1600

Many years ago, I was a newspaper reporter in Central Massachusetts. I had to cover the grand opening of a local business’ new office, which was located in a mill building alongside a river. As I explored the property before the ribbon cutting, I stumbled across an old Datsun roadster rotting in the woods alongside the river. Moss green in color, much like the undergrowth on the rockers, I quickly forgot about any actual reporting I was there to do. Unlike the one I found that day, this 1967 Datsun 1600 is moss free. It can be found here on eBay or in wonderfully dry Mesa, Arizona, now back to my story!
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Call Dibs On The Miata!


My wife has been suggesting that I need a different daily driver for while now. Back when I bought the Miata, I predicted that “eventually the sensible side of me will force a sell”. Well, she has spoken! Actually, my wife is very patient with my odd car buying habits, but she does have some reason with this one. A back seat and some hauling capacity is needed, but there isn’t enough room in the garage or the budget to keep the Miata. But, before I list it locally I wanted to give you guys first dibs on it. A few of you expressed interest so here is your chance to pick up a good driver quality Miata on the cheap! Read more »

Sequential Pair: 1969 Subaru 360 Young S

Pair of Subaru 360 Young S

Long before Subaru was building all-wheel drive family haulers and rally cars for the street, they were known for their micro cars. We have featured a few of these early Subarus, known as the 360, but we have never had the pleasure of featuring the company’s first factory tuned special. Long before the STi was tearing up gravel roads, the Subaru 360 Young S was tearing up the congested streets of Japan. Finding one of these performance Kei cars here in the States is nearly unheard of these days, so when I came across this listing for not one but two of them I knew they needed a mention! To make matters even more interesting, these are sequentially numbered cars, meaning they came off the production line one right after the other. The seller doesn’t want to split them up, so he is offering them as a package deal here on eBay in Gilbert, Arizona. Read more »

The 6,686 Mile Miata


The seller of this 1990 Miata purchased the car back in 2013 from a craigslist ad. The original owner had put fewer than 1k miles on the car and was keeping it in tip top shape in anticipation of it becoming a collectable. Apparently their patience ran out a few years short of that happening so they decided to sell it to someone who might enjoy it. The story is a good one, but the new owner committed one major sin. Take a look at this pristine roadster here on eBay and I bet you will spot the mistake immediately. Read more »

Early Fairlady: 1960 Datsun SPL212

1960 Datsun SPL212

When most of us think of Datsun, we picture Z-cars or light duty pickup trucks, but before the American market was flooded with either, Datsun was selling a limited number of their small roadster known as the Fairlady. These cars were built to compete with the small European sports cars that were selling so well in America, but at a much lower price. They were surprisingly good cars, especially given how affordable they were. Being a new brand to the market, sales didn’t really take off until a few years after their introduction, so there aren’t many of these here in the States. This 1960 Datson SPL212 is one of only a handful built and is likely one of only a few left on these shores. It is going to need a complete restoration, but it’s being offered without a reserve and bidding is still low. Check it out here on eBay in Apple Valley, California. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip! Read more »

Rare and Odd: 1965 Mitsubishi Minica

Mitsubishi Minica

When it comes to oddball cars, micro cars tend to take the cake as the oddest. The compact size usually leads to odd proportions and styling unlike anything else. If you know your micro car history, you know they’ve been around nearly as long as full size automobiles and that their popularity comes and goes based on government regulations and fuel prices. Every continent has had at least one decade in which they were popular, but one country stands out for having a near continual production of micros of various shapes and styles. After WWII, Japan was in need of cheap transportation and a boost to their economy, so the Kei car was born. This 1965 Mitsubishi Minica is a great example of the Kei car and is actually believed to be the only one on American roads. Take a look at it here on eBay or check it out in person in Gardena, California. One strange thing to note is that the seller also lists a Honda N600 with it, but doesn’t mention if it is included in the auction. Thanks to Jim S for this tip! Read more »

California Z-Car Dreamin’


There’s no shortage of vintage Datsun Z-cars out there, but the early Zs weren’t given any protection against rust at the factory. So, unless the dealer or buyer took steps to protect the underbody, that’s the way they stayed. The result is that by now most of them are very rusty. This California 240Z caught my eye because it seems to be in far better condition than most unrestored early Z cars. Have a look at it here on eBay or find it in Sunnyvale, California Read more »