1959 Volvo PV544 for $1,000


Even though both a 122 and a 145 currently reside in my garage, I still want to find a 544. That may sound crazy because the PV544 is the most archaic of the bunch, but it was also the lightest. It was the car that accidentally launched Volvo into the motorsports scene because of its exceptional combination of handling, speed, and durability. Do a little research and you will be surprised at how many of these little cars walked away with a trophy. This one is going to need a lot of work before it will see any podium finishes, but with an asking price of just $1,000, it is tempting to shoot the seller an offer. Find it here on craigslist in San Jose, California. Thanks goes to Robert J. for the tip! Read more »

Meet My Daily Driver: 1972 Volvo 145E


Some of you already know, but for those who don’t, I just bought another Volvo! After dragging our Amazon project home the other day, I decided that I needed the wagon that we found while out hunting. The Miata had been fun, but I needed something with a little more hauling capacity. Newer cars were considered, but in the end I decided that a classic would be a better choice. I write about old cars everyday so why shouldn’t I also drive one to the office everyday too? My choice may not appeal to everyone, but I know that more than a few of you will approve. So, here it is – my new 1972 Volvo 145E! Read more »

Out of Time: 1972 Volvo 1800E


Project cars: we love them, we loathe them. As I consider potentially adding a new project to my fleet, I’m reminded of the thoughts I had in the first few months of owning my E30. Feeling overwhelmed comes to mind. Thinking about how long it would take to get it to the point I wanted it, not to mention the dollars and time involved. Those are the memories that come flooding back when I read this ad that makes it sound as if the seller is simply running on empty when it comes to keeping the project flame burning. Read on to see if it’s time for a new caretaker to step up and give this ’72 1800E, found here on craigslist by reader Alan S., a forever home. It’s located in Georgetown, Kentucky and the seller is asking $3,500. Read more »

Turkey Day Discovery: Volvo 122s


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us here at Barn Finds! There is so much to be grateful for – family, friends, and faith. The list could go on and on. We are grateful for you guys because without a few dedicated readers, there wouldn’t be any reason for us to keep writing. So, to say thanks we have a great lineup of finds scheduled throughout the day. To kick things off, we have this Volvo 122s project. The seller isn’t even sure of the year, but the emblems on the fenders tell us that it is newer than 1964. They supposedly have a clean title though and are only asking $1,000 here on craigslist in Huntsville, Alabama. Thanks goes to Chuck F. for the tip! Read more »

1972 Volvo 145: Should We Buy It?


You know I wouldn’t sell a car without having a replacement lined up! We found this wagon while we were on the hunt for an old Volvo. We did end up dragging home a 1964 122s, but also met a few Volvo guys along the way. One father and son team had this 145 along with a huge stash of 122 parts. As I had mentioned, this car had a little rust, but the real reason I passed on it was the price. Well, I have been talking to the owner and I think we have come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Read more »

Our Wild Goose Chase for a Mythical Amazon


As I have mentioned, Josh and I are ready for a new challenge. We weren’t really sure what car we wanted to acquire next, but I had secretly been wanting an old Volvo for a while, so I placed a “wanted” ad unbeknownst to Josh. A week passed and no bites, but then all of sudden the phone started ringing. The first call was from an older gentleman who shares my affinity for Swedish iron. He invited us over to take a look at a wagon project and he mentioned that he may have a few other cars we might be interested in. Naturally, we obliged. Read more »

Say So Long To Our SAAB Project


The journey with my 1987 SAAB 900S has been an interesting one. At times I hated it, but there were times when I loved it too. Many of my updates were filled with negative rants about problems that had to be fixed, but they left out all the utility this Swedish workhorse provided. I truly came to understand the appeal of these tough little cars. SAAB did things a little different and unlike common belief, that is not always a bad thing. Too bad we will never see the likes of SAAB or their 900 again. This was my chance to see what they were all about and I hope that the next owner can have an enjoyable experience discovering it for themselves. So, with mixed emotions we say farewell. Read more »

SAAB Project Update: The Dreaded Starter Swap


After my gripe session the other day, I decided it was time to get the SAAB back on the road yet once again. After a few quick tests with my trusty multimeter, I determined that the starter was indeed bad. That multimeter has been my best friend when working on this SAAB by the way. It is always a good idea to test components before replacing them because it saves you time and money. Anyway, after picking up a replacement starter from the local auto parts store, I went online to get some pointers before starting the job. Most of the forums were filled with complaints about the task. Some even saying that SAABs were good cars, all except for the location of the starter. Can you spot it hidden under there? I don’t think it was that bad of a job, but it was definitely a challenge that I’d rather not undertake again. Read more »

Rhode Island Amazon: 1966 Volvo 122S

1966 Volvo 122S

Submitted by John M – Just recently while driving around northern Rhode Island my eyes were drawn to a Volvo that I had been curious about for several years now. So I finally decided to stop and ask about the car and to see if it was a simple elegant classic example of Swedish engineering worth saving or just too far gone. So upon pulling into the secluded yard, in which it had resided for many years, thoughts of what could be began to flow like the Mississippi through my mind. Read more »