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Garage Update: 1990 Range Rover Classic

We recently bought a pair of broken-down Range Rover Classics to see if we could get one or both going again! So far, we’ve managed to get one of them running, but now we need to try and get it moving. Watch our quick video update to learn more about this project below.

What do you think, should we try to get the Green LSE running or just focus on making the high-mileage rig a good driver? It seems like it a shame to part it out since it’s a Limited Edition truck, but it might be the only way to have one nice truck. Either way, don’t forget to wish us luck with this project!


  1. Todd Zuercher

    Josh – on an unrelated note, what’s the deal with having to click in to see each comment from the email notifications? A way to get more clicks for the website?

    It’s super annoying – can you change it back to the way it was?


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    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      Lots of people try to respond to the comments through the email notifications, but there’s no way to get their email to the comments section, so they just end up sending their response to our inbox and they eventually get deleted. The volume of emails like this we receive everyday has gotten overwhelming, so while this might not be a perfect solution, it’s one that limits confusion and hopefully makes sure every comment makes it to the site rather than the trash bin.

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    • douglas hunt

      spot on, I find after the initial view I really enjoyed being able to keep up with the new comments in the emails without having to scroll to find the new ones

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  2. Hawk

    Good Luck!! Thanks for keeping us posted

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  3. John Eder

    I had a 92 County SWB. When it worked, it was the best vehicle that I’ve owned. When it wasn’t, it was frustrating and usually expensive. We used to joke about “the $500.00 oil change”, because I seemed to never get out of the LR specialty shop for less than that amount, no matter the cause for the visit. And while it broke down on me several times (once leaving my wife stranded because it wouldn’t shift out of park late at night- failed relay), it did save my life when I needed to go from the fast lane to the shoulder at high speed to avoid a spin out in front of me. Its ABS brake system allowed this crazy, but controlled maneuver with complete confidence. If yours is like mine was, good luck getting it into low range- it is unnecessary in a Starbucks drive through, and is typically frozen (my mechanic: use a big hammer…). Finally, don’t attempt to repair the power seat switches. Removing the top results in a shower of springs and ball bearings throughout the interior. Get new ones- I believe that they are sourced from MB. Hopefully, yours has the ADS/Nakamichi audio system- you can enjoy killer sounds while waiting for the tow truck…

    As with many things in life, the joy that I experienced on the day that I purchased it was only equaled by the joy I experienced watching it drive away with the new owner years later.

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    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      I’m guessing someone spent a lot of time and money to keep ours on the road up until fairly recently, with over 200k miles someone clearly loved it. Incredibly, the power seats still work great and so do the ones on the parts truck. The plan is to set the driver’s seat and just leave it alone though. Why tempt fate?
      I drove it around the parking lot and it did alright. I didn’t drive it in low, but it shifted in and out of it without any issues, so hopefully, that means we don’t have any issues there. Once I get some other projects done and have a spot in the shop, I’m going to give it a full service and figure out what all needs to be repaired/replaced to make it a driver and we will go from there.

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