BF Classified: 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Driver

I recently had a co-worker enlist my help in the search for a clean, original third-generation Chevrolet Camaro. It seemed like a simple enough task, but my research led me to find that many of the 1982-1992 Camaros had… more»

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EXCLUSIVE: 40k Mile 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

This pretty third-generation Chevrolet Camaro is a final-year model of one of the most recognized forms of Chevy’s muscle car. Even better, it’s a rare manual transmission example that remains in completely stock condition. Throw in the great colors… more»

Barn Finds Classified: 1960 Comet Wagon

Almost an Edsel – I’m not sure if that would have been a good marketing slogan for Mercury or not. For the first two years, the Comet didn’t have Mercury badging on it as it was supposed to be… more»

Classified Find: 1978 Dodge Dually Van Conversion

UPDATE – The seller of this beast of a truck has sent over more photos and information to help answer any questions. So be sure to take another look at this one and leave any questions you have for… more»

BF Classifieds Find: 1923 Gray-Dort

Some of the most unusual finds I’ve ever seen come up through our own Barn Finds Classifieds! This 1923 Gray-Dort is a Canadian product that was apparently restored around 2001 (more about that later) and converted from a touring… more»

BF Classifieds Find: 1965 C20 Crew Cab Pickup

You can be forgiven for thinking that the crew cab pickup phenomenon is a relatively recent thing, with most new pickup trucks sold now able to carry a second row of passengers. But the need to transport more workers… more»

BF Classified Find: 1969 Chevrolet C20

We see lots of classics that have been updated, upgraded and rat rodded. While some turn out great, not all of them are done nice enough to actually drive. Well, reader Travis A saved this Chevy C20 farm truck… more»

Hanger Find: 1960 MGA Coupe

When you look at manufacturing numbers, it’s amazing to see how many more MGs were built and sold in the US than in their own domestic market. Between how many more are here in the States and the drier… more»

BF Classifieds: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

UPDATE 2/27/2020 – It didn’t take this beautiful Corvette to find a new home! We just heard from Pat and it was sold to a Barn Finds Reader in less than 3 days. Congrats to both parties and we… more»

BF Classified: 1940 Mercury Club Coupe Project

Unfortunately, one of the more common reasons for project cars to change hands is the passing of an owner. That’s the case with this 1940 Mercury Club Coupe which is listed for sale here in our own Barn Finds… more»

Barn Fresh 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Survivor

When I saw this giant blue whale of a car for sale here in our own Barn Finds Classifieds I had to know more. It’s a 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham with less than 16,000 miles that the seller… more»

BF Classified: 1927 Ford Model T Roadster

This super-cool, very driveable 1927 Ford Model T Roadster makes me want to learn how to drive one just to try it out! It’s listed for sale here in our own Barn Finds Classifieds where you can list your… more»

Got Your Engine! Looking For Its 1970 AAR ‘Cuda

Here’s an unusual request through the Barn Finds Classifieds! A reader named Garth has submitted this ad looking for the person that purchased a 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda, VIN BS23J0B303477, from this Apple Towing auction back on October 26,… more»

60-Year Family Owned: 1958 Chevrolet Apache

Wow, this is one clean-looking classic truck! It’s a 1958 Chevrolet Apache (Apache was the model designation for the lighter-duty 1958 trucks) and can be found for sale here in the Barn Finds Classified section. The seller has had… more»

BF Classifieds Find: 1974 VW Super Beetle

One feature of Barn Finds you may not be aware of is our classifieds section, where sellers from all over get an inexpensive opportunity to show off their cars for sale to a very focused audience. We have a… more»

READER AD: 1958 Berkeley Sports SE 492

At 750 pounds, this 1958 Berkeley Sports SE 492 isn’t a Lotus, but it follows Colin Chapman’s famous quote, “Simplify, then add lightness.” This outstanding project car is a Barn Finds Reader Find and it is located in incredibly… more»