Daydreaming: 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Project

Taking over someone else’s stalled project is always a risky move, but if too much hasn’t been done yet, it’s fun to daydream about the directions you could take it in. That’s where I find myself… more»

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1974 Lotus Elite: This One’s A Surprise!

The mid 1970s Lotus Elite has generally been an unloved classic, probably due both to Lotus legendary poor build quality (at the time) and its polarizing styling. Actually, it might not even be polarizing as I’ve… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1973 Lotus Europa

Seller Description: 1973 Big Valve Twin Cam project. Engine is free but I have not tried to start it. Doors don’t sag, chrome is excellent, twin tanks, seems complete. Windshield is delaminated from body on drivers… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1970 Lotus Europa Project

Seller Description: Needs restored, has been partially prepped for auto crossing. Comes with spare head for the Renualt engine. Has DCOE Weber carb, header & custom exhaust. 8″ wide rims with BFG tires. No engine cover,… more»

Stupid Fast: 1963 Lotus Seven Twin Cam

As some of you are aware, I’m the proud owner of a Blakely Hawk (it wants to be a Lotus Seven), but I’ve had a hard time deciding what exactly to do with it. Well, that was… more»

Comes With History: 1966 Lotus Elan Coupe

Even if this were a non-historic 1966 Lotus Elan coupe being offered here on eBay at no reserve (!) it would be quite special. However, this car has a decorated competition history, comes with much of… more»

You Donated What?! Charitable Copart Classics

It’s been a while since we visited Copart’s classic selections, and I tend to like to add the “Donation” filter just to see what people have let go of that one of us might have snatched… more»

Green Beauty: 1969 Lotus Elan +2

One of my favorite automotive shapes of all time is the Lotus Elan +2. Most folks prefer the regular Elan, which is a convertible, but I love the lithe shape of the coupe. This beautiful example… more»

Time to Bloom? 1974 Lotus Elite 502

When the Elite was introduced in 1974 it was the most expensive 4 cylinder car on the planet. It’s fiberglass bodied with a steel chassis. The 501 was the base car, the 502 added AC and… more»

Only 511: 1976 Jensen GT

With low production numbers, and a lotus engine, these Jensen GT’s are a rare and unique sight to see. Similar to the Jensen-Healey convertible that some of us are familiar with seeing, the only real difference… more»

Needs a Twin Cam: 1966 Cortina GT

A few cars have popped up recently on craigslist in the rural township of Washington, Maine. They all seem to share the same garage space and are in need of restoration, but more interesting examples like… more»

Bogus Lotus: 1952/1962 Miller-Crosley-Lotus

I might have had a tough time figuring out what to call this car, but I’ll tell you what, I know I love it, whatever it is! Unusually for a vintage race car, it’s offered here on… more»

$6,495 Sweet Elite! 1974 Lotus Elite

This rare beauty is a 1974 Lotus Elite and it’s in Huntington Beach, California. It’s listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $6,495! Whether you like these cars or not, you have to… more»