Barn Find Stories

Junkyard Find: 1991 Oldsmobile Quad 442

This may not be what you picture when you hear the numbers 4-4-2. Most of us picture the mid-sixties muscle car, so you can imagine my surprise when I spotted those iconic numbers on the back of this Oldsmobile… more»

Missing for 35 Years: Mazda 254i Le Mans Racer

Old race cars are often discarded as their short shelf life expires, replaced by a new iteration that is practically required to be more powerful with improved technology. Given the cost to maintain race cars, it’s no surprise that… more»

VW Speed Camera Van Unearthed After 55 Years!

The idea of featuring a vehicle used to catch speeders smarts a bit at the moment, as I recently got bagged while doing some highway travel. These things happen, of course, but I might have found the experience more… more»

Chicken Coop Finds: Dells Auto Museum Collection

In Wisconsin are the remains of a great collection, with dozens of classic muscle cars and cruisers awaiting restoration. The founders of the Dells Auto Museum have amassed a sizable collection of significant vehicles, and the editors at Hot… more»

Under the Porch Find: VW Rabbit Discovery

This is one of the weirdest finds we’ve seen yet, as an early 1980s VW Rabbit was apparently buried under a front porch in New Jersey and recently exhumed for a mechanical restoration. Details are limited as to the… more»

Mud Runner: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS

Just as no two cars are the same, so it is that two similar cars can respond totally differently to all that life and the elements throw at them. We’ve seen plenty of 1968 Camaros come across the pages… more»

Freightliner’s Commodore Supercar Barn Reveal

A few weeks ago we ran this story on how the Barn Finds culture is being adopted by Hollywood to promote the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. Well, it appears that this trend is moving even further across the globe. Australia’s… more»

Auction Down Under: Shannons Summer Classic

Shannons is one of Australia’s premier auction houses, and their auctions are always eagerly anticipated. They always manage to be able to produce some pretty special vehicles for their auctions, and their upcoming Summer Classic is no exception. There… more»

Visit to RI Junkyard With Fellow Barn Finders!

Recently, we profiled a Cadillac Eldorado coupe which had been photographed several times over the years as part of large junkyard collection in Rhode Island. You can read the full post here on Barn Finds, and today, a few Barn Finds readers… more»

UPDATE: Brand New Buick Grand Nationals Found!

UPDATE – We first featured these cars when they were found back in 2017. Then they were listed on eBay in 2018 and got bid up to $200k! Well, they showed up again this year at a Barret-Jackson auction… more»

Corvette, Impala SS409, And More Found In A Carport!

Reader Mark H recently came across a carport that’s protecting some really interesting finds. The owner had listed some motorcycles for sale that Mark stopped by to inspect, but once he arrived at the seller’s house he discovered that… more»

UPDATE: Pair of 1970 Plymouth Superbirds!

UPDATE – The white Superbird has popped back up here on eBay with a $149k bin! FROM 9/18/19 – These two 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbirds were recently pulled them from their resting spot after 40 years of storage! They… more»

1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ Basement Find!

An absolutely incredible story just appeared on Facebook, courtesy of an Alfa Romeo page which shared photos of a hugely desirable 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ being extracted from a garage basement (or pit?) in Turin. The details are limited… more»

Scrapyard Rescue: Alex Zanardi Edition Acura NSX

It may be hard to believe, but even supercars like the Acura NSX can end up in the clutches of a scrapyard. Heck, I know this better than anyone after rescuing a rare 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 from a… more»

Stash Of Exotic Barn Finds Hiding In Iowa!

Our friend Tom Cotter and the good folks over at Hagerty recently released their newest episode of Barn Find Hunter and boy is it an amazing one! After receiving a lead on a collection in Iowa, Tom made the trip to… more»

Flashback: The Ultimate Garage Find

Update 1/16/2019 – I was recently looking back at some of my past features and it was a fantastic blast from the past, so I thought everyone might enjoy taking a look back at some of the super interesting… more»