Stay Off the On-Ramp: 1980-81 HMV Free-Way

Are you more of an original vehicle lover or a resto-mod vehicle lover? How about with three-wheeled vehicles? Hello? Hey, where’d everyone go? These wacky things are a 1980 and 1981 HMV Free-Way and the orange… more»

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Big Bubble: 1959 BMW 600

When your regular Isetta isn’t quite big enough to haul around your family, here’s a 1959 BMW 600. This car is based on the Isetta, and while still tiny, it is about two feet longer than the… more»

Like a Jet Plane! 1959 Mikrus MR-300

This “little tyke”, which Mikrus loosely translates to, is a 1959 Mikrus MR-300, a Polish-made microcar in the same vein as a Goggomobile or similar small, rear-engine car. This one is listed on eBay with an… more»

Pint Sized Sedan: 1959 Triumph Standard 10

Small, efficient, and capable of hauling an “entire” family, this neat little Triumph is solid, and would make for a great space efficient classic. What is a space efficient classic? Well, it’s a cool old car… more»

Micro Bavarian: 1962 BMW 700 Saloon

Germany built its fair share of micro cars, some being odd, and not as practical as this BMW 700 Saloon. Featuring simplistic styling, a good use of space, and a rear engine layout, this Bavarian is… more»