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Top 10 Barn Finds Of 2019!

It has been a great year here at Barn Finds! We have featured some amazing finds over the past 365 days and it’s fun to look back and see which ones were the most popular. So without further ado,… more»

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Turnin’ Rust Found A Rare 1940 Chevrolet Dubl Duty!

The guys on the YouTube series Turnin’ Rust reached out to us about a recent find they made and boy is it a cool one! Lance Bush and his dad hunt down rusty gold (which they document on their… more»

Strange Six-Wheeler: Saab 906 Turbo Concept

Six-wheeled vehicles have taken many forms over the years, from the Formula 1 cars belonging to teams Williams and Tyrell to off-roaders that tout the extra axle as key to extra traction. Whatever the reason for this on-again, off-again… more»

1 of 5 AMC AMX/3 Prototype Discovered!

This gorgeous 1970s supercar isn’t a Lamborghini or Maserati; no, it’s an AMC, the same company that brought you the Matador and the Pacer. There’s just a slight difference, namely that this concept car was built by legendary designer… more»

Huge Trans Am/Firebird Stash Discovered!

If you follow the site then you may have noticed that we’ve been featuring a lot of Firebirds lately. Most of them are part of a nine-car collection that was recently discovered in a Minnesota warehouse and the guys… more»

WWII Survivor: GAZ-A Truck Rescue

A story appeared on Facebook recently with some fairly dramatic photos showing a river rescue of a Russian-built GAZ-A truck. The GAZ-A was a shameless copy of the iconic Ford Model-A, and this one was used in WWII as… more»

43rd Gullwing Made: 1954 Mercedes 300SL

We have now featured one of the more epic barn finds of the last decade a few times on the site, but it’s hard to resist providing yet another update on the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing found in a… more»

Under the Barn Find: 1967 Porsche 911

While discovering a barn find is exciting, having that barn find be a car you’ve waited your entire life to own is something out of pure fantasy and folklore. It did happen for one enthusiast in West Virginia, who… more»

A Father And Son Story: 1964 Ford Falcon Convertible

There’s nothing like a good father and son car story, but this one isn’t about a father and son restoration project, rather the tale of a son’s journey to reconnect with their father. This is Reader Keith P’s story… more»

The Benz in the Window: Mercedes Showroom Demolished

For years, I have seen click-bait images of a yellow Mercedes W115 parked high above a city in Spain. The caption was always something mysterious, like Abandoned Mercedes showroom or Haunted factory in Spain but as is the norm,… more»

UPDATE! 1969 Jaguar E-Type Barn Find Uncovered In NY

UPDATE – Not quite a year later and Victor finally has this E-Type done! It turned out beautifully, so if you’d love to see the finished product, you can see it below! FROM 11/09/2018 – Reader Victor L recently… more»

1996 Dakota Driveway Find Turned Good Deed

With more than 176,000 miles on the clock, this 1996 Dodge Dakota in Dublin, Virginia shows the faded paint and other signs of age associated with decades of outside parking. It’s not for sale, nor is it likely to… more»

Jeff in the Junkyard: Parts Harvesting Score!

I have been negligent in posting any recent junkyard expeditions, but finally had a Saturday morning clear and a yard in sight that had two excellent parts cars for my two most recent project acquisitions. Theres isn’t much else… more»

We Are Headed To Monterey Car Week!

Tomorrow morning Josh and I will board a plane bound for automotive mecca! If you don’t already know, there is a huge car party going on over in California this week. It’s happening on the Monterey Peninsula and there’s… more»

The Barn Find Hunter Restoration Project

I would think that most of you have either heard of Tom Cotter, also known as The Barn Find Hunter, or you have seen his regular video clips. Well, today we have something different from Tom, and the roots… more»

36 Corvette Barn Finds To Be Given Away!!!

Way back in 2014, we featured this massive stash of Corvettes that had been discovered in a Manhattan parking garage, you can read our original article here! It was a heck of a story that involved VH1, a nationwide… more»