How Did I Get Here? 1983 BMW 745i

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Do you ever see a once-exotic car in a sad state—or even just in an unexpected place—and ask: How did that get there? Such is the case for this 1983 BMW 745i, a not-for-U.S.-sale, ultra-expensive turbo supersedan… more»

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The Last Car You’ll Ever Need: 1959 Cadillac Superior Crown Royale Landaulet

By Nathan Avots-Smith - The auction is ending just a few days too late to take this hearse to Hell—Michigan, that is, for this year’s Hearse Fest—but that just means that the new owner will have nearly a year to… more»

Passion Needed: 1957 Buick Hot Rod

By Nathan Avots-Smith - It’s usually sad to see a once-proud vehicle returning to the earth, but even more so when it’s clear that the car was once loved, was once somebody’s baby and the product of their blood, sweat,… more»

Factory Custom: 1980 Lincoln Mark VI

By Nathan Avots-Smith - There’s always been a fascinating feedback loop between customizers and automakers’ in-house styling departments. The unusual but factory original “touring lamps” on the front of this grimy Lincoln Mark VI coupe are a case in point…. more»

U.S. Looks, Euro Flair: 1977 BMW 530i

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Here’s an interesting hybrid: there’s no overlooking the enormous, Federally-mandated bumpers on this 1977 BMW 530i, but the equipment level of this car shows a European sensibility rarely seen on U.S.-market cars. We’ll get further into that… more»

Blank Can-van-ses: 1965 Chevy G20 and 1967 Dodge A108 Field Finds

By Nathan Avots-Smith - It’s already been established that I was raised on schlocky old kids’ TV shows, so the direction my mind went when I saw this pair of field find vans should come as no surprise.That’s the great… more»

Red Hot Rabbit: 1984 Volkswagen GTI

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Here’s a little ruby gem: a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI, the vaunted Mark I version of VW’s iconic hot hatch—well, sort of. This U.S.-built car is a pretty different animal from the Golf GTI introduced in… more»

OG VW P/U: 1960 Volkswagen Single-Cab Pickup

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Yesterday we saw a 1969 VW Beetle that had been converted into a kooky, fun pickup truck, but of course there have been factory-built Volkswagen trucks all along, too, including the Golf-based Caddy in the ’80s… more»

All Original First-Gen: 1981 Toyota Celica Supra

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Here’s another one of those cars that were once so common—at least in southern California, where I grew up—that it was easy to overlook their significance, but have now all but disappeared. This 1981 Toyota Celica… more»

Seller’s Day Off: 2K-Mile 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Hey, it’s Labor Day! I hope those of you reading in the U.S. are doing so while remembering and honoring the contributions of workers throughout our country’s history—while enjoying a little respite from your own work…. more»

Labor, Schmabor: 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Where’s Driver today? What, a holiday? Oh, bother. Labor Day? Ridiculous! All the labor I do, creating jobs and trickling down and what have you, and now I have to drive myself? Oh well, let’s do pop out… more»

Hashtag Ready: 1965 Dodge Dart 270 Wagon

By Nathan Avots-Smith - Maybe it’s just because my weekend included a beat-the-heat trip to the movies to see the unsettling social media satire Ingrid Goes West, but something about the filter-perfect photos in the ad for this ’65 Dodge Dart… more»

X Marks the Spot: 1974 AMC Matador X Coupe

By Nathan Avots-Smith - A few days ago, we featured a 1976 AMC Matador coupe; several of the comments went along the lines of, “Wake me up when you find a Matador X.” Time to wipe the sleep from your… more»