Fiberglass Fun: 1970 Meyers Manx SR

Bruce Meyers kicked off a craze in 1964 with his Volkswagen-based Meyers Manx dune buggy; here was a low-cost, easy-to-build, fun, lightweight beach car to perfectly embody the Southern California surf scene that’s always captured the American imagination. His company, B.F. Meyers & Co., had a short and tumultuous run, but it was no one-hit wonder. In addition the original Manx buggy, several other models were offered, including this spiffy little guy, the Manx SR. Only about 200 SRs were made, so survivors are rare; find this one here on eBay out of Ocean View, New Jersey, with bidding up to $3,000 at this writing.

Like the Manx, the SR rode a VW floorpan shortened for an 80″ wheelbase, and could use the VW flat four as modified or unmodified as the builder liked. This one is listed on eBay as a ’67 VW, so we can assume the vintage of the donor car from there; no mention is made of modifications to the 53-horse, 1,500-cc flat four, although the beefy quad exhaust tips are an obvious departure. A new carburetor has been fitted, and the car is described as a runner that will need a full going over before it is roadworthy.

Roadworthy is a key word for, unlike the Manx, the SR was designed strictly for street use—SR stood for “Street Roadster.” Its fiberglass body was made up of thirteen separate components, making it much more challenging to build than a dune buggy, and it offered an enclosed luggage compartment, a top, and side curtains, although it is unclear whether these latter pieces are still present on this car. The plexiglass rear window is definitely missing, but should be simple to replicate. The taillights appear to have been sourced from a Volvo 1800.

The SR’s interior is much less utilitarian than that of a Manx, too; this one even boasts a radio and carpet. I’m guessing not all body types will be a perfect fit for the snug-looking buckets, low steering wheel angle, and narrow footwell, but if you do fit it should be a fun, seat-of-the-pants kind of driving experience. Even with only 53 horsepower on tap, the SR weighed a mere 1,500 pounds, and was more aerodynamic than a standard VW.

This Manx SR may have some scruffiness about the bodywork, need some upholstery repair, and require some general going over (or under, as the case may be) and deferred maintenance, but if it ends up selling anywhere near the current bid, it’ll be a heck of a deal. It’s a solid, rare, running little sportster, and a neat piece of Bruce Meyers’s legacy.

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  1. Rick

    I miss my SR. According to Bruce, there were a little over 200 sold, and around 100 more when Karma bought the molds. This car is a Meyers car; tail lights are indeed Volvo. Every part is unobtanium now, of course. This one is close enough to entertain but other projects are taking room!

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    • scottymac

      I’ve been looking forever for a set of 15″ Cosmics, is that what you had on yours? That’s not a VW front axle, from the looks of the bolt pattern.

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      • Rick

        Yes it was a VW front end. 4 bolt standard pattern. Came with the car, so I can’t tell you where they came from. Probably a UK seller.

  2. Ike Onick

    Escapee from a carnival ride.

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  3. Eric M

    Looks like they used the seats from a 914.

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  4. Maestro1

    Do what you can with it and enjoy.

  5. half cab

    Make a good dune buggy.

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  6. Bruce

    This car should have been a massive hit. I have never owned one but I trained drives with an owner that wanted to drive my Lotus Europa and I wanted to drive his. Rougher riding than my Europa but lord was this thing fun. This owners was a bright yellow and black and the interior while sparse was very comfortable, vision was excellent and the performance was not that bad. It reminded me of a mix between an MGA, TR-3 and VW Bug. Elegant in looks, and in this case assembly was excellent, with huge sound system in the back, doors and under the dash. But FUN, and about the only thing that would attract more attention would be Lady Godiva making her famous ride.

    These are truly rare cars and one that I wish someone would start making again. In terms of smiles per miles there are not many better than this.

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  7. TreDeuce

    Meyers was an innovater whose Manx is a design icon.

    I built knockoff(Allied) dune buggys back in the day and there is no vehicle that offers more all Terrain fun. I equipped those buggys with widened wheels with large, but light aircraft tires. Equipped that way they would go anywhere, though, they were not DOT legal.

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  8. Rodney - GSM

    I am happy to report that Bruce Meyers is alive and doing very well at 92!
    Totally by chance I happened to have lunch with Bruce and his wife Winnie a few weeks ago. What an interesting man and life. Also happy to report you can still buy a Meyers Manx directly from him. What fun! This one looks like a rare bargain of an iconic car.

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Kinda reminds me of this

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    • boxdin

      Which reminds me of a Fiero.

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  10. Kobus de Wet

    are brand newly built vehicles available from them for driving off and enjoying ?

    • chrlsful

      yes, but quite pricy 2 me (4 what U get) esp since U have to contribute ur own platform (is he one who sells that as well? Startin 2 get em all mixed up now).

      The ‘dune buggy’ is not an apt comparison as these R for more streetable performance – there’s tops’n sides that close tight. Still more urban and/or sunny climes only in my mind. Forget the manx for these purposes tho. Vacation lands, beach’n the Islands…

  11. hhaleblian

    SR stands for Stewart Reed, one great automotive designer, helluva nice guy, and Department Chair of Transportation Design at Art College Pasadena. Stewart introduced me to Bruce and Winnie in Holland Mi in the early 2000’s when I bought a Manxster ll kit. Bruce is a prince, Winnie a princess. It was a magical day. Should have bought Stewart’s 56 Speedster when he offered it to me on his move from Holland to Pasadena.

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    • Steve Washburn

      I was able to purchase this SR!

  12. Rusty

    One of the cars from my short list as a kid, and perhaps the only one of those that I am still in love with today. [Covet!]

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  13. Steve

    I think it sold for ~$11,000

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